EU Leaders Sneer At Trump, Openly Talk About Going To Putin For Power Politics

Putin: ‘Europe depends on US for defense. Don’t worry about it – we will help’ – YouTube


Putin is trolling the entire EU.  This is really funny.  The world’s leaders are used to the US taxpayers paying for everything and the Bilderberg gang running everything.  Now, that has broken down somewhat and is increasingly breaking down.  Our ‘allies’ have exploited US voters and taxpayers for many years now and are furious that the milk cow has kicked the can and spilled the milk.  Tough titties, Europe!  Time for NATO to pay their own way, time for US industries to come home again and exporting to the US is restricted.  Our allies hate us but then, they always hated us.

Putin has been amusing himself this last several months, teasing the crazy EU rulers that if they really hate Trump, they can replace the US troops and money with Putin’s troops and money.  Of course, the Bilderberg gang recoiled in horror and ran back to Trump to demand he protect them from Putin.


This is hilarious and serious at the same time.  Europe has piggybacked on US taxpayers for years and years, mercilessly demanding we protect them while they ran off to do more important things rather than pay for their own military.


When Trump demanded they pay the pitiful amounts required by NATO rules, they howled like banshees: there is no money for protecting themselves from ‘Russia’.  Well, time to surrender to Putin.  Why should we protect them at our own bankruptcy?  This is insane especially since the EU elites and their running dogs on the left, hate US taxpayers with evil passion.
🇮🇷 Iran’s leader to Europe: Fulfill demands or nuclear deal is dead | Al Jazeera English – YouTube


Europe wants to do business with Iran.  At the same time, they want to exploit US resources and workers which means going along with US international stuff but do note: all my long life, our ‘allies’ have voted AGAINST the US at the UN repeatedly and nakedly.


So it is obvious, they are not ‘allies’ they have their own programs and #1 is to have one-way trade with the US and have cheap military protection due to foisting the costs nearly entirely on the US voters.


The US voter revolt over all this is epic.  The only places carried by the DNC in the last election were the big cities which hold the greater population of people who take taxpayer money, not productive people.


Dying former manufacturing cities went 100% for the DNC and supported the destruction of all US manufacturing systems because the DNC grows more and more powerful as they destroy more and more manufacturing cities.  These hell holes are now dangerous, criminal, illegal aliens holding pens that keep the DNC in some semblance of power.


From last month…Germany: G7 not planning swift return for Russia | News | DW | 22.04.2018


Maas on Sunday said Russia had not done enough to address the concerns of G7 countries over issues such as support for rebels in eastern Ukraine.


“So far, the conditions have not been met for there to be another change,” said Maas, who was in Toronto for a two-day meeting of G7 foreign ministers.


The EU leeches lecture Putin about how to run things.  They will grab hold of Russia only if Russia obeys the Bilderberg gang’s orders.  Putin will never, ever do this.  He is waiting for them to screw up Europe enough via encouraging a mass invasion from Africa and the Middle East.  Then, the desperate population will scream to be saved by Mother Russia.


Russia, which once had a seat at the table, has been sidelined from the group of leading world economies, which was then reformatted to from the G8 to the G7 in 2014. Russia was suspended after its annexation of Crimea, and Moscow’s perceived support of militants in eastern Ukraine. An array of sanctions were also imposed on Moscow.


This, on top of, at the exact same time, Europe allowed a literal army of several million invaders to come in and systematically destroy Europe.  Most of this army are moochers who live off of the taxpayers in Europe and a lot of Europeans are now revolting because of this, note how Italy has switched directions now.


They all wanted free money and services via the state and now that aliens are getting the loot, life is harder and harder for the moochers who are citizens.  So they are now finally figuring out how dangerous the mooching system can be.


German politicians from the Free Democrats (FDP) and the Left (Linke) party have said Russia should be invited to a meeting of G7 leaders in Canada that has been slated for June. G7 members such as Italy and Japan have said that Russia should be allowed to return, in order to help solve issues in the Middle East and prevent a permanent return to the atmosphere of the Cold War.


HAHAHA.  Well, they demanded the opposite three years ago.  Tough titties, toots.


Macron said that, while he wanted to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was also important to show strength.


HAHAHA…the delusions of the moochers!  So, how is France strong?  Oh, they surrender faster than anyone!  Great strength.


“I do believe that we should never be weak with President Putin. When you are weak, he uses it,” Macron said in the English-language interview with the US network Fox News.


One struggles to not laugh to death.  The arrogance grown from 70 years of mooching off of the US taxpayers trained the French in the art of being obnoxious asses.  I want 100% cutting of US military support of Europe.  They can turn to Putin to be safe.


From what?  Oh!  Invading illegal aliens who are attacking Europe nearly nonstop now!  HAHAHA.  Ironic?  The iron content of all this is 100% steel.


And…Guatemala’s active volcano had another eruption, destroying villages:

Guatemala: Drone captures destruction caused by Fuego eruption – YouTube

Drones help scientists study Guatemalan volcanoes – YouTube

And the Hawaii eruption may end up explosive instead of simply seeing lava flow quietly down to the sea:

High Alert : Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano eruption enters new phase as crater falls quiet – YouTube


Volcanoes are always surprising humans who love living very near volcanoes because they are very fruitful, making the land more productive.  The price we pay is being the possibility of all human actions and people being suddenly annihilated when a volcano, on whim, suddenly blows up everything.


This is a lesson in reality: our very active planet is very productive and has created and enriched lifeforms but it is also very destructive, too.




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15 responses to “EU Leaders Sneer At Trump, Openly Talk About Going To Putin For Power Politics

  1. Sunger

    Elaine said ” Volcanoes are always surprising humans who love living very near volcanoes because they are very fruitful, making the land more productive. ”

    “How soon after an eruption can a volcano soil be used for farming?

    “It generally takes several 100’s to 1000’s of years, depending on a number of factors, such as the composition of the lava produced by the volcano, rainfall rates, native vegetation, etc.

    “Volcanic ash deposits are made up of small grains (see Maui Andisol ), and many be usable fairly rapidly. Solid rock formed by flowing lava takes a lot longer. Water helps break down the igneous rock into usable components by leaching elements and soluble compounds from the grains. Some plants can survive on the igneous rock without the benefit of ‘soil’. As these plants grow and die, they add organic material to the system, fix nitrogen, widen cracks with their roots, and hold small particulates in place. (In Hawaii, the ohi’a lehua is one of the important plants in this process.) In cold places, such as Iceland, the freeze-thaw cycle also plays a role in breaking down fresh lava.”

  2. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Sunger’s comments are interesting, but may I remind your readers that the wheat yields in Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana were +25% in the Fall of 1980 and for a decade thereafter – after Mt. St. Helen blew her top off in the Spring of that year.

    That said – I fear the HILINA SLUMP is the real cause of the current volcanic activity in Hawaii and it’s ripping open lava tubes and chambers as it goes.

    IF HILINA belly-flops into the Pacific – say goodbye west coast:


  3. tio

    Sunger, there is a Scottish chap call Iain Stewart who is a rock star geologist (I know), he has made many fine TV shows that have actually made his preferred subject really quite interesting. Many are available on youtube and I highly recommend them. I once saw him contend that the majority of the world’s greatest cities do indeed reside on geologically active zones. The benefits are not just agricultural but mineral as well as strategic (think mountains) etc. I personally have no idea but, he is a compelling presenter who appears to know what he’s talking about.

    Channelling my inner Christian, and who can blame me?

    “One struggles to not laugh to death.”

    “The arrogance grown from 70 years of mooching off of the US taxpayers trained the French in the art of being obnoxious asses.”
    I think they’ve been at it a tad longer than that, however:

    “I want 100% cutting of US military support of Europe. They can turn to Putin to be safe.”
    But from who?

  4. tio

    I think that should have been a ‘whom’ and you just don’t get that many chances to use it, daggnabit.

  5. Petruchio

    “So it is obvious, they are not ‘allies’ they have their own programs and #1 is to have one-way trade with the US and have cheap military protection due to foisting the costs nearly entirely on the US voters.” All very true Elaine, but in a big way it is beside the point. The US had dreams of World hegemony right after World War 2. Just read George Kennan (sp.?). He was the Foreign policy analyst who put those World Domination fantasies into words. The folks who brought all those military conflicts after WW2 were fully aware that the Europeans are a bunch of deadbeat freeloaders. US Foreign Policy wonks like Kennan, the folks at the State Department, the CIA, they didn’t care!! These guys came to the basic conclusion that when you are doing the bankrolling for something, you have CONTROL. Just note how many times the US uses its Veto power at the United Nations. Speaking of the United Nations, guess which family bought the land the UN building in New York is located? Rockefeller.

  6. Seraphim

    If the Americans finally realized that the Europeans ‘hate’ them is it not the time to pack and go?
    Russia is part of Europe, America is not. It was not Europe that asked America to defend it from Russia, but America imposed NATO upon Europe. Sooner or later Europe and Russia would come together and Americans could enjoy their ‘exceptional’ status in their own home.

  7. Melponeme_k

    “It was not Europe that asked America to defend it from Russia”

    Oh NO, NO, NO! It WAS the Bilderberg Europeans who asked America to install military strongholds. Because they didn’t want to pay for their own standing armies.

    The mission of Cecil Rhodes was to train certain chosen Americans into becoming internationalists with a strong British sense to take part in European politics. He had to do it sneaky with “scholarships” because most of the public HATED Europe and GB and wanted nothing to do with either.

    If the public was given the full choice, we wouldn’t have fought WWI at all.

  8. Seraphim

    There is a bit of an anachronism. NATO was founded in 1949, to ‘contain’ the ‘Soviet aggression’. The Bilderberg Group in 1954 ‘concearned by the growing of anti-Americanism in Western Europe’ and to promote ‘Atlanticism’.

  9. Melponeme_k


    The Elites have been trying to curtail Russia since Peter the Great’s time and even earlier. Catherine was installed there in order to bring European influence. Which she did to some extent but on the whole, went Native.

    It doesn’t matter what they call themselves. They are the same group of inbred families.

  10. HELLO HERE! I was a winner of the Jr. Scholarships to go to Europe and have fun running wild!!! I was PAID to do that! This is why I was deported suddenly, I was too crazy.

    Look, the EU project was, from the very end of WWII onwards, to mooch off of US power. This is why Europe demanded we stop Stalin. Then, EU went commie, so to speak, they gave out goodies to their home buddies while US taxpayers took on the overhead costs of Europe’s defense. This has annoyed me nearly all my long life.

    The Real Rulers were VERY pissed off at me when I began my destructive work in Europe, that is, uncovering and yelling about Operation Paperclip.

  11. Lou

    Look, the EU project was, from the very end of WWII onwards, to mooch off of US –The Marshall Plan.

  12. Christian W

    It’s true that the European nations are not ‘allies’. To call them ‘allies’ is public relations nonsense. Reality is they are vassals of the US. (see the Truman doctrine)

    That is the stinging barb in Putin’s jokes.

    Times have changed. JFK promised there would be no “Pax Americana” where the US Superpower enforced it’s dominance over others, but a multipolar world. That promise is long gone now in these days of the US Hegemon.

    So we see it is not Germany, the economic heart of Europe, which dictates US policy, but the US that dictates German policies, see for example:

    – sanctions on Russia,
    – sanctions on Iran,
    – US economic sanctions on European, including German, companies engaged with Nordstream 2,
    – the refugee battering ram etc.
    – German military capabilities

    In other words, Germany is not fully sovereign. The US military and even more so it’s “intelligence” (CIA et al) has rights that go beyond the German constitution, in Germany and on German land.

  13. Seraphim


    Hey, there were neither the ‘inbred families’, nor the ‘Bilderberg gangsters’ who wrote “In support of an American Empire” and sung “The March of the flag” in celebration of the “manifest destiny” of the ‘chosen nation marked to finally lead the regeneration of the world’.
    No, it was your typical WASP and member of the DKE, the American ‘Elites’.

  14. tio

    Another perspective, it must be fun to have a nemesis.

    “Washington, wallowing in its fabled incompetence, is now worsening all of its empire relationships by threatening its own allies with trade wars. There is no one of sufficient competence in the Trump regime to be able to understand that America’s “trade problem” is entirely of its own making and is not due to Mexico, Canada, China, and Europe.

    America’s extremely serious trade problem is due to globalism, neoliberal economics, and to the New York investment banks.”

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