Trump Triumphs Again: Pardons Black Boxer Obama Forgot

Citing Obama Failure, Donald Trump Pardons Boxer Jack Johnson Posthumously | Breitbart: Trump is trumping again.  A three time Trump is a triumph (insert the ‘i’ and ‘h’).  Obama didn’t do this and this action is deliberately a slap at Obama’s ‘legacy’.  Trump is on a roll now that he knows the Russia fake scandal is dead.  The mainstream fake news thinks they can rumble on about it but it is now dead.  Dead as a dead duck.  Will the left never learn?


“We have done something today that was very important because we righted a wrong. It was a wrong, and a lot of people knew it,” the president said after signing the pardon on Thursday. “Jack Johnson was not treated fairly and we have corrected that.”


I recently watched Ben Shapiro’s latest video, The Kneel Strong-Arm.  At one point, at the 30 minute mark, poor Ben freaks out about how Trump operates and demands he be inclusive!  HAHAHA.


He said yesterday, that Trump should court the left wing liberals.  Why?  He says, it will make Trump ‘stronger’.


This is bizarre.  It would fatally weaken Trump.  I am happy this young sprite isn’t giving anyone real advice.  Trump doesn’t need everyone, he needs a strong base.


When liberals win, they throw millions of citizens to the wolves without the slightest thought.  They will export jobs, bring in armies of deranged aliens, allow riots to rip through cities…they don’t care!  So why play along with vandals who hate America?


No, Trump provokes them deliberately.  This last week, they came out in force on behalf of alien invaders who run a vicious mob gang!  This hurt the DNC very badly and polls clearly show this.


Trump wants to egg them into declaring the Nation Anthem as evil, too.  Here is one top DNC clown who is destroying NYC: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Calls NFL Anthem Rule ‘Un-American’ | Breitbart.


HAHAHA.  Being Un-American is the liberal go-to ethos.  They hate the flag, hate patriots, hate this country.  Hillary supporters, waving Mexican flags, attacked Trump supporters in California, for example.


Report: Some NFL Players Already Looking for Ways to Skirt Anthem Rules.  I hope they do.  All entertainment systems are being systimatically destroyed by the SJW gang.  They hate Trump and his voters so much, they are willing to kill Star Wars and football and anything that conservative males love.


Instead of destroying conservatives, it has them very fired up and ready to fight.  They are right now, punishing all the rich white males who run entertainment systems…Weinstein has been arrested, by the way.


They are fighting back and closing their wallets to entertainment that debases them.  This is the end of many systems, step by step.  Young white males are not fully aware, due to not being turned down for jobs, that they don’t know they are digging their own graves by participating in these enterainment systems.


But by age 35, they will be highly aware they they are now second class citizens.  Thus, Trump’s base will double in size over the next ten years.


Below are some interesting comments to the story about how Obama and his wife who now work for Netflix, hope to turn it into a propaganda machine attacking white males: My Netflix Projects Will Help ‘Train the Next Generation of Leaders’ and Heal Our Political Divide:

Counter systems of communication are slowly rising up and so are many lawsuits.  White males are beginning to use the Civil Rights Act to fight back.  The act does not specify which races are to be sheltered, it forbids ANY race/sex discrimination!


This is just beginning, liberal judges who are actually Stalinists, will refuse to understand that civil rights apply to everyone and the short term special systems set up to fix past discrimination are now very much out of date and should be shelved quickly.


This is going to be a very protracted battle.  One funny note here is how liberals want to flood Europe and North America with millions of angry Muslim males who hate liberals, want to enslave women and this is very ironic indeed.


The liberal movement is dying rapidly, via seppuku.




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20 responses to “Trump Triumphs Again: Pardons Black Boxer Obama Forgot

  1. Nani

    I believe it is important to make a distinction between moderate liberalism and extreme liberalism. The former is a good thing while the latter is bad.

    Far right and far left are equally bad. Successful countries has chosen the middle road between these two extremes, and flourished as a result. People should not forget this valuable lesson in these times.

  2. Saint Mike

    blah…blah …blah.. not one successful country has chosen the middle road and survived – Romans, Ancient Greece, Ottomans, etc. Diversity + Proximity = War . Far right is inevitable , it is the only path to save America.

    “If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.

    If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved.

    If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.”

    -King Polydoros of Sparta (reigned 741-665 B.C)

  3. Melponeme_k

    @Saint Mike

    Sparta didn’t survive either and barely made a dent on our civilization unlike Athens.

    This happened because of their obsessive interest in breeding only pure and strong bloodlines and exposing the rest to death. Then relying on dirty blood (slaves etc.) for the all the labor.

    Talk about pushing yourself out of existence. It is almost the exact same problem in Europe now.

  4. csurge

    If you’re white, you’re a minority and you should stick with the Right at least when it comes to sex and marriage.There are no downsides to doing so. The leftist philosophy, even when it is ‘moderate’, leads to extinction

  5. Saint Mike


    It’s also the same problem in the USA . In 1950, the share of the U.S. population that was of European descent was 89.5%. In the year 2000 it was 75%. In 2018, it is 61%

    It’s probably too late to reverse this trend or resolve it without violence, Trump has simply bought us time to prepare.

    It doesn’t really matter if you don’t hate diversity, diversity hates you.
    Remember there will come a time when they will want you dead.

  6. shawntoh

    There are allegations that Obama didn’t pardon Jack Johnson because of Johnson’s domestic violence and infidelity in his marriage.

    There are other issues as well that have to do with Obama and his focus on his presidency and I’ll leave that to others to comment about that controversial aspect, which is a topic unto itself. A question for you–

    Does a pardon condone the mistakes Jack Johnson made?

    This brings up some interesting issues about worshipping “heroes” and all the problems that it entails. Anyway–

    I deeply appreciate that another controversial famous African-American was inspired by Jack Johnson and made one of the most innovative recordings of his career.

    Thank you, Mr. Miles Davis–

  7. Lou

    In the year 2000 it was 75%. In 2018, it is 61% –Yikes…18 years and 14% drop.

  8. Oguy

    @1 – Nani: Ah, yes, a voice of sanity. As with buildings, balance and structural integrity will allow political and social systems to endure (in the absence of any greater contrary force). Often, however, destruction and a new creation from the ruins appears to be the agenda of nature, life, the gods, or the equivalent …. choose your own synonym.

  9. Petruchio

    Maybe some here don’t know this, but Barack Obama had to voluntarily surrender his Law License. He was caught lying on his application for his Law license.

  10. Zeke

    The Obama law license story has been debunked as a hoax or smear. They changed their status to inactive when he was elected president. After leaving office, he changed status to retired with no intent to return to working as a lawyer.
    There were no ethics charges lodged.
    That’s my understanding anyway. Check it out for yourself on Internet.

  11. Moe

    OT, a bit of humor to relieve the tension.

    A young man walked into the local welfare office, marched straight up to the counter and said:
    “Hi. I hate drawing welfare. I would really rather find a job.”

    The man behind the counter replied:
    “Your timing is amazing!”
    “We just got a listing from a very wealthy man who wants a chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac daughter.”
    “You’ll have to drive around in a big black Mercedes, and the suits, shirts, and ties are provided.”
    “Because of the long hours on this job, meals will be provided, and you will also be required to escort this young lady on her overseas holiday trips.”

    “The salary is $200,000 a year.”

    The young man replied: “You’re bullshitting me!”
    The man behind the counter said: “Well, you started it.”

  12. Zeke

    Jay Leno: “comedy should be left to the professionals.”

  13. Petruchio

    @#10 Zeke: In 2008, Barack Obama did in FACT have to surrender his Law License because he lied on his Bar application. The story of Obama losing his Law license because he lied is TRUE.

  14. Zeke

    @Petruchio – Nope. You provided no proof because there is none. Nor any link.
    As much as you want it and believe it to be true – it’s not.
    You may also believe that BO is a closet Muslim born somewhere in Africa. Those ‘alternative facts’ are fantasies. You saying it’s true doesn’t make it so. It’s sad that some people are delusional and can’t deal with the truth.

  15. No one has seen his real birth certificate.

  16. Zeke

    It’s in PDF format at official whitehouse dot gov website.
    Not accepting that is Alex Jones territory.

  17. HAHAHA. That was NOT verified by Hawaii and they have no ORIGINAL birth certificate in that state.

  18. Lou

    18–And the state worker involved died in a plane crash.

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