Mainstream Media Attacks Trump Voters Again, SJW Hollywood Clowns Attacks Own Audience

Trump honors 7-year-old son of fallen Marine – YouTube


The attacks by foreign and domestic media on Trump are unrelenting and increasingly delusional.  Trump insists US will soak Mexico to pay for his border wall | Daily Mail Online reported today. What is funny here is, Trump had a very successful visit to Kentucky to rev up the voters there and the crowd was huge and very enthusiastic. So the Daily Mail reported it as the exact opposite in order to attack the US President!


 ‘I don’t want to cause a problem,’ he said to cheers from the 90-percent-capacity audience, ‘but in the end Mexico’s going to pay for the wall.’


Mexico’s president shoved back hard.


‘NO. Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall. Not now, not ever,’ Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted. ‘Sincerely, Mexico (all of us).’


Mexico’s President is suicidal.  Mexico, like all of our ‘allies’ has rigged things via the Bilderberg gang’s ‘open borders’ to send over millions of illegal aliens including many criminals and at the same time, run trade surpluses with the US corporations getting lots of loot via cheaper foreign labor.


Trump is overturning this which is why the entire global power structure is very angry with him.  Many people are very confused about Trump.  He never, ever attended any Bilderberg meetings.  He is an outsider.


The elites hate and fear him.  He is a self made man, not an insider who got power via playing games with other insiders.


Across the EU and other NATO entities, populations are rising up and revolting against the iron rule of the Bilderberg gang.  The recent election in Italy, for example, saw many voters swing to the right, angry about the massive tsunami of illegal aliens who are mostly in Europe on criminal intent.


Yes, the lessons isn’t, the voters are angry with the results of years and years of misrule by rich, connected elites who are traitors.  No, the lesson is, don’t vote for populists because then your economy will be hammered and the citizens will be starved into submission.


The present misgovernment of Italy which has nearly bankrupted the country and it will go bankrupt like Greece, is pissed off at the voters wanting to get rid of this crappy government.  Ergo, the voters are evil and the crappy government that bankrupts Italy is good.


Got it!  HAHAHA.  This is horrible.  And typical.  Euro Crisis Returns With A Bang: Stocks Crash In Frenzied Liquidation Panic | Zero Hedge reports.


Of course, there is panic.  Things were steadily getting worse and worse and the EU is now, thanks to insane policies, being beset by waves of terrorist attacks by Muslims, waves of Muslims from the third world pouring in across borders illegally, the internal collapse of the family inside Europe, radicalization on the left of young Europeans so they can be used to terrorize the citizens via ANTIFA riots and terror tactics.


Europe is a collapsing mess.  The middleclass is literally dying, they are not having children just like in Japan.  The cost of living is very punitive, for example.  This takes me back to Trump: he wants to change free trade because it came at a very high price.


Japan has near-zero ‘free trade’.  They control their markets and use legal and cultural tools to prevent anyone from importing anything except raw materials, for example.

I have howled about this for many, many years now.  Once the world saw Reagan be bribed openly by Japan and how this meant one way trade, all of them bribed all our politicians the same way and all now run trade surpluses with the USA.


Trump is messing this up!


The President of Mexico has declared war on the USA.  He openly said he will continue to destroy our domestic economy and will deliberately enable his citizens to invade illegally and he won’t ‘pay for the wall.’


Trump isn’t dumb, this should now be utterly obvious.  He will make Mexico ‘pay’ via…TARIFFS.  Simple!  Even I could figure this out.  All we need is tariffs and barriers!


Amazing, isn’t it?


 As the auditorium filled up Tuesday night and rally-goers shook the rain off their jackets and ponchos, country music star Trace Adkins performed – and included in his brief set list a tune called ‘Ladies Love Country Boys.’


He said Trump, ‘my friend,’ had told him the song was his daughter Ivanka’s favorite.


Adkins also sang an important song about the return of a son from overseas…in the military…IN A COFFIN.  That was his last song last night.  The Daily Mail which exists thanks to many Americans dying in yet another European war, coming home in caskets.  All of Europe takes for granted US power saving them over and over and over again.


The Japanese would be learning Chinese today if it weren’t for the USA.  Germany would be Russia.  The internal collapse of our fake allies is precisely due to them being fake allies.


Roseanne Barr says she didn’t know target of racist Twitter rant is black | Daily Mail Online:

the liberals are now dancing on her grave.  Roseanne thought that an actress who is around 25% ‘black’ was a white woman because the skin color of the actress is white.


OMG.  So ABC killed its biggest TV moneymaker.  HAHAHA.  I hope they kill all their shows.  The SJW game and the race baiting game is killing the NFL which was by a million miles, the biggest moneymaker for TV gangsters.


Now, the golden goose is bleeding to death.  All the golden geese will be sacrificed on the altar or PC politics and the knife is held in the claws of the Bilderberg gang.


Poor Roseanne!  The more she tries to stop this machine of destruction, the worse it gets.  The army of angry people grows but it is rather small.  Actual watchers of her show are not mad at her, they are now mad at ABC.


This rage is red hot and everyone knows why: the PC police hate Roseanne’s audience.  They want that audience to die.  Literally, not figuratively.


This SJW nonsense is hitting absolutely everything.  The new Han Solo movie has been successfully boycotted by angry fans who hate the SJW subtext of the movies made by Mad Madame Kennedy and her gang.  So this boycott is being called ‘racist’ by mainstream media who misreport everything.


The SJW frantic signalling about race has backfired on Kennedy: SOLO Co-Star Donald Glover Gets Backlash Over White Girlfriend – YouTube

This is extreme racism by the SJW racists.  Yes, they are openly racist!  They want segregation and no free speech!!!  What is this?


Oh, it is exactly what the racists wanted years ago.  Anyone crossing the race divisions will be punished for being a traitor.  And the left is aping the KKK nearly exactly at this point.  I feel like things are running widdershins, utterly backwards.



The mass media giants are at war with citizens worldwide.  The kertuffle over the Star Wars movies is a great example how this operates: the Real Rulers want citizens to hand over tons of money to them and the fans are fighting back by…making fun of Star Wars and NOT GOING TO THE SHOWS!


HAHAHA.  How dare they boycott Disney!  So Disney, run by rich Jewish men, decided to attack their audience and scream nonstop about how evil their audience is, how white males should go away and not come back.


Wow.  I am just amazed.  ‘You better watch NFL football games or else,’ is how the rich creeps who own the NFL slave system snarl at their audience.  They cannot figure out how this sort of Maoist/fascist orders fail when free people can choose to boycott something.


The collapse of these ‘businesses’ is being blamed on white males not cooperating with propaganda schemes and outright racist abuse aimed at white males.


What these clowns plan to do is not allow anything to exist that entertains white males in any way which is why ‘sexy females’ are being replaced with ‘strong women’ who hate men.


The Star Wars Kylo/Ren ‘relationship’ is the two of them trying to kill each other.  There is zero sex here.  The superhero female is too strong for the superhero male who wilts when she strikes him with rage.


Cute!  The movie franchise is dying as this mess grinds to its inevitable end with the female fixing the male and eliminating his powers.  The Real Rulers figure if they chop of men’s balls, this will be a great way to get support for their programs to eliminate modern society and have everyone hate each other all the time and thus, pay no attention to the looting of great but dying empires.


I descended from looters of empires.  I am highly aware of how this works.  I warn everyone, the looters want your loot, they want to enslave everyone.  This is a life and death struggle and it pops up everywhere now even silly entertainments that are fantasies: even there, the attackers are intent on destroying their audience.


This hostility is now ridiculously obvious.





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19 responses to “Mainstream Media Attacks Trump Voters Again, SJW Hollywood Clowns Attacks Own Audience

  1. Melponeme_k

    What needs to be taxed are the money wires from the US to Mexico. That is the other place where Mexico gets money from the US.

    Every possible way that makes it easier for criminals to money launder is what needs to be attacked.

    That will also take care of the CIA criminal drug operation as well.

    Don’t pay attention to the Roseanne mess. Its a psy-op. The spooks in charge are in the process of turning over the industry to “align” itself with the public. Usually they were more adept at this but they miscalculated the extreme change in public opinion and were caught with their pants down.

  2. Lou

    Yes, US $ keeps Mexico going.
    Explain the Psy-Op, Mel.

  3. melponeme_k

    The entertainment industry from the first iteration has been state controlled in various ways. Even old civilizations realized control of entertainment venues was control in the idea formations of the populace.

    Where do children get most of their ideas today? NOT their parents. NOT their schools. It is almost ALL from entertainment.

    Our entertainment industry now has been, is now and will be controlled by the CIA.

    Click to access RockComm_Chap11_CHAOS.pdf

    Operation Chaos was to control the Boomer generation. They needed to stop the burgeoning movement that was against war, against the elites etc. So they settled on a plan of culture warfare that borrowed generously from Nazi propaganda and Communist propaganda.

    In regards to Hollywood, they have been using “Stars” to steer our public opinions, to draw attention to subjects that will mislead us or head us off from real insights. Almost all the stars have been involved with the spooks since the beginning. They are just CIA stooges who happen to work in entertainment. They are all installed there and a career is created for them. None of it is natural. Hell, if it was allowed to be natural, I think we would have a much better entertainment industry abet less coherent (because no one would be establishing a theme).

    The CIA was caught surprised by the surprise change in the populace. One day they were in control of the mainstream the next they were in control of nothing at all. They tried to steer it back to their old themes but that didn’t work. Since there is no real entertainment, no real sports or music industry. They can burn it all down to the ground. And THEY ARE! They will throw out all the old agents and bring in the new. They will let Roseanne be the martyr to get us to support her. She will become our “face” which will allow her to be more influential than she would or should be. She is their entrée into the new mainstream.

    Do you see?

  4. Saint Mike

    The big Jewish entertainment industry has shown yet again that they will not allow the right (especially if white) free speech while the left can say anything it wants.

  5. csurge

    @ Mel

    Yeah, I see. Look at what happened to Morgan Freeman. He was such a loyal little lapdog and they just shot him in the street. I was wondering which side was doing it, and I’m leaning toward your take on the matter. It’s the establishment types. They can so some of the writing on the wall and want to keep control of the systems, so they’ll pretend to change direction by sacrificing their puppets and live to fight another day

    I agree. Hollywood is probably more important than the White House. Entertainment is the easiest way to control the masses. It’s an old ruler trick

  6. Zeke

    The faux elite, Bilderbergers, whoever, want to flood the country with immigrants. They push “diversity”. They don’t want solidarity or unity among the population. “Divide and Conquer.”
    They want us bickering and fighting among ourselves so we don’t turn our attention to the source of the problem – the faux elite political class.
    Billary wanted ‘diversity for the rest of us’ but not for them. The chose to live in one of the most non-diverse towns in the country: Chappaqua.
    She said: “I’m not going to build a wall; I’m going to build a bridge” during presidential campaign. (Wrong answer, Hillary.)

  7. Petruchio

    “The SJW game and the race baiting game is killing the NFL which was by a million miles, the biggest moneymaker for TV gangsters.” All true. As an aside, it’s really hard to believe that these SJW’s have nothing better to do than rail against NFL Cheerleaders!! It just shows what their REAL agenda is: destroy whites as a race, and in particular white males. World War 3 might erupt in the Middle East, but these SJW’s are crusading against some hot looking women shaking their booties along a sideline. BUT ALSO: alot of people, mostly males, who are NFL fans are slowly being turned off by the NFL because the ENTIRE league has the smell of being RIGGED. I’m one of these NFL fans and I believe this to be true. I don’t know if certain games, like the Super Bowl are outright fixed, but I DO think the referees can and do influence the outcomes of some games. More fans are figuring this out or at least suspecting it. And it’s interesting because I think the folks who run the NFL know it too. Check out their ads promoting the NFL. You see it filled with WOMEN. Women walking around town wearing their home teams clothing apparel items, such as jerseys. Equally interesting too is how–sometimes, they don’t dare to do it all the time–white males are projected. The white males are portrayed as being slobbering, chick wing eating simpletons who just grovel in the presence of the Black Male NFL athlete. The NFL pushes that angle, but not too hard; the white male is still the NFL’s meal ticket.

  8. Saint Mike

    If you’re a white man and you don’t understand that you have domestic enemies trying to destroy you and everything you believe in, you’re a freaking idiot. There is a one sided war against American whites.

    America was founded as a European white homeland for “ourselves and our posterity”, not for everyone and everyone’s posterity.

  9. Pete

    CIA infiltration of media goes way back to Operation Mockingbird
    in the 1950’s. I guess that Allen Dulles quickly realized (right after
    the CIA was founded in 1947) how important it was to control the
    flow of information. Not to mention MK Ultra programs. Yikes!


    I grew up inside the System. We often stayed at WWII military camps in California and Texas, for example.

    The CIA grew out of the NSA and other intelligence operations. My father was a NSA top agent, for example.

    NASA grew out of WWII German rocket caves which were penetrated by…my father.

    All this has been running along for all my life. I was on the ‘internet’ the day it was launched because my dad was on it as he was in all other systems set up by the spooks.

    Everything is falling apart now, the controllers have lost their grip. They struggle to regain it and censoring everyone, arresting anyone who uses the internet, punishing even top entertainers for saying the wrong thing online, etc.: this is all to regain control of these chaos systems that were born during WWII.

  11. Jim R

    Here’s what the CFR is saying today:

    Run the cursor back to the beginning and watch the whole hour and change, if your blood pressure is too low.

    This was found on ZeroHedge.

    The Council On Foreign Relations Says Domestic Propaganda Is Necessary

    by Tyler Durden
    Thu, 05/31/2018 – 20:05

    One year ago, a State Department press event included quite possibly the most epic “deer in the headlights” moment in all of government press briefing history.

  12. Jim R

    Sorry the video in the previous comment was supposed to start at 1:15:17. Back it up a few seconds to hear what the guy on the left says about propaganda.

  13. Jim R

    The one just right of center reminds me of Monty Python’s tennis-playing blancmange. If Samantha Bee can talk shit about the first family, then I can make fun of this very minor functionary.

  14. Moe

    From The Onion: CNN Promises To Maintain Complete Lack Of Editorial Integrity Despite AT&T-Time Warner Merger

  15. shawntoh

    “Feminist college professor says women should hate men based on their gender … This is called ‘inclusiveness’”

    Elaine, they are teaching them to hate me– what am I suppose to do? (I’ll stay tuned to Culture of Life). Peace.

  16. They also teach racism, Shawn. This is highly explosive and incredibly stupid.

  17. Lou

    Hate, reparations, ‘equality’ [not equal rights by law]. etc.
    White Privilege.

  18. Lou

    off topic—

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