Russia Now Developing Space Telescope/Laser Shooter Satellite System

Reporters Chase Secretive Bilderberg Members Through The Streets of Italy – YouTube


This is news that isn’t news in Bilderberg-run places, I read Russian news every day because this way, I have some faint idea what is really going on in the world.  Today’s Russian news is all about how they are designing a solid-state laser satellite that can vaporize other space objects.  This news is causing panic at NASA and our Real Rulers.  So it is not reported much.  Also, the Bilderberg gang meets in secrecy, as per usual and reporters annoy them, but no reporters from any mainstream news shows up, the little pets!

Russian space agency plans to incinerate space junk with powerful laser beam — RT World News


The technology is being developed by scientists at the Research-and-Production Corporation Precision Systems, which is a subdivision of Roscosmos.  In its report to the Russian Academy of Sciences, the company asked to support its research and development, as well as experimental work to create a solid-state laser that will be able to shoot down space junk by vaporizing it with a beam.


The powerful ‘laser cannon’ will be based on a three-meter optical telescope, construction of which is already underway. The telescope, designed to monitor space for satellites and potentially dangerous space junk, will be transformed into an equally giant laser if the project is greenlighted.


The functions are obvious.  Russia has to prepare for crippling NATO spy systems in case our Real Rulers, the Bilderberg gang, panic and decided to start WWIII without warning.  As Hillary said so clearly during the debates, Russia has less than 10 minutes to counteract a NATO sneak attack.


I was furious when she said this and also laughed for she revealed a state secret that night.  Putin sat up and said to himself, ‘We shall see about that!’  And this is Russia’s answer.


NASA estimates that there are more than 500,000 pieces of space junk “the size of a marble or larger,” which can be tracked as they are travelling at speeds of up to 17,500 miles per hour around the Earth. It warns that even “a relatively small piece of orbital debris” can inflict damage upon spacecraft and satellites. Of about 500,000 pieces of space debris, 20,000 are “larger than a softball.”


Frankly, any system that can clean up the mess will be good.  But this solution is a dual-force system.  And I find it a good thing because it neutralizes our planetary rulers and forces them to do diplomacy, something they tossed out for the last 20 years.


Australia’s EOS Space Systems revealed in March it is also working on the photon pressure laser. However, the laser is designed so it will not incinerate the debris completely, it will just be able “to nudge space objects around, change their orbits.” However, such approach might actually clutter space even more, as there is a chance that objects will break in two, researchers warn.


The Russians are correct here: the EOS solution has a gigantic flaw.  It can make things worse.  Here is earlier news about Japan hoping to ‘sweep’ up space debris: From December, 2016:  Japan launches space junk collector into orbit — RT World News


On Friday, Japan’s space agency (JAXA) successfully launched a Kounotori 6 (HTV-6) spacecraft that will deliver a large magnetic tether, made from thin wires of stainless steel and aluminum. It is designed to redirect space junk towards Earth’s atmosphere.


“Electrodynamic tether (EDT), an advanced high-efficiency propulsion system, is a promising candidate to deorbit the debris objects at low cost,”JAXA said.


There are multiple problems here.  The major one is, as space junk descends, it menaces all sorts of stuff like jets flying in the high stratosphere.  A small object puncturing a plane can lead to tragedy.  It doesn’t take much to create a hole in a jet’s body.

Now on to the Bilderberg gang’s Turin tour de force: only alternative news is carrying this news.  There are many reporters and big shots in the media at this super secret enclave and not one of these creeps will tell us anything about these meetings, ever.


Here is how the NY Times, one of the top Bilderberg gangster operations, founding members and all that…here is their top stories today, the usual attacks on Trump and boy, are they hysterical now.  Here is how the New York Times is reporting the Bilderberg news (dead silence):


Clash With Canada Isolates Trump Ahead of Kim Meeting

  • President Trump lashed out through his advisers at Canada’s prime minister in unusually personal terms.
  • The combative remarks escalated a bitter conflict with some of America’s closest allies, leaving him with a diplomatic crisis as he prepares to meet the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.


We have zero allies.  All we have are exploitive ‘friends’ who have been stripping the US of our industrial base and dumping their protection onto US taxpayers and having us die in their stupid wars.


Trump Upends Trade Order Built by U.S.

The president’s criticisms of tariffs left allies in Canada, Japan and Europe wary of upsetting a global order but unwilling to back down.


NY Times reporter, Ana is right: Trump is directly attacking the Bilderberg gang.  Ana is a member of that conspiratorial group.  Yes, our fake allies are wary of seeing this ‘global order’ screwed up.  They are quite loud about this.  Note how the NY Time traitors side with foreign powers to attack our industrial base which is treason.


Trump Tries to Destroy the West

There’s only one explanation that fits his behavior: He wants to break up the alliance that has dominated the past century.


The top editorial in this treasonous, silly newspaper speaks volumes.  Trump was elected by patriots.  England is being overrun by aliens who attack the English people with impunity and no one there is allowed to complain about this invasion and Tommy Robinson, who brings the real news to the forefront, has been arrested and quickly imprisoned in deepest secrecy by the Bilderber gang only massive demonstrations about this have upset that little apple cart, too.


So, Trump is destroying the ‘west’?  HAHAHA.  Illegal aliens, according to our Real Rulers, are superior to citizens in the EU and North America.  Why?  Because they can’t complain, they are cheap labor and they have to be careful not to irritate their owners who need slave labor, they can be deported if the Real Rulers want to get rid of them, after all.


Our rulers love this labor pool and hate citizens with great passion and take little efforts to hide this hatred.  Note how every DNC tool has stood up to denounce Trump for calling an illegal alien gang of hideous criminals, ‘animals’.  They are outraged, why, the DNC leaders even said this monster gang is really a bunch of nice kids.


This is exactly why I utterly oppose the DNC now.  They are totally corrupt.  They aren’t even pretending to appeal to US voters, they openly side with illegal aliens and are working very hard to get these aliens to vote in our elections, illegally.


I would declare the entire DNC a traitor party that wants to destroy the citizens.  Of course, we are not allowed to think or say this.  But this is where the real fight lies: who is a ‘citizen’ and what are our rights?


I forgot this story: as per usual, the elites in Hollywood had yet another award ceremony.  As they self-destruct, they continue attacking Trump.  Here is the video:

Robert de Niro is an old white man who is a SJW fool because…he wants to pretend to be ‘young’.  He thinks, saying ‘Fuck Trump’ is brave and good.  Isn’t this silly?  These rich creeps have no idea how they have slain the Golden Goose.  They think they are funny, ‘hip’ and smart.  Oh, the brains it takes to say ‘Fuck’.  Even children can do this, of course.
Now on to the weather, another Bilderberg mess.  They wanted desperately to pretend we are all going to roast to death and this has been collapsing for quite a while now due to solar activity changing.  And now the volcanoes are joining in to make things much cooler: Fuego volcano injected large amounts of sulfur dioxide into stratosphere, may induce some short-term global cooling   


Yes, volcanoes are active.  So far, this summer has been a cool spring.  It is quite cool at night, in the 40’s F.  This is not normal.  The global warming gang who are in hysterics about the temperature, fall silent when the planet cools.


This childish approach to science clues us in to the fact that this isn’t about science but rather, ideology.  But since they lie about past climate situations like the much warmer 1930’s, pretending today is ‘hottest temperatures, ever!’ shows that this has nothing to do with any science abilities.




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7 responses to “Russia Now Developing Space Telescope/Laser Shooter Satellite System

  1. Ken

    Trump is trying to engage in diplomacy and end the Korean war. Something no other politician has come close to achieving in 65 years. As he goes into these negotiations perception is everything.

    Everyone wants peace, and so everyone should want to lay off of the attacks on Trump at this time. The success of the negotiations depends on North Korea perceiving Trump to be a forceful leader. Instead, the attacks are increasing. Which, of course, means that Trump has to respond forcefully to appear strong going into the negotiations. Which only causes the attacks against him to increase. It is a vicious cycle.

    Is the intention of the attackers to avoid peace, or prevent Trump from getting a Peace Prize? Those are the only options that make sense.

    Except, of course, I may be forgetting the old adage “never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.” (Hanlon’s Razor).

  2. Melponeme_k

    Youtube and the USGS seem to want to take this guy down. Is he right or is he wrong? They have been changing data to foil his own tracking.

  3. ziff

    the dispute with Canada a bit of a joke as we are a branch plant economy of the US

  4. Lou

    The global warming gang who are in hysterics about the temperature, fall silent when the planet cools.–Really? That is attributed to ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Extreme Weather Events.’

  5. Petruchio

    Some good news. In Italy, they are now denying entry to ships carrying Illegals from Muslim countries to offload their passengers.

  6. Floridasandy

    Italy is breaking away from the European “union”.
    Good for them. Countries have to do what’s best for them-not the bureaucrats.
    Now which other European country will receive those immigrants? It will be interesting

  7. Moe

    Why the climate change campaign failed

    This is the public face of climate science today: tribal, defensive, discussion by invective, dismissive of contrary data. More like a priesthood than a community of scientists. Having corresponded or worked with many climate scientists during the past decade, I found that most are diligent, responsive to inquiries, and open about their work. But a large fraction – including many of the field’s leaders – are not. Their responses to inquiries and responses is the opposite of what the public expects in public policy debates about the fate of the world, especially when proposing solutions requiring vast resources and perhaps restructuring of the world economy.

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