The Magic Index/Ring Finger Ratio: Longer Ring Finger=More Masculine Personality Traits

FEMINISTS RUIN MISS AMERICA: Bye Bye Swimsuits! | Louder With Crowder – YouTube


Cheerleaders, women at races holding signs, beauty contests, the list of all of the ‘pretty women’ jobs being deleted or annihilated is rising rapidly.  This isn’t accidental, it is deliberate and it isn’t popular, many times, it is very unpopular with customers who like these services.  Madame Mao hated beauty.  She started off as a beauty female in the movies and then turned into this monster who hated sex and tormented the Chinese people, forcing all of them to wear drab, ugly uniforms and have no sex.  This Maoism is a huge part of the SJW belief systems which school teachers have been installing in young ladies in particular.

HEATED DEBATE: Does the Hijab Represent Women’s Rights? – YouTube

I was very alarmed to see all the females at the pink pussy hat marches putting on hijabs and praising Muslim attire for women.  I was aghast.  Across the board, all the freedoms I fought for during the 1960’s is being annihilated.


I saw it coming back in the late 1960’s because the people who attacked me the most were not right wing males but Maoist leftist females which is why I left Berkeley in a rage and swore to never go back.  Now, it is the epic center of Maoist suppression of free speech and free actions.


One of the readers here, Neep Hazarika, posted an interesting link yesterday here on the blog: 2D:4D Ratio, Testosterone, and Masculinity | The Art of Manliness


Is your ring finger longer than your index finger? If so, you were likely exposed to higher levels of testosterone while you were in your mother’s womb.


Is your index finger longer than your ring finger? Then you were exposed to lower levels of T as a fetus.


I always knew I had a ‘man’s hand’.  My ring fingers are very much longer than my index fingers.  All my long life, I did ‘man’s work’.  I also grew up liking warfare and not only played war games as a child but also as an adult, fighting in Medieval Wars all over the place and my sport of choice in college was sword fighting, I was even pushing for women to do Olympic saber fighting back when I was dating the saber gold medal winner while going to the University of Arizona years ago.


Duration of exposure may also influence how masculine or feminine your 2D:4D ratio is and consequently, how masculine and feminine your body and mind end up. Different parts of the fetal body and brain are open to androgen sensitivity at different times during gestation. It’s possible that you had a high testosterone to estrogen exposure during the period in which penis formation occurs, but for some reason, it started to peter out when 2D:4D formation happens or when other sex parts of the body and mind are receptive to androgen. Consequently, you end up with a higher, more female-like 2D:4D ratio despite being very masculine in other areas.


I bet most rulers who gain power via their own mental and physical strength, leadership and daring, have ‘masculine’ digit ratios.  Note how nearly all political systems in Europe during the previous 20 years was all females with the short ring fingers.  These females surrendered to all the invasions and violence of males pouring into Europe.


Now, the voters are sufficiently scared and all over Europe, people, even women with short ring fingers, are voting for strong males who can lead them out of this disaster and protect them from the invaders!  What a turnaround this is!


What affects the timing and duration of the release of sex hormones in utero? Here again, researchers really aren’t sure.


I am glad the researchers are being careful here.  I am often amused by pro-SJW lunacy studies that the ‘researchers’ who are often women, project their own ideology onto salient facts, jumping clear over all fences and claiming they understand the real reason why things are happening (generally, it is all due to evil masculinity).


While scientists don’t definitively know why some individuals are exposed to greater and lesser amounts of estrogen and testosterone in the womb, they do know that 2D:4D ratios are directly caused by the make-up of this hormonal mixture, and can use these ratios to explore possible correlations between prenatal sex hormone exposure and other psychological and physiological traits in individuals later on in life. Testosterone, in particular, has what scientists call an “organizational effect” on the human mind and body — exposure to it during sensitive periods in utero has permanent effects on mind, body, and behavior. Let’s take a closer look at what some of those effects might be.


Being a male is also dangerous.  There are higher levels of mental diseases, suicide, early death due to dangers, etc.  The up side is, they know how to fight instinctually, they take risks that are necessary for the survival of the tribe and they are very sexy for females who are very attracted to these dangerous traits because…natural selection makes this happen, willy-nilly.


Another feature of natural selection is, the females choose their mates when possible and females are very attracted to strong, dynamic, aggressive males for sex and then want the quieter, more peaceful males as co-workers.  Women can easily cheat on men and have sex with one and then live with the other.


Evolution means that this force that leads women to select males with the long ring finger, is very, very powerful and will remain powerful.  As men have been losing sexual power over the last century in modern first world cultures, the birth rate plummets often below replacement rates, women seldom remain with partners for more than a few years or never get married at all.


The family unit ends up with females raising all the children with little male input and this spirals downwards which is why our Real Rulers are demanding we bring in millions and millions of Muslim males who hate all this junk, to replentish society!


Isn’t this ironic in the extreme?  As the Real Rulers push for destroying males who are very male, they import very male males to fix the mess they are making with messing with males!


I find this very, very puzzling.  Why on earth are they doing this?  It appears to be mindless but then, controlling weak males is easy, they make great slaves.  But there is still work which only strong males can do so they have to keep some males around to do the dirty work!  They are too stupid to figure out that the Muslim males they are importing plan to take over and annihilate or enslave the weak males and the crazy females who are running this stupid Bilderberg business.


How stupid is this?  Very stupid!  I want to take my masculine hands and strangle them.


By the way, all this is part of the death of Star Wars: the SJW females, now that they run that franchise, immediately set out to demasculate and chop the balls off of all the males in the story line and all the tough people are smaller, slender, weaker females who push the men around and win all the fights and the men are all weak and stupid…and fewer and fewer men are watching this garbage now and I would suggest they dump it entirely, it is very toxic junk.



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17 responses to “The Magic Index/Ring Finger Ratio: Longer Ring Finger=More Masculine Personality Traits

  1. Jim R

    They need to open it up some more. More guys on Miss America!

    Not just effeminate trannies, but big hairy ugly guys!

    (wouldn’t it have been simpler to just shut it down?)

  2. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    You are already looking at guys. There probably hasn’t been any real women in this contest since the 70s. They are changing this contest not due to “Feminists” but because people are noticing the weird male shapes that all these “women” have. It would cost them too much to CGI hips on to these transformers, so they just cut out this section all together.

    What they don’t mention is that overly high testosterone on any fetus is a result of trauma. This is the linchpin of MK Ultra programming. Our society is set up to cause us trauma from zygote to old age. Our society is designed to encourage fetal trauma via encouraging women to diet during pregnancy, exercise, engage in stressful work environments and even play music on their pregnant bellies. All of this was the result of studies during and after WWII. The scientists ahead of the game in regards to human mental development were German.

    When we are born already suffering from high amounts of trauma, it greatly affects our cognitive and emotional development. It makes us easier to control. THAT is the point of it all.

  3. Moe

    One of the primary reasons I read Elaine’s blog is her perspective on male/female attributes/relationship. Not many other places do I find this viewpoint, it’s a sea of SJW crap out there!

  4. Petruchio

    “I find this very, very puzzling. Why on earth are they doing this? ” The answer is pretty easy to figure if you know how to look. The folks who want this Muslim invasion are NOT targeting Males in general, but specific males. White males to be exact. And you emasculate the white males by taking away their women folk. Example? Separate white males from white females and what happens? The white population birthrate plummets. And the reason all of these Maoist women are Maoists is because they are NOT attractive to men. These women are jealous of other women who are attractive to men. So they want to destroy the things good looking women do that the Plain Jane Maoist women can not. Cheerleading. Beauty Pageants.

  5. Jim R

    Sunger, without even watching your video, I see that the guy on the right has red hair.

    You are making fun of redheads (neanderthals?) and that’s discriminigation! LOL

  6. Jim R

    @Melponeme, I usually don’t agree with a lot of what you say, but I must say I agree that putting pregnant women into stressful work situations is a dreadful mistreatment of the unborn. And we callously do that, among the many other sins of imperialism, in this thing we euphemistically call ‘civilization’.

    As for the CGI hips on beauty contestants, I wouldn’t know. I quit watching those things decades ago. They really only appeal to individuals of a certain reproductive age, shall we say? And I quit watching most TV altogether about ten years ago.

  7. ziff

    the next miss america should be amusing at least

  8. Ken

    Darn, I have “girly hands” with a shorter ring finger.

    Interestingly, the article Elaine references also points out that first born males tend to have shorter ring fingers (and I’m the first born of my siblings). And other studies have shown that first born and only children (by definition also a first born) tend to be more successful. Including in masculine fields like being astronauts. So maybe there is hope for me after all.

  9. Lou

    9–A woman only has so much testosterone and DHEA.
    I read the first born son is the most mmasculine.

    I was exposed to DES in the womb, it is a horrible poison that causes what it supposedly prevented.

  10. nclaughlin

    I tried to Google where William Kristol (arch neocon) claimed that “we” needed a new peasant class to replace the current one. I couldn’t find it, it must have been a YouTube video I watched.

  11. Nclaughlin: no, they use code words to discuss destroying us.

  12. Lou

    What are some of the ‘code words?’

  13. Jim R


  14. Lou


    AA, minority, racist [did Marx create that term?], I found this;

    terms :
    all voices heard
    agents of change
    white supremacy
    white privilege
    civil rights
    social science
    black nationalism
    social outcomes
    redressing of wrongs
    internalized oppression
    hate crime
    hate speech
    affirmative action
    inner city

    disparate impact
    diverse- diversity
    Food deserts
    Under served
    Under represented
    Disparate impact
    thought rape
    hate site

    “Gun violence”
    “Shots rang out”
    “Streets gone wrong”
    undesired gentrification

    “poor upbringing” that plagues “underserved” communities

  15. Neep Hazarika

    Elaine, I KNEW u had a low masculine digit ratio from ur attitude. Luv it!! 🙂

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