Wolfe In DNC Clothing: Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director Arrested For Lying To FBI

Alleged Deep State Leaker James Wolfe Makes First Court Appearance | Breitbart: the New York Times has been caught red-handed, conspiring with a top DNC Senate Intelligence Committee employee to illegally leak and falsify information about Trump and Putin.  The spook game being played against any attempt at normal diplomacy was driven by desperate Bilderberg gangsters and the NYT is a founding member of that evil organization.  Now, all this will be discussed in a court of law and I hope the NYT is punished, too.


James Wolfe, the former Senate Intelligence Committee security director charged with lying about his contacts with a series of journalists – including his former paramour, New York Timesreporter Ali Watkins – appeared in court Friday after his arrest late Thursday night.


The Bilderberg conspiracy to overturn an election and frame our President based on false charges of treason is treason.  The sexy female who pushed this conspiracy works for a Bilderberg organization, the New York Times.  She fed false stories, hiding real information and publishing partial information that was cleverly designed to smear President Trump.


Wolfe’s indictment Thursday upset the entire understanding of how one-time Trump associate Carter Page became the focus of a media frenzy over the last 14 months. If the allegations contained in the indictment, which refers to Page merely as “MALE 1,” are true, then both Page’s 2013 contact with a Russian intelligence official and his subsequent subpoena to appear before the Senate’s probe into Russian election interference appeared in the press after Wolfe leaked classified documents he had access to by virtue of his position as security chief.


This is all part of a two year coup attempt.  The Bilderberg gang especially President Obama and former President Bill Clinton and his wife conspired to put her in office via smearing candidate Trump.  This vast conspiracy drew upon the spooks at the CIA, tools inside the FBI and Congress plus the Bilderberg media to destroy President Trump before, during and after the election.


This was a vast international conspiracy to rule the US voters and to destroy anyone we vote into office who isn’t a total Bilderberg/Skull and Bones/Council of Foreign Relations candidates.  I hope the conspirator who was arrested this week will spill the beans and this vast, ugly conspiracy can be hauled into daylight and into the court systems.


Jeff Sessions Delivers: DOJ Nails Senate Intel Committee’s Security Chief as Deep State Leaker


The indictment charges Wolfe with making false statements to the FBI and details how Wolfe passed classified information, including presumably information related to one-time Trump campaign aide Carter Page, to a series of media outlets, confirming long-standing suspicions of the career intelligence community’s complicity in leaks. The three-count indictment charges Wolfe with separate instances of making false statements to the FBI, not directly charging him for leaking classified information, but appearing to detail how he did allegedly leaked classified information to reporters and then allegedly lied about it to the FBI.


The mainstream Bilderberg news howled with joy when they framed Flynn.  Now, they demand we all be very careful about assuming that Wolfe is guilty and the NYT broke laws.  I read both left and right news sources and I will note here that the reporting on the right is serious and not mocking the liberals, etc.


On the other hand, any bad news the left can grab is hammered relentlessly with many personal attacks on anyone and everyone who don’t support leftist SJW ideology.  From Google New’s daily feed:

The whole point for Trump is vindication and prevention of continous, selective leaks.  Now, all the players in this ugly game are on notice: they will go to prison.  From the Google search engine:

So, Wolfe and his paramour at the NYT used encrypted messaging to cover their tracks.  The Bilderberg press is pissed that the authorities seized the NYT sex pot’s postings.  HAHAHA.  There is no ‘free press’ there is ‘politically connected’ press.


Here is a screenshot of the front page of the NYT.  I often do this because I can’t believe how stupid and nakedly partisan the liberals in Manhattan have grown, they have gone nuts.  The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

The attempt at isolating Russia is collapsing. Even the EU leaders are no longer interested in cutting him out of negotiations, they need Putin badly because they are being actively invaded by a literal army of angry foreign men who hate Europe and wish to destroy civilization.


Putin is the only one who can save Europe from its own, mostly female, leaders.  The voters, rising up in fear and rage, are systematically voting out the weak leaders and installing much further to the right males who are fighting mad and intend to stop this obvious invasion by hostile forces.


Also on the front page, Mannafort is being attacked by Mueller who grinds onwards in his futile jihad against the winner of the last election.  The front page has no chatter about the DNC arrests.  This is buried because it doesn’t fit the framework of the NYT propaganda game.


I have a Russian conspiracy story for the NYT today: the Washington Capitol’s hockey team won the Stanley Cup.  The only black player said he would not go to the White House.  But the several Russians on the team want to go there!  Another Putin conspiracy!  He is taking over the NHL and ruling sports here via Russian agents!  And Trump will meet with them!  OH NO!



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8 responses to “Wolfe In DNC Clothing: Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director Arrested For Lying To FBI

  1. https://europe.infowars.com/msm-blackout-at-bilderberg-despite-roster-packed-with-media-figures/

    Nearly one-tenth of the official Bilderberg 2018 participants roster is comprised of media figures, yet mainstream press is nowhere to be found outside the event.

    At least a dozen out of 131 attendees directly represent newspapers, monthly publications and television networks, but there is no discernible media presence outside the confines of the heavily-guarded NH Ligotto hotel in Turin, Italy.

  2. Jim R

    … while if there is some scripted event, like the G-7, or a mess of “refugees” from Guatemala, the media will be thick as flies at that event.

  3. Lou

    Catholic church? The ‘Climate Change’ Pope,

  4. Petruchio

    ” I hope the conspirator who was arrested this week will spill the beans and this vast, ugly conspiracy can be hauled into daylight and into the court systems.” I imagine the Bilderbergers are discussing the method they might use to murder Wolfe. Seriously.

  5. Floridasandy

    I see the Pope has a brand new sex scandal to deal with. Maybe he should work on that instead of a global carbon tax.
    This is what happens when you elect leftists- even non-government ones.

  6. This is the SJW Pope. He came in via a palace coup that saw the previous Pope removed. The new Pope is killing the Church and I find this most ironic.

  7. Lou

    6–Why a coup? How? I think of him as ‘Pope Bildeberger.’

  8. Petruchio

    Speaking of the Roman Catholic Church, the local Archdiocese just settled a Lawsuit brought on by people who were abused by pedophile priests. The cost? $210 million Dollars! The Church knew this was coming too because the Church has been transferring assets to keep them safe from lawsuit settlements.

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