Zuckerberg Tells Europe He Will Happily Censor ‘Fake News’ aka: Alternative Media

WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the European Parliament – YouTube


This farcial hearing is all about the EU Bilderberg rulers telling Zuckerberg to double down on what he is already doing: censoring anyone to the right of Mad Madame Maoists who run riot in our society.  He assured the EU bosses that he would definitely censor ‘fake news’ which is a lie.  He will certainly not censor CNN or the New York Times or any mainstream fake news, he will censor only alternative news and foreign news from outside the EU/US/Bilderberg systems.  The demand to censor online news comes strictly from far leftists and our evil rulers.


Europe already has zero ‘free speech’.  Demands that free speech be ended is a key part of ANTIFA demonstrations.  This proves that ANTIFA is really an arm of the international elites.  This is why ANTIFA is allowed to terrorize citizens in the streets and do open attacks on citizens while wearing masks right in front of police like what happened back in March when masked thugs attacked Tommy Robinson and his wife in London, concentrating on harming his wife the most.

Tommy Robinson releases video of himself fighting with masked men outside McDonald’s when he tried to film a meeting of ANTIFA gangsters.


The Storm Troopers of the Bilderberg gang are out to scare citizens and discourage them from organizing against Bilderberg policies.


“They have shown today that they will even go to the lengths of physically attacking women – just for their beliefs.”  He added: “When the police come, they have already said straight away that they are not going to take this any further because we don’t know who they are”.


There is no free speech in Europe.  The left is desperate to end free speech in America.  I see multiple demonstrations to end free speech at US universities.  This is an outright attempt at a coup by Maoists who want a police state that prevents any opposition to their dictates, no discussions, no alternative views allowed.  Maoist China was a hideous hell hole.


They want this here, now.  Liberal studies at universities are now doctrination camps whereby students leave the school less able to think, speak or act sane.  It drives them nuts.  My First SJW Comic Store Visit: A Horror Story is a typical example of how anyone to the right of Mao is now under constant attack by SJW women in particular:


All this is, at its insane core, desperation as power slips through their fanatic fingers.  Europe is in total lockdown now with mainstream news refusing or legally incapable of reporting real news, for example.  A news system should alert citizens to dangers and now, they cannot even mention danger that is right in one’s face.  All reporting of illegal alien Muslim crimes, for example, is heavily censored to avoid alerting citizens about the dangers, they aren’t even collecting statistics anymore!  This is suicidal and insane!


Meanwhile, in the US, the power struggle continues.  The illicit and utterly illegal attempt by our spook operations to frame Trump as a Russian agent is collapsing, but the Bilderberg gang won’t admit this, they lie about this even today, in the news they publish.


But the relentless uncovering of the reality of this coup attempt continues and this is very disturbing for the Bilderberg gangsters who are probably preparing to flee to Europe where they can camp out safely like the child rapist filmaker, Polanski. Probe into whether Michael Cohen’s financial records were DELETED | Daily Mail Online


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Tuesday his department’s inspector general is looking into whether banking records of President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen were leaked from an agency database, as well as whether any of the records were improperly blocked from view.


The New Yorker magazine reported last week that a law enforcement official leaked information about Cohen’s bank records to several media organizations.


HAHAHA. The leak was leaked.  The entire system of mainstream media/DNC gangsters/foreign agents/CIA/FBI/DoJ leaking is more like a burst dam.  We are flooded daily with ‘leaks’ which supposedly prove Trump is a Russian agent but when real information finally arrives, it is the opposite: Hillary and Obama were the Russian agents!


This goes unremarked by mainstream Bilderberg news.


The information about the payments to a shell company being used by Cohen was first revealed by Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, who says she had an affair with Trump.


Avenatti has refused to say how he got the information, but the New Yorker reported that the details on the payments came from a single document, a Suspicious Activity Report, filed by First Republic Bank, where Cohen’s shell company, Essential Consultants LLC, maintained an account.


Of course, he can’t say who leaked this information to him…this sleazy lawyer is perfect for this scam of overthrowing a President.  He is so nasty, so bad, he oozes slime but then, all the characters ooze slime.


In NYC business (and I have first hand knowledge how corrupt politics are in NYC) is all about bribes, slimy deals, twisting arms, breaking laws.  This is why it was laughably easy to put a bunch of these sleazy people in prison when they attacked me.


Trump knows how to bribe, muscle, push, strongarm people because no one can make any deals in NYC real estate except by being a bully.  I made money and I was a bully!  At one property closing, I got in a heated argument with someone selling a property who wanted to rip me off at closing.


He pulled open his vest and showed me his gun!  My lawyer then showed his gun!  The real estate boss’s lawyer then pulled out his gun. My friend who was a big real estate boss in Brooklyn then pulled out his gun.  I yelled, ‘Hey, can I do that too?  Give my your gun’.  The man who was arguing with me laughed and changed his demands for money and closed nicely, seeing that I was not scared.


Trump did deals the same way.  NYC real estate is still a shark tank.  So is New Jersey, too. Now for a quick rundown of other news:

HAHAHA.  Duh.  Starbucks finally realized they have been played by black radicals who want to destroy their yuppie business.

Kim thought he could cheat.  It won’t work.  The boycott on North Korean coal exports will continue.

As Trump people replace Obama people at the FBI and CIA top staff positions, access to all the illegal spying stuff becomes more and more available to Congress which legally, must supervise these entities.  Of course, liberals are screaming that no one is allowed to supervise spy agencies and government police!  Talk about going full-opposite of previous positions!

US police are killed by nonwhites every week or more frequently now thanks to the DNC encouraging this.  It nearly always happens in DNC-run cities.  Also, desperate black youths make up race attacks and then blame white people all the time now.  This has to stop but black leaders mislead their followers and encourage them to continue doing this.


So like a mental illness, self-racist posting and spray painting and vandalism will continue to rise.  They are so nakedly desperate to blame innocent people, these crimes should have stern punishments, not a tap on the wrist.


It won’t work.  Working class citizens who used to love football now hate football.  Forcing black players to be patriotic won’t work, the players make it clear, they hate their audience and so this is now a broken relationship and papering it over won’t fix a thing.


Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren (above) was doused with water by a woman while she was having brunch with her mother in a Minneapolis restaurant on Sunday.  This as filmed by other people in the restaurant.  Liberals have no sense of decorum now.  They are too stupid to figure out that thuggish behaviors can be returned in spades.


But then, liberal thugs attacked me years ago in NY City when I was the Housewife from Hell.  They hated the idea I was cleaning up the streets and going after hoods!  Why?  Well, the hoods sold them drugs!  I kid you not.


They wanted a crime filled community because many liberals were criminals, too.  The politicians certainly were criminals.  They loved breaking the laws!  They did it all the time.  Even stealing parking meter money as in the case of the President of Queens.


Corruption and conspiracies destroy nations.  Look at Europe.  Look at the DNC cities.  Good lord, this is easy to see.


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11 responses to “Zuckerberg Tells Europe He Will Happily Censor ‘Fake News’ aka: Alternative Media

  1. Sunger

    Elaine the hatemonger said the following-

    “Liberals want crime filled communities

    Liberal thugs attacked you

    Liberals hated the idea that you were cleaning the streets

    Liberals have no sense of decorum now. They are too stupid to figure out that thuggish behaviors can be returned in spades.

    many liberals are criminals too

    Corruption. Look at the DNC cities

    the players make it clear, they hate their audience

    police are killed by nonwhites every week or more frequently now thanks to the DNC encouraging this. It nearly always happens in DNC-run cities.

    Liberal studies at universities are now doctrination camps

    Storm Troopers of the Bilderberg gang are out to scare citizens

  2. Christian W

    This farcial hearing is all about the EU Bilderberg rulers telling Zuckerberg to double down on what he is already doing: censoring anyone to the right of Mad Madame Maoists who run riot in our society.

    So why has Facebook teamed up with the Atlantic Council and Most Favored Facebook Friend the Anti Defamation League (ADL) ie (((Them))) to run it’s censorship system?

    The Atlantic Council is a Deep State neoliberal neocon think tank whose sponsors include:
    – Rupert Murdoch (FOX News, major Trump supporter)
    – the National Endowment for Democracy (NED),
    – Saudi Arabia
    – NATO

    The board of directors include:

    Henry A. Kissinger
    Brent Scowcroft
    Condoleezza Rice
    James A. Baker, III
    R. James Woolsey

    basically a Who’s Who of the Deep State

    View at Medium.com

  3. Lou

    How important is Facebook?

  4. Oguy

    #3– How important are most of today’s high-flying companies? I mean, other than as a refuge for surplus capital seeking a short-term return on investment, or as a cloak for surveillance? Apart from those two “economically essential” functions, what products and services do these companies offer which either: (1) most of us who know how to occupy ourselves productively couldn’t do just as well without; or (2) other enterprises or platforms couldn’t perform just as effectively, but without some of the downsides— invasion of privacy, de facto monopolization, etc.? Assuming, of course, that the currently entrenched politico-economic web of interests was open to nourishing any such notions.

  5. Ken

    I know that Elaine busted Christian’s chops for going off topic so much, but sometimes I think it is useful for the purpose of bringing up fresh topics for discussion on this blog. This is one of those times.

    Turkey’s economy is in trouble. Recent reports show that inflation is at 39%, and its currency (the Lira) is down 15% just this month.

    If Turkey follows the example of Venezuela and Zimbabwe, the population soon will be streaming out of the country for greener pastures. Western European pastures. Also, Turkey is currently holding back over a million potential Muslim immigrants from other countries (per an agreement with Europe). With an economy on the ropes, Turkey will have to let these people into Europe.

    In short, before the end of the year many millions of additional Muslims will be streaming into Europe. There will be no way to stop them. All of them will be looking for the same welfare benefits lavishly bestowed on the current Muslim immigrants.

    The European welfare state will not be able to handle the stress and will have to cut benefits. It will be just like taking in a stray dog or cat, feeding it for many months, and then cutting it off and putting it back on the streets. The millions of Muslims will have become so dependent on welfare that they will starve without it. Riots will ensue.

    Why is no one talking about this?

  6. You can post on any story here…it shows up in the side bar. Being off topic ALL THE TIME on the other hand, is naughty.

    Sunger: your anger is like Christian’s off topic trash. It is without content and is sprayed all over the place just to be irritating. Try changing your tactics and use some smarts instead of being tedious. Thanks in advance.

  7. Floridasandy

    And who exactly is still on Facebook ?

  8. Floridasandy

    California is our most liberal state. They warn criminals to flee ahead of interception, don’t check or require voter ID, decriminalized AIDS intentional transmission,release criminals due to overcrowded prison, have the highest welfare state in the country, and refuse to execute torturers and mass murderers.

    Yes, they encourage crime.

  9. Lou

    Bingo —- Swedish Man Faces 2 Years in Prison for Saying Somalis Have Low IQ


  10. Ken

    Lou @9,

    That wasn’t very smart of him.

  11. Jim R

    Ken #5,

    You are describing aspects of WWIII, now going on in “Asia Minor” …

    Turkey’s economy is on the ropes for the same reason Venezuela’s is. It’s economic warfare. Turkey is being cut off from the rest of the world’s financial system and set adrift. That is because Erdogan is talking to the Russians and does not shuffle and scrape for Uncle Sam.

    As for the refugees, at least some of them will be returning to Syria, now that the crazy jihadists are going away. Of course, some of the jihadists themselves may abscond to Europe.

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