Pulitzer Prize Rap Creep, Lamar, Invites White Girl on Stage Then Abuses Her For Singing Sick Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar stops white fan after she raps the N-word onstage with him – 


Yes, this really happened last night: a very arrogant black ‘rap artist’ who invited an enthused young white girl on stage and gave her a mike and asked her to join him in the typical, boring ‘Nigger’ songs this creep writes.  She was so happy!  The minute she sang ‘nigger’ with him, he stopped the music and attacked her!  This is pure evil but then, a man singing ‘nigger’ all the time while talking about raping women and committing crimes, earned a Pulitzer Prize for this garbage.  This is, of course, causing black men to be worse and worse and it destroys black society and to me, is akin to the KKK hiring blacks to shuffle and jive and behave badly.


Kendrick Lamar interrupts white fan saying the N-word on stage | Daily Mail Online reports in England.


Lamar was headlining the final night of the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Sunday when he invited a white concertgoer named Delaney on stage to sing his song M.A.A.D City alongside him.


He picked her out of the audience and pulled her on stage.  She, being a fan, was delighted.


Just seconds into the song, Lamar cut the music and scolded the fan for singing the full lyrics of the song, which includes the N-word throughout.  Amid the outrage, some of it directed at Delaney, other fans are wondering if the Pulitzer Prize-winning singer intentionally set out to stir controversy and publicity by inviting a white fan to sing his lyrics.


Yes, this poor young girl is now, the next day,  being savaged by lunatic leftists for joining a black thug in screeching the word ‘nigger’.  This is how twisted the left has become.  They are utterly mad.

Kendrick Lamar Calls Out White Fan For Rapping N-Word On Stage – The ‘trick’ here was a test to see if the poor young lady is hip to the New Rules set by the SJW gangs: blacks can scream ‘nigger’ constantly but no one white is allowed to say ‘nigger’.  In the news, the word ‘nigger’ is censored so it is only an ‘n’ but why?


The girl in these videos apologized for slipping up and singing the nigger word and the ‘artist’ praised her for being ‘smart’.  This game became even more disgusting when this happened.  This ‘game’ is very destructive for the black community and pretending this isn’t hurting black males in particular, is insane.  It is hurting them a great deal.  The Real Rulers want black men to think they are all stupid ‘niggers’.

Kendrick Lamar Thanks President Obama for Inviting Rappers to the White House – YouTube

If the black community is so addicted to this word and use it constantly IN PUBLIC everywhere, then it is OK to write or say the word ‘nigger’.  The power structure forbids most people from saying or writing or publishing the word ‘nigger’ except if the publication, writer or singer is black, then they get to yell this from the rooftops at the top of their lungs and awards are showered on them.


I was at Ground Zero in California way back in the late 1960’s and knew a number of the Black Panthers personally and they decided to use the word ‘nigger’ openly as praise and I agreed with them that it would ‘defang’ the word.


This is now the opposite: it is used to torment ‘outsiders’.  The fans at this ‘concert’ (sic) joined the rapper in attacking a poor young girl when she thought it was OK to ape an ape.


They all went ape, most of the audience was white males who enjoyed humiliating this young lady who is not very attractive in appearance which caused the ape community to go even more ape.  So we have a nigger/ape event with people behaving in a beastly, ugly, racist, very racist manner.


This monster, Kendrick Lamar Won Pulitzer Prize for ‘Damn’ – just a month ago!


 Kendrick Lamar has won a Pulitzer Prize for music for his album “Damn.,” the organization announced Monday afternoon. It was the first win for a non-classical or jazz musician since the awards began including music some 75 years ago.


The Pulitzer board deemed the album “a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.” While Lamar himself — who made two guest appearances at California’s Coachella festival over the weekend — did not immediately respond to requests for comment, Punch, head of Lamar’s label Top Dawg Entertainment, tweeted: “Pulitzer Prize winner Kdot from Compton. I [better] not ever hear one of you n—as speak with anything less than respect in your mouth for Kendrick Lamar. #TDE.


This utter thug demands we now respect him because the Bilderberg gang, which is systematically destroying all the great cities in European and North American civilizations, because he is foul mouthed and black and an entitled criminal and gangster.


This is insane but then, our Real Rulers are insane.  The staid NY Times considered this clown to be a great ‘singer’ when he can’t even carry a tune.  I opposed Jackson’s video he made in a NYC subway in my neighborhood years ago to sing about being a thug but at least he actually sang.


But I told Mayor Koch and the City Council that they were now all joint criminals because they assisted him in making a video about vandalizing the subway system and attacking passengers.  Crime in my local subway stop shot through the roof after the video.  This is where (on the train where I got on at that stop) I arrested 30 young people for vandalizing the subway system.  They told me in court, they did it to ape Jackson.


Host Dana Canedy seemed quietly delighted when making the announcement, and in an interview with the New York Times on Monday said, ““We are very proud of this selection. It means that the jury and the board judging system worked as it’s supposed to — the best work was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. It shines a light on hip-hop in a completely different way. This is a big moment for hip-hop music and a big moment for the Pulitzers.””

Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer –Those disgusting toady pigs…these clowns don’t ride the subways, they don’t walk in the inner city streets, live next door to criminals who attack them every day.  The Pulitzer prizes have been going steeply downhill for years and this year, hit rock bottom.

Can White People Say Nigga? -Mark Dice, like myself, uses the word ‘nigger’ appropriately since black men think it is normal language to use in public.


Next, the Pulitzer committee will give a join award to ANTIFA and ISIS.


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27 responses to “Pulitzer Prize Rap Creep, Lamar, Invites White Girl on Stage Then Abuses Her For Singing Sick Lyrics

  1. Melponeme_k

    It’s all a sham. None of this is real except for the woman who was attacked on stage and EVEN THEN it may not be real. We are watching play acting.

    And Ms. Lamar has to do her shuffle and jive because if she doesn’t, they will stop giving her top of the line hormones to continue her sham existence. Look at her, no brow ridge, tiny lips, oval shaped face, baggy clothing to hide the hourglass figure and big mama hips, grabbing a “piece” that probably doesn’t exist.

    It just makes me laugh now.

  2. Sunger

    Elaine said-

    a very arrogant black ‘rap artist’
    lunatic leftists
    black thug
    blacks to shuffle and jive and behave badly.
    we have a nigger/ape event
    utter thug
    Bilderberg gang,
    foul mouthed and black
    entitled criminal and gangster.
    this clown
    joint criminals
    disgusting toady pigs
    these clowns

    You are bad for America, Elaine.

  3. Lou

    What you read is Race Realism, Sunger.
    Just last week, Elaine posted that I am a ‘ray cyst.’

    As far as [c]Rap goes, there are a few ways to look at it.

    1] Its pushed by jews to destroy society. Pulitzer Prize his ass.

    2] What appeal does it have to people who actually listen and enjoy it? Why? What is enjoyable about it?

  4. Lou

    WRT what sunger just posted, You are bad for America.’

    No, Blacks are bad for USA.

  5. Lou

    I wont post more in this thread, today…but I want to repost what Elaine just posted, in case you missed it;
    The Pulitzer board deemed the album

    “a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.”


  6. Jim R

    Pulitzer, Nobel, both just different punchlines for the same joke.
    Participation trophies…

    Well, at least that feces-thrower the other day looked sort of white.

    The collapse of a civilization brings out the worst behavior in everyone, doesn’t it?

  7. Vengeur

    Maybe they will nominate Sunger’s woman choking/beating hero, Eric Scneiderman, for a Pulitzer. After all he’s a Super Hero, just ask Samantha Bee. LOL

  8. Petruchio

    I’m sure he won’t read this, but I want to say “Thank you!!!” to you, Kendrick Lamar. You perfectly demonstrate the current mindset of alot of Black people. As a white male, I can go around and SAY what Blacks are like, but you, you Lamar, you PROVE what I’m saying. So again, thanks Lamar. White women, if they have even a few brain cells, should recoil in horror at the way American Black Males all too typically treat women, especially white women. I wonder if it ever occurs to these Black Rap loving white chicas to ask themselves, “Why don’t BLACK Men date BLACK women??” Maybe there’s something black women know about black males that white women just don’t seem to get?

  9. timothy carroll


    Amen! And the white boys have been so emasculated that they no longer feel responsible for the foolish, irresponsible behavior of white girls. You may recall the Spring Break videos in Florida a year or so ago where several black males raped a drunk, passed out white woman where several male and female beach goers witnessed and did nothing.

    This is the culture and the world the elites have worked non-stop for sixty years now to bring about. And we all still sit around, scratching our heads and backsides, wondering why our culture is so vulgar, filthy, and disgusting. The (((usual players))) have their hands in this and they pay off quite handsomely the goyim who religiously carry out their orders (Obama, cough, cough, Kerry, cough, cough, Biden, et. at.)

  10. timothy carroll


  11. Pete

    Off Topic

    I detest this guy (Avenatti) so I gotta post this news.
    Should be disbarred. There is more to come.
    Real scumbag!


  12. Lou

    off topic but related,

    Soros-Netflix have hired Obamas [both] and Rice.
    I am not kidding.

  13. I feel bad for some of these kids. No knowledge of their history or pride in their traditions. To think that this is mainstream youth culture is truly bizarre. This rapper literally spits in his white fan’s faces by telling them they’re second class citizens. Amazing to me that they still pay $ to watch this trash. It’s like battered wife syndrome. And I understand you’re angry about this, maybe cool it with the ape stuff though. Mark Dice is hilarious as always.

  14. Oguy

    I venture to guess that nothing like this ever happened at a jazz club. The decline and degradation (including unwitting self-degredation) of large parts of the American black population is disheartening. And the black population isn’t alone in that regard. The ape analogy is fitting insofar as it applies to cultural and behavioral atavism as a whole, and not to any particular dark-skinned phenotype alone– but I agree that it’s culturally sensitive due to misuse, and therefore to be avoided if possible.

    Although, in regard to some of the posts above, I too have known both Black and Hispanic women who told me they avoided dating or getting involved with men of their own cultures/races. I suggested to them that there must be men amont these demographics who didn’t fit that profile, and they agreed, but said that the odds weren’t in favor of the exceptions. I found that sad, because I’ve known some Black and Hispanic men who were truly stellar human beings, and who expressed that exquisite character through the unique qualities of their own race and culture. Then again, precisely because of that, they also didn’t have any problem finding relationships that mirrorred their own status as human beings.

  15. WynnLloyd

    I just found this blog. It’s great. One more for my daily list.

    The arrogance of these black fucks knows no bounds.
    They have achieved the least of any race of men in world history, yet they are the most arrogant.
    Meanwhile Chinese men, whose ancestors invented freaking PAPER, are extremely self-conscious,
    Whites are the same we. We’ve done a massive amount of good for this world. Way more than enough to balance out any negative actions.
    Yet white men are walking around self-conscious and unable to collect themselves.

    (((They))) can push the Dindu all they want, the goyim are waking up.

  16. Petruchio

    Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield: 11 kids from 8 different women. Rapper DMX: 15 kids, multiple Mommies. NFL star Adrian Peterson: 8-9 kids, multiple women. And this is common. Two things going on here. Black males like these three are the type of sexual predators that are ALWAYS looking for ‘new’ sexual worlds to conquer. Same race women figure these guys out sooner than white women. And white women have a Stupid gene in their DNA that makes them fall for the black males line of BS. With their record of treating women like B#tches and disappearing anytime Bills need to be paid, you’d think ALL women would reject black Males without even a thought. And where is the Feminist movement in all this? Why they’re tearing white males apart for telling a joke that MAY have some sexual over or undertones. Very revealing.

  17. Lou

    18–guys w 20-30 kids. He is 33, dad to 30 and broke, i d guess.
    these low IQ, drags on civilization, people.
    Oops..Im a ray cyst;


  18. Lou

    18–but the blacks you mentioned MIGHT have money and be paying to raise kids.

  19. Lou

    18–Pet, are you a racist?
    eat. Officers later found the keys, the attorney added.

    Harris’ public defender asked that his client be placed in a secure juvenile facility.

    The attorney said when at home Harris would help with chores and helped his sister.

    Harris’ attorney added that he was in ninth grade, but his “ability to pass [ninth] grade had eroded to some extent.”

    But Judge Sally Chester said that Harris was a “one-man crime wave” over the past six months and that there was “no way under the circumstances” that he could be released from custody or placed in a juvenile facility, saying she wasn’t “sure any juvenile facility is secure enough” to hold him.

    Chester said the teenager had committed at least four auto thefts [that are known] spanning from 2015 [age 13-16] to this year.


  20. Blaming the victims here! Look, do black men have power? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? They have little power. They are nearly all puppets of the elites. The Bilderberg gang is nearly totally European white/Jewish/Eastern Europe/global super rich.

    They use black males as tools, they flood Europe with black men who then attack citizens. This is not the fault of the black males, they are merely surviving. The people who insist on bringing them in and unleashing them and letting them run riot…THEY are the bad people and again, virtually none of these cruel people are black.

  21. Lou

    I dont see the connection from a guy with 30 children he cant support, in USA and the Bilderbergers.

    I dont deny the power of the Rothschilds, Buffett, Bezos, etc.
    And I am not in denial of the irresponsibility of Blacks.

  22. Petruchio

    Elaine is right; it isn’t all the fault of black males themselves. They ARE victims. Victims of an Education system that doesn’t educate them. Victims of a perception among many in Law Enforcement who tend to assume Black guilt. But Black males shouldn’t get off the hook because of the obstacles they face. They have to stop making babies and then “fleeing the scene”. Blacks have to STOP thinking that The ‘System’ is going to help them. It won’t.

  23. Yes, welfare is a trap. I said this way back in the 1970’s when everyone wanted to cheat on welfare for free goodies. In NYC, if you were white, they REFUSED to give welfare money of any sort.

    Only ‘minorities’ got the goodies. I know this first hand and gave speeches about it around 1977 onwards. Since white young people couldn’t goof off on welfare, they went to work and voila: did well. The people who got the ‘goodies’ all ended up trapped in a crime/city housing mess that grows uglier each generation.

  24. Lou

    26–Times change. Good jobs are mostly gone.

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