Tommy Robinson’s One Letter From Prison: Only Communication With World So Far

#FreeTommy Official: Geert Wilders’ Full Speech – YouTube


Tommy Robinson Sends a Letter from His Prison Cell in HMP Hull just before he was suddenly removed and sent to a very violent prison:  


So here we go again! Its Sunday night 10/6/18, the news of the amazing scenes yesterday in London are just filtering their way to me.

“School rang me today though, before I went to work and said Spencer was really upset at school, to be honest he isn’t managing mate. Sam said to him ‘I’m doing a 5k run with my dad’, and Spencer said well I can’t do it with my dad and ran off crying. He cries himself to sleep. Sleeps with your pillow and ask me 50 times a day what day is dad coming home? I can’t even give him a rough date yet because you haven’t been give any! Just hope to keep telling him its not for long, nothing will change and he needs to be brave to make you proud. He said to me last night ‘I’m going to go and do something bad so I can be put in jail with dad at least then I will be with him’.”


I’m not going to lie, reading this broke my heart. The prison removed my wife’s phone number over a week ago so I have not even been able to speak with my children, it also upsets me that in my son’s head he must think his dad has done something bad to end up in prison.


Before I sit and feel too sorry for myself I should put it into perspective. I’m away from my family for a short duration. Members of our armed forces’ children must go through this all the time which is why I admire the sacrifices they make, past and present.


I’m not going to go too much into my case as my appeal is just being lodged. What I will talk about is the difference you have all made to me. When I landed in this prison I was totally gutted. Gutted about what my family were about to go through. Gutted for those who I was in discussions with who rely on me to tell their stories. I was also adamant I would be killed on this prison sentence.


When I was leading the [English Defence League] I was sentenced to 10 months in prison in 2012, I was separated from everyone for my own protection and kept on solitary confinement for 22 weeks. I believe this was because the government feared what may happen on the streets if I was murdered in prison.


Lee Rigby was beheaded in 2013 and our government witnessed that a soldier can be beheaded and no one will really react. I was then sent to prison in 2014 for 18 months. I was literally fed to the wolves. I was lucky to escape alive, fighting my way through violent beatings at the hands of Muslim inmates.


The government knew I could be killed and no one would really do anything. It was a sad moment for myself, realising that if I’m murdered my death wouldn’t make much difference or change. I also realised my family would not be looked after and would go on to struggle for safety and stability.




In the first few days here I began to hear that thousands are protesting outside 10 Downing Street. This was within 24 horus of my abduction by the state. I was told ‘your petition has 100,000’, then ‘hey its now at 300,000’ and then half a million. I heard people were climbing the gates of Downing Street.


I thought the people telling me must be getting it wrong. They must be confused with our Day for Freedom demo. I was completely unaware what was unfolding outside of the prison was a world wide FREE TOMMY movement.


I was in danger in my first days in this prison, housed with Muslim prisoners, then something changed. I was whisked from my cell and wing and taken and separated to safety. I believe now this was the moment Lord Pearson spoke up about my safety. His actions could have literally saved my life.


I then heard protests were spreading across the globe. I heard politicians, police and barristers were speaking out. I’ve heard so many people who have sat on the fence for years were now speaking out. To hear that 20-30 thousand people travelled to London this weekend to stand in solidarity with me is an amazing feeling. I truly am gobsmacked at the reaction from the public. I feel so loved!! Loved and appreciated.


I receive a bag of letters and emails every day. I read every one. I’m so grateful, I want to say a thank you to every single person who has supported me.


I understand how difficult it is to speak out. I understand hat many people would have faced a backlash from friends, or even from work for speaking out on my behalf and I am truly grateful to people for standing with me.


Free speech is not free when it has social consequences. I sit here happy, happy that this sentence has backfired on the establishment. Happy that the public reaction has sent a message of the consequences if they have me murdered on this sentence.


I have said for so long that there will be a moment in our country, none of us know when that moment will be but it will change the direction of our nation.


I think deeply about this and for a while now I’ve been sure that I will be murdered for opposing Islam. A scary thought. But not as scary as thinking it will make no difference. Although now I sit here smiling with the belief that my murder would start a revolution, I’m standing laughing out loud — that may seem mad — but knowing this is so satisfying.


I’ve always said I’d sacrifice my life tomorrow if it would end the Islamic takeover of our beautiful land. Our battle is not as simple as against flesh and blood, but we battle a system! A corrupt system. Sitting here gives you so much time to think. We can no longer be looking from the outside in. We must involve our voice and our movement into politics. I have so many plans on what I want to do when I get out. To hear that Geert Wilders travelled and spoke in London is so exciting for me.


When I started my activism I looked to Geert and the life changing decisions he made to speak out against Islam. He has been an inspiration to me. I can’t list all the people I need to thank as there are so many but I know Alex Jones at InfoWars would be leaidng the shout for my freedom. I love him, he cracks me up.


Gerard Batten of UKIP, Lord Perason, Raheem, Ezra, Katie Hopkins, my cousin Kevin Carroll jumping straight in with the demo. Danny for organising it. DONALD TRUMP JUNIOR for tweeting. I’d have done 6 months just for that recognition.


The list could go on and on. I’ll do my proper thank yous upon my release. One person I have to thank, my wife!


When I finally got through to her on the phone from prison I asked her, “Have you had enough yet?” Ha ha. I’ve not been a great husband but she has been a perfect wife and an amazing mother.


I simply couldn’t get through any of this without my family.


So Jenna, if you are reading this letter online then know I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU.


My mates will ruin me for this soppy shit ha ha.


Lots of people say I give them hope, but I want you all to know that your reaction, whether it be supporting my family, paying for legal costs, or even just sharing videos or tweets, you have all given me hope and an absolutely priceless feeling.


Please excuse my handwriting but my hand is failing me. I’m using my time to put pen to paper and detail out my next book. I was already working on it before this sentence. Working title: “The Battle for Britain”. Basically bringing Enemy of the State [Tommy’s first book] up to date and also looking into the future.


So I’d like to thank Her Majesty for giving me the time alone on my own to work on it. Knowing that there are more plans for demonstrations unil my release is great. It’s great to know that I’ve not been forgotten and their attempts to silencce me won’t work. It’s now Monday evening and I’ve just watched LOVE ISLAND ha ha.


My wife’s number was put back on the system so I have spoke with my children today so I’m less stressed and more relaxed. My children will come to visit me in the near future.


Thank you all for the support. It’s your outcry and reaction that will keep me safe. Please know how inspired and grateful I am. I’m hoping Lord Pearson and Gerard Batten will also be visiting me here and lads if you are reading this ask Geert to pop into HMP Hull with you. My appeals have gone in, appeal sentence, appeal conviction and bail app.


Oh yeah thank you Pauline Hanson, thank you AFD for the offer of asylum.


The establishment thought this would close the book. Instead the public have just turned the page to continue the next chapter.


I love and thank you all.


Mum and dad sorry about the stress I give you ha ha.


Thank you to the free world.  It’s Tuesday, I’m being moved prison so my kids won’t see me this weekend.


So, after a legal battle behind the scenes, Tommy was allowed to talk to his wife on the phone only to see him transfered and put under even more odious controls a few days later.  The Bilderberg gang met last week in Turin, Italy, to discuss how to eliminate Tommy Robinson and stop the Italexit and undo the Britexit.  They, of course, discussed how to eliminate Trump now that the Putin/Trump charges turned into a wet squib.


So today, across all Bilderberg media, they are screaming about Trump stopping illegal aliens.  The left is now wailing about children being returned home along with their parents who came here illegally.  We are supposed to cry about the handful of children brought into the country illegally.


I was deported from Germany way back in 1968 when I was only 17 years old and a ‘child’.  No one thought this was odd.  Now, it is supposed to be a horrible thing!  Many of the ‘children’ being deported are teenagers who are gang members who are very violent.


In Europe, illegal immigrant ‘children’ who are ‘teenagers’ but really all the way to age 26 years old, are looting and raping Europe with virutally no opposition from the Bilderberg gang who seems dedicated to terrorizing entire populations this way.


Meanwhile, Trump moves towards a trade war with China by threatening tariffs on $200B worth of imports:


 The tariffs, which Trump wants set at a 10 per cent rate, would be the latest round of punitive measures in an escalating dispute over the large trade imbalance between the two countries.  Trump recently ordered tariffs on $50billion in Chinese goods in retaliation for intellectual property theft.  The tariffs were quickly matched by China on US exports, a move that drew the president’s ire.


China hopes the US public won’t back stopping the destructive trade deficit.  It is imperative, we stop this deficit.  But our political leaders all want a trade deficit, it makes them very rich.  It makes us poorer over time as jobs leave the US and migrate overseas while we are assailed by millions of illegal alien ‘immigrants’ who want to join the welfare state in the EU and US.


300 migrants taken in by Spain ask to be granted asylum in France: the boatloads of illegal alien mostly males that Italy pushed out of their sovereign waters saw the invaders transferred to an Italian ship and sent to Spain.  The minute they landed, they demanded to go to Paris.  This is where the government just spent over $41 MILLION to build a bullet-proof glass wall around the Eifel Tower due to fears that terrorists who came illegally into France, might attack it and blow it up!


Radicalised asylum seekers have murdered or injured more than 1,000 in terror attacks since 2014  | Daily Mail Online reports today.  And some more attacks happened this week, of course.  Whose next?  Europe’s Refugee Crisis: All You Need To Know – Bloomberg Quint


Politicians from France, Germany and other European countries warn that the challenges posed by Europe’s refugees could weaken or even split their union. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker points out that Europeans of all nationalities were forced to emigrate at some point in history, including those in eastern Europe now opposed to a resettlement system. Some leaders, like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, are using the issue to marshal nationalist support at home. They are feeding on concerns that the refugees, who are mainly Muslim, could bring crime and terrorism as well as higher unemployment rates to an EU still reeling from a debt crisis. Nationalist parties have surged in polls and elections as their candidates question whether Europe can withstand a persistent influx of refugees. Germany is leading the effort for greater EU oversight and burden-sharing, while also pushing for swifter deportation of people who don’t qualify for asylum.


The EU is collapsing internally due to finances going haywire, cheating the US on NATO spending and EU leftists conspiring to flood Europe with millions and millions of illegal aliens from very hostile regions of the planet earth.  This destruction bears a huge parallel with the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  It is easy to see how both events happened.


The Roman birthrate, probably due to all the lead in the water pipes and lead in cooking vessels, produced fewer and fewer children who had more and more genetic damage and in today’s case, birth controls used by Western women is causing a child deficit which is being filled by non-birth control using Muslim women.


Tommy Robinson’s agony and attempts at stopping all this is heroic but also doomed unless people figure out how history, medicine and social dynamics work in world history.  Can people figure out the obvious?



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23 responses to “Tommy Robinson’s One Letter From Prison: Only Communication With World So Far

  1. Ken

    For many years I also thought that the lead pipes in Rome would have contributed to lead poisoning and mental retardation in the population. However, I read a couple of years ago that the build-up of mineral deposits inside of the pipes prevented this lead poisoning.

    Regarding the separation of illegal migrants from their children, duh. If US citizens commit crimes and are put in prison they are separated from their families. The whole family, children included, does not go into prison with them. Why should illegal migrants expect that they should receive preferential treatment over criminal citizens? The fuss being made by the liberals is nothing more than a back handed way of getting people to think that illegally coming into the country is not really a crime. It is somehow less criminal than a crime committed by a citizen.

    ELAINE: as I pointed out in my article above, the thing that created lead poisoning was WINE containers lined with lead. The chemistry of the booze had a very toxic relationship with the lead lined containers that stored the wine.

  2. Moe

    I’ve heard the protest against separation of children from their illegal migrant parents several times this past week, even from my wife. They just repeat the MSN bullcrap without investigation or thinking.

    We’re outnumbered.

  3. Jim R

    The decline of a civilization is not necessarily due to lead, or glyphosate, or vaccinations.

    Civilizations have arisen and fallen throughout all times, for most of the same reasons. The buildup of genetic damage happens because, at its height, a civilization prevents Darwinian selection from taking place. So the ones who are a little bit stupid, or have short stature or other weakness are allowed to live on and reproduce, and those deficiencies remain in the gene pool.

    As a civilization continues, its population rises, and it inevitably pollutes and/or depletes some of the key resources that allow it to grow. When it can no longer freely access a key resource such as water, or agricultural land, or weaker communities to pillage and exploit, that is when it begins to fail.

    Right now, it looks like our key resource is crude oil. In the case of Rome, it was apparently wood. For Native Americans in what is now Arizona and New Mexico, it was water.

    And when the hard times get hard enough, the civilization’s population declines and it loses the ability to organize big projects (like an army to invade the neighbors and steal their stuff)… and eventually it can no longer maintain the pretense and it fails.

  4. timothy carroll


    Thanks for including Fred’s link. He is simply amazing on calling out reality in our insane world!

  5. Jim R


    Yeah, thermodynamics, another good analogy.

    “Running out of steam”, to use a common phrase. We live in an empire that is running out of steam.

  6. tio

    Could be worse?

  7. Moe

    @ 7 Tio

    Excerpt from video:

    “…the extreme anti-natal experiment that is currently under way in the west will not last forever…and a patriarchal order will return one way or another.

    The problem for our daughters and granddaughters is they might not face the benign pre-1970’s western-character patriarchy, but something all-together different that is more extreme, more restrictive and profoundly more misogynistic.”

    Well expressed, also profoundly obvious to the attentive but apparently not the hoi polloi (yet…).

  8. Melponeme_k


    That ain’t a woman in that jpeg for the video. And in the whole thing, never once does he mention the psy-op tactics. Which means, yeah, Black Pidgeon is a SPOOK. It’s really in the name, isn’t? And no REAL truth speaker would be able to get support from a video game advertisement. ALL video games are a part of the Military simulation and psych department. Are you going to tell me they don’t know what Black Pidgeon is or his message? COME ON!

    Turn off the TV, turn off Youtube, stop reading pop culture books (really anything after 1700s is mostly spook rubbish), stop looking at anything mass media.

    Go outside and really look at people and the world around you. REALLY. Realize you have been looking at the world with the glasses that the Elite have put on your head. Would you even recognize reality? Do you even know your own thoughts over the “thoughts” that are installed in you every day via mind control?

    You haven’t escaped the Elite’s hallowed Saturn cube yet. Well neither have I really. But we can know enough to find the door. Right?

    First step, STOP thinking in oppositions. Stop picking sides. This is pure magic. The elite love to divide into two, so they can smash down both and insert their bogus “compromise”.

    What is the dialectic here? The elites have set up “Patriarchy” and they have set up “Feminism, LGBT etc”. They have pit the two against one another. They will let them fight, ruin people until they are ripping one another apart. When everyone is disabled, they will insert what THE ANSWER they already have planned since the 1800s.

  9. tio

    Mel, Bless you for caring. There is a huge amount of sense in what you say and I always enjoy what you write (I need to be challenged).

    “Turn off the TV”, I can’t .. World Cup, and yes I know but I’m also a bloke.

    “turn off Youtube”, I can’t far too useful, you can find an instructional video for pretty much any job on any car! It even taught me to tile.

    “stop reading pop culture books”, I’ve just embarked upon Deer Hunting with Jesus, does this count?

    “stop looking at anything mass media.”, I cannot watch that crap even if I was offered cash money.

    “Go outside and really look at people and the world around you. REALLY.”, I do. Unfortunately I live in the most PC part of Airstrip One, so .. yes and no.

  10. ziff

    @10, so Mel, what do you think the world was like before any mass media ?

  11. Melponeme_k


    1) The World Cup is fixed just as any other professional game that the elite sponsor. The only goal of the games is to get you to spend money. The End.

    2) Unfortunately, if its published, it is part of the psy-op. The book already casts Trump voters as red-neck whether seriously or in jest. When really Trump received the vote across the spectrum from welfare to working class to middle class and upper class.

    Now think of the mind set this book’s them is trying to cultivate in you. Already it is putting you into a saturn cube. You don’t want to be IN the cube. You want out of it. So refuse all labels. Refuse their narratives. Who are YOU?

    3) Outside is outside. You’ll always find something to give you insights.


    I’ve been thinking about this for some time. In early history, we were mainly subsistence farmers with little to no education that hung out on elite land. They tried to keep us their (feudalism) with variable amounts of success. Honestly I think they had only the barest amount of control over us.

    The one thing we lacked to really be fully independent was education, a CLASSICAL education. The Trivium.

    When the printing press took off and anyone and their mother could get a hold of a book…well that really started the arms race between the public and the elites.

    Hardy’s book Jude the Obscure wasn’t far wrong. However I think Hardy is a spook. He probably comes from titled folk (his parents information is x’d out). He studied to become an architect (MASON) and under an early liberal, John Stuart Mill who was DING, DING, DING a Feminist.

    You see, this is what you have to have in mind every time you pick up a book, magazine, newspaper etc. These people aren’t going to tell you who they are because that is important, it is reality. What they don’t want us to see and what we MUST see.

  12. ziff

    @ mel, they” think they are constructing a narrative that keeps us civilized

  13. Melponeme_k


    Yes, they think they are responsible for everything. Meanwhile their lazy asses didn’t build a single piece of the buildings in which they sit their Child killing backsides.

    Fact is, civilization was already present when we started farming and creating little centers to hob nob with each other.

    What they are constructing is a reality in which their families are at the top of civilization forever.

    If we all ignored them every time they throw their toys from their prams, believe me, things would change real quick.

  14. Moe

    Tommy Robinson files appeal, applies for bail

  15. Lou

    Irish Savant,

    Anonymous Frank Galton said…

    Gerry aka “Fed up of this same shit” said: “If you don’t like Tommy Robinson Then you go out and do what he does”

    Are you serious? If you don’t like Tommy Robinson, go out and do what he does?

    What you’re saying is, anyone who doesn’t like Tommy Robinson should go out and commit criminal acts, such as disrupting court trials. That’s what Tommy Robinson does.

    Tommy Robinson’s former employer, Zionist-Jew Ezra Levant, knew last year (May 2017) that Robinson was committing criminal acts, that’s why he (Ezra Levant) registered the domain name ‘’ in May 2017, just prior to Robinson’s trial for contempt of court, where the judge told Robinson that if he turned up at another court and publicly accused suspects of crimes before a jury had found them guilty “You will find yourself inside. Do you understand?”. Zionist-Jew Ezra Levant knew full well that Robinson was guilty, and was expecting Robinson to be sent down, that’s why he (Levant) registered the domain name ‘’.

    Why is this Zionist-Jew, Ezra Levant, trying to “save” a man that he knows to be guilty? Why was “Tommy” travelling up and down the country committing criminal acts? Is “Tommy” being manipulated, and if so, who’s pulling “Tommy’s” strings? What’s in it for Levant & Co(ethnics)?


    Financial Times, 31 May 2018

    Jailed after repeat offence

    On Friday, Robinson, who now describes himself as an independent activist and journalist, was jailed for 13 months for contempt of court after putting an ongoing trial at Leeds Crown Court at risk by live-broadcasting its details.

    Almost exactly a year earlier, he was given a suspended sentence for contempt of court after he tried to film four men accused of gang-raping a teenager at Canterbury Crown Court. Robinson, who described the men as “Muslim paedophile rapists”, pleaded naivety. “I have to say I find that really rather difficult to accept at face value,” Judge Heather Norton said.

    She warned him that if he turned up at another court and publicly accused suspects of crimes before a jury had found them guilty “You will find yourself inside. Do you understand?”

    WHOIS search results

    Domain Name:
    Creation Date: 2017-05-10T05:58:48Z
    Registrar:, LLC
    Registrant Name: Ezra Levant
    Registrant Organization: Rebel News Network Ltd.
    Registrant Street: PO Box 61056 Eglinton/Dufferin PRO
    Registrant City: Toronto
    Registrant State/Province: Ontario
    Registrant Postal Code: M6E 5B2
    Registrant Country: CA

    Frank Galton

    23 June 2018 at 12:08

  16. Everything Tommy does is ‘illegal’ due to everything ANYONE does that is against the Bilderberg gang is ‘illegal’ deliberately while open crimes by tools used by this same gang is allowed to run its course with no arrests.

  17. I was arrested for jay walking many years ago. It was a purely political arrest and it started a riot which they tried to blame on me, too. This is how the ‘legal’ system operates when the operators are corrupt or stupid.

  18. ziff

    point of order,, ”She warned him that if he turned up at another court and ”’ publicly accused ”’ suspects of crimes ”

    he was carefull to use the the word alleged [ and he was in a public space , not the courthouse ] , here is the whole thing ;

  19. Yes, the BBC lies about stuff…all the time. Like NPR. They can’t tell the truth if it sat on their faces.

  20. Lou

    NPR– supports Mumia. Jew Amy Goodman made him famous.
    NPR–Supports illegals. Hence they are ‘Fake ‘Greens’ etc.
    Media= jews, jews, jews.

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