Zero Reasons For Muslim Rape Trials To Be Top Secret: More Secret Information Floating Around Internet!

Geoffrey Marson QC The Judge Who Sent Tommy Robinson To Jail – YouTube


Online sleuths in England and other English-speaking countries are breaking the silence over Tommy Robinson’s kidnapping and being held hostage by hostile globalists who want to destroy civilization.  Geoffrey Marson is the judge who looked down into the street to sneer at Tommy’s friends who were yelling about the arrest.  This arrogant man then sent Tommy to prison under a total gag order which only, I believe 2 UK newspapers dare to defy, so far.

Fox news is the only US media reporting any of this.  The Cone of Silence (Get Smart, comes to mind here) isn’t total but it is near-total. The cowardice being shown by ‘mainstream (fake) news’ doesn’t surprise me.  The ‘liberals’ are all total fakes now.  They hate free speech and want to kill it, dead.


More real information is leaking out.  Alex Jones is having a field day, breaking real news (for once).  It is amazing how this guy who can be totally crazy, can also be the only other source for real information, too.


He does have a better track record than mainstream media!  Pravda looks pretty good in retrospect compared to mainstream media these days.


Lawyer explains how judge sentenced Tommy Robinson to 13 months jail and banned the UK from talking about it · The Caldron Pool


Attorney Will Chamberlain explains, “The judge in Tommy Robinson’s case, Geoffrey Marson, pulled a neat trick today. He threw him in jail for 13 months, and banned anyone in the UK from talking about it.”

The judge in the top video is standing on the left in this photoshot from a video made outside the courthouse in Bath.  We can see his neckerchief.  He was laughing at the three men standing in the street, upset about Tommy being suddenly removed and hauled off to be sentenced.


A dangerous silence over Telford | The Spectator wondered why this wasn’t big news!  The Spectator reported March 17th, 2018 which was just two months ago! This article wonders why this is barely in the news!!! It was deliberate. It was a criminal conspiracy cooked up by the Muslim power people in London and imposed on the media and public at large.


This was when the ruling elites began censoring real news.  Two months later, they are arresting anyone who transmits real news!  This is insane.  Why the secrecy about these Muslim rapists/murderers?  This is the burning question!


Judge geoffrey marson qc, described former police inspector keith boots as “a disgrace to the uniform he once wore” –

I found very little about this judge but here is the other story about him: Murdered teacher: judge warns social media users not to disrupt trial – Telegraph


 A judge has warned users of social media sites of the “serious consequences” of disrupting the upcoming trial of the teenager accused of stabbing teacher Ann Maguire to death, as the 15-year-old made his second appearance in court this morning.


Judge Geoffrey Marson QC issued the stern warning at Leeds Crown Court, saying “users of any social media sites and bloggers are just as constrained by these rules as the press. The consequences for individuals, I want to emphasise, can be serious if there is a breach.”


The 15-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, made his second court appearance since being charged over the stabbing of 61-year-old teacher Ann Maguire at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds on Monday morning.


So, he has been very secretive in the past!  Good to know.  This is why he was selected to run this ridiculous illicit court.  From just two years ago when this huge scandal of foreign men imported to enslave white female British citizens…How 100 men were able to prey on one vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl for two years – Yorkshire Post


15 MEN have been jailed for a total of 160 years for the horrific sexual abuse of a vulnerable schoolgirl from Halifax.


The schoolgirl was preyed on by as many as 100 men, the majority of them of Asian origin, during a two year period.
The prosecution described her as “lonely, needy” and seeking friendship and love, a teenager who for a long time did not understand that she was a victim of child abuse being groomed and exploited.


On occasions, Leeds Crown Court heard she sought out the men who abused her simply because she wanted to escape from her unhappy childhood and had no sense of self-preservation or worth or the danger she was putting herself in.


Many of her abusers she only knew by nicknames or no name at all. Some were identified from CCTV which had been seized from the hotels she could remember, while others were caught because of DNA from stains on her clothing.


Jailing the four convicted of the most serious offences, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC described her as a deeply damaged child.


“She was given alcohol, drugs and money for sex. There was no love, no affection, no care. She was taken advantage of when she was drunk and under the influence of drugs,” he said.


From today’s news in the same paper that published the previous story about Muslim rapists:

In Germany, media can’t publish maps like this.  All of Europe is in this insane lock-down to assist invaders in their many attacks on citizens.  This is open treason.  But then, anyone protesting this is assailed by outright communists sponsored by the State and allowed to attack at will, even trying to kill anyone opposing the State.

Search engines run by Google bring up fewer and fewer Muslim rape stories online.  Each day, the search gets shorter and shorter.


The media ban started in England and the Bilderberg gang, alarmed at everyone noticing how they are helping vile foriegn criminals to invade and destroy whole nations, are cracking down on ALL media today: Global Media Ban On England’s Pedophile Network – YouTube



‘Nobody cared,’ said a victim.  Absolutely, it is amazing they are even standing trial.  Why does this have to be top secret?  There are no state secrets involved here…ooops…there is!  The secret is, the State is deliberately importing millions of angry Muslim males and unleashing them on us so they can attack and inspire fear so we run to the State to protect us.


But that is backfiring, badly now.  So the State wants to keep secret, who their imported rapists really are and how vile and violent they are and to tell citizens, ‘Keep on walking, nothing to see here,’ which is criminal.


The real criminals aren’t just the rapists, it is the State, itself.  The State should be on trial for importing terrorists and rapists and then protecting them.


The writer of this story sounds like me.  Meanwhile, in the USA, we still have some tiny bits of news and here is a cartoon by the talented Ben Gerrison which I find to be very evocative:

Watch Live: FBI Raids Targeting Infowars & Free Press

Roger Stone Exclusive: Mueller Is Planning To Frame Me! ‘I Will Not Turn On Trump’: and yes, the Mueller machine continues to grind ever onwards.  Utterly ignoring the real dangers to our society, our country, the planet earth.  It has decided it must destroy everything in its path, sort of like Dalek – EXTERMINATE! – YouTube




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22 responses to “Zero Reasons For Muslim Rape Trials To Be Top Secret: More Secret Information Floating Around Internet!

  1. Ken

    Reportedly, the Muslim “grooming gang” had conscripted around 700 white, British girls into a life of sexual slavery. Where the hell were their parents? What were these girls doing hanging around with Muslim men when it is common know!edge what they are like?

    None of this makes any sense.

  2. tio

    Ken, “Where the hell were their parents?” hmmm. I have tried to post a youtube video here that addresses this very question, however due to the vagaries of WP or for some other reason I have been unable to do so. So, for the last time I have zapped the video URL into a tinyURL and hopefully it will appear as will the answer to your question at around sixteen minutes.

    “None of this makes any sense.”

    Oh, if only this were true.

  3. The destruction of the family unit is all over the place but Muslim men keep a tight rein on their own families while decimating all others.

  4. I clicked on tio’s URL and it is an interview I watched last March…a good interview by Stefan. I don’t know why it didn’t post for Tio.

    In the future, Tio, perhaps you should do what I do all the time: post the video along by clicking and dragging it into the post it box and then post your comments in the next box after you finish insuring the video is on the page. For some reason, writing something makes the video vanish.

  5. tio

    Oh well, just another quality enhancement opportunity for some propeller head squirrelling away in the bowels of the beast. It’s the inconsistency that irks to be honest. Elaine, thank you for taking the time to respond 1) I have no drag and drop; 2) my browser is locked down tighter than a you know what. So I probably only have myself to blame .. probably. 😀

  6. tio

    I just enabled the and script permissions and voila! I hope those Langley boys appreciate my missives.

  7. Moe

    @ 7 Tio

    Check out my posts on inability to post Robinson’s donation link. This is the first time I’ve never been able to post a link here.

    Just for giggles, I’ll post any old link now:

  8. tio

    I suspect foul play (aka s/w update), but I always do. 😀

  9. Case

    What is with the left and worshiping Islam? Everything they claim to be for, Islam is against. It’s the real handmaiden’s tale.

  10. Lou

    11–Totem Pole, some are more equal than others.
    Muslims at top.
    Than [grievance group a]
    Than groups b, c, d..etc

  11. Moe

    Paul Weston – Britain is now a Totalitarian State

  12. In the future, if someone has trouble posting a video, let me know the link here in the comments section and I will try to post it. I usually seek out videos because…it is FUN. I like doing it.

  13. Andrew Martin

    Words can’t do justice to the horror and magnitude of what this represents! This is literally what Orwell warned us about. It’s here. It’s come to pass and it’s in plain sight for all to see if they have eyes to see it despite decades of systematic brainwashing for the express purpose of bringing it about. We are ruled by traitors. God help us all and grant us courage in the name of your son Jesus.

  14. The first strike against the Citizens was when we voted for Jimmy Carter, the only other non-Bilderberg person to walk into the White House.

  15. Moe

    Slightly OT (?) But still about Muslim sexual proclivity and human rights…

    Excerpt: “It is now public knowledge that there is a culture of sodomy in Afghanistan and that Afghan men in positions of power at all levels enjoy immunity from prosecution for abusing young boys”.

    Hmmm, ‘Afghan men in positions of power’ they would be Muslims. But then to be PC, one mustn’t tar all Muslims with the same brush, just like one mustn’t tar all Catholic priests with the same brush of child molestation/abuse. Naw, that Catholic one doesn’t work, because they all know even if they don’t practice, therefore they condone by silence.

    But then there is also that persistent rumor over decades of Middle Eastern predilection for little boys… Damn, I don’t know what to believe. Do we have any folks here knowledgeable about the Middle East who can inform us?

  16. The classical ancient Greeks did the same. A lot of our ‘culture’ comes from them.

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