PM May Is Openly Trying Censoring All Media About Tommy Robinson’s Imprisonment

Tommy Robinson Arrested and Imprisoned, Media Silenced | True News – YouTube


The censoring of real news continues in Britain.  Many news sources were forced by the government to totally hide news about Tommy Robinson’s illicit arrest.  But some papers defied the government Marxist/Lenninist censors and refused to hide the Real News about Tommy’s arrest.  I hope the Brits fight the government on this issue.  How dare they censor the news this way!

Moment English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson was arrested while filming outside grooming trial. The Sun just published this and it is still online!  

The Evening Standard is resisting the government censors and is carrying real news, too!  The Dead Hand of the Bilderberg censors lies heavily on cowards who run the Daily Record, Birmingham Live (which is now dead as a doorstopper) and the conservative paper, the Mirror.  Craven cowards, all.

This is the link I clicked on five minutes ago and it was gone!  We can see how it was trying to make news via the magic of modern tech where the censors couldn’t hide everything.


Tommy Robinson arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ outside court during grooming trial | The Independent. The Independent is a conservative paper so I am pleased they continue to defy the Authorities who are despotic rulers of the evilest sort.

So, the Metro also is defiant.  The news about the news defying the government evil censors is not news in most of Britain right now.  The top media giants like the evil bastards at the Guardian which is a full blown SJW evil operation, and the Daily Mail which is the Daily Coward and the London Time to Surrender all refuse to publish this news.


They should be livid at this blatant censorship!  How dare they!  And these asses call themselves ‘liberals’ and it clearly shows how ‘liberals’ are LIARS.  The pussified louts at the Guardian hate workingclass heroes like Tommy.  Here is a search of all stories about him and note there isn’t a single attempt, unlike the cowards who were censored, at reporting this news at all:

How childish!  This happened to me!  I know how this conspiracy to hide the news works, in NYC this was done to me frequently even when I camped in front of the UN for a month, this was not reported by NYC media at all.


The Daily Mail should be ashamed, they publish every fake Trump story the US spooks and creeps cook up, but won’t report real news happening in England.  Shame, shame on them.


The Gateway Pundit –has the real news!  Everything is now being censored.  The mainstream media has gone from total lies to utterly hiding events.  This is not new but it is still alarming how openly they do this but the internet is still free enough that we can still spread real news despite all attempts at eliminating the news.


We can now catch these crooked ‘news’ people in the act.  We can catch the Police State creeps in the act.  We have to act to stop them.  This means going into the streets and making lots of noise!


In London tomorrow, brave citizens are planning a 3pm demonstration at #10 Downing Street.  Pass this along!  Push this story everywhere.


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43 responses to “PM May Is Openly Trying Censoring All Media About Tommy Robinson’s Imprisonment

  1. Ken

    Tommy Robinson could not have bought this much publicity. The more he is censored the more famous he will become. If the Muslims succeed in killing him in prison he will be a martyr. Just like Martin Luther King in the US.

    The judge who sentenced him is an idiot. I don’t know if judges are appointed or elected in England, but if they are elected then he needs to start looking for another job.

  2. Christian W

    Robinson is already under a suspended sentence for committing contempt of court over a gang rape case heard in Canterbury last year.

    Judge Heather Norton handed him a three months imprisonment in May last year but suspended it for 18 months on the condition he did not commit further offences.

    And this is not relevant? The courts told him to mind his own business but he wanted the publicity and now he got smacked.

  3. madashellgp

    The Independent and Mirror are left-wing newspapers – hard left.

  4. Oguy

    @2 — Christian: “And this is not relevant? The courts told him to mind his own business but he wanted the publicity and now he got smacked.”

    I suppose we could also apply this same principle to those two self-aggrandizing exhibitionists, Gandhi and King. Moreover, you make it sound like rigged justice is the equivalent of cosmic law, which we disregard at our own peril. Jeez, this is really a new low.

  5. Lou

    WRT 1-Just like Martin Luther King in the US.–Uh, it took 20 years to make Mark King, aka MLK into a hero.

    MLK is deified because he died. as a martyr,
    a whore-monger, plagiarizing, bisexual adulterer, he was not the icon you’ve been told he was. his “dream” was of white hookers and an easy life.

  6. Lou, you ain’t perfect, no one is perfect, if you probe anyone enough and MLK was spied on hugely by the FBI and CIA all very illegally…they can find some dirt.

    You love to smear MLK because you are a racist.

  7. Christian W

    @ 4

    Are you comparing the blatantly rabble-rousing “Robinson” to Gandhi and King?

    At first I thought, based on the headlines, that Robinson had been unjustly arrested. But if he was warned by the courts before then that casts things in a different light. This is more a case of Navalny in Russia (another rabble-rousing ‘populist’) getting busted in front of the cameras, again and again, to prove Putin is evil…

    If you let racist rabble-rousing ‘populists’ hijack the very real issue of Freedom of Speech then you are screwed.

  8. Christian W

    “Tommy Robinson” could mobilize all these forces to support Julian Assange, just for example, instead he is stalking the courts to push Islamophobia.

  9. Christian W

    And who else likes to push Islamophobia? Hasbara operators ie Zionists.

  10. Mewswithaview

    The Briitish establishment has long controlled it’s official media using D Notices (Defence Advisory (DA) Notices).

  11. Moe

    @ 8 & 9 Christian

    Excerpt: “…he is stalking the courts to push Islamophobia”.

    That’s your perspective. Since your comments link Robinson with Zionists, do you have any evidence to verify this?

    Using your rationale, I could describe your position as Islamophillia.

  12. Christian W

    I have linked Robinson to Zionists in the past.

  13. Christian W

    Those pesky Off topic posts I guess.

  14. Christian W

    @ Moe

    Then you would make a mistake.

    My scepticism of Robinson is based on his policies and evaluation of his personality (far right populist, English Defence League, pro-Zionist), his criminal past (convicted for economic fraud, pointing to possible sociopathy).

  15. Moe

    @ 14 Christian

    Thank you. It usually is a good idea to quote your sources, makes it much easier for those of us not so informed. If you had stated in your original statement as done in 14, i would be much more inclined to lend credence to your position.

    Also, to describe Robinson’s position as Islamophobic without provision of supporting evidence is to smear with similar prejudice those who support the basic premise of Islamic non-immigration, a tactic frequently used by demagogues and SJWs. If this is indeed your position, state so. I’m sure there will be sufficient rebuttal.

  16. Christian W

    I see. I am frequently alluding to discussions and comments that have been going on for years here in the comment section.

    I thought the Islamophobia was evident to those who know who Tommy Robinson (one of his several names) is. I suggest you read up on him. Not only the wikipedia link I’ll post bellow.

    The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right[6][7][8][9][10] street protest movement which focuses on opposition to what it considers to be a spread of Islamism and Sharia in the United Kingdom.[11][12][13][14][15][16] It describes itself as an anti-racist and human rights organisation

    etc from Wiki

    I’m certain, without bothering to check, that both of the times Robinson was caught outside the Courts were related to ‘Muslim’ court cases. The second definitely was. Look at how his supporters (links provided by Elaine) are howling about the ‘Muslims’.

    I personally know Syrian refugees from Damascus. They are well educated and have open curious minds eager to learn and to adapt. They are normal people, “they are like us”, as a friend said.. They are also Muslims. These people are not antithetical to Europe.

    those who support the basic premise of Islamic non-immigration

    Sorry I don’t follow what you mean with this sentence?

  17. Moe

    @ 16 Christian

    Firstly, I was unaware of Robinson’s history, and in context with Elaine’s article, it is not relevant. What is relevant is the limitation of individual rights in Britain, in particular free speech, and the government orchestrated, hamfisted implementation of media muzzling. To incorporate a prototypical media/SWJ slur, it doesn’t matter if Robinson was Hitler, he deserves the right to have the government held accountable for their actions, and the muzzling of media to forestall public knowledge of government actions is blatant censorship, which is precisely the point Elaine is making.

    And you still don’t get it that identifying Robinson as Islamaphobic, (should it be true, and I have no reason to doubt your assessment), that many Britons (and Europeans) agree in principle with Robinson that the introduction of non-assimilable elements into Briton/Europe is not in the public interest. That does not necessarily make them Islamaphobic merely observant enough to recognize that Briton and Europe are succumbing to the influx of Muslims and the attendant increase in crime, no-go zones, religious and cultural imposition, etc. They would also have to be particularly stupid not to realize that they will eventually become a minority since Muslim reproduction rate is much greater than Britons’/Europeans’, and when that event occurs the native populations will be subjected to Muslim religious edict and order. Perhaps you know of other countries that willingly surrendered their land, culture, and religion (today’s British/European ’religion’ is predominately secularism) to invaders without contest: please enlighten us.

    And please refrain from comment on my categorization of Muslims as invaders: the huge influx into Europe of North Africans and Middle Easterners is orchestrated and well funded, reputedly by Soros but certainly by others too, (Erdogan for example has made claims of assistance and has threatened heightened influx of migrants), and facilitated by the elected representatives of Europe and Briton. You, who so fervently attest to the satrapy of Europe to American Neoliberal interests, should recognize that none of this could occur without US approval, if not abetment.

    And finally (finally! I’m sure our fellow posters are saying), I suspect your statement of not understanding my comment: “…those who support the basic premise of Islamic non-immigration”, was not made in good faith but rather an attempt to entrap, and provide opportunity for you to expand your admonishment of Islamaphobe to me. It should be blindingly obvious from context what I meant, and if not, then it should be blindingly obvious from my comments above.

  18. Christian attacks and attacks here. This is the person’s only function, it doesn’t matter what the topic is.

    About invaders: YES, history, HISTORY is crystal clear about all this. Period. Invaders who are HOSTILE in CULTURE and BELIEFS can and do destroy civilizations.

    Only a fool would ignore this fact of history.

  19. Lou

    18–Than Whites are often fools.

    Meanwhile, via Drudge;

    Reparations Happy Hour,” which was held in Portland, Ore., invited black, brown and indigenous people to a bar and gave them $10 bills as they arrived. The event was mostly funded by white people who were asked not to attend.CreditCameron Whitten

    In Portland, Ore., organizers of the “Reparations Happy Hour” invited black, brown and indigenous people to a bar and handed them $10 bills as they arrived, a small but symbolic gift mostly funded by white people who were asked not to attend.

    Brown Hope, a local activist organization, wanted the event, which was held on Monday, to be a space for people of color in a mostly white city to meet one another, discuss policy issues and plan potential action.

    While it was far from the full-scale reparations sought by some as penance for the horrors of slavery and continuing racial injustice, Cameron Whitten, the 27-year-old activist who organized the event, said there was one similarity: It made attendees feel as if their pain–blablabla-NYT story.

    Along w ‘White Privilege’ and ‘Cultural Appropriation.’
    Why do Browns deserve reparations? What am I missing?
    Oh, EMS, Evergreen College is hurting in the money department.
    Serves it right.

  20. Christian W

    @ 18

    About invaders: YES, history, HISTORY is crystal clear about all this. Period. Invaders who are HOSTILE in CULTURE and BELIEFS can and do destroy civilizations.

    Only a fool would ignore this fact of history.

    So speaketh the US that has more than 1000 military bases and installations across the world, whose Special Forces operate in more than 130 nations and whose CIA operate in all of them.

    It is not only Muslim nations that are being destroyed by the toxic and pathological US Empire. Everybody are under attack. Europe, Russia, China, the Near East, Middle East, the Far East, Africa….

    What I am speaking against is double standards.

  21. Mercenary

    It’s a false charge, you despicable rape apologist.

  22. Mercenary

    How dare he stand silently and film!

  23. Mercenary

    You’re defending an authoritarian regime who intentionally placed TR in a wing full of Muslim lifers to kill him. Drive off a bridge, you embarrassing excuse of humanity.

  24. Mercenary

    Why don’t you just block that disgusting Nazi bootlicker Christian from your blog. Get some balls, Elaine, instead of whining.

  25. Mercenary

    You’re a deranged moron defending a Nazi UK government that executes dissidents. Never come here again, you vile POS.

  26. Moe

    @ 20 Christian

    “What I am speaking against is double standards”.

    Bullcookies. If this were true you would show balanced presentations. For example, it would be easy to discern and report the implacability of Islam with western ethos and culture, but you do not. Instead you focus on the Islamic influx caused by Neoliberal predations and war, which is valid but limited in scope. Similarly with Robinson’s purported Islamaphobia: you overlook the bigger picture of British curtailment of rights and its imposition of censorship.

    All you do is harp on the travesties of US Neoliberalism, Neocolonialism and Imperialism, expressed by your constant propensity is to relate all EMS articles to some aspect of these themes. Readers here are familiar with these subjects and their importance and I for one don’t need to be perpetually reminded of them. You’re a one-track record: time to get a new song.

    NB: The definition of Islama- Islamophobia is: hatred or fear of Muslims or of their religion, politics or culture. But the common meaning implied is hatred and that is the meaning you ascribe.

    A broader implementation of this term would be in context of ‘fear’, and that might more accurately describe European response to the prevailing influx of Muslim men. (Note men, few women and children). But objective perception of the invasive trend is also possible, and it is not necessary to brand all resistance as Islamaphobic.

    NBB: Wow, I almost regret writing this after the comments by Mercenary. Almost.

  27. Christian W

    Bullcookies. If this were true you would show balanced presentations. For example, it would be easy to discern and report the implacability of Islam with western ethos and culture, but you do not.

    Nazi Germany thought Judaism was incompatible with German culture too.

    Human Rights include Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Of course, Freedom of Religion does not give anyone right to oppress anyone or commit crimes, like force children into marriage etc. So, I am not the Nazi here.

    You cannot use Free Speech to limit Freedom of Religion, then it is not a Free Speech issue anymore but something else. That something else is what Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders et al are pushing, and what is implied in your ‘implacability’ comment above.

    All you do is harp on the travesties of US Neoliberalism, Neocolonialism and Imperialism, expressed by your constant propensity is to relate all EMS articles to some aspect of these themes.

    These travesties are the US and UK governments….

    The issues she discuss are all related to blowback (cause and effect) from these travesties.. Remove the Cause and you will be able to deal with the Effect. Pushing the Cause while also pushing the Effect will lead to conflict ie war. Therefore the logical conclusion is that people will rather see war than deal with the Cause. In this case it is easier to kick the weak, the Effect (immigrants), than deal with the Strong, the Cause (the US Establishment, the Israeli Lobby, the Corporation etc).

    This is like kicking the dog (immigrants) because you are bullied by your boss (Neocons).

  28. Christian W

    Speaking of Islamic incompatibility:

    Syria – U.S. Moves To Protect Al-Qaeda And ISIS in Daraa

    How do you think the secular Syrian Muslims, Christians, Druze, Alawites etc feel about this blatant aggression by the Trump regime? Guess what, Wahhabism/Sharia is incompatible with Syria too.

    Nobody has fought harder against the Islamists than Syria, Iraq and Iran. The Refugee Battering Ram to destroy Europe is, so far, child’s play compared to the Neocon hitjobs on the secular Muslim nations.

    The only thing that can save Western civilization is…. civilization. If the West goes full Likudnik/Nazi then it’s game over.

  29. Moe

    @ 27 Christian

    “Nazi Germany thought Judaism was incompatible with German culture too.”

    Ha, Ha, Ha. Demagoguery at its best! If you can’t successfully debate or refute your opponent’s argument, relate/equate his argument to Nazism. Wow, I can’t believe a poster here would be so lame.

    “You cannot use Free Speech to limit Freedom of Religion”. It isn’t freedom of religion that is the issue, it’s the incompatibility of the ‘religion’ Islam and its adherents and their inability to coexist wit the dominant culture. More demagoguery, misapplying the shibboleth of ‘freedom of religion’ when it’s not applicable: you’re getting good at this.

    “This is like kicking the dog (immigrants) because you are bullied by your boss (Neocons).”

    You identify the relationship of issues here but fail to acknowledge that both have to be dealt with simultaneously, and that blocking the planned effect of mass Muslim immigration is a successful tactic for combating the establishment. It is also an essential element in the stabilization of Europe, a prime factor.

    One has to take the fight where and when it occurs: it is impossible to engage the Bilderberg/Neoliberal establishment frontally without massive resistance, i.e., revolt and that is fraught with hazard: they have the guns. I seldom (never?) see you proffer ANY method of engagement of the forces of evil (which is how I regard them), you merely endlessly, repeatedly,ceaselessly, ad infinitum (am I being redundant here? 🙂 ) state the same factors.

    I am beginning to tire of your persistent obsessions, evasions and apparent inability to acknowledge a differing perspective. It’s kinda fun, since you are so poor at genuine debate, but my time is precious and limited, seemingly unlike yours. And I prefer my amusement in more satisfying engagements than with a disaffected, antagonistic, agent provocateur.

  30. Christian W

    I responded to your claim that Islam cannot co-exist.

    Prove that Islam cannot coexist. That is your assertion. Islam coexists just fine in Russia for example, Russia is a multicultural federation that includes many faiths. And as I said I personally know Muslim refugees who are fantastic human beings. They come from SECULAR Syria where Muslims live with Christians, Alawites, Jews etc. It worked in Palestine before the Zionist terrorists arrived. Of course it can work in Europe too.

    It is not religion that is the problem, it is fundamentalism, be it Christian, Jewish or Islamic or whatever.

    There is a reason Christian fundamentalists work together with Jewish fundamentalists and Islamic fundamentalists. THESE are the problem (Dominionists, Zionists, Islamists). How come these co-exist and thrive on each other feeding off the Petrodollar and blood?

    The Islamists that are a problem are inevitably the extremists used, funded and trained by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. So the problem is US terrorism, not ‘Islam’. The Muslim Brotherhood I definitely think is not compatible, but they are part of the Deep State attack on Europe just like they are in Syria. China has a similar problem with the Turkmen/Uyghurs that are being radicalized by the CIA with Saudi money.

  31. Christian W

    I never said defending the borders was not important. Don’t invent arguments I am not making. This is not the first one.

    The most important factor for stabilizing Europe is for the refugee stream to stop. This means the US has to stop creating wars overseas AND in Europe. Second is for Europe to be allowed to pursue it’s own policies without US interference (hello Trump) and manipulations (hello CIA).

    There are many ways the US public can take on the System. Armed revolt is the most stupid of them. That will only happen once the economy tanks for real and chaos is at hand. But eg Stop consuming corporate crap including the MSM, take political aim against the Establishment (DNC/GOP candidates don’t cut it), stop voting for bought and paid for DNC and GOP candidates, stop falling for divide and conquer tricks and policies, unite in unions, create a meaningful Left to take on the Uniparty, stop supporting the War Machine, disinvest from all Murder Inc related businesses, BDS Israel, expose the Israeli Lobby, expose the Oligarchs/Money men in the background, indict all War criminals, demand Open Source Data laws to get the NSA etc out of your homes, demand the rollback of Homeland Security and other PNAC machinations, stop supporting Neoliberal policies and so on and on.

    There is a reason patriotism (blind), party loyalty, tribe identification. SJW policies, racism, Zionism, Islamophobia, militarism etc are pushed so hard. Divide and Conquer to prevent meaningful opposition.

  32. Christian W

    Even in Iran under the Ayatollahs there are healthy Christian and Jewish communities.

    ELAINE: Stop the open lies. I am going to censor you now, every day.

  33. Christian, if you continue your off topic rants, starting today, I will cut these all very short each time you do it. You are obviously obsessed with certain topics and plaster these comments on any and all stuff here. You sneered at my warnings to keep your stuff on the threads where it is the main topic but instead, insist on hyperventilating all over the place. So this is your last warning.

  34. Moe

    @ 33 EMS

    Thank you Elaine. Was getting fed up reading and debating this revisionist proselytizer.

    It would be ideal for me if WordPress had an ‘Ignore’ function. Does it? I use this function on another blog for one particular poster who has the same MO as CW,

  35. Lou

    34–‘Ignore’ is my index finger as I scroll past.

  36. Moe

    @35 Lou

    Yah, but when postings are frequent and long, it’s a pain in the anatomy.

  37. Nani

    @ Christian

    You should start your own blog. You have lots of knowledge to share, and i’m sure many would read it 🙂

  38. Moe

    Farrakhan Pivots Pro-Trump

    Snippet: “Why should there be an end to him (White man)? Because his nature is not in harmony with the nature of God”.

    Unlike harassed Robinson, this genocidal advocate gets to exercise his free speech.

    Farrakhan: Let’s see,

    American: check
    Black: check
    Muslim: check

    Why should I not take Farrakhan at his word and anticipate that his advocacy for white elimination is real? And if so, why would I not resist?

    Who is his target audience, certainly not whites: blacks, Muslims and who else?

    Sometimes you’re not paranoid: they really are out to get you.

  39. Moe

    In UK, You’re Not Allowed To Talk About It…

    “…the gag order, while silencing the British news media, has caused people around the world to take notice. To be sure, a quick tour of major mainstream newspaper websites in Western Europe, North America and around the Anglosphere turned up nothing. But on alternative news sites around Europe, the story was front and center”.

    A ‘quick tour (of) newspaper websites turned up nothing’. Nothing to see here folks, move along. There is no UK gag order in all these other countries: can you say ‘complicity’?

  40. I just published a story about how the Bilderberg gang is now making this wipe out of the real news, global. But it still isn’t global and since some brave mainstream news are publishing it, the cat is out of the bag.

    Today is very important: the Bilderberg gang is pissed as hell at little Tommy Robinson who is a workingclass hero. They hate workingclass heroes.

  41. Christian W

    @ 38

    Thank you Nani 🙂

  42. I agree, go…go…please depart and start your own site and you will never be off topic nonstop anymore. Thank you in advance.

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