Mueller Now Snagged In Begging Putin Buddy For $25 Million To Rescue Ex-agent In Iran

The Daily Mail has the gripping story about Mueller’s deal with a Russian Oligarch to pay a $25 million hostage in Iran deal…Palestinians riot due to Trump moving the embassy as the Jews demanded he do this…so Jews who run mainstream anti-Trump media are now suddenly siding with the Palestinians!  HAHAHA.  And worse, Stormy and her wretched lawyer make the news overseas due to the lawyer being a tax cheat and a con man!  Very suitable.  Not in mainstream US news, at least not on the front pages.


Meanwhile the Jewish Zionists who own and run the NYT and are the main reporters there, attack Trump for doing what the Israels demanded he do for them, that is, move the US embassy to Jerusalem: The New York Times 


The Michael Avenatti Files: Porn Star Attorney Avenatti “Acted with Malice, Fraud and Oppression” – Paid No Payroll Taxes For Years…


I get this news from the Underground online news sites, of course.  Most real news comes via this system and they usually get it from overseas sources since we are in an occupied country ruled by the Bilderberg gang who strangle real news all the time.


‘The only good news is fake news,’ is their motto:


Legal expert and attorney Robert Barnes tweeted this on Sunday: “In December 2014, Avenatti decided to quit paying most taxes. He failed to even file his law firm’s income tax returns for 2014, 2015, and 2016, though a lawyer’s detailed filings in his bankruptcy court report his firm made over $30M in income in that time. IRS records confirm.”


As we shall see, this shyster lawyer disputes this information.


Barnes also noted that Avenatti was unsatisfied w/ evading income taxes, and so he “also decided to quit paying his employees’ Medicare or Social Security taxes, at the same time in December 2014, stiffing them and the IRS in a seven-figure tax bill, while diverting millions in income to himself. IRS records confirm.”


And this is all in the IRS records.


On Sunday TGP reported that court documents show Michael Avenatti reported an $8 million windfallearlier this year around the time he took on Stormy Daniels as a client.


So, some entity gave him a windfall so he could represent Stormy.  Yup, typical rich Bilderberg conspiracy actions at work yet again!


Michael Avenatti threatens ‘Daily Caller’ reporters with defamation suit…which he will lose.


Adult film star Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti threatened Monday to sue The Daily Caller and its reporters individuallyfor defamation, according to an email published by one of the conservative news site’s reporters.


“@MichaelAvenatti sent me an email this morning threatening to sue me and my colleagues for reporting on him,” said Daily Caller reporter Peter J. Hasson in a tweet Monday morning.


This sort of lawsuit is very dangerous for the person sending it in order to stop reporters from reporting the real news.  They can be punished for trying to stop proper news collecting of information.


The gang trying to impeach Trump are furious that they are being investigated and they also try desperately to stop people from discovering information about Trump attackers.


Hasson noted that Avenatti asked the email be off the record, but Hasson never agreed to any terms since it was an “uninvited email.”


 “You can’t say off the record and expect the reporter to abide by it if they didn’t agree beforehand,” tweeted CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski. “Also what evidence does Avenatti have the Daily Caller story was provided by Trump as he asserts here?


Typical tar baby stuff here: people are very eager to take down someone that they don’t examine things closely and end up in a trap.  The Stormy story isn’t going away now but whose fault is this?  Stormy and her gang wanted this so they got their wish.


Wishes are very dangerous and often backfire.  Talking about fires (we have had nonstop thunderstorms all day one after another and one is rumbling nearby right now) news from Belgium: it is burning badly.


Here is a You Tube video of the female mayor of Molenbeek (nearly all the EU leaders and mayors etc. are females and all of them let in millions of angry Muslim males and Dr. Freud would have a field day, analyzing this lunacy!) talking about how this suicidal activity of females running much of Northern Europe is not insane it is normal:

Katie Hopkins ask Molenbeek’s mayor why she ignored list of terrorists – YouTube

So, here is today’s live news:

Massive fire rips through several buildings in Molenbeek, Belgium – YouTube and here are comments from EU readers:

Hmmm… This area is occupied by … Yes – you’ve guessed it… Our multicultural ‘friends’.


And this:


What better way to celebrate the start of Ramadan than to burn a city to the ground? Particularly one that isn’t yours.


Now on to the Royal Marriage: it is huge news in Europe but the populatioin isn’t so happy about it.  Most plan to ignore it as much as possible as the royals sink in popularity each year, relentlessly.


Most Brits Don’t Care About Royal Wedding, Poll Finds


As Britain continues to struggle with sluggish economic growth, most respondents are uncomfortable with the idea of a lavish royal celebration, with 57 percent believing the Royal Family should foot the bill for the wedding and the costs of the police presence. If given the choice, 76 percent said they would not want any of their taxes to go toward paying for the event.


The friendly reporting on this marriage is collapsing with stories about the nasty stuff going on in the bride’s family who is being disinvited and I find this all rather funny.  I wonder how long it will be before the people decide the royals aren’t so hot?


My family figured this out around 400 years ago.


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13 responses to “Mueller Now Snagged In Begging Putin Buddy For $25 Million To Rescue Ex-agent In Iran

  1. ziff

    If US embassy was in a palestine controlled Jerusalem it would be a good thing. so what does it matter where it is . ?

  2. Ken

    Elaine claims that “nearly all of the EU leaders and mayors are female.”

    If true, that is another reason Europe is in trouble. Madeleine Albright once famously said that “anybody who says that the world would be better [if it was governed by women] has forgotten high school.”

  3. Oguy

    Well, it seems that Albright may at last be batting .333. Cf.her remarks justifying the embargo of Iraq and about the special place in hell for women who wouldn’t vote Hillary.

    One of the major reasons I’m temperamentally disinclined toward partisan politics is because good ideas as well as bad ideas can come from just about anywhere.

  4. Floridasandy

    Albright is a self loathing bitch. Men have ruled many countries and we can see the results-especially on the male dominated Muslim cultures.
    Of course, a lot of the women in office now suck. It’s not s gender thing- it’s s stupid thing. I just heard Kristen Gillibrand state that if Lehman Brothers was Lehman Sisters it wouldn’t have failed. She is another idiot with a sexist agenda.
    Luckily, sexism doesn’t always win as we found out with Hillary.

  5. Floridasandy

    With the deaths of the Palestinian children, where were their parents? Why does the Mideast have such a death cult that they will sacrifice themselves and each other for a
    pity party.? It’s tragic, really.
    What would they have done if they made it over the wall? Where’s our wall???

  6. Oguy

    # 5 — Sandy:

    The glorification of martrydom remains strong in some of those cultures, even among the Sunnis. Fanaticism finds an easy home in religion when there isn’t much else to be enthusiastic about. The common male and family name Shahid, although having “witness” as its primary meaning, has the secondary meaning of “martyr”, the equation stemming from “a deceased person who has lived a life in accordance with the will of Allah”. Make of that what you will. So while the West had its St. Sebastian during the Roman Empire, the fetishization of blood sacrifice in the name of belief is still alive and well in the Mideast. That’s especially ironic given that during the peak of Islamic civilization the developmental level of these two cultures was reversed.

    As for walls, while Israel may need one to preserve its territorial integrity— again, say about that what you will— I’m not sure that the U.S-Mexico wall was ever a serious proposition as opposed to a rallying cry– the type of crude metaphor and political theater at which Trump excels (once more, say about that what you will). If the idea is to enforce demographic integrity, the U.S. would do better, it seems to me, by simply enforcing the rule of law and foregoing the barbed wire and concrete. And, getting back to Israel and its wall, it’s not that we haven’t stolen the land on “our side of the wall” either. The players change, but the themes remain the same.

  7. Petruchio

    “Now on to the Royal Marriage: it is huge news in Europe but the population isn’t so happy about it. ” It shows you there aint nothin’ special about the Royals. A little checking into Meghan Markles background and you would have discovered her family are White Trash, even if they aren’t purely White. Harry should have “Pumped and dumped” Meghan after 6 months. Harry has plenty of attractive women to pick from. Meghan is a LOSER. nice lookin’, but a LOSER. So is her family.

  8. Floridasandy

    You’re assuming Harry is classy. Don’t think so. Grifters seek each other out. She, at least, has had a real job.
    Trump needs to get out of the Mideast now and let them own their own brand of crazy.

  9. Floridasandy

    The wall would be s jobs program and then it would be permanent- no matter what president we get in the future.
    Congress gave Obama money for a fake jobs program, and that money diisappeared. At least a wall would be s tangible jobs program, proving that congress really doesn’t want anyone with a real job

  10. Moe

    @4 Floridasandy

    “Of course, a lot of the women in office now suck. It’s not s gender thing- it’s s stupid thing”.

    A succinct summation. Thank you.

  11. Moe

    Here’s an ZH article on the Royals. They’re definitely not looking very popular. The comments are devastating.

    And just in case ‘Mericans get a sense of superiority: “You can see dynastic tendencies in the US too. 4 generations of Kennedys, 2 of Clintons, 3 of Bushes, etc. The least capable intellectually rise, or the most capable at brutality do so (flip sides of the same coin). IOW, the least human and most atavistic.” Ouch.

  12. The London Daily Mail has comments about the royals and most of these are quite bitterly negative. Because of this, most articles about that grifter family don’t allow comments.

  13. Christian W

    @ 5

    Yes, the parents living in the world’s largest extermination camp are bad parents for forcing God’s Chosen people, the moral and upstanding always clean as purest snow Jews, to shoot their children.

    No matter what Zionist Israelis are always the victims, right?

    This is psychopath reasoning. “YOU are bad for forcing me to beat the living hell out of you. This hurts me more than you. Think about MY feelings” Blatant gaslighting.

    Jesus made a point about this in his mote and beam parable.

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