The Very Brave Daily Mail In London: Bilderberg Gang Is Cheating On Taxes And Commission Is Investigating This Crime!

Breitbart News Network: European voters are increasingly angry about foriegners invading their homelands.


Undercover at Bilderberg – the world’s most elitist secret society | Daily Mail Online: the Daily Mail has had a huge coup: they managed to get a reporter inside the Bilderberg conspirator’s enclave.  This reported didn’t find anything new due to this but the article is new in a huge, huge way: they actually are reporting real news suddenly.  What caused the Daily Mail to finally break the omerta wall of silence by reporting on ILLEGAL things this group is doing to the planet earth?  This is a must-read story indeed.


I am not talking about the Great Crimes of this evil organization, as per usual in reality, it is the little stuff that breaks open the flood gates.  I will discuss all this while referencing the ground-breaking Daily Mail article from today:


Bilderberg presents an abundance of networking opportunities for those lucky enough to be chosen to attend. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, is due to step down from his role next year and has ambitions to head the International Monetary Fund. Michael O’Leary’s contract with Ryanair also ends next year.


These co-conspirators keep each other in power and they move effortlessly from one position to another as they labor for the super rich and super powerful.  As always, the oldest member  aside from the Queen of England, Henry the War Criminal Kissinger, is in attendence with his doctor, nurse and wheelchair.


I wanted him arrested for war crimes against Cambodia, for example, just like I want both Bushes arrested for their many crimes.  Hillary still enjoys her ‘get out of jail free’ card, too.


Meanwhile, this stupid gang wants to put Trump in prison for minor infractions and false charges and toil mightily to find something, anything to remove him from power.


George Osborne, the editor of the Evening Standard, possesses seven other job titles. At Bilderberg, he will have had ample chance to speak to his business contacts.


This gang has all the major ‘mainstream’ media except Fox TV in their cabal.  This is to insure there is only one message in the media no matter what the topic.


On funny example of this is how they are working in unison to smear Star Wars fans who are angry at the female, Kathleen Kennedy’s films that are super-irritating to fans.  There is a very successful fan boycott of the latest dumb movie and every publication run by Bilderberg owners are hammering away at fans, calling them names, calling them sexists and racists, etc.


This, in turn, has turned off the fans of Star Wars and this stupid film business cost Disney $4.5 BILLION dollars and now that is going down the drain because hard core fans are now vowing to totally boycott all Star Wars products.


The Bilderberg gang is so used to running things via fake news, conspiring to carry only certain stories, certain ways, etc. that they got too arrogant and quite stupid about it and are failing in this enterprise just like pushing back and calling names on patriots who are angry about illegal aliens invading Europe and North America.


The mainstream Bilderberg news calls us ‘traitors’ when they are the real traitors and this is obvious and as I put up on the top of this story, it is backfiring on the Bilderberg gang.


He was recently appointed chair of a business council at Exor, the holding company for the Agnelli family billions. John Elkann, the Agnelli heir who hosted this year’s Bilderberg, sits on the Economist board alongside Eric Schmidt of Google. A spokesman for Bilderberg Meetings said that ‘participants take care of their own travel and accommodation costs’.


I said last year, Google is pure evil.  This event proves my point.  Google, like all arrogant organizations, hates people greatly and has been frantically plotting how it can destroy citizens and cut them off from the internet, etc. so Google can get Bilderberg gang programs up and running.


Google is trying, like DISNEY, to be a monopoly and our government can break it up and should break both up.  Citizens can vote for this and the Bilderberg Google gang is terrified of this happening.


He added: ‘The expenses of maintaining the small secretariat of Bilderberg Meetings are covered wholly by private subscription. The hospitality costs of the annual meeting are the responsibility of the steering committee member(s) of the host country.’ But it would not confirm who pays into this ‘private subscription’.


Que bono?  That is a very old Latin term for ‘who profits from this?’


Amber Rudd, a member of the Queen’s Privy Council, refused to answer any of our questions including whether she divulged state-secret information at the conference. Nor did she say whether she will fully declare her attendance at Bilderberg, both financially and as a potential conflict of interest, as stipulated in the House of Commons Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament.


Arrest her.  Free Tommy Robinson and arrest all the conspirators who go overseas to collude with foreign powers as to how to domestically run Britain against the Will of the Voters.

Last night, the Charity Commission said it was probing the UK financial arm of Bilderberg following the Mail’s investigation. As a registered charity, the Bilderberg Association is exempt from tax, but the Commission said it had received a ‘number of complaints about its activities’.


WOW.  This is amazing news!  The Charity Commission will now be under huge pressure to NOT investgate this fraud operation.


The charity’s most recently listed trustees are Lord John Kerr of Kinlochard, deputy chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, and Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief of The Economist — which yesterday published an editorial leader entitled: ‘A hard Brexit seems ever less likely: Good.’


The Economist is a very stupid magazine.  It lies about nearly everything.  It is good to use to find out what the Bilderberg gang really wants.  Obvious to anyone, this gang of international criminals want to keep Britain trapped in the dying EU net and profit from the destruction of England.


Call them ‘Nazis’ for this is what they really are.


To legally qualify for charity status, the organisation must overwhelmingly serve a ‘public benefit’, and not a political purpose.




The Bilderberg Association says its purpose is ‘the education’ of ‘mankind, the public’. But because no public reports are published into what actually happens at the conference, there is no way of proving this charitable public purpose.


The Daily Mail reporter is being sarcastic here.  We all know there is zero charity in this criminal operation.  Not even like the Mafia which alway gave very generously to the Catholic Popes, was so stupid as to have zero charity actually handed out to the poor.


And how can a super secret organization ‘educate mankind, the public’ when it refuses to talk to us except secretly, via proxies that are generating propaganda and which lectures us endlessly about how we should live, namely, as slaves.


The Commission said it was opening a case into the Bilderberg Association ‘to ensure its activities are in line with its charitable objects and its legal duty’ and remind it of ‘the importance of transparency’.


Will the Queen stop this commission?  Will May stop it?  Will all the major media in England demand this commission be terminated?  Will the commission members be assassinated by foreign terrorists?


I wait with bated breath!  Will the Daily Mail suddenly be bought by either Google or Disney?  They have billions they can use to bribe people into ‘retiring’ and handing over things.


This happened to my buddy, Ted Turner, who, to my utter horror, accepted over a billion dollars to go away and hide in Uraguay and never appear in public again!  CNN went from being my ‘go to’ place to make news to being a horrible propaganda device for the super rich ruling elites, my enemies.


A spokesman said it was a criminal offence to knowingly or recklessly provide false or misleading information to the Commission.




Lord Kerr said he was ‘not a trustee’ and directed queries to the address where the charity is registered, Simon Robertson Associates, a financial advisory group run by the former director of Goldman Sachs. Sir Simon Robertson is also on the board of the Economist.


HAHAHA…the stupid cowards are now running away.


The Bilderberg Association declined to comment, while Ms Minton Beddoes referred us to Bilderberg Meetings, the global company.


Here is a taste of some of the news at the Daily Mail today:

So…the NYT and Washington Post won’t report on the SEVERAL illicit sex relations inside the FBI investigation team who were supposed to be examining Hillary but were actually covering up her many Bilderberg crimes!  And these conspirators then went on to plant false information about Trump and Putin in order to spook voters into voting for the lady who conspired with Putin in the past…HAHAHA.  This backfired badly on them all.


Will the other mainstream news pick up on the startling information from the Daily Mail?  HAHAHA.  Nope.  I am betting they will run away, being cowards as well as crooks.


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11 responses to “The Very Brave Daily Mail In London: Bilderberg Gang Is Cheating On Taxes And Commission Is Investigating This Crime!

  1. A side story: another Tesla caught on fire

    This happened spontaneously. A driver next to the car on the street yelled that McCormack’s car was on fire. It then burned very ferociously and would have killed the driver if not alerted.

    I see Telsa going bankrupt on this news.

  2. Moe

    Tesla is an overvalued Ponzi scheme: would have gone broke anyway.

  3. Jim R

    What you talkin’ about, @Moe? They might be losing money on every unit they make, but they’ll make it up in volume!

    These bilderberg creatures are like some of the more delicate burrowing marine invertebrates. If you dig them out and expose them to sunlight, they will quickly die, or get picked apart by the free-living fishes and lobsters and such.

  4. KHS71

    The guy running Tesla does not know how to run a car company. He is in it for himself. Tesla will be bankrupt. The government needs to cut them off and let them die.

  5. ziff

    no Tesla will ‘up the ante’

    theres a youtube channel called ‘rich rebuilds’ about a guy who strips rebuilds teslas , a man who goes where he is not suposed to .

  6. Melponeme_k

    Elon Musk is a welfare queen, in all senses of the word. This company was built on Tax money. In fact most if not all the powerful companies were built upon the backs of tax payers.

    That is how the elite make their money. They want welfare. And now that the money is drying up, they even have to steal the little welfare checks given to the common people.

    Their whole lives are built upon stealing ideas, parceling them out to one another and then structuring it so that it can be supported by taxes.

    Well the scheme has now reached its end. Even the Bilderbergs are sensing the end. They are quaking in their boots because they may actually have to display some grit and sweat to make real money instead of waiting for the welfare tax money.

  7. Moe

    @ 1 EMS

    It occurs to me that this may be how ‘Fake News’ could be created.

    Taking content of the Tesla fire report out of context, this is what one could quote: “..the husband of actress Mary McCormack spontaneously combusted in Los Angeles”.

    Folks here might recall reports decades ago of this happening . 🙂

  8. Zeke

    Good riddance to Merkel. About time.

  9. War Criminals All Of Them

    Ya know Elaine, Trump sent a few dozen missiles at Syria for no reason and killed quite a few ppl too. He is a war criminal just like the rest.

  10. Yup, all our leaders commit war crimes. I am quite aware about this. But then, WHY did Trump do this? Well…the media giants, the Pentagon, and most of Congress DEMANDED he do this and were very fearful he might do diplomacy with Putin so they KILLED all Trump attempts at diplomacy. Remember the ‘Putin/Trump conspiracy’ stuff? It is still being pushed by mainstream media and the DNC.

  11. Moe

    From The BBC (!)

    Hungary passes ‘Stop Soros’ law banning help for migrants

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