Comedian Roseanne Barr Show Cancelled Due To Silly Joke That Pissed Off Bilderberg Gang

‘Roseanne’ canceled after ‘repugnant’ tweet – YouTube

Roseanne Barr’s Agency Drops Her as a Client After ABC Cancels Television Show

We are in yet another convulsion of freakouts because of silly jokes.  It appears to me that anyone to the right of Senator Schumer of New York City can be the butt of very nasty, even murderous ‘jokes’ on stage and in twitter and other formats but lord help any one else who jokes about the Obama gang and Hillary and Muslims and ANTIFA!  Then the Hollywood rapist gangstas go nuts screaming about how hideous this and and the joker is fired and dumped.  Silly geese.

Roseanne: This Is How Free Speech Dies – YouTube

And here is the dreadful joke: an actress was compared to another actress who was in the Planet of the Apes.  Oh, the humanity.

Roseanne lost her job due to a gag tweet that was true.  The claim that she hurt someone while doing this is one sided: these Hollywood/NY creeps make fun of everyone and anyone including Trump and are very cruel and even murderous and bloody and are feted as ‘artists’ but another ‘artist’ does a mild joke and bang.  She is gone.

And when the goofs on ‘humor’ TV do much worse, that is OK.  This double standard is grounds for lawsuits.  I hope Roseanne sues and wins millions due to her contract being killed over nothing illicit or illegal.

The mainstream media fuels these fires, of course, being Bilderberg gangsters.  Recently, the DNC machine produced pictures of poor little illegal aliens sleeping on the floor in jail cells.  The entire Hollywood left erupted in rage.


Then, we learned this morning that the pictures were taken when OBAMA was President.  Instead of shifting gears and attacking Obama as a fraud, a fake and an abuser, the Hollywood gangsters deleted their tweets of rage and went silent, hoping to attack someone else and along came Roseanne who was sufficiently suitable for full scale outrage and down she goes.

And ABC goes bankrupt.  No loss to humanity, I hope they go bankrupt.  Here are more comments that are funny:


Yes, LucasFilms is attacking its own customer base, telling them to go to hell and they are now yelling, ‘No, you go to hell’ and guess who will win?  There is this old saying, the customer is always right.


Well, the right wing customers are right, too.  They will bring down football and Hollywood and anyone who disses them openly.  And I encourage this since why give money to jerks who hate you?

More shocking news and the judge should be put in prison for fraud: Judge Admits Tommy Robinson Sentenced Without Due Process


 According to Robinson’s producer Caolan Robertson, who was in court during Robinson’s sentencing, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC admitted that he barely watched Robinson’s livestream, despite it being the focal point of Robinson’s arrest according to the arresting officers themselves.


So the judge prejudged with zero proof or facts.  This kangaroo court could jump as high as the highest mountain in Scotland.  The judge is a fraud and should be disbarred.


“The number one most significant thing that actually caused a little bit of a gasp in the courtroom from a couple members of the press was when the judge actually admitted that he hadn’t watched the full livestream of Tommy talking,” Robertson said on the Alex Jones Show on Tuesday. “He only watched a very, very brief moment of it before he made up his mind [to imprison Tommy.]”


RT spoke to Robinson’s producer, Caolan Robertson, about the confrontation outside of Leeds Crown Court and Robinson’s subsequent arrest.


“Their case has been going on for about a year,” Robertson said. “Tommy had all the publicly available information… and on that live stream he repeated the information that was already public. We were very careful with language [as to not risk being held in contempt of court].”


So there were no grounds for arrest.  This whole kertuffle is causing global anti-British demonstrations and people are seriously angry at this attempt by May and her gang of Bilderberg jerks, aping Stalin.  Arrest them all for conspiring to rule the earth and treat us like Statsi prisoners!


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21 responses to “Comedian Roseanne Barr Show Cancelled Due To Silly Joke That Pissed Off Bilderberg Gang

  1. Melponeme_k

    Anyone in this industry is nothing but a CIA stooge. Most of Hollywood is filled with assets making propaganda.

    Barr was and is no different. I watched the new show, it was still chock full of Operation Chaos Propaganda to mess up people’s heads about life, love, children and gender.

    So she took a sword in the belly for them. You know why? Because she is entering enemy territory. OUR TERRITORY. And she’ll be able to STEER our discussion.

    Screw that, her and all the rest of them.

    Don’t talk about her. Let them all stew in their hubris. Her career doesn’t need to be saved so she can slave the rest of us.

  2. timothy carroll

    This whole kertuffle is causing global anti-British demonstrations and people are seriously angry at this attempt by May and her gang of Bilderberg jerks, aping Stalin. Arrest them all for conspiring to rule the earth and treat us like Statsi prisoners…..

    ******** Bah! the time for arrest has come and gone. The British and US whites are too far gone and too far anally attached to their barkoloungers ™ to get off their own asses to actually fight against their disenfranchisement of the white race. No, they just want to commiserate with like-minded folks who will vote up or down Roseanne’s latest tweet.. Roseanne, a jewess, likewise called out the whores who call themselves liberals, for calling out Zionist traitors, like Chelsea’s husband, and the all powerful, Soros, who is now beyond reproach, for admitting turning in many Jew families into Nazi authorities during the forties. The Zionist love affair with itself goes on, unabated.

    And If you are a liberal and intelligent enough to understand this, you should be completely ashamed. My guess is that what we will hear from that neck of the woods is more guilt, more white shame, etc., etc……………..

    Christian, I’m calling out…..where for out thee?…….

  3. Ken

    Tim @2

    It was also my understanding that the thing that really got her in trouble was talking about Soros and the Jews. She probably felt that since she was Jewish herself they would give her a pass on that. Big mistake.

  4. timothy carroll


    From what I’ve been able (allowed) to detect, the (((Tribe))) is not allowed to openly discuss their plans with ANYBODY. Barr either forgot that rule (drunken/high tweeting – as it were) or no longer gave a f*ck. She put a lot of folks out of a job if that was the case. If that was the case, shame on her.

    Others, as you may be old enough to recall, have been, ahem, “eliminated” for calling out (((their))) influence in MSM…..Michael Jackson (cough, cough), Last Man Standing, (cough, cough) the list goes on, and on, and ON!

    The plan is that neither you, nor your children or grandchildren, will be allowed to reside ANYWHERE on this planet inside of about fifty years. Yes, that’s their plan. Elaine won’t tell you that and almost nobody on line will, but I shall. Use that information for whatever it’s worth. And if you have children, it should concern you greatly.

  5. Lou

    1980s–Roseanne grabs her crotch as she sings ‘The Star spangled banner’–then as her show sinks, she gets cover of ‘People’ for claiming childhood abuse.
    Viola, her show is #1 after that.

    Does anyone else here think that Joan Rivers was murdered by Obama?

  6. shawntoh

    I used to listen to “Democracy Now” in the ’90s. But no more since the Age of Obama. Today I scan their headlines on their website and there is NO mention of the Tommy Robinson news!

    I note that they have had very little coverage about Antifa, either.

    This is too bad– their coverage of the first invasion of Iraq in the early ’90s was superb as they challenged the Military Industrial corporate narrative.

    But then they had problems with their staffing and some suggested that there was some questionable activities that amounted to a “takeover” by outside interests not in the best interest of journalism.


  7. Petruchio

    The whole Entertainment Industry is bankrupt. Overly inbred, overly insulated, they have been going along their merry little way doing it any way they like. The Hollyweird big Shots make and break careers any way anytime they like. Sooner or later, someone on The Inside gets fed up. They become a threat and so they get thrown under the proverbial bus. Matt Lauer. Roseanne. Every once in awhile the Big Wheels in The Industry have to flex their muscles and let any potential rebels that they can be dealt with if need be. Harvey Weinstein is a pig and a nd a sexual predator. Anybody dumb enough to think Weinstein is unique? He might be a little worse than the average, that’s all. These folks over rate themselves. I mean, every movie project is a re make. Ternty years from now, “The Fast and the Furious: the Senior Citizen version” will be showing.

  8. Rosanne will bounce back, and she should ditch her cast and get a whiole new one. All the liberal (and mostly Jewish) media people want to silence any pro Trump TV voice. As usual, they are dumber than dirt and I bet Rosanna’s whiole staff was likely liberal out there –and they are the casualty of the new media outrage. Publix stopped funding all their causes, some of which were liberal- in liberal communities. That, by the way, was brilliant and how a true CEO handles extortion attempts. One of the Parkland parents is still trying to demand 1 million dollars but that ship has sailed

  9. It’s also interesting that media denied her being s Sunni Mudlinbecause Iran has a majority of Shia Muslim, and they would surely know that
    Even more interesting to me is that Planet if the Apes character clearly has some white features., as she does. Srosanne didn’t say ape she said Planet of the Apes but the media twisted it like they always do to try and gin up OUTRAGE .
    Why does the media always associates apes with black people anyway. Isn’t that racist?

  10. The actress is crazy but then ALL of Hollywood is barking mad. I am not a stranger to all this, one of my sisters was a Star Trek actress! I hung out with movie stars in the past, I knew Lucas when he as a film student, we lived in this super bubble in the 1960’s and our powerful fathers put us there and we were all troublemakers back then.

    Roseanne Barr is a tool. And they love punishing her when she screws around but she brings in the bling, the loot so they rehabilitate her over and over again.

    Of course, her show was very SJW in many ways, nothing in Hollywood is free of that. But the hysteria of rage against her right now is deliberately aimed at. her AUDIENCE.

    They are being scolded! When Barr did the crotch clutching thing, her audience punished her. Not the media giants. This is different: the media giants are attacking her and thus, her audience.

  11. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    Why did she apologize? VJ does look like a character from Planet Of The Apes.

  12. I posted the pictures to show that. Yes, and the actress is barely ‘black’ at all.

  13. Lou

    12–Jarrett is a fraction black–The libs have a ‘one drop rule’—

    Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran,[1] during the Pahlavi dynasty, to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara T. Bowman.
    One of her maternal great-grandfathers, Robert Robinson Taylor, was the first accredited African-American architect, and the first African-American student enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[4]

  14. Here they are probably trying to build up to have a Timmy Robinson event. They are probably watching to see how much blueback smaller censorship gets.
    We need to ALL say that censorship is ok. Chelsea said some nasty things recently. As did McCain, and zero negative media coverage.

  15. Petruchio

    It’s really kind of amazing how closed, how tight knit the Hollywood Biz is. If you bother to look, you will notice the same, small handful of actors getting acting roles over and over and over. You would think actors are the rarest species in the world. The folks running the acting/movies biz are extremely focused on NOT hiring American actors. It seems like it is a pretty fierce grudge the honchos of Hollywood have. ELAINE: about your experiences with the Hollywood crowd. You know, Lucas et al. A perfect example of what I’m talking about. A bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids getting overly sheltered and pampered. How’d ya make it off the Reservation, Elaine?

  16. Lou


    Egghead said…
    Beware of agitprop.

    (((Roseanne))) had fully multiculturalized her new show: black granddaughter and Muslim immigrant neighbors who are presented in the most flattering and sympathetic terms in contrast to a young white working class female cashier who is portrayed as an aggressive racist in a very unrealistic situation – and who faces an aggressive reprimand for her racism by Roseanne.

    Roseanne either wanted out of her show because it was now someone else’s show and failed to represent her world view OR (((Roseanne))) is in on the joke….

    The new black female head of ABC just publicly, summarily and without trial or appeal ‘judged’ Roseanne (as a symbol of white people) as being ‘racist’ and ‘sentenced’ Roseanne (as a symbol of white people) as deserving of instant firing and lifelong reprobation (originally meaning rejection by God) upon Roseanne making one public joke that references the Muslim Brotherhood, a Hollywood movie, and a well-known public political figure VJ (the secret service guarded de facto power behind the president during Obama’s terms).

    In addition to distracting from the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, this is marriage of Islamic and corporate fascism – the imposition of Sharia Law under the guise of anti-bullying strictures.

    Sharia Law forbids any communication that fails to benefit Islam.

    VJ said that this is a ‘teaching moment’ – and it is my opinion that VJ is teaching us to submit to Islam.

    Islamic countries are famous for their distinct absence of humor.

    Do you think it is an accident that Roseanne engaged first Chelsea Clinton and then Valerie Jarrett in a very public manner at this exact time?

    The plan is to create public confusion and derision of the ideas that Roseanne tweets about race, Islam, and conspiracy theories.

    This is pure pick a target, freeze a target and attack a target with that target being ‘woke’ white women. If anything, this stunt hints that (((they))) are afraid of young white women catching a clue about the Kalergi plan.

    Beware of agitprop.

  17. Moe

    Mark Dice ‘dices’ the trashing of Barr for the hypocrisy it is.

    Several interpretations are available for this radical decision to cut a hugely profitable show. One, that Barr was garnering too much interest in Trump’s agenda and other right-wing viewpoints (though I could never see that). Two, that she was obliged to sacrifice her show on the alter of SJW politics. Three, that this was done in furtherance of Jewish interests (too long to recount here, look it up), etc.

    I’m not buying these rationalizations, though any or all may have a bearing, and am rapidly coming around to Mel’s perspective that this is primarily charade, representing another opportunity to amuse, bemuse, befuddle, misdirect, guide and influence the great unwashed.

    If one remains focused on this hogwash one is deflected from pursuing greater Truth and Reality.

  18. Moe

    But was Roseanne really fired for making a Planet Of The Apes joke about Muslim Valerie Jarrett? Do off-color jokes of that nature really get you fired from your hit TV show in Hollywood?

    As it turns out, the short answer is no, jokes that are racist, homophobic and misogynist do not get you fired in Hollywood provided they are made under one, simple condition… as long as the racist, homophobic and misogynist jokes you are making are directed at Conservatives,

  19. Lou

    Conservatives, also–Hetero, Christian, White males.

  20. Moe

    From Boyd D. Cathey

    “…In 2009 (fBarr) posed as Adolf Hitler for the Jewish satirical magazine, Heeb, in a feature titled, “That Oven Feeling,” holding a tray of burnt gingerbread cookies she called “burnt Jew cookies” (Barr is Jewish herself). Again, she was slammed for what many considered “anti-semitism” “.

    Much as I dislike Barr (always have, never liked her show), “That Oven Feeling” is damned funny.

  21. Lou

    20–of course she is Jew. How could such an ugly woman get so far, otherwise?

    I found this,


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