Free Tommy Robinson Demonstration In London Live



This demonstration is big and growing bigger as they march through London.  This is a live feed.  I support this effort to force the State to stop acting like this is the Soviet Union.  There is no ‘liberal/conservative’ government in Europe, there is Bilderberg elites and anyone who tries to overthrow them.  Note how they are also prosecuting Le Pen, too.  Framing her so they can shut her up.


The rage that is building is significant.  It is diffuse right now but it will grow because the Bilderberg gang is doubling down on the importation of hostile populations who hate the citizens of the countries they are invading.


The elites figure, we will fight the invaders and not the leaders of this invasion: the Bilderberg gang.  But more and more people are becoming aware of the gang’s hostility.


This is heading towards a huge eruption of violence in the future.  This reminds me greatly of Europe in 1968 when things snowballed very quickly, I was right in the middle of it as it happened and it was fast, very fast. Ahem.  Some of us worked hard in making it happen, too.


‘We have nothing to lose’ is the theme here, ‘They stripped us of our rights, they stripped us of our dignity and they stripped us of our money and then shipped it overseas.’


‘They are stripping us of our last things, our speech, our guns,’ and as a gun owner, I agree, the Brits have been turned back into peasants who were not allowed to be armed.


A New Magna Carter must be pushed!

Tommy Robinson Arrest – An Ex Police Officer speaks out – The English Democats – YouTube


The You Tube/Google/Bilderberg gang eliminating all news about Tommy being tossed in prison after a secret trial with NO LAWYERS…this is verboten news still and even Breitbart in England can’t report it now!  No one!  It is on the smaller You Tube sites and my website but seriously, this police state business is deadly.


The blanket of silence over today’s events: only the Evening Standard and Breitbart News is covering this demonstration right now.

Note how after the top two stories, the other ones are anti-Tommy leftists demonstrations and the scuffle this caused which  led to the government attacking Tommy a few days later.


A Dutch politician,  Geert Wilders Comes to Defense of Jailed UK Activist Tommy Robinson: “Come to Your Senses United Kingdom!”:

I found this, too: “Prison number 01132032600 Irang em wouldn’t tell me anything but everyone should ring em!..” #FreeTommy


Someone in England got this number and people did call…

Found another video of this ongoing demonstration in front of #10 Downing Street:

3pm whitehall London #freetommy… – Brian Ian Richard


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14 responses to “Free Tommy Robinson Demonstration In London Live

  1. More and more online information is breeching the censors who are trying desperately to run a secret police state.

  2. Here is a video of a 2001 BBC show ‘Manhunt’ a speech played by Marc Warren:

  3. Go to the 16 minute mark: an elderly lady demanded the police in London stop Muslims from ILLEGALLY praying in the public park.

    They waited 24 hours and the BROKE DOWN HER DOOR to ARREST HER for asking for police to enforce laws!!! This is utterly insane.

    And this doesn’t make the news except if I dig it out of various English You Tube/web sites. It doesn’t make the mainstream news.

  4. Melponeme_k

    People in Europe and the UK have to stand up NOW or they will be completely destroyed.

  5. Christian W

    What is destroying Europe is Neoliberalism. “Muslim terrorism” is only marginal at best in comparison to the political and economical destruction brought by the Neoliberal elites and the subsequent Neocolonial wars that bring refugees to Europe.

    Europe cannot escape Neoliberalism as long as the FED, Wall Street, the CIty of London and the post-WWII economic system (IMF, BiS, the World Bank) rules the day. That is, the US post-WWII system.

    Muslims are not ruining Ukraine. Muslims do not hold Germany’s political and economic bodies hostage. Muslims did not loot Greece. Muslims do not rule the Swedish political landscape and so on.

    Are you aware the Europe is refusing to let Muslim refugees return to Syria under Assad? This is because Israel and the US have decided Syria must be destroyed by “Muslim terrorists”.

    So the “Muslim problem” leads us back to the US, the Tory UK government, France and Israel and Zionism.

    Tommy Robinson is just doing what populists do, distract from the deeper issues by pointing at a racial group turned into an enemy figure.

  6. Christian W

    Let’s say Europe cracks down hard on ‘Muslims’. Who can then say anything as the Zionazis shoot Palestinian children for sport?

    See, it is such an obvious trap by the Zionists.

    The only cure is international law and human rights for all. But that is exactly why the US has put itself above all law and made itself a law unto itself. The Hegemon.

  7. Christian W

    Where were the howls of outrage when Israel shot thousands of Palestinian children? None by Trump. None on this blog.

    Why are there howls of outrage now with ‘Tommy Robinson being in danger of being killed by Muslims’ (“Caolan Robertson is saying that this is a death sentence for Tommy because, like Britain First leader Paul Golding, he will likely be placed in the general prison population, which is dominated by violent Muslims who will be quite happy to dispatch Tommy to Jahannam.infowars article). Poor Tommy.

    Someone has done a great job of perception management, ie, propaganda.

  8. Floridasandy

    Europe doesn’t need to crack fown on mydlims. Just send them home.
    Tommy Robinson story has a media blackout now after sentencing.
    – how crazy is that?
    Cuomo is letting cop killers and other felons vote. He’s that desperate to try and win. Hillary endorsed Cuomo over the female candidate. Ha-ha. When will she just go away ?

  9. Christian W

    @ 8

    It would help is Israel stopped bombing Syria and pulled out their ISIS and Al Qaeda proxies (let them go to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) so people can go home.

    German president: Syria not ready for mass refugees return

    More than 700,000 refugees have returned to Syria after Assad’s and Russia’s victories in Aleppo and elsewhere. Large parts of the country still remain to be liberated from US, French and Turkish occupation.

    The Trump regime just stated through Heather Nauert that the Syrian Army is not allowed to attack Daesh (Jihadi terrorists) in Southern Syria (Daraa region by the border to Jordan). The US will protect them if they are attacked.

    US Promises ‘Firm’ Measures if Damascus Breaks Ceasefire in Daraa

  10. Oguy

    Gee, if only all human beings were noble and virtuous, we wouldn’t have any social problems at all. So if we really want to get down to root causes, we might ask why humans are constituted the way they are. This might provide us with a rationale for treating all secondary matters that arise from that root issue as inessential and unworthy of any detailed discussion. We could even make it a point to repeatedly lecture others about that distinction.

    Yet, to cite an example, a sanitation worker strike might be due to certain underlying political and economic causes, yet the citizens of the affected town would most likely still be concerned about picking up the garbage.

  11. tio

    Try “The Century of the Self” on youtube.

  12. Lou

    8–Are you Andy or Sandy?
    Yes, Democrats want the dead, felons and wetbacks to vote for them.
    Repeatedly, in the same election.
    Cuomo is letting cop killers and other felons vote.

  13. Moe

    @ 2 EMS

    Re: video “I’m an Englishman’

    Heavy handed, ultra patriotic, emotionally charged. This type of production I find embarrassingly emotive: so primitive.

    But skip to 4:20 and the heart of the message is plain:


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