FBI Creep Strzok Escorted From Job While Bilderberg Gang Media and Pols Howl About Illegal Alien Children

Hannity: Inspector general has a lot of explaining to do – YouTube


Strzok has been removed from the FBI and will now face full investigation of his many election crimes.  He is the lead player in scrubbing Hillary’s various election crimes and allowed her to destroy her entire communication/computer systems and didn’t arrest her for this crime.  The mainstream media has decided to not report this story very much at all and instead, raise complete hysteria about Trump deporting illegal alien ‘children’ and enforcing US laws.

The Trump/Clinton approach failed utterly.  Aliens think they have a right to invade all of Europe and North America with impunity.  This is illegal.  No sane nation allows illegal aliens to invade.  Try invading Mexico!  This is a looting operation being carried out by foreigners seeking advantages just like in ancient Rome before it was totally bankrupted and overrun by various invading tribes.


For Migrant Families in Mexico, Threat of Separation Puts Plans in Doubt – The New York Times whines: supposedly ‘fleeing gang violence’ according to the NY Times.  These illegal aliens are coming from the exact same population that imported MS 13 violent gangsters into New York.  Note how the mainstream media refuses to report illegal alien crimes while screaming nonstop about helpless children instead.


These aliens pour into DNC-run ghetto cities which boosts DNC powers.  Here is how Florida is falling apart:

A nasty, weird-looking ‘rapper’ is gunned down which is very common.  His followers, who are basically criminal types who celebrate the destruction of civilization like the rapper does in his ‘songs’…rioted.  The crazy rapper pretended to die in the past because these people are literally insane.

So the followers think he is faking it again…no surprise to me.  This vile, violent man nearly killed his pregnant girlfriend, for example.  Mobs of violent people roam the US landscape, looking for every possible excuse for unleashing their mob attacks on citizens.


Mall mob attacks, for example, are increasingly common.  These are nearly never mentioned by any DNC politicians and much of the mainstream, old guard GOP won’t talk about this, either.  What puzzled me not at all, the people calling for unleashing armies of illegal aliens and violent rap fanatic gangs and urban criminal mobs are the mainstream media and DNC and legacy GOP gangs who have a name: the Bilderberg gang!

This gang is definitely trying to bring down civilization and thus, rule despotically helpless groups of people like we see in much of the world today.  Despotic rule is the general rule, not democracy.  Democracy is fragile.  Despots can mismanage and destroy for generations before utter collapse.


Smart people can figure out that democracy where there is debate and persuasion and compromises is far, far superior to dictatorship.  But the power people want to use power directly.

The poor saps who think our Real Rulers love them are in for a major shock when the Real Rulers decide to starve them all to death like in communist China, communist Russia, communist regimes in South America and Southeast Asia and of course, Africa.  This is all so painfully obvious.  But the poor, who are often poorly educated and have lower IQ abilitiies, they cannot see this but then, many ‘academics’ teaching this garbage at US and EU schools can’t see the obvious, either.


Bernie Sanders can’t see it at all.  He really thinks you can slay the golden goose and it will continue to lay eggs.

Yes, I am betting this Mexican is an illegal alien, too.  The DNC wants him and others like him to stay illegally in the USA because he is a political tool they can use to gain power and then toss aside once they establish a dictatorship.


To win over the productive people, the Bilderberg gang will promise to corral and deport or ENSLAVE the illegal aliens.  The ‘productive class’ will want super cheap labor and recreating the Old South will be their ultimate goal.  Keeping millions of aliens on welfare isn’t going to last long.  But using them for cheap stoop labor and to do unpleasant or dangerous jobs while being paid nearly nothing: that is pure gold for the DNC leadership in the end.


Oh, another news story today: the NY Times is now publishing online in Chinese and Spanish.  It is owned by very rich Chinese and Mexican billionaires.


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8 responses to “FBI Creep Strzok Escorted From Job While Bilderberg Gang Media and Pols Howl About Illegal Alien Children

  1. Lou

    What about the Pizza gate children?
    What about Tucson Gate?

  2. Petruchio

    The DNC crowd’s hearts bleed over the children of illegals–even though lawful citizen Parents are separated from their children all the time for any number of legal reasons, such as the arrest of a Parent. This is all misdirection to cover for the FBI scandal. Personally, I think the FBI should be abolished. Too corrupt.

  3. Correct, Petruchio.

  4. Lou

    2–Rachel Madcow can be seen crying over the separated families.

  5. Moe

    @ 4 Lou

    It amazes me how any person could watch this douchbag. Such an obvious phony.

  6. Moe

    More Maddow: from Steemit

    Excerpt: “And of course that soulless bitch Maddow, who will cheerfully help inflame tensions between nuclear powers in order to give her ratings a bump, was 100 percent acting throughout the entire scene”.


  7. The entire ‘poor little crying children’ story by the media screaming about this stuff…IS ALL FAKE, too.

  8. Lou

    7–The left uses children.
    It is for the children is their MO.
    Hillary C worked on the UNs ‘Year of the Child’ or something like that.

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