Democrats Encourage Crime, Always Against Police, Rule of Law

(4) Milwaukee police release body cam footage showing Sterling Brown being tased | SportsCenter | ESPN: this story is classic.  Police, checking out a fancy car, ask the basketball player if he owns the car.  The player in the video rushes as close as possible to the officer and stands very defiantly extremely close to the officer who asks him over and over to step back.  The player refuses and is tasered.  The mayor and city then throws the officer under the bus and attack the police for being aggressive towards an aggressive young black man and the police are punished yet again in a DNC run city.  This is rapidly destroying all DNC-run cities which is astonishing to watch.


People think Wisconsin, where I was born, is a white state that is safe.  It never was totally safe, I was raped as a child by a white elite class man who hated my father.  But that was unusual.  Mostly, in the US and Europe, crime concentrations are in black/immigrant cities and the perps are blacks and immigrants.  Milwaukee is one of the most dangerous cities in the US along with Baltimore, Washington, DC., Chicago and others.

The mainstream media is backing the DNC mayor of Milwaukee in punishing the cops and kowtowing to the obviously hostile and ‘in your face’ basketball player who dressed and acted like a thug.  The black community now worships thug life.  I remember when this began after the looting riots of the 1977 NYC blackout riots which I witnessed first hand, very close up indeed.


Jackson went to my local subway stop to film his thug song about vandalizing the subway and terrorizing riders.  This led directly to many young people imitating him including the thirty kids I had arrested when they rioted in my subway car.  They all plead guilty rather than go to trial!


The collapse of all our major former manufacturing cities are being blamed on white people.  The white people who created this situation are very white and very powerful: the Bilderberg gang.  They imposed ‘free trade’ on us, moved our industries overseas and import millions of illegal aliens.


When the illegal alien caravan came to the border of California this week, they climbed the fence and over 400 of them entered illegally.  This is because no one is allowed to shoot obvious border attackers, they have to be wrestled to the ground and arrested.


The DNC encourages crimes.  This leads to internal collapse as the Rule of Law doesn’t matter.  Obama got started in a DNC-mismanaged city, Chicago.  He encouraged lawbreaking.  Riots erupted frequently during his reign.  And the DNC began openly acting in a criminal fashion.  Note how many DNC clowns rushed to the media to denounce Trump and praise or excuse MS13!  They sided with illegal alien terrorists!


BREAKING=> FBI Agent at Mike Flynn Interrogation Is Ready to Testify Against McCabe, Strzok and Comey!  I hope this is true.  Someone has to tell the truth and explain how this massive crime spree began.


On Friday May 11, 2018, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein  stating Comey testified the FBI didn’t think General Flynn lied.  Grassley also revealed Joe Pientka was the second FBI agent who joined Peter Strzok on January 24th, 2017 in an ambush style interview to take down General Flynn.


General Flynn is now suing everyone and I hope he wins.


Grassley demanded the FBI and DOJ produce the transcript of Flynn’s intercepted calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and the related 302’s by May 25th.  (302’s are reports FBI agents take to summarize an interview with a subject.)


This is now necessary to see if they lied about everything.


The recently unredacted portion of the House Intel report revealed Comey testified to House Intel members the FBI agents who ambushed Flynn did not detect any deception.  The report also revealed the illegal leak of Flynn’s phone call with Kislyak is what allowed the FBI/DOJ to keep a counterintel operation open on General Flynn.


Dirt was leaked to the press to frame Flynn.  All hands are dirty in this matter.  Eventually, I pray that the criminals who did this will be punished.  We shall see.  The DNC is determined to continue their life of crime because they gain more and more power when they break more and more rules.


Hannity: Rod Rosenstein is trying to run out the clock – YouTube

This month, the entire ‘investigation’ of the Trump/Russia garbage has imploded.  Still, the DNC soldiers on, refusing to cooperate, refusing to release information, lying about everything.  They can’t do this forever.  Their polling numbers for the next election are tanking rapidly.


PBS, the public TV run by NY liberals asks Why Trump’s focus on MS-13 might be making them stronger – YouTube

Yes, liberals really do think that Trump’s crack down on these violent illegal aliens is bad.  They imgaine that citizens feel sorry for vile criminals who murder, loot and rape.

Trump doubles down on his MS-13 ‘animals’ remark – YouTube

Far from going PC, Trump strikes back harder.  This is why I now admire him.  Every time the PC squad squawks, he doubles down.


(7) Hungary INGENIOUSLY STRIKES BACK at the EU – YouTube:

The Hungarians are standing up to the Bilderberg gang openly and more and more people in Europe are finally waking up to their peril.  Europe is close to dying literally.  Propaganda about global warming and the evils of having babies has reduced birth rates to near zero and invaders are now coming in and if the retirees think that angry Muslim males will be heavily taxed to support these EU retirees…that is utterly nuts.  Will not happen.  No way in hell.

The Fall of Rome Explained In 13 Minutes – YouTube

A reminder of a previous empire that died quickly when it ceased to produce children and was invaded by barbarians like my family.


Nolte: Hillary Clinton Snubs Women with Andrew Cuomo Endorsement: this is the latest installment in DNC’s  ‘we have no moral compass’>

The liberal left never practices what it preaches.  When the female governor of Alaska ran for VP, the squealing feminists attacked her, they did not support her. On the other hand, they demanded we vote in Hillary because she is supposedly female (I would suggest she is a demon).


DNC cities run by females like Baltimore, the #1 crime hell hole in the USA, are…hell holes.  The mayors of Baltimore are both black and female so it of course, is utterly bad since these black females demand the police stand down and let criminals run riot. It is no coincidence that crime thrives when females run cities or countries like England or Germany or Sweden, too.



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38 responses to “Democrats Encourage Crime, Always Against Police, Rule of Law

  1. Sunger

    Elaine’s Fear & Hatred Blog

    “aggressive young black man

    police are punished yet again

    Milwaukee is one of the most dangerous cities in the US

    crime concentrations are in black/immigrant cities

    punishing the cops

    basketball player who dressed and acted like a thug.

    The black community now worships thug life

    thug song about vandalizing the subway and terrorizing riders

    The collapse of all our major former manufacturing cities are being blamed on white people.

    the Bilderberg gang.

    illegal alien caravan

    They imposed ‘free trade’ on us, moved our industries overseas and import millions of illegal aliens.

    no one is allowed to shoot obvious border attackers

    DNC enc the Rule of Law doesn’t matter.

    Obama got started in a DNC-mismanaged city, Chicago. He encouraged lawbreaking. Riots erupted frequently during his reign.

    And the DNC began openly acting in a criminal fashion.

    DNC clowns rushed to the media to denounce Trump and praise or excuse MS13! They sided with illegal alien terrorists!

    The DNC is determined to continue their life of crime because they gain more and more power when they break more and more rules.

    DNC soldiers on, refusing to cooperate, refusing to release information, lying about everything.

    liberals really do think that Trump’s crack down on these violent illegal aliens is bad. They imgaine that citizens feel sorry for vile criminals who murder, loot and rape.

    standing up to the Bilderberg gang

    The liberal left never practices what it preaches.

    squealing feminists

    Hillary because she is supposedly female (I would suggest she is a demon

    DNC cities run by females like Baltimore, the #1 crime hell hole in the USA, are…hell holes.

    The mayors of Baltimore are both black and female

    these black females demand the police stand down and let criminals run riot.

    OMG! OMG! OMG!


  2. Saint Mike

    Facts are now seen as hate? The truth is not ” fear” and ” hatred”. Facts are not “fear” and “hatred”.
    Where you have Africans you have Africa. no exceptions

    On a lighter note, I can’t decide which I like better this week “Born to kill” or “I am to busy to get a job”

  3. Pete

    About Hillary Hypocrisy, she supported the 2nd amendment in 2008.
    I’ll never forget this video,, too funny. Obama nailed Hillary and
    joked about Hillary in a duck blind LOL

  4. Moe

    @1 Sunger

    Great summary! You could save me valuable time by doing this for every EMS article. Thanks. (sarc)

  5. ziff

    i didn’t see Brown behaving as you said and 5 big cops over parking ?

  6. Ouy

    @1 Sunger– I always thought that you were a one-man echo chamber, without an original thought to spare. Now you’ve confirmed it.

  7. Oguy

    Damn that stuck “g” on my keyboard! 🙂

  8. Moe

    @6 & 7 ‘Ouy’

    I’ve got a bad ‘f’: just place my finger on the key and it prints ffffs. 🙂

    I also have a bunch of spare keyboards, but too lazy to change.

  9. Moe

    @ 7 Oguy

    I know non-autistic people who use immediate echoilia, presumably for the same reason, to aid in framing a response.

  10. shawntoh

    “Our city [Chicago, IL, USA] is under siege. It is bleeding to death by thousands of tiny scratches. In this age of nihilism, the American Dream is being executed day by day by the genocidal warfare against black and brown bodies by other back and brown bodies.

    When each murdered person dies, the dream dies with it. Since nihilism is the belief in nothing, the erasure of all values and the wanton destruction of all foundations out of which value systems arise, it is inimical to reason and to law and order.

    One cannot reason with nihilists; one must eradicate the nihilists to protect the victims and inoculate the innocent.”

    — Jason D. Hill, a a black college professor and legal immigrant from Jamaica, editorial excerpt from the blog, “The Hill”, 24-MAY-2018.


  11. Oguy

    @9 Moe– I do this with long strings of numbers, as I’m numerically dyslexic, and will easily transpose digits otherwise. I don’t need to vocalize the sequence audibly, but I do need to retain the “sound” in my head. Sound is apparently more meaningful to me than numbers, which are generic quantifiers of real things rather than the real things themselves. Of course words and concepts are representational symbols too, but they do have somewhat greater descriptive power than “1, 2, 3, etc.”.

    As for autism, human minds are unique, delicate and complex instruments, and can filter and color our immediate experience of reality in all sorts of idiosyncratic ways, and instinctively mimic both the best and worst traits of our fellow human beings. Autism is no doubt one possibility that can manifest itself along that broad spectrum, but then so is the divergence and complementarity of voices and perspectives in a forum such as this one. I’ll drink to that.

  12. Lou

    WRT #10—–Gives Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech a whole new meaning. Talk by Black man that, Africans Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000 Years

  13. Oguy

    @12 – Lou: I’m no particular fan of Obama’s, not by a long shot, but the “You Didn’t Build That” speech provides a classic example of how a spoken phrase can purposely be taken out of context and disingenuously twisted by a politician’s enemies. I’ve often wondered why, when there are so many solid and factually indisputable reasons to criticize a politician or a policy, people still feel compelled to make stuff up.

    As for African cities– well, if you want to argue that urbanization is the sine qua non of civilization and human achievement, I’m sure you’d have a few points in your favor though I wouldn’t say all of them. Still, any city that’s going to be viable long-term needs a wider economy sufficient to support it, and thus even older African cities like Tunis, Marrakesh and Timbuktu were never industrial cities or finance centers in the modern sense. Some of their more civilized inhabitants might have even preferred it that way 🙂

  14. Petruchio

    “This is rapidly destroying all DNC-run cities which is astonishing to watch.” Do you ever wonder if this “self destruction” is all just a ploy? That maybe the DNC is deliberately running the Democrat Party into the ground for an ulterior motive? The motive being to boost the Republican Party, because after all, in a 2 Party system, if one Party is detested, the other Party benefits by default? The Republican Party has been the Party that is openly pro Corporate Power. Pro Military Industrial Complex, etc. this is just a variation of Bill Clinton selling out the Dems traditional working Class base with a sneer saying, “Where they gonna go?” And this sense makes sense when you think of it. I mean, the US of A has, in reality a ONE Party system with two faces, but which serve the same Special Interests. Now all the Elites have to do is sell the masses on the con that the GOP represents THEM better than the Democrats. It explains why the DNC is so radicalized.

  15. William

    I am so sick and tired of the majority of people here commenting negatively about Black people / The Africans the original people of humanity. Your indoctrination of superiority has been very successful that you cannot even see how ridiculous you come across. No group behaves the same just think about your own family members. So to lump all Black people in a degenerative way means your specific race/designation is also included. People please stop this nonsense. You only know what you have been taught and not aware of other narratives that is of the African history.

  16. Floridasandy

    The little Hogg kid is showing himself as the jobless little grifter that he is. He is demanding people llay down in the Publix stores in Parkland and he demands 1 million dollars from Publix. (According to Drudge)
    So support Publix please and tamp down on these “activist” extortionists.
    Mommy and daddy must have taught him well I don’t believe his dad was an Air Force pilot either- no matter what he says. Again, criminals don’t care about ANY gun laws, you little idiot. You will get people killed because of your cluelessness

  17. Christian W

    @ 14 Pet 15 William

    Attacking distorted Straw Men enemies is easy, which is why US politics is deliberately distorted to the maximum. These straw men are insidious because they oversimplify complex problems and make solving them impossible, which is why the DNC and GOP Neoliberal One party dog and pony show are happy to exploit them.

    Meanwhile what is actually happening under the GOP is:

    – deregulation of Wall Street & the Banks, rolling back the stops imposed after 2008,
    – rolling back labor laws,
    – rolling back health care,
    – increasing the military budget,
    – opening up the National Parks for exploitation,
    – increasing the budget deficit,
    – building up the Intelligence/Police State Surveillance State (Big Brother)
    – starting more wars
    – failing to make peace with North Korea

    and so on.

    Note that all of the DNC’s policies are Deep State neoliberal policies, just like the GOP policies are. What they really are fighting over is WHO gets to suck at the fattest Kleptocrat $$$$ teats, and HOW to implement policy. Trump has elevated ‘milking’ the Saudi Petrodollar-teat to an art form, at least here it is clear what his expertise is.

    And its not only ‘Blacks’ and ‘Illegal Aliens’ and ‘Muslims’ that are being used as Bogey men. See ‘Russia’ ‘Putin’ ‘Assad’ ‘Hamas’ ‘Iran’ ‘Taliban’

    The same old Bogey man/Straw man tricks are used over and over again, because they work. Which is why the Elites push them, over and over again.

  18. Mike

    Apparently some readers here believe there is a right embedded in the constitution that blacks have the right to never be offended. Take your everybody’s equal BS somewhere else We know it’s not true and we’re tired of having it shoved in our face 24/7.

    Sorry, that whole DNA shit about everybody coming out of Africa is false too.

    I repeat where you have Africans you have Africa. No exceptions.

  19. Christian W

    Yes, because centuries of colonial/racist exploitation, social engineering (Slavery, Jim Crow, War on Drugs – and the spinoff For Profit Prison System), supremacist policies etc have nothing to do with anything.

    The people Elaine were fighting in New York in the 70s were born SLAVES with few if any democratic rights. From their perspective, why would they want to join the clearly pathological White culture?

    Btw. You can add MS-13 to the propaganda Bogeymen I listed above.

  20. Mike

    and….Where you have “cucks” you have cuckoldry. No exceptions.

  21. Lou

    19–There were no Black slaves in Canada, Au, Europe; yet Blacks there have the same rate of criminality, same laziness, same low IQs.
    Need we discuss ‘Amanda Knox and Rudy Guede?’

  22. I had a lovely neighbor in Brooklyn who was 102 years old. She was born AFTER the Civil War but her mommy and daddy were both slaves. She was a wonderful person and very forgiving.

    The present people harping about slavery are hysterics. This is now very silly. Blacks kill far, far, FAR more white people than white people killing black people, for example.

  23. Lou

    I found this— We have something to show for ‘The Great Society’ give away
    –lots more Black people,

    There has been 50 plus years of every possible type of welfare . . . food stamps, rent vouchers, midnight bakkaball, community centers, affirmative action programs regarding all aspects of employment, scholarship programs and admissions quotas, etc., etc. Not only is there nothing to show for the trillions of dollars WASTED, but we get treated to ever increasing amounts of the violent, destructive, dsyfuctional, absolutely fucktarded room-temperature IQ behavior known as TNB.

    Instead of criminals shooting or stabbing each other as part of some sort of double-crossing dirty deal, we now have YOUR group shooting each other and bystanders almost everywhere they go. Even if no “shots ring out” in, on or around a street / zip code / time zone gone wrong, the TNB such as arson, burglary, rape, robbery and general fuckery shows up to ruin places and events such as:

    Amusement parks, automobile dealerships, baby christenings, back yard barbecues, bake sales, bars, basketball courts, bistros, bowling alleys, bridal showers, cab stands, candlelight vigils, churches, clubs, coffee shops, college campuses, concert venues, convenience stores, county fairs, court rooms, dentist offices, doctors offices, donut shops, fast food franchises, flea markets, flower shops, funeral homes, gas stations, gyms, hospitals, housewarming parties, Ikea stores, impound lots, lemonade stands, massage parlors, Methadone clinics, movie theaters, newspapers, office buildings, pizza places, porno shops, post offices, radio stations, recording studios, swimming pools, truck stops, Walmart and yoga studios.

  24. Christian W

    It’s not trillions of dollars wasted. SOMEONE got rich doing this. Who? The corporations… It’s Welfare for Corporations such as the Food industry, the For Profit Prison System plus Law Enforcement contractors and so on…

    This is Social Engineering for PROFIT. Political and economical profit. Meanwhile entire parts of the population are pushed into Collective PTSD and other health issues which spirals into self destruction. These destructive spirals are then used to push Police State solutions… a WIN again for Big Brother.

    These deliberate POLICIES also prevent change on the political landscape (the DNC & GOP dog and pony show) and a political challenge to the elites and their Deep State system and so on.

    So we now have a system were the majority of the US population is barely solvent, even those above the food stamp poverty level, while a small part, a fifth or so, are millionaires or better.

    And to prevent further challenge the elites built in other safety designs like saddling students with crippling life long debts, and so on. While the banks feast on student blood.

  25. Mike

    and….where you have “Chimps’ you have Chimpouts. No exceptions.

  26. Moe

    @ 19 & 24 Christian

    I have been reading your postings (i.e, rants) for many months now, and never could quire figure out your baseline perspective. Thank you for the above postings for finally a revelation is at hand.

    I apprehend your primary argument of elite control and management of the US and its enlistment as enforcement of the elite agenda. I get that, but their influence is not limited to the US though many of your postings are so postulated or read in that fashion.

    My observation/opinion is that you align with aggrieved parties, i.e., victims, whether real or self-identified. Indeed I would postulate that you too are an aggrieved party, by nature, experience or identification. Your hostility is profoundly evident, though curiously not expended toward injustice universally, wherever and whenever it occurs. It is primarily (exclusively?) directed toward the US and by extension, European culture and the white race (it is difficult if not impossible to completely separate these elements).

    Your intimation that blacks would not want to join the “…pathological white culture” clearly overlooks the pathological status of black culture, though you prefer to blame the dominant culture entirely for blacks cultural deficiencies. You observe that “…centuries of colonial/racist exploitation, social engineering (Slavery, Jim Crow, War on Drugs – and the spin off For Profit Prison System), supremacist policies etc.,” must have engendered negative response in these suppressed/oppressed populations but your intent appears to deflect/absolve all responsibility for behavior from the black community to their oppressors, past and present.

    And I do not disagree with your summation of wrongs, though I would extend it more broadly to the Europeans and their rapacious colonial exploits. You will find much evidence of similar oppression in history, indeed it was also marked in pre- and post-European Africa with inter-tribal warfare, slavery and exploitation, including enslavement for profit from American demand. It seems the human condition is one of frequent exploitation, not limited to ‘white’ oppression, and any allusion that it is the exclusive purview of ‘whites’ is racist.

    There are social norms (too lengthy to list here) that are common to all successful cultures and the absence of those norms results in chaos and disintegration. Where do you perceive the black culture in possession and practice of behaviors that are integrational, nurturing, and self, family and community supportive? They are largely absent.

    I would hypothesize a conspiratorial perspective and posit that the degradation of American blacks was purposefully orchestrated, including inculcation by co-opted black leaders, with previous oppression/enslavement the justification in aggravation of the victim mentality experienced/expressed by many blacks. Consistent with this self-perception would be resultant planned/anticipated self-destructive modes and behaviors, substance abuse, criminal activity, and family disintegration. I note similar behavior in North American native communities, though of differing degree/expression. The commonality is the victim identity, resulting in helplessness, self-loathing and destructive behavior., not unexpectedly a prescription for a perpetually aggrieved sub-population, the ultimate goal.

  27. Moe

    I love how truly expressive music as art is. Hip-Hop divulges the reality of ‘Prison Culture’. Well, here’s Chapter Jackson with the spin-off. ‘Swipe Yo EBT’

    Caution: you WILL be disgusted.

  28. Saint Mike

    Diversity = EBT .Thank you for todays math lesson.

  29. Petruchio

    @#17 Christian W: No one is saying the Deep State isn’t a problem–or that it is the root of the problem with the US Government Big Pharms. Big Insurance. The Military Security Complex. These are all at the top of the list of who runs the US Government. But we have to live with the consequences. And, there are some very legitimate criticisms to level at the Black Community. It has WAY too many “Run and Gun” daddies out there who impregnate and then disappear. The Single Mommy rate is almost 90% of ALL Black babies born. The Murder rate of Black males ON black males. The continued poor educational achievements of Blacks. Why don’t you study sometime the craziness that is California now. This is what the SJW crowd wants for the whole Country.

  30. Floridasandy

    Why are so many of the columns race based lately? Shouldn’t ALL Americans be primarily concerned about controlling immigration- god wages to rise, and for economic stability?

    How is this helpful? United we all stand

  31. The DNC wants more voters who hate America. This is why I am yelling like mad: they are importing people who hate our nation!!! THIS IS INSANE. It has a name: invasion.

  32. Saint Mike

    When you forcefully replace one race with another it’s called genocide, in our case it’s white genocide.

    ** which google claims is a conspiracy theory as they replace everyone who works there with “Paki’s”. People who will vote away your rights in a heartbeart because all they know is corruption, bribery, caste system,payoffs, they literally shit in streets.

  33. Christian W

    @ 30 Pet

    Yes, the ones who suffer the most in this situation are the… BLACKS. Just like Muslims are the real victims of ‘Muslim terrorism’.

    And who is behind the SJW craziness? The CIA/Deep State and through them the DNC. The Deep State pushes the SJW/Pussy Riot/LBGT narrative. The CIA has been pushing all these narratives that have confused the young people of today about their sexual identity. This is deliberate. It is NOT only Blacks who have been targeted for Social Engineering.

    In Europe, as I pointed out in one of my ‘Off topic’ comments, ISRAEL won the Eurovision (huge event in Europe) with a SJW themed song. This was such an obvious Zionist sponsored psyop that one German cartoonist got fired for making a cartoon with Netanyahu instead of ‘Netta’ the actual artist.

    Absolutely the consequences have to be dealt with, but WHO benefits the most if the US Whites go towards creating a Israeli Likud style Apartheid system? The solution has to be one that is broader in scope than a purely reactionary one, one that removes the foundations of what has gone wrong. This won’t be easy, even if there is a will, because trauma passes on through generations.

    How can you ask Black America to join a society, White America, that supports Apartheid Israel to the hilt? Maybe both parties need to change?

    And what is preventing exactly that change? SJW polices and racial identity policies among other things. “Someone” is relentlessly keeping Americans running through the hoops (both Black and White) to the point there is little time for reflection, and even less for action.

  34. Christian W

    @ 31

    You have the Israeli Lobby who control the US Political System, both the DNC and the GOP. The ones in control are the ones responsible for ALL consequences. But you don’t go after them, you FOLLOW them (ie sellout Trump). Instead you go after the LITTLE people with ZERO political power.

    So now the Likud Lobby will have you shoot Blacks and other people just like Likud hunt Palestinians for sport… Is that the future you envision? That’s not too far fetched is it based on some comments on this blog.

    So, who REALLY hates America, the Lobby or the immigrants? Why would anyone who hates America be desperate to move there?

  35. Christian W

    @ Moe

    Thank you for your considered post. I am writing here on a US blog because the US is such a close relative to Europe, especially Northern Europe and Germany. Most Whites in the US are of Germanic origin I believe.

    Like it or not the US is by far the biggest influence on Europe. We share basically the same economic banking system, military, politics (what happens in the US often finds it’s way to us here… like Reaganomics/Neoliberalism, and lately SJW issues, although not so much in Norway yet as in Sweden, and some in Finland).

    What is truly disconcerting is the lockstep our European (Nordic) media walks in with US State Department talking points. The ‘journalists’ publish articles that are basically verbatim translations of SJW politics or anti-Russian nonsense you read in US sources. The conformity is near complete at this point. The same goes for TV News media, like the evening news. Nearly all of it is NATO/Israeli perspective.

    But, it is still anti-Trump which is kind of funny – they had Hillary as the anointed One so this still rankles for them 🙂

    I am as White as it is possible to get, but my posts have nothing to do with racial identity. We are simply at a place in reality where if we do not find a different way of doing things than our historical record indicates we, the human ‘race’, won’t be around on this planet for much longer.

    If we are to find a new path ahead change in the US is mandatory. Positive change in the US will lead to positive change in Europe. If the US falls back onto reflexive reactionary patterns of behavior, rather than rises to considered responses to the issues ahead, then I think an enormous disaster is just around the corner.

    Sadly I see few signs of intelligence in US political behavior, what is coming is war.

    Six months before he was shot JFK said that what we (the US) wants is not a ‘Pax Americana’… but a multipolar world. Look at what is coming out of the US now, 50 years later, now it is all WE ARE THE HEGEMON, KNEEL BEFORE US.

    (As an aside I don’t at all blame only the ‘White’ side for the ‘Blacks’ woes. I think Blacks in America have never found a position to grow for many reasons, but most of all I think such situations are complicated and far beyond racial stereotypes, so don’t draw hasty conclusions from my brief words on here please).

  36. Nani

    Six months before he was shot JFK said that what we (the US) wants is not a ‘Pax Americana’… but a multipolar world. Look at what is coming out of the US now, 50 years later, now it is all WE ARE THE HEGEMON, KNEEL BEFORE US.

    So true. The US is resisting the emerging multipolar world order, fighting it tooth and nail by means of aggression and arm-twisting. But the US is swimming against the tide, because the world will become multipolar regardless of US objections.

  37. Petruchio

    Christian W: Feel free to go right ahead and have AIPAC formally declared as a Foreign Agent. Tell me how that works out for you. I think it’s pretty obvious that if you block unlimited immigration you are striking a blow against the Deep State/Bilderbergers/Zionists/Jesuits…whatever name or names you want to give them. Stripping the Federal Reserve of their ability to (digitally) print money would strike a blow against the elites too. Again, good luck with that. And how long has Ron Paul been promoting his “Audit the Fed” movement?

  38. Christian W

    @ 37

    It’s not for me to declare AIPAC et al a foreign agent. It’s not up to me to strip the FED of powers. It’s up to the American public.

    What is stopping you? Hint: It’s not the ‘Muslims’ or ‘Illegal aliens’.

    Now it wouldn’t matter much what the American public thinks if the consequences were purely domestic. America as the Hegemon (ie Global Hegemon) by default means that it’s reach is outside America, in other words, I Christian W, am a subject to US dictatorship according to this view.

    No thank you.

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