Hollywood Creep, Peter Fonda, Demands Child Barron Trump Be Raped!

Melania calls Secret Service after Peter Fonda says Barron should be kidnapped | Daily Mail Online: this news is very disgusting.  I want that odious whippersnapper, Peter, be arrested and charged with menacing a child under the age 13.  This riles me up greatly.  I was raped when a small child because a man wanted revenge on my father and messed with me (surgical actions to fix my poor child’s body!) because he wanted power.  Peter Fonda is a child predator and should be charged as this.  Demanding a child be raped and harmed is a crime.


All this is because while processing illegal aliens, any children with the criminal aliens (they break many laws, trust me on this) are held seperately while the parents are processed.  They are held in safe custody and this happens all the time in the USA: children are removed from parents when they are being examined by authorities.


I know mothers who are in prison and who are there for a while, they don’t get to be with their own children!  But vicious criminals want all criminal illegal alien mothers to be with children all the time.  This is highly unfair.


First lady Melania Trump’s office called the U.S. Secret Service on Tuesday after Oscar-winning actor Peter Fonda told his Twitter followers that her 12-year-old son Barron should be ripped from her mother’s arms and put ‘in a cage with pedophiles.’


‘Liberals’ have shown themselves to be as brutal as Nazis.  They don’t realize that they are being Nazis because, in their twisted brains, they are always right and good and committing crimes, threatening people, being violent, defaming people is OK so long as one commits these crimes because they want to ‘save someone’ or ‘something’.


The Fonda’s expletive-laden rant was about President Donald Trump’s border crisis, that has seen more than 2,000 children taken away from parents and other adults who brought them illegally across the U.S.-Mexico border.


This happens EVERY DAY in EVERY CITY in the USA as broken families which are disintegrating are taken into the court system.  I have had custody of children removed from violent or insane parents in the past, I have been a foster mother who had to prevent parents from contacting their children due to court orders.


I have had parents threaten to kill me for this, too.  They then learn all about how the court system works.


Speaking of the Secret Service, Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told DailyMail.com that, ‘Yes, they were informed.’  ‘The tweet is sick and irresponsible and USSS [U.S. Secret Service] has been notified,’ Grisham added.


Peter Fonda is a TERRORIST.  He must be arrested.  They won’t arrest him, it is OK for Hollywood to commit crimes, they are very evil people there, I have known this for many years.


Peter Fonda and I met years ago. I worked in a strip club and he and Dennis Hopper stopped in while they were filming a biker gang movie (where Dennis is beaten to death!). The two actors chatted with me about bike technology and general stuff about the biker community. I admired Hopper’s classic Indian motorcycle.


I was not very impressed by Fonda back then but Hopper was the Real Deal and the Angels thought it was funny, he was on an Indian bike, not a Harley. Argh…young and stupid, I was way back then. We were all stupid.


But Fonda is all about being stupid in old age! Yuck.  No excuses now.

Staging of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ Features ‘Trump’ Getting Assassinated – YouTube




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8 responses to “Hollywood Creep, Peter Fonda, Demands Child Barron Trump Be Raped!

  1. Case

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real

  2. Melponeme_k

    The specificity about the cage in his comment really has my alarm bells ringing. It indicates this is something that he has familiarity.

    All of the Actors in Hollywood are supposedly a part of the so called MK Monarch program. Basically all of them are sex prostitutes to whoever wants to buy them. Which is why I find their ME TOO craziness really hilarious. You can be sure their ME TOO is not about their real tricks.

    Also they say whatever their handlers want them to say. Watch them as they go into their Trump rants. They show signs of mental distress and some dissociative aspects in their eyes. The Spooks used to be more adept at making the public feel these people had independent brains. But now they turn them all onto level crazy at the same time, they have lost all credibility. Even the most obtuse people are questioning the lock step reactions these cartoons are displaying.

  3. ziff

    Here in Cdn we have to listen to all the whining about your immigration policy , Why ? And ! it turns out we have the same policy ,re children ]

  4. KHS71

    Him and his sister would not have risen the level of toilet cleaner if not for their father. They have lived off his name long enough. Kind of like the Kennedy’s. Never know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. Never will. Was the tweet censured? If not, it should have been. But then he’s a Rat. They never seem to have to pay a price for their actions. I agree, lock him up for threatening the President’s son. Maybe a couple of months in the slammer will change his mind. Doubt it but it would be fun watching him squirm when Bubba comes after him.

  5. tio

    Pah! This is how you separate families and then recombine them. Jerky, Saudi style, does a body good.

    “The following day we traveled from Sanaa to Wahijah, where villagers told us that they had been able to recover only fragments of the bodies of the dead. Skin and musculature flecked the branches of nearby bushes.”

    Maybe we could arrange for some to be sent to that self righteous virtue signalling moonbat Fonda? We could label it ‘MK-Extra nutritional supplement for the clinically deranged’ and see if he takes the bait. But I’m guessing he’d just mix it in with his mung bean broth whilst mulling over his next ergotistical outbreak. Worth a try?

  6. Moe

    Comment from ZeroHedge article on this topic

    “I stopped watching 99% of these Hollywood movies around 20 years ago, but especially over the past 15 years. The movie themes are dark, violent, perverse, immorally decadent—–like the actors and actresses. In addition, Hollywood is controlled and has been taken over by actors and actresses who are communists, Satanists, Luciferians, and atheists, so it should come as no surprise to a decent, law abiding, God-fearing person that Hollywood emanates such diabolical evil and should be no surprise when the communist atheist, Peter Fonda, utters these things. To be sure, I categorically reject what he said about Barron Trump as I find it profoundly evil and equally profoundly mentally disturbing. But my point is to say that Hollywood is a Satanic/Luciferian/atheist/communist infestation and the evil of their thoughts and their utter, profound diabolical moral depravity should be no surprise, but should be vehemently and swiftly denounced. Poor Barron. He is still a child”.

  7. Lou

    7– John Legend, wife, Debra Harry here,

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