Fox News Breaks Tommy Robinson Imprisonment Wall of Silence

Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial | Fox News.  Normally, when perps who rape or put into sex slavery young girls between the ages of 12 years and 18 years old, this is huge news, media surrounds all the trials, etc.  But not in England if the rapists are all Muslim gangsters and illegal aliens!  Instead, NO reporters show up for the trials!  None!  Except for one brave person: Tommy Robinson.  He was arrested while covering the trials!  That is verboten.  This arrest is designed to scare off other reporters.

(4) UK: Descent into POLICE STATE – YouTube


I doubt Tommy will be allowed to see any of this, but the British prison system has an email service for prisoners: Email a prisoner – the hassle free way to keep in touch.  Tommy is in Hull Prison.  This information is thanks to Black Pigeon Speaks who is a You Tube commentator who lives in London.


From the brave Fox News people:


The judge in the case on Friday slapped a reporting ban on the case. The order bans reporters from reporting on a case if there is reason to believe the reporting could prejudice a trial. The order prevents reporting until the conclusion of the trial Robinson was reporting on.


NONE of the Muslim child rapists are appearing in British news! This refusal to cover news is due entirely to deliberate government censorship.  As Britain’s Real Rulers, pissed as hell about the Brexit vote, import millions of alien, they do not want news about how hideous many of these new arrivals really are.


Thus, the ban on reporting news-worthy stories.  In the US in ‘liberal’ cities and states, reporting black crime is also discouraged for the same twisted reasons.


The gag order led to news outlets in the U.K. removing their reporting from their websites to comply with the order. Most remaining reporting in the U.K. comments on Robinson’s arrest, but not on his purported sentencing.


This event is taking on Alice in Wonderland qualities.  So, since the media in some places refuse to censor themselves, they are forced to tell only half of the truth.  This, in a world where real news can appear anywhere, any time.  But Britain hopes to keep this under cover as long as possible.


Sources with knowledge of Robinson’s case spoke on condition of anonymity in part because of fear they would be arrested for contempt. One told Fox that Robinson’s lawyer warned that, considering the presence of Muslim gang members in prison, a 13-month sentence was tantamount to a death sentence.


British citizens should fight this attempt at turning them all into ‘subjects’ which is a nice term for ‘serfs’.


“Tommy’s lawyer said he will likely die in jail given his profile and previous credible threats, and the judge basically said he doesn’t care,” the source said. “He sentenced him to 13 months in prison.”


One commentator to this article says something very interesting as we see England descend into a totalitarian police state after disarming the citizens of guns and even swords or knives:


In May 2017, a Judge told Robinson during sentencing that “it is an offence under section 41 “to take or attempt to take in any court” by which that means not only the courtroom but also the building and the precincts, any photograph, irrespective of who that is a photograph of, and I refer in that regard to the case of the HM Solicitor General v. Cox (2016)”


This stupid law was passed in order to hide Muslim criminals.


So “Tommy Robinson” (made up name) did EXACTLY what he was ordered NOT to do in 2017, and is therefore in CONTEMPT of COURT.


The Brit commenting here believes in a liberal police state where people can’t see what is really going on in their courts due to being unable to film or record anything going on even in the streets surrounding the courts!


HE chose to break the terms of his suspended sentence and therefore has been sent to jail.


Let this be a lesson to you, baggers. Your right-wing hate media deliberately makes things up and conceals vital factual information from you.


The last comment from this Maoist liberal reveals the lust for power and hate: he wants all people arrested who dare to see what is really going on.  He fully approves of creation of a police state with zero civil rights!


Worse, this lunatic accuses people who record actual events to be LIARS!  And accuse them of ‘concealing vital factual information’ when it is the liberals and the Real Rulers of Britain doing this very thing this stupid man condemns.


That is, this man has no mirror to see his ugly face in reality.


Tommy was sent to Hull Prison and the local town carried the story: Hull News – Latest local news, pictures, video – Hull Live.  Here is Google search’s link:

This is Google’s top ‘news search’ stories for Tommy Robinson and…here is what shows up when we click on the link!

Defiance of this Soviet-inspired liberal killing of free speech and real news is growing in England.  Today, the Sun has a big article about this arrest:  Moment English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson was arrested while filming outside grooming trial

The reason why Tommy has been going to courts to record the trials from outside, in the streets since no one is allowed into the courthouse to witness these show trials of Muslim rapists (who remain totally defiant, by the way!).


Here is a story from several weeks ago:

Yes, the victims were harassed by the police for reporting crimes against themselves.  Isn’t that amazing?  The London Mayor is a Muslim and he started this dangerous policy.


Anti-Muslim Extremists Retweeted by Trump Are Convicted of Hate Crimes – The New York Times last March:


 LONDON — The leaders of an anti-Muslim extremist group in Britain have been found guilty of hate crimes and sentenced to prison, months after they drew international attention for helping President Trump get entangled in a diplomatic dispute with British leaders.


The NYT has zero news about Tommy Robinson, the mass demonstration created in less than 24 hours in front of the Prime Minister’s home, etc.


I am amazed they reported this earlier story!


A judge in Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday convicted Paul Golding, the leader of the group, Britain First, of one count of religiously aggravated harassment, and Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader, of three counts of the same offense. Mr. Golding was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, and Ms. Fransen to 36 weeks.


The two were convicted over posting videos online of their harassment of Muslims in May 2017, at the same time as a trial of three Muslim men and a teenager who were accused and later convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl.


It never ceases to amaze me how our Real Rulers, the Bilderberg gang, is cooperating with foreign rapists, murderers and terrorists to enable them to attack citizens in  NATO countries.  This is TREASON.


Syria, Libya and Iraq didn’t attack us on 9/11, Saudi Arabia and Egypt attacked us.  And today, they are our ‘allies’!  The Israelis knew about the brewing attack and the CIA knew, too.  That mess continues to cause chaos today.

All our NATO/SEATO allies continue to do diplomacy with Putin now.  I find this very funny since all of them without exception, expect us to pay for protecting them!  I want all these ‘alliances’ to be terminated.  Let them protect themselves.


But Europe is busy killing itself.  Which makes this ten times worse.  If they want to self-destruct, why force us to protect them from their own follies?  No way!



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27 responses to “Fox News Breaks Tommy Robinson Imprisonment Wall of Silence

  1. Moe

    According to UK independent reporter Caolan Robertson, Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court on Friday morning as he was covering the trial of ten men for offenses including child rape, trafficking, and supply of Class A drugs to children.

  2. Nani

    I want all these ‘alliances’ to be terminated. Let them protect themselves.

    Sure, but that would also mean that the US would have to abandon its foreign policy goal of dominating the world through hegemony. Do you think the US political elite wants that? I think you know the answer to that.

  3. Mercenary

    The US should formally designate the UK a dictatorship, cut off all diplomatic relations, and eject their diplomats. They are not a democracy anymore.

  4. Case

    We can only imagine how huge the scandal is actually, I doubt we are aware of even 1% of what has happened.

    The number of offenders so huge that if ever the state moves on all of them, it would look like a targeted round up of Muslims, provoking race riots and terrorism in response. Also the furious reaction of the indigenous population when they find out the whole truth of what happened to those children. A inevitable powder keg waiting to go up either way.

  5. Melponeme_k


    The United States has mostly ceased to be an independent country…if it ever was in truth. It is an arm of the UK. That was the goal of Cecil Rhodes and he achieved it. And here we all were thinking Rhodes Scholarship was some kind of achievement when really it was a mind control venture.

    In turn, some say, that the UK doesn’t even exist anymore? It is said they were in hock to the Vatican and it is the Vatican they pay. And in turn, the Vatican owns the US.

    There are crazy stories running out there.

    At the base is that there is a group of people who have no country. Don’t recognize sovereignty and NEVER did. They are Supra National, very rich and infested every country.

    Did a 7 card pull for Robinson. It didn’t really read him personally but the situation.

    1 – King of Wands (Robinson), I used the Tarot of Prague. The Wands King is portrayed as Aries, the Alpha and Omega. Above him is the wheel of time and the Zodiac. Whatever they do, the globalists will fail against him.

    2 – Page of Coins (Globalist lackeys) The card shows a young man playing around with a toy castle and books behind him. All these stooges have is conjecture by books but they are ignoring what little they know for castle fantasies.

    3 – 4 of Wands – Celebration and Coming together. The card shows the Liberty avatar or the Mother Goddess. If the UK citizens stick together and the rest of the world’s citizens back them up, it will go well.

    4 – The Sun – New Beginnings, New cycle, New Paradigm

    5 – 5 of Swords – This fight against the Globalists will require physical fighting.

    6 – The Emperor – The Globalists and their SupraNational rule will be exposed. Another Aries card, but the card portrays an old man, while the King of Wands is a young man. Could Robinson become a Politician?

    7 – Justice – Nothing more needs to be said about this card.

  6. csurge

    3 – 4 of Wands – Celebration and Coming together. The card shows the Liberty avatar or the Mother Goddess. If the UK citizens stick together and the rest of the world’s citizens back them up, it will go well.

    Sorry, but from what I’ve seen on social media and in real life, the rest of the world’s ‘citizens don’t give damn, or are brainwashed racist socialist lemmings very much into the whole white genocide agenda.

  7. timothy carroll


    That’s pretty much what I see as well. Many whites I know have swallowed the SJW garbage that for blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims, it’s “their turn now.” Pretty much ignoring the fact that whites built this country, its functioning systems, and what was once a rule of law and due process. Try kissing your homo boyfriend in public in Uganda, Pakistan, or much of Mexico. Try asserting your equality as a woman in those places.

    The whole “white guilt, white privilege” trip is yet another of (((their))) creations to exterminate whites and Western Civilization. Interestingly, (((they))) bomb the crap out of Muslim countries, causing fury and a mass exodus into Europe and America. Iran and Syria are among the most stable and democratic countries in the Middle East, with a fair amount of equal rights for women and religious tolerance.

    And what two countries are at the TOP of the list for the Unholy Zio Empire to destroy? Ruminate on that one a while, boys and girls.

  8. Melponeme_k

    No, don’t think of it that way csurge.

    No one can predict WHY the populace rises up. The elite can only track WHEN! That is the purpose of the zodiac clock. They know the people will give them trouble. They just don’t know why! They have been trying to get ahead of the revolutionary movements and push them into what they want!


    That is part of the reason why they are inundating Europe and the US with Third World Criminals. They are hoping their mob rises up and overpowers OUR mob.

    You have to keep talking, keep speaking truth. If we lose this point in time, it will takes centuries to get back…or maybe not at all.

  9. They believe they have magic spells that gives them power. But they are losing power and have to stop with the velvet glove and in Europe, it is pure ‘boot to the face forever’ of 1984 fame.

    This is a great, great loss of power of the elites! This unmasks them. They can’t hide their hatred, their plans to enslave anymore.

  10. Lou

    10–Did your rituals or their rituals work?

  11. tio

    United Kingdom Crisis | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

  12. csurge

    @ #8 By ‘they’ you mean the Luciferians, right? That’s what I call them. Elaine’s is correct. It’s confirmed. They’re heavy into occult and black magic stuff. They’re ‘stupid’ and superstitious as she constantly points out 🙂

    @ #9 Yes, of course. I agree the Underground people should continue telling the truth and fighting the good fight. I’m just saying whites should be prepared for the worst, because from what I see they won’t get any help from outside the Western world

  13. Oguy

    “They believe they have magic spells that gives them power. … “All these stooges have is conjecture by books but they are ignoring what little they know for castle fantasies.”

    Yep, that seems to be about the right combination.

    ” … the rest of the world’s ‘citizens don’t give damn, or are brainwashed racist socialist lemmings very much into the whole white genocide agenda.”.

    I see a lot of apathy and indifference for sure, mostly due to preoccupation with other matters, but I’m questioning the dominance of the white genocide agenda among everyday people regardless of their race. In other words, I wonder to what extent this is agenda mostly a meme pushed by a small group, and that it simply gets a lot of airplay due to the nature of media ownership and control. That’s largely because I simply haven’t encountered any of it in my own personal experience, although that in turn may be due to the fact that I don’t hang out around people who would be at all inclined toward that sort of ideology, regardless of the demographic group towards which its animus might be directed. Or maybe because I don’t watch TV, use social media or watch anything but the very rare movie, my perspective is somewhat limited. But that limitation of perspective might also give some additional force to the notion that this agenda is primarily a media-driven phenomenon.

  14. Pete

    Fascism tried to take over the world….it failed.
    Communism tried to take over the world…it too failed.
    Now Capitalism is trying to take over the world…and it is failing.

    People don’t want Globalism of any kind!

  15. Melponeme_k

    “They believe they have magic spells that gives them power.”

    They do, or at least they did. After a fashion.

    They have been cobbling together various things since the printing press and earlier.

    They believe in the Enochian Celestial City, which holds within it a grand chessboard over seen by various Arch-Angels, Cherubim and their Lieutenants.

    On the flip side, the zero side, they believe they can use the same City for Demons.

    Either they have lost favor or some breakaway group within their ranks is making a power play. What could queer their spells?

  16. timothy carroll


    Genetically whites are at a clear disadvantage when it comes to numbers. Raw nature dictates that survivors be smart enough to know when it is too problematic or economically stupid to produce more children. The white race has, for the past sixty years now, (a time mostly of relative prosperity) reversed course and decided that the future should entail bringing in Third World knuckle draggers and religious hot heads into this once industrious country to replace the former white (and black), lower middle class. These newcomers are more than happy to suck off of the Euro/American tit, cradle to f*cking grave, baby! Welcome to Heaven!

    As to an earlier inquiry regarding to whom I referred as being at the root of many of our problems, I must excuse myself while I sneeze and say……….

    Hah Chewws!!!!

  17. Ken

    Sometimes there really is a conspiracy.

  18. Mike

    Roger Neal Taylor
    13 hrs ·
    Following his arrest and imprisonment in Hull prison yesterday Tommy Robison was set upon and attacked by 4 muslim men in his cell and has been rushed to hospital SHARE FOR JUSTICE FOR TOMMY
    Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
    177 Likes434 Comments6.8K Shares

  19. I believe that is the 2016 beating, not this week’s news, Mike. But then, we also have no sane information about him since the State has seized him and hidden him from us.

  20. Now, about Magic: it is very, very, VERY tricky. Sane humans for the last 5,000+ years have told warning stories about going into the Outerdarkness to ask entities for help.

    Asking gods or demons to obey human demands is insanely dangerous. They, both gods and demons, love granting wishes only they always do this rather literally which usually turns wishes into evil actions that destroy the person running the magic charms to make themselves more powerful.

    Just the last three years, I chronicled here all the magic ceremonies in Europe for example. These even used dance moves I brought to the theaters way back in 1968 to 1978. That is, dancing with 100 yards of silk using bamboo to make it ‘fly’ a la Loie Fuller of pre-WWI Paris.

    All this black magic is backfiring badly. They frantically do. more and more black magic while the gods and demons laugh themselves silly.

    I expect all this to end eventually in the collapse of the Bilderberg gang.

  21. Lou

    Thanks. This may seem like a dumb question but was Crowley a satanist? Was he summoning demons?

  22. Melponeme_k


    That is why the Fool card sets out with just a little bag and a dog. He wants for nothing, searches for nothing, needs nothing and knows nothing. That is why he dances with the Fairies and comes out on top of the world.

  23. Lou


    His real name – Stephen Lennon..
    Tommy was jailed for mortgage fraud.
    He was jailed for 12 months for assaulting an off-duty police officer.
    He lost his job at Luton Airport because of the assault conviction.

  24. And he gets BEAT UP and then, and I have seen videos of this, he is BLAMED for being attacked.

    Lou, did you know I have MANY NAMES too? Elaine Meinel, Elaine Levy, The Housewife from Hell (my favorite!) and my present name, Elaine Supkis.

    See? Oh, how evil! I keep saying, Tommy and I are birds of the same feathers. I am not joking, it is a fact of life. Oh, and I have been jailed, accused of starting riots, deported from Europe, etc. etc. etc. Oh, the horror! HAHAHA.

  25. The one major difference between Tommy and I and we are virtual twins only I am twice as old…is real estate. I made oodles of money in real estate in the past. He didn’t.

  26. Lou

    25–I found that stuff, for discussion.
    I didnt voice an opinion about him
    I see where ALL White countries are going.

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