Bilderberg Gang Tried Italy Coup After Election, Italians Crushed Them Utterly

Brussels Backs Down: Lega-M5S Government is Born in Italy!!! – YouTube


The Bilderberg gang tried to create a coup by deliberately blocking anyone from the two winning parties from entering into power and the Brussels machine even demanded a new election but soon, the clowns realized the ‘new election’ would be even more to the right than the previous ‘election’.  This is a coup that failed!  And all coups on the left are going to fail because they allowed and encouraged the Muslim invasion of Europe and the left is dying rapidly because of this insanity.


Euroskeptics cheer, markets up as Italy populists start work – Breitbart


ROME (AP) — Europe’s euroskeptic politicians cheered and Milan’s stock index rose Friday after Italy’s populists put an end to three months of political gridlock, staving off the threat of new elections and forming western Europe’s first populist government.


The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and right-wing League are to swear in their Cabinet later Friday, capping a rollercoaster week of political and financial turmoil by reaching agreement with Italy’s president to drop a euroskeptic economy minister.


They aren’t stupid, the 5-Star Movement will, once in office, do exactly what they promised: kill the euro.  And stop the bleeding that is destroying Italy (as in England) and making Germany stronger.


“It’s a victory of democracy over intimidation and threats from the European Union,” said Le Pen, who shares the League’s firm anti-immigrant stance. “Nothing will stop the return of the people to the stage of history!”


Austria broke the dam when the voters sided with Hungary and Poland.  Now, Italy is joining the revolt.  This is life and death for citizens.  The open borders experiment is proving to be a terrible disaster.


“Best of luck to to both of those parties, to both of those leaders,” Nigel Farage, former leader of Britain’s UKIP party that played a key role in the Brexit campaign, said in a video message. “One thing though: Gotta stay strong, the bully boys will be after you.”


The attempts at cheating England of Brexit are now going to fail.  Farage is very happy about this.


It was a reference to European Union officials in Brussels, who have made clear in recent days their concern — in occasionally undiplomatic terms — about the euroskeptic direction of Europe’s third-largest economy.


Very little about this at the insane New York Times.   The clowns at the NYT did run a story about Bee ‘apologizing’ and Disney snarling an ‘apology’ which is stupid news since the creepy lady wasn’t fired and her shows eliminated.


Which is entirely OK with the NYT creeps being creepy people.  Back to important news which the NYT puts at the bottom of the front page:

All over Europe now, Bilderberg gangsters are on the run.  Voting citizens can increasingly see what the hell these hellions are doing.  The invasion of Europe by millions of illegal alien males most of whom hate Europe, is waking up even socialists in Europe.


 Daily Mail Online has lots of amusing headlines as the ‘allies’ of the US howl like banshees: yes, these stupid people running Europe and Canada off the cliff are screaming at Trump.  They are going to raise huge tariffs on some US goods.  And this will fail because they all run trade surpluses with us and we can simply stop doing any business with them and they all go bankrupt.

So, both Italy and now Spain are voting into office, people who are pissed about free trade and open borders.  Both these systems are an attack on workers.  Import cheap labor and cheap goods kills jobs for citizens.


Figuring this out took a while but the army marching on the Bilderberg gang’s operations is growing in size and rage!  I hate the Bilderberg gang with a passion and soon, most workers will hate them, too.  The secrecy veil has been torn in two and now we can see them much more clearly.


This is a delightful collection of headlines.  All the creeps who are Bilderberg gangsters, are screaming at Trump that he is evil by meddling in their looting of the US taxpayers.  So, England is going to protect THEIR steel?  HAHAHA.  Hello.  Duh.  Congratulations on figuring out the obvious, gangster dudes.


So, the EU robbers are inviting in the Chinese robbers.  The Chinese are saying, ‘We killed the US steel industries, now we will do this to you, too, OK?’  Nope.  They are saying, ‘Let’s stop this closed border stuff, let us into your countries and we will be united against the USA.’  I call this a deal between a wolf and a dozen crying sheep.  The watch dog has gone home in a huff and now they get to live with a real wolf instead.


China’s goal is to kill all industries in Europe.  Too stupid to figure out the obvious, but then the rulers of Europe are utterly and totally insane, they are already openly at war with the citizens who are workers, this war is going to end badly for the Bilderberg gangsters.

Facebook is dying.  The numbers are down.  Zuckerberg decided to attack 50% of his clients because they voted for Trump and post pro-Trump stuff.  Good riddance to bad trash.  I hope that stupid smirk is wiped off of Zuckerberg’s face.


He can write his memoire: ‘How To Lose A Billion Bucks’.  Here is a gang effort at writing a new book, ‘How To Kill The Hollywood Golden Goose’:

So, an actress making fun of another actress is unforgivable.  But actresses making fun of little girls and their young mommy using crude, sexual, rapist words is OK!!!  A line of evil actresses have stood up and said, ‘Child rape is OK, obscene sex words aimed at little girls and their mommies is OK, being foul mouthed and sexist is fine.’  I got it.


Hollywood is all about rape.  It is a very evil place.  It is Sin City.  It has zero moral values.  Do these idiots have the faintest idea what will happen next?  They are frantically virtual signalling that being obscene, threatening young mothers with rape, mocking little girls is OK.  And this, dear readers, is what Widdershins Pure Evil Black Magic is all about.


A Skull and Bones man who lived next door to my father and was part of an evil coven raped me when I was only 5 years old.  The Watchers are still interrogating him over this rape and I believe they will be happily doing this for some time into the eternal future for he is now beyond the Gates of Death and in the grip of the Furies.


Monsters like him thrive in Hollywood.  We see Europe revolting against this gang, remember the Eurotunnel in Switzerland?  The opening ceremonies were very creepy, totally black magic, and openly satanic.  This was their moment of triumph and they felt brave enough to openly advertise that the ruling elites of Europe are utterly evil and totally into black magic.  DUH.


More interesting news:

So, the Satanists giving awards to creepy anti-feminist females had to make their latest award secret?  HAHAHA.  But the advertisers are freaking out and good: they BETTER.  The desire to boycott businesses supporting rape, racism, anti-Americanism, evil…has to be throttled.


Tell advertisers, their support of evil is evil.  This will kill the last egg laying golden geese.  The Daily Mail attacks Trump every day just like the New York Times.  90% of the attacks are petty, spiteful, often anonymous stories.  All mainstream news runs anonymous stories now.  I have never seen so many non-sources stories in my long, long, very intently reading the news days of my long life.


This is insane and at the same time, backfiring badly.  I find all of this endlessly funny to watch.




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21 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Tried Italy Coup After Election, Italians Crushed Them Utterly

  1. Melponeme_k

    Our country, US, has all the resources it needs. We need NOTHING from any country. Not even fuel, we have coal aplenty and don’t need gas. We even have enough gas for ourselves. The “Scarcity” was created by the Elites who stole our resources in order to sell them to China along with destroying our homegrown industries. We are now in the exact same position that caused the American Revolution in the first place. We are being forced to give our iron away to Foreigners so they can turn it into steel and sell it to us at top dollar. WHAT A JOKE!!

    I hope the elites do make the EU and Canada tariff us. It will ignite our own industries again.

  2. Ken

    Mel @ 1,

    Don’t just blame the “elites” for selling out American industry. They did a pretty good job of that themselves.

    Like many people who were born in Michigan, I ended up employed in the automotive industry. Many years ago the Chinese came to town and bought up lots of old industrial equipment. The equipment was being replaced by American companies with newer and more efficient equipment. The Chinese were told up front that the equipment was old, and either (1) could produce world-class product, but only if many workers were employed, or (2) could only produce product suitable for non-demanding markets, of (3) were only good for spare parts.

    The Chinese happily bought it all. American management was delighted to unload these machines and get at least something for “worthless” junk. It never seemed to occur to American management that these same machines were going to be put into competition with the same companies who were selling them.

    American industry did a pretty good job of shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. Lisa

    It has become obvious that Hollywood is completely comprised of rapists, pedophiles, and perverts. It shows in all of their products. There is virtually nothing left coming from Hollywood that doesn’t contain favorable displays of rape, pedophilia and perversion.

    If you want to boycott the sponsors of Samantha Bee, according this this article:

    “For the record, this sick diatribe was sponsored in part by Orkin, Taco Bell, Apple, Verizon, Haagen-Dazs, Jim Beam, Windows, Febreze, Discover, Geico, Snickers, Diamond Producers Association, Centrum, Outshine fruit bars, and State Farm.”

  4. Lou

    3–Booze and junk food companies.

  5. Pete

    The new Italian guv wants to immediately end the trade
    sanctions on Russia! Oh my this is going to be FUN
    to watch 🙂 HAHAHA


  6. Moe

    Excerpt:”A Skull and Bones man who lived next door to my father and was part of an evil coven raped me when I was only 5 years old”.

    If this happened to my 5 year old daughter the perpetrator would be dead. Your father was influential, could he not pull a few strings?

  7. You try fighting the Machine. Look, my poor father couldn’t believe what was happening! I could see the Darkness, he could not. It was really bizarre, growing up in the middle of a conspiracy from hell aimed straight at the lightning bolt business that was my fate.

    They wanted that power of the Outerdarkness! They were also stupid, not understanding how ‘moral’ the Watchers are: they are very, very ‘moral’ and believe with all their dark powers, that good will punish evil in the end (at the Gates of Death).

    I try and try explaining all this to these lunatics can they don’t believe me. They really think they can fool the gods.

  8. Oguy

    “They really think they can fool the gods”.

    Yes, sad and pathetic, isn’t it?

  9. Lou

    What are Gods?

  10. Actually, the Watchers: they watch you and everyone sort of like Santa Claus. When I was a child and after being hit by lightning and thus, able to ‘see’ the Watchers, I wondered about Santa Claus. I finally decided that yes, he is related to the Watchers only he is rather mean, he rewards spoiled brat rich kids more the poor kids.

  11. Jim R

    Anti-Immigrant Party Wins Slovenian Elections As Populist Wave Washes Over Europe

    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 06/03/2018 – 14:07

    While the final vote details are still pending, the divided nature of the vote means the SDS would need to ally with at least two other parties to gain a majority in the 90-seat parliament, the Telegraph notes. But so far most other parties have demurred at joining forces with the SDS, which has the open support of Hungary’s anti-establishment Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and for obvious reasons: the SDS wants to follow neighbouring Hungary’s tough anti-migration policies, and according to the just concluded vote, so does a plurality of the Slovenian population.

    “We believe that today a first step will be made towards Slovenia becoming a country that will put the well-being and security of Slovenians first,” Mr Jansa said.

  12. Lou

    Off topic. As States welcome ‘illegals-dreamers’–water is running out [no pun]–
    I found this,
    I’m a native California and it breaks my heart that I have to leave. The final straw was taking away my Daily shower. New law you can either wash your clothes or take a shower in one day but not both. Allocated 55 gallons of water per day per person when flushing the toilet takes 7 gallons.

    Starting in 2022 if you go over your water allotment you are fined $1000 per day. And all houses have to have their plumbing retrofitted at owner expense to be very narrow pipes by 2022.

    Anyone with any sort of means will be fleeing California. Why do they want us all to be dirty? Is that some sort of mind control thing?

  13. Lou

    two comments,

    Allison Mack faces LIFE in prison, possibly; yet the show she was on is still in rotation…yet Roseannes show is off. Or is the show on w/o Roseanne?

    also, not meaning to be rude BUT,
    A Skull and Bones man who lived next door to my father and was part of an evil coven–maybe dad should have moved the family sooner? Did he know the guy was a satanist?

  14. Melponeme_k


    The elite are under the impression that if they build a few hospitals, libraries, museums and donate to “charities” (snort), it will balance their evil deeds. That is their interpretation of Natural Law. Which is a laugh. The judges at the end examine everything, question everything. A little library does not cover putting entire populations in slavery or murdering children.


    Elaine wrote the entire story several times. Her mother was involved in psychic groups in college. It spooked her enough to run away from that (including Jack Parsons) and marry Elaine’s father. They both had to know the crazy, Satanist religious stuff that was floating around. That had to influence them to become born again Christians. In the process of their running for cover they eventually got involved with COG/The Family which was a cult sponsored by the CIA and run by a CIA spook. PURE MK ULTRA. It seems they never got off the “reservation”. Once you are a part of those circles, they never let you go.

  15. Moe

    War Erupts Between Italy’s Government And Soros

    Excerpt: “I do not know if Salvini was funded by Moscow, but the public has a right to know” said Soros.

    Soros translated: Any government who puts their citizens ahead of migrants is now a Putin puppet.”

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. The Russians Did It!

  16. Moe

    From Unz Review – Italy: The Center Cannot Hold

  17. Moe

    From Breitbart: Outlining a,,,populist agenda for Italy, the nation’s new prime minister has promised an “end” to mass immigration

  18. Moe

    UK Express: ‘A Near Miss’

    Excerpt: “EU technocrats also quashed French, Dutch and Irish referendums between 2005 and 2008, because those people had voted ‘the wrong way’ (not to mention poor Greece in 2015).”

    I remember this very well and was astonished with those proceedings. It exposed the autocracy of the EU.

  19. Moe

    Italy: The Center Cannot Hold

    Excerpt: “In European countries, the authoritarian neoliberal “center” is institutionalized in the European Union, which imposes economic policy over the heads of the parliaments of the member countries, dictating measures which conform to the choices of Germany and northern Europe, but are increasingly disastrous for the Southern EU members. ”

  20. Lou

    15-Mel, what about River Phoenix? His family was part of ‘Children of God’—some think Johnny Depp [satanist] sacrificed him, via drugs. Illuminati sacrifice.

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