Major Diplomatic Victory For Trump: North Korea Surrenders, Does Diplomacy, Not War

(2) 1945 Mass Suicide Party in Leipzig, Germany – YouTube

I expect all the anti-Trump/never-Trumpers to commit mass suicide now.  The far left loves fascist dictators on the left like Chairman Mao.  Now, Trump’s ‘troubling diplomacy’ that had him threaten North Korea with nuclear war if Kim continued to shoot rockets over Japan and South Korea has worked.  This irritates the inept left no end.  For generations, both the Bilderberg Republicans and the SJW Democrats couldn’t do a thing about North Korea and here is Trump, winning it all in less than a year and a half of wrangling while Trump was being attacked on all fronts at home in mainstream media (outside of Fox).  This victory has driven the opposition to Trump insane with rage.

Kim Jong-Un Arrives in Singapore at Summit Meeting with President Trump – Carrying Briefcase (VIDEO)

I take great pleasure at publishing a screenshot of both the NY Times and Washington Post’s front pages today.  Both have blatant attacks on Trump’s family and character as per rigid usual.  But they had to admit this diplomatic victory is very historic and quite important: The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

I am furious about this damn rage on the left.  They admit Trump won but continue to call him names in editorials and scream about sex while ignoring Bill Clinton’s rapes and excusing these while mild flirting is condemned when done by Trump.


We are in a major historical moment and most of the media is raging mad, screaming about how this is no victory for Trump but rather, a victory for North Korea, for example.  Here is the Washington Post’s front page today:

Washington Post:

Note how the Washington Post’s top story  is followed by ‘A great honor’ story how Trump ‘flatters’ Kim.  Note how Trump negotiates which is identical how I negotiated real estate contracts, for example: be very tough, don’t fall for tricks and then be very friendly right off the bat when the other side surrenders and does proper negotiations leading to a deal.


Trump has done this all his long life.  He is a master at doing this, he wrote books about how to do this.  Naturally, the NY Times and Washington Post both want him to negotiate like Obama, that is, surrender during negotiations or do sneak attacks, destroy governments and replace these with chaos which leads to many unintended consquences which harm citizens at home.


Merkel Spokesman: EU Retaliatory Tariffs Will Be Ready For July 1 | Zero Hedge


Following promises (threats?) by EU bloc executive Jean-Claude Juncker and German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the European Union would soon impose retaliatory tariffs on the US while moving ahead with a settlement dispute at the WTO, Merkel’s chief spokesman Steffen Seibert reiterated Monday morning that the EU is “ready to take action” and that its planned trade countermeasures would be ready to take effect on July 1.


Our fake allies who have created a business universe that harms the US citizens a great deal, are pissed off that Trump wants to fix this.  They are quite willing to attack Trump, yell about how they want us to continue one way trade deals and Trump has told them to go to hell, if they insist on having tariffs on US manufactured goods, we will do the same.


So instead of doing diplomacy, the leftist leaders in Europe are going the opposite way: open economic warfare.  Trump will laugh all the way to victory.  We have the trade deficit, not them!  We can lock them out, they can’t harm us by doing the same, the entire point is, our trade is not working, they are exploiting us, not the reverse.


Instead of being grown ups and behaving themselves sensibly, the Bilderberg gangsters in Europe have decided that open economic warfare is the key here.  While at the same time, demanding we shoulder over 50% of the costs of NATO at the same time!  Even funnier, these Bilderberg brats are screaming, they will open negotiations with Putin which has Putin laughing so hard, I fear for his life!  HAHAHA. Oh no, I am laughing, too!  Gargle, fall down, dying.



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12 responses to “Major Diplomatic Victory For Trump: North Korea Surrenders, Does Diplomacy, Not War

  1. Ken

    Actually, Trump doesn’t claim to have “won it all.” It is a process and this is just the start. He states as much.

    I foresee major problems in doing a final deal. In particular, how can Kim be assured that he will remain in power if the country opens up (or even re-unifies with South Korea)?

    With Cuba in the early ’60s, the US could promise not to invade in exchange for removal of Russian nukes. This was enough to keep Castro in power since Cuba is an island. North Korea doesn’t have that advantage. If they open up then all of the citizens will flee to the south. Just like Germany during the Cold War.

  2. Christian W

    This is funny as hell. Trump didn’t want to do peace, remember, but President Moon and Kim Jong-un simply went ahead with the peace process leaving the US no choice but to jump in. And now, as per usual, the US declares victory 😛

    Trump said he wants to pull the US troops out of South Korea. He said the same thing about Syria but his generals told him no. Let’s see what happens now. My bet is the generals and neocons et al will fight to keep their cushy MIC jobs so they will again sabotage a US pull out.

  3. Petruchio

    “This victory has driven the opposition to Trump insane with rage.” They were already insane. The thing that bothers the Anti Trump crowd is this: negotiating with Kim violates an Iron Law of the neo cons/Exceptional Nation types. The only reason Trump is negotiating with Kim is because North Korea has NUKES. Without Nules, Kim is just some weird, tin pot Dictator of a tiny country. Trump’s opponents view negotiating with Kim as a Surrender. To the Neo Cons/Exceptionalists, negotiating with North Korea shows the US to be not the All Powerful Being it like to think it is. And then maybe Iran might want to acquire Nukes, seeing as how much leverage having Nuclear missiles gives a Country with the US of A.

  4. ziff

    Kim had nukes under Obama , bush etc, ANd @ 2 full of shit as usual

    I think Kim saw a fellow dictator in Trump , not saying trump is a dictator but he is a real president not some actor standing for a crowd of unknowns,, real negotiations in other words.

  5. Christian W

    Well, who is full of shit? Claiming to withdraw troops is, by the record, what Trump does before he bombs other nations (Syria).


    ELAINE: You are so often wrong about stuff, it isn’t funny anymore, it is sad.

  6. Zeke

    You’d think people would have learned to not unfurl the “Mission Accomplished” banner prematurely. Huge temptation.

  7. ziff

    @ 6 u imagine that trump has full control ?

  8. Christian W

    @ 8

    No, that’s what I said in post # 2… doh.

  9. Henry

    As far as the trade war goes, it’s true that the world sold the U.S. $796 billion more in goods than we sold to the world last year. However the U.S. is paying this with fiat money created out of thin air! They send the U.S. oil, and finished goods, etc and we send them computer bytes created from nothing. So who’s scamming who?

    As far as defense spending goes, the whole U.S. manufacturing sector is weapons. The U.S. spends multiple time more than the rest of the world combined on defense. But defense from who? Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. None of these countries wish to attack the U.S. This are made up enemies so the military industrial complex can be fed. And the U.S. wants its “allies” (actually vassals) to spend more on the U.S defense industries. It’s another giant scam!!

  10. timothy carroll


    All valid points and very true. The BRICS are slowly moving away from the US fiat dollar, which will hopefully disengage us from the Israeli controlled actors behind the scene. Once Israel is declawed, we shall see how seriously the US is taken on the world stage. We’ve been on this treadmill since 1913 which picked up speed about fifty years later.

  11. It saddens me to see so many people who can’t figure out the scam going on here. I am elderly and remember the past pretty good. The US let the EU run massive trade surpluses with the US because of the Soviet Union and its satellite states.

    Well, that all quickly collapsed and…we were trapped into running lopsided ‘trade’ with the EU for years and years now.


    So they can continue these stupid trade surpluses! Trump played them like a champ: he said they should stop doing this and furthermore, he was bringing Russia back into the G7 stuff.

    The EU leaders freaked out! They screamed at Trump that he was not allowed to do this! They want to keep the status quo. Now they will punish the US for not letting them rip us off!!

    This is insanity. And funny. And I am stunned that so many people can’t figure out what to me is totally obvious. Trump is going to win this fight.

    Remember: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. And we are the EU’s customers.

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