Senator Rand Paul Demands Answers At Hearings About CIA New Chief, Ms. Haspel

Earlier today, I sent the a letter inquiring about Ms. Haspel’s involvement or coordination in possible surveillance of then-candidate . I await a response.

Senator Rand Paul Sends Letter to CIA Inquiring About Haspel’s Involvement in Trump Campaign Surveillance


Haspel is a CIA woman who supervised torture of 9/11 men arrested overseas by the CIA.  The entire mess of 9/11 continues to amaze me.  The fact that bin Laden was kidnapped from his hideout then supposedly, with zero proof, thrown out of a helicopter into the ocean is typical of all events connected to 9/11.  I long ago knew that this was done so he could be decapitated and his skull handed over to the Bush/Cheney gang who then gave it to the Yale Skull and Bones coven.  So, Rand Paul who I like more and more as time passes, is raising objections to Haspel’s CIA promotion and look: it is due to her and her gang spying on Trump, of all things!


The Deep State has been out of control most of my long life.  Right now, it is again, obvious.  Under Obama, everyone went to sleep, after mainstream fake news assured everyone that Obama wasn’t a Deep State tool.  That was ridiculous, he was groomed by the Deep State and they conspired to cover up his birth overseas and other things like all his school records as well as his lack of a real birth certificate, being born in Africa.


They covered-up his application to college where he declared himself a foreign student.  These legal problems are pushed under the rug by mainstream media and the DC powerbrokers who are all Bilderberg co-conspirators.


I hammer away at the Bilderberg business because it is the most internationalist of all the Deep State operations.  It isn’t just politicians, it is business, banking, educational systems, media and military operations all in one big, fat package.


Trump is not a member of this ruling elite at all.  He does play with them now that he has power, they have to play with him.  But the people he needs to run things and it isn’t easy for total outsiders to run anything in DC, are co-conspirators who have animus against Trump and they very certainly hate Rand Paul.


Unlike Trump, Rand has played in DC all his life and watched his father dueling with the Deep State since earliest childhood.  Unlike Trump, he is very highly aware of Deep State powers. Note that one deranged follower of Hillary recently tried to assassinate Rand Paul while he was mowing his lawn this last year!


The Deep State very much prefers to drive outsiders mad and launch them against people the Deep State wants dead.  Rand Paul has real power in the Senate.  He has gathered some Senators and Representatives around his banner and is irritating the Deep State no end including today, once again, standing up and demanding answers to the many strange things the CIA does to our planet and populations.


Yes, the CIA is spying on Trump, desperate to find something aside from drunk stripper females to stick to him and thus, have a ridiculous excuse to destroy him since their fake Russia scam has pretty much imploded.  Why they even tried that scam baffles me since the DNC and Hillary and Obama were very entangled in Russian schemes to get money and power!


Putin played footsie with everyone who is out to get Trump these days which is just amazing, another proof that Putin plays deep state games like a pro.

And…HAHAHA.  The usual leftist hypocrisy bites the asses again.  So, all the big liberal businesses who lecture us about how we should support drug addicts and criminals and illegal aliens, want to force people on the liberal West Coast to pay for housing armies of invaders who camp out like in Europe, hoping to force citizens into supporting them for life while they commit crimes.


Great fun!  Well, forcing liberal businesses to pay for all this is great!  Put their money where their big, fat mouths are!  I am all for this and a $275 annual tax on all liberals to pay for their junk is a fantastic idea.


Of course, these evil lunatics howl with rage.  How dare they be forced to pay for their own social junkies!  Hell, they buy drugs from these people, they should house them, too.  Seattle is debating giving permission for people to house the homeless in garages and other places and thus turn the entire city into a slum.


LA officials could pay property owners to build houses for homeless: California, always the land of loonies, has already last month, decided to destroy all neighborhoods this way.  New York has already greatly restricted Airbnb rentals and many cities are outlawing these hyper-exploitation of property.


The far left itches to destroy cities, I had to deal with this deadly group of lunatics way, way back starting in 1970.  They are highly destructive.  They hate everyone and hope for riots, too.


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15 responses to “Senator Rand Paul Demands Answers At Hearings About CIA New Chief, Ms. Haspel

  1. Christian W

    Gina Haspel Nervously Rubs Lucky Prisoner’s Foot During CIA Director Confirmation Hearing

    The Onion is more accurate than the Official US Ziospam Brainwashing State Media aka Corporate MSM.

  2. Lisa

    There have been rumors for years that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, worked for CIA organizations like USAID, and that’s why she always lived in strange places like Jakarta and Pakistan. If so, Obama was born into the Deep State.

    This long-winded article says she worked with Peter Geithner, who was Timothy Geithner’s father:'s_mommy.html

  3. Christian W

    @ 2 Lisa

    Obama born into the Deep State makes sense. That would explain the many inconsistencies in his life story and ability to rise to the top. Also, Obama allowed Timothy Geithner to white wash Wall Street’s many crimes leading up to the 2008 crash, which kicked off the next phase in the looting operation.

  4. Petruchio

    Anybody else besides me reading about how Robert Mueller is going around and giving everybody Immunity? People like former and corrupt FBI Director James Comey? I’m hearing Mueller is going around giving Immunity to anybody and everybody who matters.

  5. KHS71

    Just to get people to talk about dirt on Trump. Say anything without consequences. I really expect Mueller to recommend impeachment of Trump based on using the wrong stall at age 10. He used the 3rd stall from the left instead of the 2nd stall from the left in grade school thus creating an environmental issue by flushing the incorrect toilet. Just to get Trump to talk maybe he will grant him immunity also.

  6. Christian W

    Nothing is going to happen to Trump now that he marches in lockstep with Likud & the Neocons. Plus he has made Adelson & gang very happy (and richer) with the Embassy move to Jerusalem + estate tax cuts.

    The Ivy League gang have been played off the park by the Zionists.

    US State Passes Law Defining Any Criticism of Israel as ‘Anti-Semitic’ Just As They Kill 60 Civilians

    The Zionists are now taking away what remains of US freedom of speech.

  7. Lou

    2 and 3—You tube, Ann Barnhart–Obama and Islam.

  8. Petruchio

    “Yes, the CIA is spying on Trump, desperate to find something aside from drunk stripper females to stick to him and thus, have a ridiculous excuse to destroy him…” LOL! You knew they are desperate to destroy Trump when they have to use a former porn star as their tool. And even she had to break her Confidentiality Agreement when she took her Hush Money from Trump. What’s hilarious here is how STUPID the Elites look for trying this to destroy Trump! Most people see this for what it is: a clumsy attempt to destroy Trump. Most people look at this situation with the porn star/ stripper and think, “So what? He pumped a glorified Hooker? Big deal.” And I think most people notice that the very same MSM spreading this story about Trump didn’t utter a peep about Bill Clinton’s sexual activities–including rape.

  9. Floridasandy

    Somebody is losing their mind if they think we don’t have free speech here. We have plenty of that.
    I like the Onion because it skewers just about everybody.
    Rand Paul is off base yspppng about torture with our creepy press when he knows we currently have people overseas, it seems all the men att talkative anymore, and you can’t even shut “secret” organization people up. Of course, that might turn out to be a good thing in the end- and we might clean house.

  10. Floridasandy

    Let me just add the Bush and bin Laden head story seems a little out there. I did wonder how many times our leaders could kill Bin Laddn for political purposes. He probably died at Tora Bora., or maybe before. All the pictures after looked fake. Remember when they tried to pass the same dead picture off again, and then pulled it after all the comments?

  11. Floridasandy

    It is funny that Amazion especially is getting screwed by the left. They would eat their own children if it made them some money Bezoar deserves it for all his lying st the Washington Post and unnamed sources. 😍

  12. About bin Laden’s head story: it is very real. It is also very not in the news. I am absolutely certain about it because the Apaches and I hammered the Skull and Bones over the issue of Geronimo’s skull and bin Laden’s skull.

    NO one has to believe any of this. I am quite content that the Skull and Bones and others are aware that some of us know what they are really doing with their black magic junk.

  13. Jim R

    Former CIA Pilot Tells of Guns and Drugs Shipments
    Robert O’Dowd and Tim King

    Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, former CIA pilot, reported the illegal shipments of guns and drugs to Congress. Plumlee said he flew into former MCAS El Toro, CA, a number of times, in unmarked C-130s in the early hours of the morning.

    (IRVINE, Calif.) – The internet is full of stories of various government conspiracy theories, the 1001 Club, Bilderberg Group, The Illuminati, and Skull & Bones to name just a few.

    However, the death of Marine Colonel James Sabow is not some crackpot conspiracy tossed around by those with nothing else to do.

  14. HAHAHA…your article falsely claims the Skull and Bones is no big deal which means the writer is a Bilderberg tool told to lie about them, note how this O’Dowd and King clown car show pretends there is no real Bilderberg secret meetings while surrounded by heavily armed troops! HAHAHA.

    These jerks never cease to amaze me with their open stupidity. The real question is. WHO ORDERED COL. SABOW TO DO THIS CRAP???

    That is obvious who: the CIA heads who are Bilderberg gang members and often, like Bushes and Cheneys, are also Skull and Bones black magic players using the Outerdarkness to gain power.

  15. Lou

    3–BHOs inconsistencies in his life story and ability to rise to the top.
    Not just his rise but his very fast rise. In senate, he only voted one time, for
    legal infanticide. His book was probably written by Ayers.

    See the book, Obama Nation by Jerome Corsey.

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