Baby Trudeau Announces Retaitory Trade Sanctions Against USA: To Hell With All Foriegn Leeches!

Trudeau announces retaliatory “dollar for dollar” sanctions against the U.S. – YouTube


HAHAHA…Canada, like all our ‘allies’ has run trade surpluses with the US and now Trump is telling all these fake ‘allies’ they have to change their rules that protect them while taking advantage of the Bilderberg gang’s rape of the USA. hell with Canada or any ‘allies’ if they want a trade war, they are getting a trade war.  That is, Canada can continue to fight the US in trade and eventually, will learn to be more accomodating.  Or they can go their own way.


So, Canada is going to double down.  Like Japan, China, the EU: this is suicide for them.  Their intolerant and arrogant attitude when negotiations began last year has led to Trump throwing donw his trump card, he actually holds all the cards here.


None of these countries want to really start a trade war, they know they will lose.  But then, we have no allies, we only have leeches and hangers-on and fair weather friends who are pick pockets and thieves.


I find this sort of haughty nose in the air actions of our fake allies to be very funny because they stupidly are showing how hostile they are and how they hate us and wish us ill.  Good.


We have to save everyone from their global follies over and over again and now that is stopping.  Germany is mad at Trump, too.  How dare he push his true bosses around!  All these mental midgets think that poking the US in the nose is great fun since previous Presidents kow towed to these clowns in the past starting with Reagan.


To hell with them all.  Let them eat cake.


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6 responses to “Baby Trudeau Announces Retaitory Trade Sanctions Against USA: To Hell With All Foriegn Leeches!

  1. timothy carroll

    only this, 🙂

  2. Saint Mike

    Trudeau is an SJW, as a rule SJW’s, have never had to connect satisfying a customer or an audience with success. They succeed by pleasing a patron, or by having a trust fund, which means that what counts as success is perverse by a normal man’s perspective. They never had to rely on merit, so they do everything contrary to it out of habit.

    The United States holds all the cards here. In the end Canada, Mexico,The EU, China will all submit to the God-Emperor’s wishes.

  3. Moe

    The selection of Trudeau for head of the Liberal Party in the last election demonstrates the desperation of Canadian politics. His election manifests the collective vacuousness of Canadians.

    This clown doesn’t even rate being labeled a lightweight, he’s an utter bonehead. I can only imagine what the world’s other leaders think of him.

  4. Lou

    please correct yr headline [foreign] and remove this.
    the error makes it look bad.

  5. PoorLittleTrump

    Dear Elaine, Trump might be doing the right thing by getting tariffs, but he is getting his timing all wrong. The right way is to fight one enemy at a time, make sure that enemy is dead before moving on to the next.
    Now Trump is making enemies out of every country in the world at the same time thinking he is doing the right thing. He will lose far far more than he can achieve.

  6. Melponeme_k

    I don’t care what happens to Canada. After listening to citizen after citizen pour hatred on the US on principle, I say let them have their current paradise. They deserve the strange looking, femme leader they have apparently elected and all the Illegal Aliens he invites into the country.

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