Liberals Go Insane With Fury Due To Trump/Kim Diplomacy Working Like Magic

Daily Mail Online has a number of stories about the Trump/Kim summit and most of the ‘news’ is the Bilderberg gang members whining about Trump’s latest diplomatic coup.  Each day, the rage grows greater to the point that ‘liberals’ who supposedly love us, wish to see us suffer a major recession in order to get rid of Trump, for example.  These clowns would happily start WWIII in order to rule us.  Every Trump diplomatic victory is a nail in the Bilderberg gang’s coffin so hammer away!

After this major, gigantic diplomatic coup by Trump, the opposition which is funded by very rich people intent on looting America, goes into a fit of rage.  Now, forced to say that Trump’s diplomacy is working wonders, they whine that he didn’t walk on water, fly through the sky and resurrect the dead so he might be a failure in the end.


Because they all live in this sealed bubble, the ‘liberals’ (fake, of course) can’t see how comical they look.  Here is a fine example, all the examples today comes from the Daily Mail in England:

This is a sign of the leaders of the DNC literally going senile.  They are mostly very elderly and the signs of senility in the leadership is pretty obvious now.  There is this rule in life: diplomatic coups happen when opposites attract.  So, it is no diplomatic coup for Obama to bow to Castro’s brother.  This is called ‘being normal’.


The ‘diplomatic coups’ happen when people who oppose each other make deals.  The deals with Iran, for example, were very bad for the US and gave little good in return.  The Nixon visit to China was great for China but ONLY after a coup deposed Madame Mao.


A lot of the changes in China were due to my father defying Madame Mao in her face, something no one dared do before my father’s visit which followed Nixon’s visit quite closely.


The the case of the crazy ruler of poor North Korea, a black basketball player opened the door to that sealed tomb.  From Pyongyang to Singapore, a quick history of Dennis Rodman and North Korea.  The ping-pong players who came to China had the same effect.  I remember the ping pong mania for when the Chinese officials came to live with me, I installed a ping pong table in the basement and they were utterly overjoyed to see it there and used it heavily.


They were very good at it and I could barely score a shot!  Small things lead to bigger things.  In the case of Hillary’s diplomacy, she destroyed countries, not make things work better.  Starting wars and decimating millions was her game.

This story illustrates how the elderly rear guard of the DNC are all very rich and very arrogant. And they love to lie, they love to put on a show.  This is failing due to the internet making it possible for people to scan for news which is why Google and other monsters are trying desperately to make the internet less and less functional and more a tool of the rich elites so they can order us all around with impunity.


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11 responses to “Liberals Go Insane With Fury Due To Trump/Kim Diplomacy Working Like Magic

  1. Lou

    Like ‘Magic’–eh?

  2. Duski

    “Now, forced to say that Trump’s diplomacy is working wonders, they whine that he didn’t walk on water, fly through the sky and resurrect the dead so he might be a failure in the end.”

    Here in Finland plenty of media tells the same story; “Oh, it was expected that nothing would happen and pfft nothing really happened!”, when it is OBVIOUS to anyone that huge progress has probably been made. Of course there is a chance that all this is just theater but if it not, MSM just keeps on discrediting itself completely.

  3. Duski

    Also the msm keeps on harping all the horrible things North-Koreas government / leader is doing… and their solution would seemingly be: no negotiation, never make any deals, never change anything, let the people keep on dying so we can keep our moral higher ground. No sense at all, clearly a straight road to hell for NK people but who cares. they just want to punish someone, no matter the suffering it causes.

    They’d rather keep the current status quo than let Trump TRY TO change it. Monsters.

  4. ziff

    yes, keeping the status quo, D Rodmans outburst yesterday, he said Obama et al had NO ! interest in Kims overtures at that time [ which were not reported even] . just lazy or ??

  5. Christian W

    @ Ziff

    Why is even D Rodman on US telly talking about the Trump Kim meeting? Is Mr. Rodman some kind of expert on US Imperial foreign policy?

    @ Elaine

    Trump’s diplomatic coup? I see a lot of talk and hot air, but it’s early days still. The NK freeze (nuke development) for US freeze (military exercises) is a Chinese/Russian initiative that has been on the table for 3+ years.

    The US history of nuke deals:

    Clinton makes deal with North Korea. Dubya Bush tears it up.

    Dubya Bush makes deal with Gadaffi. Obama bombs Gadaffi.

    Obama makes deal with Iran. TRUMP tears it up.

    Trump makes deal with North Korea… Hey ho. Nobody can trust the US. How on earth can NK give up their nukes if the next US president will waltz in and rip it all up again? Look at how stupid Iran looks now sitting pretty without nukes…

  6. ziff

    since rodman was the only one to talk to Kim about these matters i’d say that does make him some sort of expert , duh

  7. Ken

    Christian @ 6,

    It was a while ago, but the US struck a deal with Castro in which we agreed not to invade if he got rid of the Russian nukes. We kept to that deal. So it can happen.

  8. Christian W

    @ Ken

    That Castro deal was from when the US still had at least a semblance of rationality and wasn’t run outright by the Neocons and the Israeli Lobby. The modern record proves differently.

    Trump himself is on one hand bashing the rules based international order (deals and treaties, international law), personally ripping up the Iran deal where Iran tried to do the right thing… And NOW he expects people to take his “deals” seriously. Sorry but any taking anything Trump says as trustworthy is an idiot.

    Any deal that happens will do so because the momentum is shifting from the West to the East. The US is frantically busy painting lipstick on this pig, but they have a weak hand here and chances are any deal will be torpedoed down the road because peace is anathema to the US.

    North Korea are using their nukes to push out the US. The US wants to stay. The Koreas want peace and normal relations. The US does not want normal relations. The problem is not the nukes, the problem is the US. That is why the US will declare victory with much pomp and circumstance and make a paper deal worth nothing… At least Trump can get a Nobel Peace prize then.

  9. Moe

    I have noticed a subtle change in my reading habits this past week: I no longer have any predisposition to read CW’s contributions.

    Before, i would wade through his diatribes in attempt to glean some measure of new or pertinent information, minimal though it may have been. Alas, only rehashed, constant re-echoing of anti-US screed appeared (though often well-documented and well-deserved): apparently his meme allows for no idiosyncrasy and variation is not permissible,

    I longed for an ‘Ignore’ button, but to no avail. Despondent, I contemplated Poster-Suicide but then was reminded of a comment of Lou’s, where she advised to merely scroll past offending postings.

    Hallelujah! I had been opaque to Lou’s advice, fixated as I was on acquiring the non-existent (or non-activated) ‘Ignore’ function, but I must admit some obtuseness in not perceiving the obvious.

    Should CW wish to debate, decry or castigate this comment, I will never know. 🙂

    Free At Last! Free At Last!

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