G7 Declare War On Trump, Want One Way Trade With US Or Else: Trump Laughs

The super secret Bilderberg gang is meeting in Europe this week and Trump had to be invited and as I hoped and expected, he blew up the entire conspiratorial gang by demanding fair trade not one way trade with our ‘partners’ (sic).  Naturally, the EU news is freaking out over this betrayal of their looting of our nation.  How dare Americans protect themselves from one way trade!  So, they will ‘go it alone’ and refuse to buy anything from the good old USA.  To hell with them, I hope they do this.


Trump attacks Trudeau and Macron on eve of G7 summit | Daily Mail Online


Donald Trump is planning to leave the G7 summit early – skipping the climate discussions – following a furious Twitter spat with French President Emmanuel Macron.


It is cold here in New York.  Much of May was cold, it is now a pretty cold June.  Trump is supposed to be worried about the climate changing.  I am worried about this.  Changing the climate to a colder cycle is very bad for us.


Trump also attacked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, labeling him as ‘indignant’ and accusing him of damaging US agriculture, while complaining that both he and President Macron ‘are charging the U.S. massive tariffs.’


Yes, Trudeau has decided to kill the Golden Goose.  Good.  Ditto, dying France.  The two Francophile leaders are made for each other: delusional and arrogant.


Macron fired back on Twitter that the summit did not need the US.


HAHAHA.  Tell Putin.


‘The American President may not mind being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a 6 country agreement if need be,’ he wrote.”


I am so happy with Trump, he is taking the bull by the horns and yanking it violently.  All our previous ‘leaders’ have created this massive trade deficit and stopping this mess will be messy but the inevitable bankruptcy of America is the problem if we don’t stop free trade from destroying our nation’s industrial base.


One of the biggest criminal operations on behalf of international looters is the The New York Times, one of the founders of the Bilderberg gang that is systematically destroying our industrial base:

‘Tariffs will hurt growth’…HAHAHA.  What is growing?  Oh, our trade deficit!!!  Duh!!!  This is so easy to understand, the NYT has to run in circles to avoid the obvious here.  The ‘rare and unanimous anger’ our fake allies who are really leeches is amusing.  Of course, they are slavering with rage!  How dare the US public choose to stop this looting!


The NYT, being run by total traitors who love Israel more than the US and feel that looting taxpayers is OK, is on the side of the looters.  No surprise, they were from the minute the paper was bought out by Zionists, it has been totally anti-American.

This story is from the NYT today, too.  Ahem: we already know very well about Muslims arming themselves and then attacking US citizens here in the USA!  They do this rather often.  What is puzzling is the new Israel/Saudi alliance.  This has explosive countercurrents which are easy to see.


The Saudis are unstable and on the verge of blowing up into disaster.  The goal of the Saudis is to overun the planet and make it all Muslim all the time.  The Jews want the Holy Land but the Muslims want it, too.  The looming conflicts are easy to see and the delusional games being played will all end very badly in the Apocalypse.

The editorial section of the NYT which has finally totally dropped the fake stories about Trump and Putin…but not at the editorial page!  The Trump/Putin storyline is dead but the fury over this isn’t.  Susan Rice, who ran us off the cliff under Obama, is furious and believes that Putin is always ‘helping Trump.’


She needs psychiatric care.  She is obviously delusional.  Goldberg, one of the army of Israeli Jews at the NYT, is raging about ‘incompetence’ when Trump triumphs in every level, every day.  If this is ‘incompetence’ then I think we need more crappy stuff happening!


They hate Trump who is for protecting our borders, stopping illegal aliens, stopping trade deficits.  This infuriates the looters no end.  Duh.


I love the story about MSNBC: they finally admit their audience is a bunch of crazy old ladies who hate Trump.  These are the women who are systematically destroying marriage, our schools, the universities, all systems which they want to run into the ground with bizarre beliefs and strange teaching techniques that reward incompetence and punishes hard work and smart brains.


These destroyers of civilization are triumphing in Europe…until this year when voters began openly revolting and are now desperately trying to push back this lunatic scheme to wreck all the schools and entertainment systems and replace the population with Muslim invaders.


This is insanity.  The NYT loves insanity, they are the Home Base of the Insane and Corrupt.




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22 responses to “G7 Declare War On Trump, Want One Way Trade With US Or Else: Trump Laughs

  1. Nani

    The rest of the world is fed up with the US dictating to them what to do. Now they say to the US: Go to hell! The tables are finally turning.

  2. Christian W

    Indeed. These are $Dollar Wars. The US is essentially putting the rest of the world under economic sanctions:

    North Korea
    and so on

    this is the US dollar printer versus Asia and Europe plus parts of Latin America and North America.

    Europe is melting down due to lack of leadership, thanks to the CIA installing spineless puppets for so long. On Russian television Putin is openly talking about all of this.

    Russia will have to save Europe for the third time in history, this time from US encroachment. In this context it is not surprising to see that Gen. Mattis now came out and demand that Europe must prepare for war with Russia…

  3. Melponeme_k


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Talk about not knowing the situation. The Euro Trash are crying about not being able to flood the US market with their junk free of Tariffs. That is how they keep their sad excuse of a currency going!

    You know who a boycott will hurt in the long run? The EU! The US has everything it needs.

    @ Christian

    Europe is MI6 territory. The CIA doesn’t have as much influence there as you think. Your saying that it does is like saying the UK/Europe agencies have pull in South America. Ridiculous.

  4. Pete

    At private dinner Boris Johnson praises
    Trump’s negotiating style! LOL

    Listen to recording here:


  5. Christian W

    The MI6 is the UK. There are differences within Europe of course. Germany is under the US thumb, not the UK. The UK is a different operation from mainland Europe for many reasons, the City of London not the least one of those.

    What you are missing is that Europe was rebuilt using Dollars, but the rebuilding did not come gratis, the catch was that Europe gave up their political, economical and security independence to the US Empire.

    The Western elites then came up with the idea of the BIlderbergs as a supranational Establishment operation. Of course they had to go to the US, the Truman White House and the CIA for permission. To this day the Bilderberg gang is a spinoff of the larger US Establishment setup. The €Euro is again a spinoff of the FED Wall Street money system. The EU/UK bankers are Goldman Sachs…

    The CIA has a long history of dark operations in Europe, often using false flag terrorism and assassinations (GLADIO) to keep Europe right wing and within the Bilderberg fold.

    Now Europe (Germany, France) is facing a situation where they have no economic independence, no political independence and no security independence (“Muslim refugees”). Meanwhile the UK is busy pushing for war with Russia.

  6. Moe

    Turmp Says Russia Should Be Back In The G7; Italy Backs Trump

    This guy knows how to double down. Bilderberg heads must be exploding. 🙂


  7. Ken

    Everything is so interconnected that it is hard to sort it all out. Which is one of the advantages of this blog and its contributors.

    Regarding Crimea, it is composed of primarily ethnic Russians, and they voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. Conceptually, this doesn’t seem to be any different than Scotland voting to leave the UK, and parts of Spain voting to be independent. The globalists are opposed to political entities splintering into smaller units corresponding to ethnic or political groups. They would prefer one big, happy, unified world.

    So, basically, Russia is being sanctioned, kicked out of the G-8, and politically ostracized because a bunch of people who were an ethnically distinct group within their country voted to leave that country and join Russia.

    When the issues are distilled down, the drama makes less and less sense all the time.

    Regarding Trump stating that politics should be put aside and Russia should re-join the G-8, with membership based on economic size, this just seems obvious. Even during the cold war Russia was recognized as a significant economy and included in the G-8. It makes no sense to keep them out, except as noted above it is part of a globalist agenda to move toward bigger and bigger governments.

  8. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    “Germany is under the US thumb, not the UK. ”

    Nope. The US became a vassal to the UK spooks since the Rhodes psy-op.

    LOOK at all those strategically placed “scholars” (snort) who were no doubt pushing the pro-UK stand. All since the 1900s


    SEE ELMER DAVIS – The Director of War Information WWII.

    Your theory of a US hegemony is cracking here.

    The US independence effectively fell when the Federal Reserve was established in 1910. It was pushed by Morgan and other agents who had strong ties to the UK, particularly Rhodes and the Rothschilds.

    Europe is UK territory using the US as a puppet and a milk cow since the 1900s. They did this with the help of elite RHODES Scholars.

    You keep pushing the whole US bogeyman screen that turned European citizens into the basket cases they are today. It makes me think YOU are a spook.

    Y’all need to get a new line. The old ones aren’t working anymore.


  9. Lou

    Thanks, Mel…in 1000 words, can you give me a Rhodes scholarship?

  10. Lou

    Whats the JP Morgans tie to the Rothschilds?

  11. Melponeme_k


    The Morgan family got started in banking via Peabody bank in London. George Peabody was a close associate with the Rothschilds. The association carried over to Morgan when they opened their own bank in the US said to have been staked by the Rothschilds.


    Why were the Morgans so UK PRO? They were Peers!

    Click to access butler.pdf

    See Pages 39 – 43 in this essay that tracks the lineage of the Morgans to UK peers and most of the important families of US political aristocracy.

  12. Floridasandy

    Americans are so happy they won’t be scapegoated anymore. Who will the leaders blame next? They may finally be held accountable.
    We have given a lot of money and trade to foreign countries- never mind that s lot of it never makes it to the people it is intended to help.

  13. Floridasandy

    Italy seems like it might be a good ally for the US – we shall see.

  14. Floridasandy

    I heard a clip of Mika (daddy’s little globalist girl) almost extolling the virtues of the blackmailing stripper who is now suing her ex lawyer. She seems to think this is the direction of the woman’s movement. They are really coming unhinged, and I can’t wait to see where their anger drives them next. Her boyfriend probably had his assistant killed and stepped out of office immediately after, so maybe Joe is the ideal man to go with the new ideal woman.
    Looking forward to more of the leftist observations!

  15. Floridasandy

    Christian, quit making Europe sound so helpless.
    There are big boys and girls there, fully capable of making whatever deals work for them and that’s what they should do.

  16. Christian W

    @ Sandy

    I am showing the facts on the ground and historical record.

    Economically and militarily the US has Europe by the balls. It will take a lot of hard work and determination to cut off from the Wall Street system (the ECB and € is an extension) and as we see it is not happening without US resistance and direct intervention.

    As Elaine has pointed out on this blog during the 2008 collapse the US FED printed $Trillions to keep the UK, French and German banks afloat. To this day Deutsche Bank is a basket case the Germans haven’t had the guts to let go bankrupt.

    It’s true that the old deals Europe worked out/had imposed are no longer working as the world is changing. Putin told the truth in Munich 2007, but the Western leaders present were too corrupt (systemically, ie invested in the US petrodollar system (not UK), and personally (ie suitcases with cash money) to openly agree with him even if they knew perfectly well he was (is) right.

  17. Christian W

    @ Mel

    The UK has been riding coat tails on Uncle Sam since WWI. No Uncle Sam no rump UK Empire. That is why the Brits are so desperate today. The UK elites HATE Brexit and it will be a great opportunity for Germany/France to stick the boot in. The UK is responding with insane anti-Russian campaigns (Novichuk etc) because they fear most of all a SOVEREIGN Germany joining up with Russia.

    The ‘Rhodes’ scholar system is just one of many similar systems. There is even a European Council of Foreign Relations, a copy of the US Council of Foreign Relations, funded by the old Wall Street Vulture Soros. No doubt the MI6 is full of mischief across Europe, but in terms of real clout the UK is a midget compared to the US gorilla.

  18. Christian W

    Where did Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England, get his money from? The City of London and Wall Street. Follow the money flows. This is why Europe and the rest of the world cannot be independent until the Petrodollar system ($$$$ printing) is gone.

    Dollar printing is why the US is able to put the rest of the world under economic sanctions, but not the other way around.

  19. ralph

    Royal Dutch Shell plc (LSE: RDSA, RDSB), commonly known as Shell, is a British–Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands
    british petroleumis the source of much power in europe and is behind most british actions overseaseshen lybiapecially kuwaitt and iraq and soon offshore in the eastern med.between gaza and cyrpress

    the connection is the royal families of both countries
    when combined with the european banks you have the bilderberg group

  20. Christian W

    This years Bilderberg attendants:


    It’s the captains of industry in Europe + bankers, US professors, Henry Kissinger, Stanley Fischer of the FED, Goldman Sachs, Neoliberal think tankers, EU politicians including Prime Ministers, the King of the Netherlands etc

    How the elites interconnect at the Bilderberg level, inludes the Bilderbergs, CFR and Trilateral commission.


  21. And reporters who insist on covering the news at this stupid meeting are being arrested! And mainstream news is careful to report nothing. And this is all very funny indeed.

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