As Trump Battles Trade Partners, Elites Declare No Crimes Were Committed When DNC Abused Computer Laws To Conspire

(3) Hannity: Reprehensible if Rosenstein intimidated lawmakers – YouTube


The trade war rages onwards with our political allies furious about the US doing something about the gigantic trade deficit situation.  In the US, the mainstream media aside from Fox, are claiming falsely that the IG report about the conspiracies and actions of FBI and CIA staff working to undermine Trump is of no consequence because it wasn’t totally illegal, merely illicit and destructive.  OK.  HAHAHA.  The FBI fiddling with politics for political gain of a party is very destructive and is very Nixonian and I see our elites worried that they won’t be allowed to use our government systems to cook elections so that they win more power for policies that hurt the US citizens such as uncontrolled immigration, for one glaring example.  The Bilderberg gang is intent on wiping out all citizen powers.


Daily Mail Online

Canada, which runs a huge trade surplus with the US, wants a trade war.  Since there are many more US customers than Canadian customers, guess who will win this fight?  Not Canada!  This is a goofy way to negotiate and the young man who has declared trade war on America is a fool to think that doing this will win any points in negotiations.

China knows perfectly well, they will lose this fight.  They hope that all the internationalist US corporations using cheap Chinese labor will join them in attacking a US President.  We call people who do this ‘traitors’ but that is OK, liberal media hates patriots with a passion so supporting traitors who collude with foreign powers is OK with Democrats.


The New York Times has the usual insane headlines.

HAHAHA.  ‘They made ‘mistakes’?  Um…no.  That is crazy.  And the system is riddled with people who are pushing various political narratives and taking this report with a ton of salt is recommended.  The FBI conspired to cover up Hillary crimes and the top brass in the FBI also committed various crimes doing this and in general, things were running utterly out of control at the Obama White House causing serious breaches of protocols and systems.  I had to go to London to get some smidgen of real news from the Daily Mail:



So, nearly everyone at the top of Fed agencies and political systems were breaking rules and laws concerning how they use computers.  Nearly everyone in the Obama administration were using computer systems OUTSIDE the systems run by the government so they could conspire in the dark.  They then destroyed these computers in various ways so no one could see what monkey shines they were doing.


This is highly illegal.  Office workers in the government who do this GO TO PRISON.  For the media giants to report there is nothing here are lying.  We didn’t know until today, for example, that Comey, too, used a secret personal computer system to hide his real stuff from anyone poking around to see if he is conspiring to attack a President!  This should have been headline news in the NYT but no, a fake news story about ‘nothing burgers’ is their lede.  It gets worse:


This Inspector General’s report has many troubling features which indicate crimes were being committed and conspiracies were happening and the entire business is one big hairball of crimes and the biggest is from the ‘We’ll stop Trump’ FBI lovers story: the IG claims falsely that there was no ‘political bias’ in dropping the Hillary email probe.  In a rat’s ass.


This naked partisanship continues and the Ship of State continues to flounder as desperate leftists try and try to bury the crimes and pretend nothing is wrong.  I figured this report would be mostly rubbish and the reception it is getting shows us that the Bilderberg gang intends to lie, cheat and steal in order to keep power.


But then, for much of my very long life, this gang has been allowed to destroy America!  They created the trade deficit and they conspired to wreck the currency by inflating it to hide their thefts, they run constant budget deficits while letting in millions and millions of illegal aliens.


This hostile group invading our country and colluding with foreign governments to destroy American powers is the biggest treason in US history, it is gigantic and many media systems are part of this massive conspiracy.  Much of Congress is, too.

Trump is hammering this treasonous system.  His selected candidates defeated even powerful GOP Senators and Congresspeople in the primaries.  The howling Bilderberg gang is utterly enraged, thus, the release of the IG report has to be termed ‘nothing to see here, just people conspiring to use illegal computers to run a conspiracy against the US public to rig elections…’ yes, no big deal!  Right.


The Daily Mail story about the GOP Chairwoman warning the globalists is totally ignored by the NY Times.  I find this very funny.



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  1. Floridasandy

    Hilary continues to prove she is dumber than dirt.
    It’s not over yet, although she probably doesn’t know it.

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