Tommy Robinson Thrown Into Prison!

BREAKING : Tommy Robinson Arrest At Alleged Grooming Gang Court Case Leeds – YouTube


The Muslim gangs that lured non-Muslim girls into sexual slavery are now on trial and Tommy Robinson confronted some of them outside the courts…these gangs are not in jail, they are outside in the open free to move or even leave the country.  So, the State made it clear some time now that citizens who irritate the Bilderberg gang will be hounded down and punished in all of Europe.  Time to confront this gang, not Muslims.


In the news, too,  Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, ‘faces eviction from London’s Ecuador embassy this week, too.


His lawyer For the last eight years, the UK has refused to either confirm or deny that they have received an extradition request from the US. told CNN: “The concern from day one until the present is that if Julian Assange walks out of the Embassy, he will be extradited to face what the executive director of the ACLU described as an ‘unprecedented and unconstitutional’ prosecution under the US Espionage Act.”

This happened more than 10 hours ago and isn’t in the bigger Brit papers.  At first, they hammered Tommy for being mean to aliens then…he had this huge rally and got funding from supporters so he could buy a media bus.  Now, they are quietly arresting and silencing him and will probably not let citizens know this is happening.

Tommy Robinson arrested #FreeTommy #CantSayWhatFrom – YouTube

And the call to arms is now raging online.  A line has been crossed here.  Citizens in any Bilderberg run country will be persecuted if they interfere with the population games of the elites who want to kill ‘democracy’ via flooding the EU and US and other nations with armies of hostile foreigners who hate democracy and come from dictatorships and who hate non-believers.  This is insane.

TOMORROW #FreeTommy Robinson Protest – Britain Needs YOU – Tommy Arrested – YouTube


The new Home Secretary in England is a Muslim as is the mayor of London.  This invasion will end with imposition of Sharia laws.  The DNC leaders have signed up to this fate, they want it, I would guess.


This is utterly insane but then, since when have our secretive rulers shown the slightest sanity?  They are crazy.  But rich and dangerous which is a bad combination and one that is hard for us to fight easily.

I suspect Tommy is going into the same box I lived in all my life: the media pretends to know nothing and reports nothing.  We shall see.  Stopping him online is the next goal of these clowns, they are frantic to shut down everyone who opposes them.


The elimination of ads to many sites, they thought this would kill opposition to their plans to tear Europe and the US into small parts and exploit all labor and capital.  Well, in many places, citizens are waking up!  And this has to stop, our Real Rulers whine.


This just in: Tommy Robinson Gets 13 Months for Livestreaming Outside Courthouse.


So they are putting him in prison.  He is now a political prisoner.  All over Europe, citizens are being turned into prisoners for daring to talk about reality.  The Real Rulers are ruthless.  This may backfire on them, I hope it does.

Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison – YouTube


The plan is for the Muslims to kill him.  Lauren was deported from England because she came to make a speech (like me, years ago!) and this is a declaration of war against the British citizens.  Forget the royal marriage, this is the real news and evidiently the government is trying (in vain) to cap any news about this arrest.


Orwell’s Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson’s Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed From the Internet….this is why the mainstream news isn’t publishing this story!


Articles from the Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, RT and even Breitbart News were all taken offline in the hours following his detention.


The leaked gag-order to the press states that it “appears to be necessary for avoiding a substantial risk of prejudice to the administration of justice in these proceedings.” The order prohibits “any report of these proceedings.”


Wow.  They can’t do that here in the USA.  We still have our Constitution and Free Speech…so far!  Liberals hate free speech.

Strangling the news!  This is a typical communist dictatorship.  Citizens!  Remember: with the goodies comes the TRAP.



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14 responses to “Tommy Robinson Thrown Into Prison!

  1. ziff

    stupid, it will have the opposite effect from what they intend

  2. Prison number Tel 01132032600 ask is Tommy is okay, they won’t tell you anything but they will know we are not happy:
    this is a comment from online by supporters of Tommy.

    According to the prison, he is not being set out in the general population there who are mainly violent Muslim males.

  3. Lou

    3–Technology is moving ahead. The Bilderbergers are using it to move us back.
    Will Fakebook and Google be there –in the future?

  4. timothy carroll

    OT, but not really…..I tried to pull up your website (as I normally do) at work today, Elaine. It’s always brought me straight to you. It instead brought me to your site from several years ago when you were still doing Typepad or some such. In other words, OLD stuff. But never fear, I used duckduckgo and found you immediately.

    So yes, they are trying to censor you truth tellers. Tommy was arrested and imprisoned for doing so. I know several here don’t necessarily agree with Elaine, but the (((Real Rulers))) are increasingly agitated at her (and others) existence. If you care to live under tyranny and ultimate slavery and subjugation, then by all means continue to watch your CNN (and the like) garbage. Hell, I even read that Hitlery wants to head up Farcebook (sic) as president. So please, continue posting pictures of your cat’s antics and your savory meals at your local bistro Not only is everyone fascinated with your life, but the (((Real Rulers))) are tuned in as well. Bon appetite, BITCHEZ!

    We are indeed at a crossroads. Lines are being drawn. Decide which side you want to be on because this shiite is coming to a head. Prepare accordingly. And the next time you consider a precious metal purchase, consider purchasing some lead, as in bullets. It appears that those of you who still own some balls might need it.

  5. Christian W

    Liberals? The UK is run by TORIES. That is far right neoliberal Zionist aligned conservative kleptocrats and servants…

    That notice ‘strangling’ the press is a so called D-notice. The same device the UK government used to censor the Novichuk farce in order to protect the MI6 narrative. I mentioned that in one of my ‘off-topic’ posts 🙂

    The UK never was much of a ‘democracy’.

    The D-notice system: a typically British fudge that has survived a century

  6. The UK was NEVER a ‘democracy’. It is an autocracy.

    And it has a name: the Bilderberg gang. This group has people who pretend to be conservative, liberal, etc. They then secretly conspire to do as they please while betraying their own supporters.

    Trump is NOT one of them.

  7. timothy carroll


    Respectfully, although I’ve disagreed, I’ve always respected your viewpoints. Today ends that poor decision on my part.

    What we are dealing with is a(n) unseen, growing oligarchy, condoning, if not egging on politically motivated attacks on conservative political viewpoints.

    There are many alternate viewpoints on this site to whom I listen. Yours, sadly, will no longer be among them.

  8. Oguy

    @1 – ziff: agreed, but the same compulsive tendencies which brought these people into positions of prominence prevent them from acting rationally and doing anything other than what they’re doing. It’s almost like watching a bunch of wind-up toy soldiers in action, all of them programmed for an eventual collision course.

  9. Pete

    The UK is a feudal monarchy, not a republic, no constitution and no
    bill of rights. Not a democracy, the house of “commons” is the bottom
    of the UK government. The real King is the Lord Mayor of the “City”.

    British people are not citizens they “subjects” of the Queen.
    The Guv can order the media not to publish. No freedom of press.

    When I see pics of the Queen, I look around to see if I can catch a glimpse of the mad hatter.

  10. Christian W

    @ 9 Timothy

    This oligarchy is very visible. It is the Corporate Kleptocracy, the Oligarchs (Soros et al) and the Financial Centers (Wall Street and the City of London) and their servants – of which the UK Prime Minister the Conservative Party Leader Theresa May is one. She is a former investment banker. The UK Conservative Party (aka the Tories) by definition are conservatives.

    The Conservative Party, officially the Conservative and Unionist Party,[10] is a centre-right political party in the United Kingdom

    What is funny is that this ‘centre’ has been moving further and further to the right since the 1960’s. Compare how far to the right the US has shifted since JFK was murdered. From Multipolar world to Unipolar world; both the DNC and the GOP supports the Unipolar (US as Empire) vision.

    Now, I believe you are talking about a different kind of ‘conservatives’ within a US context.

  11. ‘Internationalist Bilderberg gangsters’ are both ‘liberal’ (SIC) and ‘conservative’ (double SIC) but are FAKERS. They are united in enslaving us. Unlike many sites, I hammer away at the conspiracy of these gangsters nonstop.

  12. Christian W

    Yes, they are fakers. They are only into their own power. All these labels are distracting more than helping.

    Hammer away dear Elaine 🙂

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