Trump Meets With Frustrated California Mayors And Police To Discuss Crime

President Trump Hosts the California Sanctuary State Roundtable – YouTube


Yesterday, I watched Trump run a round table discussion with people from California to discuss how to save that state from utter destruction by illegal aliens, criminals, crazy ‘liberal’ schemes, etc.  It is well worth watching the entire meeting because I used to attend exactly this sort of political meeting where people discuss how to save a city or a state from DNC destruction.  Also, the mainstream Bilderberg fake news people lied about the meeting and misquoted Trump in order to smear him and then after great pressure, had to apologize for this but then…Pelosi of California doubled down and claimed falsely that Trump called all illegal aliens ‘animals’.


This meeting was typical of how one does business in the real world.  I have attended a number of such meetings in the past when I was still very active in politics.  Trump also jokes periodically to get the people to relax and they respond well to him.


The discussion is all about how conservatives can save California from the bizarre regime the liberals have imposed on taxpayers.  The state is heading towards self-destruction and here is today’s map of now nearly continuous earthquakes the entire San Andreas fault except for the middle which hasn’t budged an inch in two centuries.

Nearly all the faultlines in California and scattered all over Nevada are shaking like jello.  When this all is resolved in a very violent quake, California is going to see great destruction especially where water and energy systems are concerned because much of this crosses the San Andreas fault.


Crime is out of control in California.  The police are forbidden to stop illegal aliens who are outright criminals and DNC clowns go to great lengths to assist these criminals in avoiding capture by the immigration authorities like the wharf killer in San Francisco who shot dead a visitor who was walking with her father.


Below is the video of Pelosi going out to the press AFTER the media giants had to apologize for lying about what Trump said at this meeting:

(1) Nancy Pelosi Lies Through Her Teeth (Again) — Accuses Trump of Calling Immigrant “Animals” – YouTube


Here is a comment that sums up this insanity:


Spacecoastz11 hours ago (edited)

It’s hard to comprehend how the democrat party even exists. How can anyone really be a part of this. If you want to talk about the “spark of divinity” then what about the unborn…and how you support abortion. Anyone who listened to President Trump understood he was addressing the M13 gangs which was the question asked. Shame on you Pelosi…you are quite the skank.


Across the planet, ‘liberals’ are going insane.  They chastise young white males for being ‘privileged’ and then make life so hellish in schools and hiring graduates, many men are not bothering with going to school or participating in society anymore.  So the SJW gang uses public TV money to attack them for dropping out, too!  Here is a video about all this: Aussie videos teaching children to hate white men: It’s Spreading! – YouTube

The foreign woman in the cartoon has to ‘swim’ while the white man ‘flies’ because she is oppressed.  Then the same Aussie public TV made these two females sing about how women are superior to men as a female gets to easily gain status and power by using the internet to learn about ‘good’ things, while the young white male is burned in hell due to joining 4 Chan.
The SJW gang really, really hates white males.  Some of the SJW gangs are white males!  They are too stupid to see how they are destroying themselves.  But then, the females are lousy fighters, they need the males to be their ‘muscle’.  And then run around screaming that men are brutes!


This is insane, of course.  And these same clowns want a Muslim invasion of Europe and other Christian countries, too.  They are suicidal.  Unfortunately, they want to kill everyone else, too.  Hungary kicked Soros out this week and so he will camp out in the rest of the EU.  Since his buddies want to continue the Muslim invasion, he will be happy in Paris.


Oh, and finally, South Africa’s blacks have decided to confiscate all private property except that which is owned by the Rulers and their clans.  The people there will be starving by next year.




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25 responses to “Trump Meets With Frustrated California Mayors And Police To Discuss Crime

  1. Moe

    Pelosi is just another voluntary dupe (‘skank’ was referenced in article quote) intent on promoting her Betters’ agenda for personal gain.

    Somehow Pelosi personifies to me the abject depravity of the US establishment. There is no semblance of truth about her. If one can discern the fact of having ‘sold ones’ soul’, it would be with Pelosi. She makes my skin crawl, evil exudes from her pores.

    Curiously, she is NOT the worst example, just the most obvious.

  2. Moe

    Sanders press conference response:

  3. Petruchio

    “The SJW gang really, really hates white males.” I could name you a White Male who hates THEM just as much right back. In a way, it’s hard to believe that white people are involved and members of the SJW gang. But then, blacks were an integral part of the slavery trade in Africa when there was Slavery.


    So, one of the army of deranged leftist media tools, this female named Ana Navarro, compared Trump to Hitler because he talked about the violent M13 as ‘animals’ yet this ‘reporter’ called TRUMP an ‘animal’ last year in her tweets attacking him! HAHAHA.


    A black man stormed Trump National Resort this morning but was taken down by the police before he could engineer a mass killing.

    The Bilderberg media is trying their best to have Trump killed, I talked about this in the past. They are pushing every possible lie to engineer rage in low IQ populations.

  6. Lou

    4—I see it as a waste of time to be too concerned about Talking Heads and Twits on Tweet.


  7. KHS71

    Also remember that Soros is a Jew that helped the Nazi’s during WWII to keep the other Jews in line. Same as Blacks keeping other Blacks on the plantation.

  8. Christian W

    ELAINE: This is a last warning. You don’t read my news service, Christian, and are always off topic. On top of that, you constantly insult me for publishing my news. You obviously don’t like the topics I choose so you must start your own blog.

  9. Oguy

    Hi Christian– I have a suggestion for you: I really think you should start your own blog. That way, you wouldn’t have to constantly interject off-topic comments which predictably keep whipping the same horse. You wouldn’t even need to differentiate your postings from the main topics by such rhetorical devices as implying that the latter are trivial while yours relate to the “real world”. Maybe some of us just enjoy discussing topics that you consider to be superficial, trivial or peripheral to what really matters. For that matter, I’m sure that you also have interests or hobbies that aren’t deathly serious.

    So instead of chronically diverting the conversation to those matters that concern you the most, why not simply make them the subject of your own blog?

    By the way, none of my remarks above imply that I disagree with the content of your posts— in fact, I find myself largely in agreement with many of your observations, at least based on the more passably credible second-hand information that is available to me as a non-insider.

    But, as with many other forms of communication, context and tone can be as important as content.


    ELAINE: What really irritates me is how Christian not only refuses to be on topic but is arrogant towards me, the host, with zero reasons, just simply attacks my existence. I don’t mind debates, I love debates. But instead of debating topics here, Christian pretends there is no topics, just whatever it wants to chatter about.

    This is very annoying after a while and pointless, too.

  10. Christian W

    Quite possibly Oguy, I’ve thought about the same. But the reason I am on this blog is I want to gauge the mentality and thought processes of the American public, which wouldn’t be the case on my own blog.

    Also, these topics go into each other. These topics are global in scope and effect each other, they are not as ‘off topic’ as once they were since both the US and Europe struggle to solve the same issues.


    ELAINE: You are constantly ‘off topic’. Instead of confining your chatter to the correct articles, you spam everything I publish with the same whining. I am now going to erase all of your OFF TOPIC chatter.

  11. KHS71

    Who’s the Fascist? Left or Right? I say the left. Others say the right. Who’s right. Both or neither?

  12. Christian W

    ELAINE: I will allow you to post here again, Christian, if you apologize for being off topic nearly all the time. I would strongly suggest you cease this constant attacks from left field.

    I don’t wish to talk about certain things at certain times. For example, if you want to talk about your favorite topics, I have many postings here about these matters. Unfortunately, you seem unable to control the urge to chatter off topic now nearly nonstop.

    It is a bad habit. No blogger would like having someone like you around because you have your own private bugs you obsess about and are unable to have conversations about what I choose to talk about here.

    Anyone else who thinks constant and long off topic rants are OK should reconsider this. It is rude to other readers.

  13. Oguy

    Christian– if you do start your own blog, please let us know. I would no doubt be a regular follower and probably an at least occasional commenter. As for the US going down the road of hard fascism— well, that’s one possible destination, but I’m not fully confident that it’s our longer-term destiny. Extremes have a way of creating opposing reactions, and often sooner rather than later. But I have no crystal ball in such matters, and so I fall back on more primitive modes of prognostication 🙂

    I do agree with your comparative assessment of Obama and Trump, and one of the reasons I always had a bit more grudging respect for the US Republican party than for the Democrats is that they made less effort to conceal or soft-peddle their true agenda. Not that any of those sentiments ever translated into votes one way or the other.

  14. Lou

    way off topic…I recall the black muslim officer who killed the innocent
    Aussie woman in Minnesota, remember that?


  15. Tom W Harris

    As for Pelosi, take it easy on the ol’ cougar – she’s doin’ the best she can.

  16. Moe

    Elaine is to be lauded for her openness to free exchange. Unfortunately censorship is a necessity: one has to corral the crazies, the obsessed, trolls and those who engage in personal attack.

    I used to agree with the interpretation of ‘Free Speech’ that meant carte blanche to express oneself until I starting contributing to various blogs. How naive I was: since some individuals lack self control, personal insight and the necessity of adhering to conversation content or internet protocol, censorship is mandated.

    You go girl. (You gonna keep Sunger around for amusement? Might have to bounce him too for consistency).

  17. I hate doing this. It isn’t the debate that is annoying, it is the personal attacks plus…OFF TOPIC.

    I am OK with rowdy debates. I dislike off topic insertions that usually are meaningless and often based on ideology that a person can’t escape to even talk about say, a school shooting event, but has to obsess about the Middle East or something else utterly off topic.

  18. Jim R

    For example, when I have something I want to say about bitcoin or global warming, I search through Elaine’s archives and find a related article to say it in. A link to your comment will show up in the right hand sidebar, no matter how old the thread is.

  19. Christian W

    Never once have I attacked you personally Elaine. I have argued against your narrative when I feel it is lacking or not accurate, obviously from my perspective, but that is a very different thing to a personal attack.

    Anyway I see debate and a different perspective is not welcome so I am simply drawing my own conclusions from your actions. It is your blog and you are free to do as you wish.

  20. Stop the lying, Christian. That is particularly annoying. You seldom debate, you run OFF TOPIC like crazy and then snipe at me personally while doing this.

  21. Christian W

    ELAINE: You seem unable to see yourself as others see you. Your denials are like a child who is caught with the cookie jar. No, I am not stupid or insane. I can read and I read everyone’s comments carefully and have been growing increasingly annoyed with how you hijack comments and are almost always off topic and then openly lie about salient facts published here.

  22. Petruchio

    “Crime is out of control in California. The police are forbidden to stop illegal aliens who are outright criminals and DNC clowns go to great lengths to assist these criminals…” And we ALL have Billy boy Clinton for this current situation. It was Clinton who tossed the traditional Democrat base of Working Class people out of the Democrat Party by selling them out on Labor issues. “Where they gonna go?” sneered Billy Boy Clinton. Where did they go? They stopped voting Democrat. So the DNC had a problem. For years the Democrat Party leaned on their position of being the “Not-the-Republican Party”. That stopped working. They had to find a new Voting block big enough to keep the now Corporate-owned Dems in Power. So the DNC found the Illegal immigrant vote. The DNC, like the Political Whores they are, have allied themselves with ANY group that will keep their Members in Congress, no matter how damaging it is to the Country. Bill Clinton. The Sleazeball rapist who keeps on giving. (I hear Billy Boy is slowly dying from STD’s. What a tragedy.)

  23. He is being hectored to death by the wife. 🙂

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