Asian/White Male Students Under Sustained Attack By SJW Administrators/Teachers In Many US Schools

War on Boys – YouTube

DU expands female-only program despite low male enrollment: Denver University is typical of all schools today: across the board, more and more females dominate all educational systems and are pushing for total control so they can eliminate as many males especially white or Asian.  This way, they can think they are smarter than men.  This is a crude explanation of what is going on but then, modern feminism has grown very crude and dysfunctional the more they dominate our schools.  The collapse of many school systems is directly connected to increasing female dominance.


Events from last year included an alumni panel titled “Femme in STEM,” an art exhibit dedicated to “Celebrating Colorado Women and their Extraordinary Stories,” as well as a celebration for female students who graduated in the summer.


At this point in time, women running so many educational systems are so addicted to boasting about small accomplishments, it is becoming tedius.  Way back many years ago when I was one of very few women who did dangerous construction work, women’s groups would ask me to talk about this business.


I would explain how it is very dirty, extremely dangerous, even life-threatening and a great skill to learn first is how to fight which I also taught, how to fight, that is!  This was highly unpopular and soon, no one asked me to lecture young ladies in the skill sets needed to do my sort of work.


Now, we have many more female construction bosses who do little hands-on work and just order men around.  Meanwhile, our Real Rulers flooded the construction field with illegal aliens who work under the table.  These men and they are all males, don’t even bother with communicating with female bosses and basically ignore them.


The only event geared toward men was a screening of “The Mask You Live In,” a film touted as an opportunity to explore “how our cultural definitions of masculinity itself may be a key component driving the proliferation of harassment against women.”


Imagine this as the introduction to school!  The girls get petted and the boys get slapped around and accused of being potential criminals!


According to a recent job posting, DU now seeks to further expand the CWC by hiring a new “Director of Programming” who will be responsible for “continuing education, credit and non-credit bearing courses, co-curricular experiences, and other programming for women.”


Denver U is expanding their gigantic administrative staff.  More females than males graduate at this point and these helpless females should be finally adult enough to not need constant hand-holding to do simple stuff like going to school.


“Rather than granting Bachelor’s degrees in an all-women setting, we are going to support the work and advancement of all DU women (cis and trans-women) in all of the disciplines they are pursuing, as well as women regionally,” the job posting explains.


I hope they hire a ‘trans-woman’ who is still 100% male and has normal male testosterone.  All men should claim they are women and in sports, this has taken off like a rocket and it works.  A man pops a few pills for a few months, is declared a ‘woman’ and then smashes the competition due to a superior physical body.


Confessions of a College Professor: “4 Year” Community Colleges Highlight Administrative Incompetence: the author of this website which I visit every week, is a math teacher who is on the front lines of the collapse of real education and the war on Asian and white males.  Today, he discusses how angry the 4 year universities are at community colleges who are expanding rapidly due to costing often 80% less than 4 year schools:


To illustrate my point that this provost isn’t alone in his total confusion, the article quotes another utterly clueless leader:


And C. Todd Jones, president and general counsel of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio, said the argument that baccalaureate degrees are unaffordable is a “red herring.”


Except it is 100% true.  The ‘provost’ is stupid but then, many schools now aim at lowering one’s ability to think or reason.  They are propaganda machines which churn out deranged lunatics.


“Financial assistance makes degrees affordable, particularly for low-income individuals in our state,” he said. There’s no reason in terms of costs for creating a community college baccalaureate degree, he said.


How do you even find someone this ignorant to be president of an administrative association? Seriously, anyone with even vague knowledge of higher ed knows student loan debt is insane right now, that “financial assistance” is mostly a trap into perpetual debt servitude, especially for low income individuals.


The author of Confessions of a College Professor hammers away on student debt.  It is a very serious issue.  Many of the females getting very expensive degrees at a much higher rate than males of any sort, are saddled with debt that equals a middle class fine home in a good neighborhood (not a DNC ghetto).


This saddles any husband with a mountain of debt if a man is foolish enough to marry these ‘successful’ women before they first pay off this debt which few do very swiftly, many just pay the minimum hoping to snag a man and dump it into his lap.


Secret Harvard Study Reveals Admissions Process that Hurts Asian Applicants | Breitbart reports.  The study showing rank discrimination against Asians was kept secret until a court ordered this information to appear in public.


The 2013 study by Harvard’s Office of Institutional Research was released as part of a court case in which the university is being sued for discriminating against Asian-Americans.


The study, as described by the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper, found that if admissions were based on academic performance and extracurricular activities alone, Asian-American applicants would comprise 43% of the freshman class. However, the actual percentage of Asian-American applicants was about half that.


I have an Asian grandson.  I am very concerned about him, he is talented and very smart like his wonderful parents who are taking great efforts to educate him, encourage him and teach him.  For this, he will be punished by the Systems set up by the SJW gang.


The key appeared to be the inclusion of a “personality” component in evaluating applicants. Subsequent reporting by the Crimson revealed that traits included in “personality” were: “humor, sensitivity, grit, leadership, integrity, helpfulness, courage, kindness and many other qualities.”


Wow.  HAHAHA.  That is how Bush Jr. got into school!  Not.


My grandson is very helpful and quite kind, loves animals and loves helping people, he is so wonderfully social.  He loves jokes and so far, hasn’t stolen anything or lied about anything.  He does try to lie like all kindergarden children but is embarrassed by this and gives up quickly.


So, he has all the requisite virtues so far and…will be utterly discriminated against especially because he is all these things!


Now on to the angry young female/minority students who are being helped along by every system set up to filter out Asian/white males and what do they bring to the mix?  Watching the vile, violent, out of control, foul-mouthed brutes and bitches attacking everyone and everything in all our schools nearly nonstop, what they bring is chaos and violence, not good attributes of any sort.


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27 responses to “Asian/White Male Students Under Sustained Attack By SJW Administrators/Teachers In Many US Schools

  1. Duski

    Number one thing you should teach to kind kids is to defend themselves when necessary, grow some spikes that sprout IF needed. Usually kind childrens get easily bullied since they are hesitant to fight back, so preparing for that should be done as well…

  2. Melponeme_k

    Feminism is the linchpin of the CIA psyop and they got the idea from it straight from the most fortunate PaperClip recipients.

    Looking back, yes, some opportunities were limited to women. But for the most part those opportunities were limited due to ability. THIS was the first wrong turn. Instead of exploiting the market for the abilities in which we excel, we fell for the Spook carrot that led us onto paths that we couldn’t navigate except for maybe a few outlier females.

    While they did this, they plied us with books, magazines, TV shows and movies filled with unmarried women with no children and working semi-stable glamor jobs or in the middle of horrific divorce battles. In the 70s/80s films for women were filled with male characters who were just downright vile. Personally, most of the men I met in life were rather peaceable and somewhat confused by the world they found themselves in. The media directed at them was filled with nasty women who cheat and only want money.

    And everyone was supposed to be attracted to Transgenders or the actual same sex partners. They added that to their poison media mix too.

    The aim was social collapse so that we couldn’t fight the communist slanted takeover. This was all pre-planned in the 1800s by the Fabian society. The most stalwart FEMINIST of that group was HG Wells. Free Love was their idea for DESTRUCTION! That was taken up by the Frankfurt School and eventually bolstered by Nazi Mind Control.

    I’m amazed we can all still tie our shoes in the morning and speak without drooling, considering how much mind control we’ve all suckled upon.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, they are using the same playbook with the AI psy-op.

    So much media dedicated to how wonderful AI is compared to human beings. Human beings are being portrayed as the scum of the earth. Never mind all that we have accomplished. Everything is geared to making us lay down our arms and bare our throats to computers.

    BS! There is NO AI. It is just a man behind the curtain. Where is that damn dog when you need him?

    Don’t lay down your life for a robot chicken people. It only has one play for the game and the one who gave it that play was HUMAN!

  4. Lou

    2– Id say abortion is the main vehicle of getting rid of the White race.
    Pat Buchanan has written about Japan and First worlds decline due to it.

  5. Petruchio

    @#4 Lou: your comment on abortion is 100% correct. Exactly!! Every white person should be fighting Abortion tooth, fang and claw! Abortion is THE most direct assault on preserving the White population there is! No ifs, ands or buts about it. Abortion’s primary function (it has other functions also) is to if not eliminate completely, “minoritize” the White Christian Culture. Abortion is motivated by a deep, bitter HATRED of the White Race.

  6. Petruchio

    What I want to know is when are young women College students going to wake up and figure out that they have been getting conned and lied to? How many true life stories do they have to hear about their older women student friends who are drowning in student Loan debt? When is it going to dawn on women College students that having a HUGE debt load at 22 years old is a hole that can ruin you? It will keep you from moving away from Mom and Dad’s after Graduation. It will SEVERELY limit your marriage prospects. What man wants to marry a woman who has $60.000+ worth of debt, and this is a debt that can NOT be discharged through declaring bankruptcy? (Thank Bush Jr. for that, btw). And you can’t afford to start a Family, either. Kids cost money. There should be alot of anger towards Higher Ed and the people who run it, fund it and let it stay as it is.

  7. timothy carroll


    Agreed, but I believe it goes even deeper. Black infants are aborted in huge numbers as well, so hatred against humans in general (those who are not the (((Chosen))) is behind this war against mainly Christians. (((They))) used to hide it, but now are quite open about it. Witness the “comedienne”(((Sarah Silverman))) saying she is glad the Jews killed Christ and that she would do it again!

    Make no mistake, my friends. We are in the literal fight for our lives. Every man, woman, and child of European descent should wake the hell up because our extermination, by hook or by crook, is what’s in store.

  8. timothy carroll


  9. timothy carroll

    I am unable to share a link, so I will have to spell it out. Worth checking out: //

  10. timothy carroll

    or just got to duck duck go and search for “kalergi plan”. I tried several times to share my last post. I learned about Elaine through Kunstler’s blog only later to discover he’s an avowed Zionist.

  11. timothy carroll

    Obviously put an https:// in front of my post @#9. I’m trying very hard not to get too freaked out about all of this, but this is some very scary sh*t. I promise to shut up soon, but I want to respond to Pet @#6.

    Women are being sheep herded into hating men, especially white men. This is why white men are actively being discriminated against. It’s being sold as, “Now it’s your turn, you white bastard!” Once the white man is removed from the household (as has happened to the black man in the black community, the State becomes “daddy”. Women need to understand that what “daddy” provides, he can easily withdraw. Thus, black women and soon ALL women, will be little more than whores to be governed by the whims of the State. The black community was the trial run for this way back in 1964 and LBJ’s Great Society.

    Gee, it sure was swell of him to step up to the plate after that unfortunate event happened a year prior. 🙂

  12. timothy carroll

    Looks like “someone” doesn’t like our topic of conversation today. It obviously ain’t Elaine.

  13. Melponeme_k


    Abortion only hits a small segment of the population. Birth Control is the real culprit. But I’m not against Birth Control. Most normal people, without debt and decent jobs, will eventually marry and have up to 3 children. Enough for replacement.

    However that means that population will drop a bit but stabilize. This leads to the elite having to compete for workers. THEY HATE THAT! Hence pulling in Third World populations that are still over producing because child birth for them is still iffy for the mother and the children.

    I’ve read people starting to doubt the stories of over population. They say it is a psy-op. They contend that the numbers are inflated and the true amount of the world’s population can fit within the borders of the USA with room to spare. The reason why we have the facsimile of overpopulation is because the Elite are shoving us all into cities. This is their UN sustainable city plan. They want to create over population and punish people in suburbs and farm lands. This will give them more power over our procreation and our resource usage.

    What they plan for is vast ghetto cities while they will probably live in palaces on vast estates of untouched wilderness.

    In this way, yes, the EDUCATED (doesn’t matter which race) population will be out competed by illegal aliens. These non-educated, low IQ populations will be easy to control with no options.

    @Timothy Carroll

    It is NOT the regular Jews who are looking to control the world. It is a sect called Babylonian Jews i.e. Satanists, who are behind the crimes.

    This commentator has interesting views and information on the matter.

  14. Lou

    13–I recently heard that old Israelis talks, for the first time.
    She is far too deep into jewish stuff for me, but fascinating.

    ‘Abortion only hits a small segment of the population.’
    /Uh, no. 50? million since Rowe-Wade. Mostly Whites and USA is still [for a lil while longer] mostly White.
    Notice that the floodgates were opened to keep on w the population explosion [USA pop doubled since jews did the 1965 Immigration Act under LBJ]. USA was 90% White, will be > 50%, in years to come.

    I agree, middle class Whites have 2-3 children. That is why the MC is being destroyed.

  15. Lou

    10–when did that blog mention this one?
    JHK has a good blog but he has been very wrong about economics, for a decade or more.
    I read the book that he write back in 2003?–Long Emergency.

  16. timothy carroll

    Kunstler shared links to many sites back in the day. Thru him (his links) I discovered Elaine, Zero Hedge, Charles Hugh Smith, The Automatic Earth, Karl Denninger, etc. This was about a decade ago. Once Elaine outed Kunstler as a Zionist, I stopped following him. I guess you could call that era my “red pill moment”

    You cannot unlearn the reality that has been revealed. I turned 55 this year and have discovered the rot that has existed in our country for over one hundred years. Women, as Mel’s post above, are behind most of the evils we see unfolding before us. Far from the innocents they portray themselves to be, many of them are the quintessential Lady Macbeths.

  17. Moe

    Kunstler a Zionist? I never suspected.

    Don’t care either. I got tired of reading his doom-laden, dystopian perspective. Articulate, purportedly reality-based, but no vision.

  18. Lou

    17–when does the collapse happen? JHK has warned us for 15 years about it.

  19. Jim R

    About that aritificial intelligence..

    Elaine, it almost seems like we are entering a historical period of book-burning. In history classes, these periods would be attributed to some evil tyrant or emperor.

    Now I am arriving at the realization that book-burning is a cultural phenomenon. It is not necessary to have a tyrannical emperor to pave the way. All that is required is for the upper classes to be corrupt debauched at the end of an empire, and their lies to start to emerge as common public knowledge. And then, of course, the evil books must be burned, to keep the lower classes in their place and not allow them to question anything.

  20. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    I think the book burns were hoaxes. What it is, is an old timey psy-op to take away knowledge from us.

    It isn’t the elite becoming debauched, it is really their way or resetting history in order to sell us a new reality.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the elites were sitting on a dragon’s treasure trove of “lost books”.

  21. Jim R

    I’m talking about stories out of the history books. The ones that say “Chinese Emperor so-and-so was a book-burner”…

    What I am now thinking is that at least some of them could have been merely weak emperors whose ministers and bureaucrats wished to cover up their own extreme corruption. Like what we are seeing today in the USA with this cultural attack on higher education. They are destroying knowledge in a way that a military attack could never accomplish.

    Now certainly there have been personal book-burners as well. Like Chairman Mao and his wife in the 20th century.

    But today we are witnessing the books being burned by those who were entrusted to keep them safe. It is disturbing. Digital books are so much easier to butn — just delete them. And yes, they are debauched. For example ‘spirit cooking’. As bad as, or worse than, the end of Rome as portrayed in Fellini films.

  22. shawntoh

    “Harvard’s secret system to avoid ‘too many Asians’”

  23. Lou

    23– U C L A

  24. All imperial collapses feature book burning. It happens repeatedly. It is a key feature of civilization collapse.

  25. Lou

    25–endless war, old Roman Empire style collapse, celeb ‘Chefs’–

    what other signs?

  26. Lou

    23–I will add, to add more Jews, as students and admin, where do you think the jewess judge SCOTUS and Zuck are from?
    harvard and tribe.

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