Trump Tells G7 ‘Go Pound Sand’ While London Daily Mail Doubles Down On Bashing Anti-Brexit Brits

The Daily Mail has been declining for quite a while with many comments from readers attacking the London paper for being biased and stupid on many issues that irritate many citizens.  Now, the owners of that rag are doubling down on the SJW fake news and telling readers to go to hell.  The editors of that paper have been attacking Trump nonstop for the last two years and is now doubling down on the push to stop the movement to leave the EU and is pushing ‘free trade’ as hard as the New York Times and Washington Post.


I have been noticing this for quite a while now and this is due to reading comments to articles at various papers.  Many papers have ended comments of any sort or like the odious New York Times, restricts comments to the dumber articles and censores these heavily.  But the Daily Mail, until recently, let readers say whatever they wanted to say which is highly unusual and has been steadily eroding over time with more and more articles forbidding any comments at all.


Left-liberal Press Celebrates Remainer Editor’s Daily Mail Takeover:


 A bullish Independent described outgoing editor Paul Dacre, who has headed Britain’s second most popular right-leaning newspaper for more than a quarter of a century, as having “cemented his position as a titan of Fleet Street through his ferocious and often controversial conservatism”.


The fools doing this don’t realize, readers will vanish over time.  The pro-Bilderberg articles will have fewer and fewer viewers and readers.  People will make jokes about the rag being stupid and out of touch.  The US has no major national publication or media  that is pro-Trump except for Fox News which is raking in viewers and unlike the SJW news, is profitable, very profitable.


And is on the verge of being destroyed by the SJW Bilderberg gang which wants to have zero real news going to the plebs!


The ex-newspaper quotes a Conservative source concerned that “Dacre’s Mail [was] the standard bearer for Brexit and what it stands for,” and that it “would be silly to deny that Brexit isn’t potentially losing one of its greatest champions” — hot on the heels of the acquisition of the Daily Express, Brexit’s other major champion, by the left-wing Trinity Mirror group.


These clowns are willing to pump endless funds into killing the free press.  They have money to burn but are too stupid to figure out, this collapses if they win via strangling all opposition.  This leads to making stupid decisions and a collapse of the economy and all society, just look at the huge number of socialist failures in history.

All of our ‘allies’ have clever trade restrictions and use currency manipulations to raid the US economy and drive out our industrial base.  This is war.  All the clowns in the above photo surrounding Trump, are desperate to have him surrender like the noodle President, Obama and the dumb one, Bush.


But Trump knows how to negotiate deals!  They are all economic midgits compared to the US markets!  Their economic wealth depends on access to US markets!  He holds the Trump Cards here in this game of poker.

HAHAHA…the new editor thinks publishing these will convince Britons that globalization and free trade are great!  Soros thinks that our economy, which perked up after Trump won, is ‘going wrong’!  HAHAHA.  It isn’t collapsing!


That evil old man…is joined by a brain damaged old man, McCain.  His claim that most Americans want ‘free trade’ is insane and false.  Despite mass media yelling at us for years that ‘free trade’ is good, popularity for this is lower and lower and obviously why: it has destroyed millions of good-paying US jobs and it is a ton of dangerous red ink which will cause future bankruptcy of our entire economic and political systems.


The Daily Mail used to support popularism.  Now, it is all about the New World Order’s orders to the plebs to obey their Masters of the Universe, the chaps I highlighted in the above story.  Brits are to hate Trump for protecting Americans and hate anyone in England who is for protecting Britian from invaders: below are some Google headlines about Tommy Robinson’s political arrest and muzzling him via a crooked court system.

Now, yesterday, I posted the video of the entire Free Tommy Robinson event in London. It was peaceful and enthusiastic and the Daily Mail bent over backwards to report only violence that happened outside of London or small ‘scuffles’ in London when the speeches ended, people were leaving and the cops decided to press into some of them and there was a confrontation, once the greater numbers of people attending were going home:

And the Daily Mail’s editorial goes full attack mode on Tommy.  The long, long article is filled with rage against the working class of Britain who have been hammered hard by internationalists.  The Queen of England and her evil spawn are Bilderberg co-conspirators and hate the English People, it appears.


Comments on the Daily Mail article attacking Tommy interest me because the editors still allow comments.  Here is a screenshot of the comments:

The important thing here is the ‘click to rate’ ratios: pro-Tommy comments have high positive numbers and anti-Tommy comments have high negative numbers.  The ratio is amazing, it rarely is this lopsided.


It clearly shows that the majority of readers are angry about the article and are seeing through the deceptions of this ‘history of Tommy’ which is very biased and even fake information.


The Daily Mail imagines if they publish stupid news that is riddled with falsehoods or deceptions, people who hate this will continue to view the Daily Mail and the owners will get rich doing this.


This is delusional.  People who are very pissed off with the editors for crappy reporting will not be happy with advertisers, for example.  Filled with disgust, this spreads to the ads, too.  Smart people actively boycott companies who cooperate or push SJW politics in sports, news and entertainment.


The boycott of nearly everything is growing!  For example, Disney’s stock is falling in value due to the SJW trashing of Star Wars which has the fans so pissed off, they actively and very successfully boycotted the latest movie, ‘Solo’ which is now losing nearly $100 million which is a ton of loot.


Disney’s staff and creators reacted to this boycott by doubling down, attacking the fans, telling the fans to go to hell, telling them, there will be more SJW actions in Star Wars and the bad guys will all be white males and the good guys, SJW partisans.


This is killing the franchise, it is destroying the business and I hope it goes bankrupt.  This is happening in all systems.  These international co-conspirators imagine, if only they control all entertainment and news systems, we get a New Soviet State and everyone will consume this mindlessly and be robots to be ordered around.


They even make characters in Star Wars that are robots who are revolting against the Rulers…which is very ironic, I must say.  Somewhere, in these dark, dank brains, there is a little truth but they hate the truth so they double down on the schizophrenic thrashing everything.


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5 responses to “Trump Tells G7 ‘Go Pound Sand’ While London Daily Mail Doubles Down On Bashing Anti-Brexit Brits

  1. Saint Mike

    Forget G7, G6, whatever… It’s all T1 now. #MAGA.

    It’s gonna be a Trumpslide in 2020 get on board haters.

    I hope Pence is taking notes for 2024

  2. Mercenary

    This is not good for Brexit forces. Very bad.

  3. Case

    The Mail has never really been populist, it was always just had a spiteful materialism which occasionally coincided with popular opinion. A working class protest to free Robinson is seen as dreadfully uncouth and wouldn’t be something the mail wold ever get behind.

  4. Jim R

    Globalist attack on Italy today ..

    Stranded Migrant Ship Runs Out Of Food In Mediterranean; Italian Rescue Vessel To Take Refugees To Spain
    by Tyler Durden
    Tue, 06/12/2018 – 07:53

    The NGO’s ship MV Aquarius has been involved in a multi-day standoff with Italy after the country’s new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, took the unprecedented decision to close Italy’s ports to refugees after years of unchecked migration – warning that “the good times for illegals are over.”

    Note the age, race, gender, and health of the “refugees”.

    Then look for some pictures from Yemen…

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