EU Rulers Demand Preganant Bulgarian Cow Be Executed For Illegally Crossing Borders!

Activists battle to prevent pregnant cow from being executed for ‘illegally’ crossing into EU — RT World News from Russia: yes, the penalty for crossing borders into the fabulous EU is DEATH.  If you are a productive cow!  Humans can storm the borders openly and get rewarded with housing, food and other goodies which is why huge armies of millions of people are now storming into the dying EU.  More countries are now desperately trying to stop this flood of illegal aliens but are punished by the dictators in Brussels.  So Italy, for example, voted in defiance to shut out illegal aliens, anyways.  A war is on and Europe, so far, is dying.


We, the signatories of this petition, urge the EU to make an exception on compassionate grounds for Penka and not execute her,” a petition addressed to the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Court of Justice pleads. “We believe that Penka’s case reflects a lack of compassion on the part of EU officialdom for everyday people, such as Penka’s owner, who is absolutely distraught.”


Wolves chased the cow into the next town but that is on the other side of the borders which were set up in the wake of the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Now, many former communist countries are fighting each other which led to open warfare like in Kosovo.  Now, they are slowly beginning to rejoin each other as Brussels has ordered them to take in millions of illegal alien Muslims that Germany stupidly let into Europe.


Petition · European parliament: Save Penka the pregnant Bulgarian cow ·

The owners of this doomed cow are doing the smart thing: they are raising hell.  And they have lots and lots of support.  Supposedly, the cow could have gotten sick when over the border so the authorities holding the cow said they would put her into quarantine and then return her to the farmer.


But no, the EU ruled that the cow must die.  Period.  Just like now they rule that children must die if the parents want to try to save them with other forms of medical services.  The problem here is the lack of free choice and the draconian, iron rule of law when at the same time, the very same draconian bureaucrats turn around and then totally ignore all rules and laws when they want to do something illegal.

These Bilderberg lunatics are killing my home state, New York.  I was the Housewife from Hell and about 60% of the people I arrested were illegal aliens committing crimes.  Well, the new mayor who lives in my old neighborhood of Park Slope, is continuing his plan to destroy the city by allowing illegal aliens to run riot.  REPORT: Immigrants with Detainers Released by Sanctuary New York, Commit more Crimes


ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers conducted a study of 440 criminal immigrants who were released from jail after ERO placed immigration detainers on the suspects prior to their release. Nearly 40 of those 440 criminal immigrants released from custody re-offended and were re-arrested by local law enforcement for new crimes committed against the citizens they swore to protect, according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from ICE officials.


“In just three months, more than three dozen criminal aliens were released from local custody,” acting field office director for the ERO New York Scott Mechowski said in a written statement. “Simply put, the politics and rhetoric in this city are putting its own communities at an unnecessary risk.


New York jail officials have not notified ERO officers of criminal aliens about to be released since 2014, ERO officials stated. The exception to this is immigrants who have committed one of the 170 crimes considered “egregious by the New York Mayor’s Office.


Arrest DiBlasio.  Charge him with treason.  His plan to cooperate with invading aliens who are criminals is treason.  I know that this sounds extreme but treason is treason: enabling and assisting invaders who attack citizens, to continue attacking citizens is treason.  All officials doing this illegal stuff should be charged with the appropriate charge: treason.


Bakery Fires Workers Who Refused Service To Black Woman After They Were Closed.  Now to Oregon which like NY and California, is overrun with lunatics and illegal aliens and far leftists who hate America: staff who were told how to close shop followed the rules the owners created and were then punished for this and fired, not scolded but fired.


“Back To Eden Bakery” released several public apologies and statements following the incident, before letting the employees go. In one Facebook post, the bakery’s co-owner wrote, “We are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country.”


These ‘liberals’ are evil.  Heartlessly, they terminated the jobs of innocent workers who were obeying the rules.  They don’t care if the workers lose their homes or suffer terribly.  The need to virtue signal is so great, they act like monsters.  If they didn’t want any closing hours, they could simply change the rules, not change the workers by firing them.


In one statement, “Back To Eden Bakery” says that according to its own surveillance video, a black woman named “Lillian”, who is well known in the area as a “professional equity activist”, entered at 9:06 p.m., after the bakery’s closing time. Employees had also turned off the “Open” sign, but several customers (all white) who had already ordered were still inside. Two other white women who went to the bakery two minutes before “Lillian”, and were also informed that the business was closed for the night.


This is identical to the deliberate event at Starbucks: two rangy looking black males deliberately entered, deliberately sat down and hung out for quite a while doing nothing.  Then when they demanded to use the toilet, the staff, trained to say no if the person doesn’t buy anything, said no.


They were FIRED for this, too!  Following the rules=firing offense with SJW businesses.  The two black dudes then refused to leave when asked over and over again and when cops came, refused to leave and then were arrested.


Now, Starbucks will die on the vine.  Anyone can hang out there and do drugs, camp out in the restroom, destroy the restroom and the staff are under strict orders to do nothing.  Guess how many staff will be fired for following these new orders?  The heartlessness of SJW business owners is now obvious, legendary and suicidal.   I hope they all go bankrupt.


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31 responses to “EU Rulers Demand Preganant Bulgarian Cow Be Executed For Illegally Crossing Borders!

  1. Sunger

    “Hurricane Season 2018: Experts Warn of Super Storms, Call For New Category 6”
    By Bob Berwyn, InsideClimate News
    Jun 2, 2018

    “As the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season begins, scientists are worried that U.S. coastal communities could face more super storms with winds, storm surges and rainfall so intense that current warning categories don’t fully capture the threat.

    This year’s forecast is about average and much more subdued than last summer’s hyperactive season turned out to be, partly due to cooler ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic, as well as a nascent El Niño pattern.

    A new review of global data on hurricanes shows that since 1980, the number of storms with winds stronger than 200 kilometers per hour (124 mph, or a strong Category 3) have doubled, and those with winds stronger than 250 kilometers per hour (155 mph) have tripled.

    The analysis, published this week by four prominent climate scientists, also shows other clear trends, including a poleward migration of the areas where storms reach peak intensity, which puts new areas at risk, including New England and even Europe.

    Storms are also intensifying more quickly, with a greater chance they will drop record amounts of rain, especially if they stall out when they hit land, as Hurricane Harvey did in Houston last year.

    “The weight of the evidence suggests that the 30-year-old prediction of more intense and wetter tropical cyclones is coming to pass. This is a risk that we can no longer afford to ignore,” wrote the authors—Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Kerry Emanuel of MIT, Jim Kossin of NOAA and Mann.”

  2. tio

    Salvini had said after being sworn in that he would ask his ministry’s experts “how to reduce the number of arriving migrants and increase the number of expulsions”.

    “The good times for illegals is over — get ready to pack your bags,” he said Saturday at a rally in Italy’s north.

    “Countries need to start doing their job and no more smugglers should be docking in Italian ports,” he said in a swipe at the NGOs organising rescues at sea, which he has regularly accused of complicity with people traffickers.

    *Ahem* I wonder what the lizard people have in store for Italy now?

  3. Jim R

    Every article comes with a weather report now 😉

  4. Moe

    There are two issues here, one the fascist insanity and perversity of EU law and bureaucracy, and two the anthropomorphism of the distressed animal.

    The first is obvious and has been obvious to the discerning observer since EU inception. It is autocratic, anti-sovereign,
    profoundly and demonstratively anti-democratic, and inherently corrupt since its purported function when initiated hid the true intent of furtherance of sovereign elimination or globalization.

    Anthropomorphism is secondary but interesting. Inappropriate language usage is dangerous precisely because it clouds our thinking, though usage here could be deliberate to arouse sympathy or it could simply represent confused thinking.

    A cow cannot perform any illegal act, that is absurd. Only humans can be executed, cows are slaughtered or killed. I’ve seen this anthropomorphism before, where animals are claimed to be murdered, another malapropism. This is important since clearly and accurately utilized/defined language is key to circumspection and comprehension.

    Also, I am not conversant with the US legal definition of treason, but (without investigation) I am uncertain of its usage here.


    ELAINE: I have owned cattle in the past. THEY COST MONEY. The farmer whose cow is being threatened with death is a man who is losing MONEY because they are not paying him the cost of his cow. See? Seriously, this is a terrible EU rule set up by guys who don’t give a damn who they hurt, economically​, so long as it is not them who is being hurt.

  5. Ken

    The strategy of activists actively looking for trouble just to make a point is not new.

    Long ago a civil rights activist named Rosa Parks actively tried to provoke confrontation by intentionally violating rules regarding where she (as a black woman) should sit on public buses. Most of the time no one made a fuss if she sat in the wrong area. Eventually she got her wish and provoked a confrontation. She became famous, just by looking for trouble.

  6. Moe

    @ 4 JimR

    Sunger is like CW, compulsively has to interject his pet topics regardless of relevance or accuracy. I’m guessing they’re both liberals/leftists, perhaps (horrors!) SJWs.

  7. Moe

    @ 3 Tio

    I’ll believe it when I see. Recall Greece, and how it was sold out by Tsipras. Look at the incredible corruption and oppression by Spain’s Rajoy government. These tinpot politicians seem to sell out their public on a daily basis.

  8. Moe

    Re: Starbucks

    EMS said: “Let Starbucks die on the vine’. Absolutely, along with many other superfluous businesses that cater to people’s non-genuine ‘needs’, i.e., over-hyped pampering. We’re turning into a nation of pussies. (Aside: during my bush-whacking days we made coffee by throwing ground coffee into boiling water, followed shortly by eggshells to precipitate the grounds. Cowboy Coffee we called it).

    I recall being invited in 1998 for a coffee at Starbucks by my two nieces. Never having been there, I accepted for enjoyment of their company, since I had spent little time with them during the previous ten years.

    Well, it was not like any restaurant, with comfy chairs, tables and in general a spacious lounging area. When I arrived at the barista I was confounded by the surfeit of choice of refreshments, particularly the number of coffee types. I had trouble discerning which of those proffered was ‘Just coffee, black’ but finally got it. My nieces paid for our coffees and I nearly sh*t myself at the cost! “Why”, I asked them, “would anyone come here with those prices?” They explained that it was comfortable and the environs pleasantly accommodating, relaxing, pleasant reading environment, etc., etc.

    After some conversation, it appeared to me that my nieces had undergone a transformation during our years apart: they had become ‘genteel’, or as I preferred, in the vernacular of that era, Yuppies. Yuppies! I hated Yuppies!

    And that’s what Starbucks really represented to them, an opportunity to showcase their ‘success’, their superior ‘social status’, their ‘exceptionalism’ (where have you heard that word lately?).

    I’ve basically written them off: they won’t be in the will. 🙂

  9. Oguy

    “I’ve seen this anthropomorphism before, where animals are claimed to be murdered, another malapropism. This is important since clearly and accurately utilized/defined language is key to circumspection and comprehension.”

    And what if the distinction between two words, concepts or laws/regulations rests on a false dichotomy? Are we to honor the formal distinction only? Both hair-splitting and false association can be used as tools of obfuscation.

  10. Moe

    Correction to previous post: Cowboy Coffee required a dash of cold water to precipitate the grounds. Can’t recall why we used the eggshells, perhaps to render the brew less bitter.

  11. Moe

    @ 10 Oguy

    Yep, false dichotomy. That would be human = animal. You can call it hair-splitting, I’ll call it accuracy.

  12. tio


    Yup, if a politicians lips are moving that’s a big red flag right there. As an aside I found the following article particularly interesting in addition to being well written. h/t TAE

    I make my morning (Lidl) coffee in a French press, do I have anything to worry about?

  13. Moe

    @ 13 Tio

    A very good friend of mine uses a French Press and he’s down-to-earth. I think you’re probably OK. 🙂

  14. ziff

    the cow must die ”, wow, all this heart wrenching over a cow all gone veggie over there ? not shooting off the wildlife anymore ?

  15. tio

    George Soros flipped out, openly suggesting that Salvini might be financed by Vladimir Putin, saying he is “very worried about Russia’s influence on Europe in general and on the new Italian government.”

    Now that didn’t take long did it?


  16. Jim R

    .. and never mind the countless thousands of deaths Soros has caused, starting in 1940s Nazi-occupied Europe.

  17. Oguy

    #12 — Moe.

    My intention was not to equate human and animal, which I wasn’t doing, overtly or otherwise, but to draw attention to a general logical and rhetorical principle which (although legitimate in and of itself) can often be abused. The example to which I responded simply happened to differentiate humans and animals. It could have been anything.

    However any individual might want to differentiate or equate “human” and “animal” is up to them. I don’t see human life as a “one size fits all” proposition, so we each follow our own internal law in regard to what inclinations and activities suit us, in accordance with our own innate intelligence and unique experience.

  18. Moe

    @ 18 Oguy

    Quote: “…so we each follow our own internal law in regard to what inclinations and activities suit us, in accordance with our own innate intelligence and unique experience”.

    I would regard this as self-evident: how else would one proceed? So obvious to be (for me) unworthy of comment, or in general, consideration: let me explain my position.

    My perspective of the Universe is absolutist, that there are not a multitude of ‘truths’ but solely One. (I am familiar with the concept of multiple universes including chaotic ones but that does not affect absolutism, which by definition is all-inclusive).

    Humans though have a multitude of ‘truths’, in reality beliefs, based upon and limited by their personal experience. I acknowledge this in dealing with others but usually in reference to interpersonal relationship, and only occasionally in regards to my personal pursuit of Reality. (That is, since most people do not spend time and effort in pursuit of Truth, they have a non-existent or weak comprehension of it, limited by minimal personal experience and disinterest in greater spheres of knowledge. So they are largely incapable of expressing or sharing it).

    My task in life is twofold: first to filter out truth from falsehood, reality from fiction. Necessarily, this involves external examination of the world and also postulations about it. The limitation of this method is difficulty in ascertainment of and discernment of evidence, confounded by my limited experience, comprehension, integrative ability, intelligence, and inertia (i.e., laziness).

    Secondly, to search for internal guidance via elevated ‘consciousness’. I don’t want that to sound pretentious, call it meditation, or prayer or whatever. This is my primary venue to source, at minimum, a holistic, general appreciation or ‘sense’ of our existence/world and presumably, other planes of existence, and hopefully, at length, specific information about them.

    So I take no issue with your observation of differing personal perspectives, nor that others’ will differ from mine. (Indeed, considering what I’ve posted in this posting, many might adjudge me as crazy). I just am reluctant to credit others’ views unless they can rationalize them. To use the example in earlier posting, if someone makes a claim of equality of human and other species, they’re going to have to demonstrate that. No-one has yet, so I discount anthropomorphism.

  19. I was a farmer for a number of years and grew up on a ranch.

    Our livestock is IMPORTANT to us!!! We also have a degree of affection for our animals who work with us. Working animals are important to us.

    A trained horse, a productive cow is a TREASURE to us. We like to keep them safe, we like to see them thrive, we have an emotional attachment to our working animals like my ox team, for example

    They were a team who I could talk to and they would do tasks with me even save my life. My dogs: ditto, in spades.

    My cats work, too! And get lots of affection from us, too! Duh!

  20. Moe

    @ 20 EMS

    I grew up on a farm too, and share your affection and valuation for animals. But I do not extend human equality to them.

    Are you stating that animals exhibit human qualities, and if so, to what extent? Have you ever killed and eaten an animal, and if so, what is your rationale if you perceive they are equal to humans in some respect?

    Animals obviously share some aspects of human nature, but it is limited. My observation is that people project human qualities to animals that they do no possess, and that is my beef.

  21. Oguy

    #20 – Moe. I see no conflict between a single absolute truth and a variety of subjective perspectives. Not all humans are constitutionally, temperamentally or psychophysically cast from the same mold, so to speak, so a variety of different personal orientations and modes of living may be appropriate depending upon such variations.

    As far as humans and animals go, I see them as different points along a broad continuum (i.e. an exclusively linear one), given that certain animals can and do possess certain strengthts and forms of knowing that are less prevalent or pronounced among humans, and of course vice-versa. That said, I also experience animals and humans as sharing the same essence, or fundamental nature of being, despite an absence of isomorphism in certain more outward respects. I also see the human tendency to attribute anthropomorphic traits to animals as valid symbolically more than literally, as a natural metaphor for a deep kinship. Some of our traditional fables and better children’s literature provide a case in point.

  22. Oguy

    That was intended to read “NOT an exclusively linear one” (i.e. continuum), referring to a broader plane of distribution than one which could be represented by a purely linear model.

  23. Moe

    @ 22 Oguy

    “I see no conflict between a single absolute truth and a variety of subjective perspectives”. Neither do I, but I have marked reservation with subjective perspectives, recognizing their inherent limitation and error, and I include my own in this regard.

    “I also see the human tendency to attribute anthropomorphic traits to animals as valid symbolically more than literally…”. You may exercise this perspective, but many fail to distinguish the difference. They’re not even aware there is a distinction.

    “…attribute anthropomorphic traits to animals…as a natural metaphor for a deep kinship”. As long as one is cognizant of this process, IMO it is not in error. Kinship may be correct but I would proffer ‘interrelationship’, which doesn’t omit kinship but accentuates our mutual co-existence and co-experience.

    “I also experience animals and humans as sharing the same essence…”. That is your perception and other than intellectually, is not directly transferable to others. Which is a conundrum that we all experience and find so frustrating: we often ‘know’ something (often accurately) but are unable to impart our experience to others.

  24. Moe

    @ 3 Tio

    Interesting interpretation of Spain’s election by Tom Luongo: What Goes Around Comes Around In Spain

  25. Moe

    From The Onion

    Plants have feelings too! (Actually, they might). 🙂

    GLENCOE, IL—Acknowledging that the decision was distressing but ultimately the correct course of action, Chicago Botanic Garden officials confirmed Friday that they were forced to euthanize a rose bush after it pricked a child. “This morning, we made the difficult choice to end the life of our 15-year-old rose bush after it injured one of our guests,” said Botanic Garden spokesperson Bill Werner, who noted that the woody perennial was not considered aggressive, but it had pricked caretakers at least twice in the past. “Although the plant was only protecting itself after a child bypassed a one-foot-tall guard rope and entered the enclosure, we had to take measures to protect the boy from further injury. A groundskeeper humanely sprayed the rose bush with Roundup, and that area of the garden will remain closed while we dig up its roots.” Werner added that the Chicago Botanic Garden would continue its rose breeding operation despite calls to halt the program.

  26. Oguy

    #24 Moe– “Neither do I, but I have marked reservation with subjective perspectives, recognizing their inherent limitation and error, and I include my own in this regard.”

    That’s what makes exchanging perspectives valuable and interesting– no perspective can be complete, and without perspective there’s no perception or cognition. Absolute truth can never be fully or altogether accurately reduced to words, thoughts or concepts– it belongs to an entirely different order of being. Presuming otherwise is the bane of all fundamentalisms.

    “Kinship may be correct but I would proffer ‘interrelationship’, which doesn’t omit kinship but accentuates our mutual co-existence and co-experience.”

    Good point, and a worthy addition. I happen to like “kinship” because it connotes a certain intimacy and common origin. Again, neither perspective is complete, and each of them, or their combination, could probably be supplemented endlessly.

  27. tio


    The PIIGS are still here all ECB’d up and nowhere to go, it’s just that some are more equal than others. Dominoes/circular firing squad really.
    “I worry about my chickens inordinately, though my friends who’ve been immersed in country doings much longer than me find this ludicrous. Despite our yearnings and pretenses to bethink ourselves specially holy beings, we’re specialists at carnage when we’re not composing string quartets or carrying out God’s work on Wall Street.”
    “But Italy is just one of many countries which will collapse in coming years. Spain is in a similar situation and the prime minister has just been kicked out. Greece’s problems have never been resolved and this fine country is also bankrupt and so are the Greek banks. I could go on with Portugal, France, Ireland, the UK and many others. Most of these countries have insoluble problems. It is only a matter of degree and time when the EU/Eurozone house of cards comes down. “

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