DNC Goons Continue Pysically Attacking WOMEN Who Work For Trump

Pam Bondi: Three Huge Guys Came Up One Inch from My Face – Cursing… One Spit on My Head! – YouTube


I was listening to NPR this morning while driving.  It was pure propaganda.  The only people who talked about the trade war blamed only Trump as he tries to reverse our epic trade deficits, all the stories were about how mean he is to do this even though one of the executives of Harley Davidson claimed he is being forced to move factories to Mexico!  Hello!  The EU ‘allies’ are pulling out all the dirty tricks possible to keep their trade surplus with the US running to infinity.  They are not ‘allies’ they are RIVALS.  Worse, NPR talked nonstop about how we must let in endless illegal aliens and made zero mention of ‘liberals’ screaming at the Florida Attorney General for deporting illegal aliens.


Pam Bondi mentions that men who are either illegal aliens or ANTIFA, attacked her but don’t attack armed US citizen males, for example.  Yes, these are cowards and the fact that the DNC is silent about these assaults on unarmed women (ahem, in the past, attacking me was very dangerous) and this is because the DNC is a bunch of utter hypocrites.


They love US workers and then move heaven and earth to destroy their jobs, for example.  They flood the country with illegal aliens who commit crimes mostly in working class neighborhoods and undercut wages and destroy unions.


Enough working class voters have finally figured out who the real enemy is: the Democratic Bilderberg gang and their media giant co-conspirators who met recently in Europe to plot the destruction of the US working class and Trump.

The Harley Davidson business was deliberately chosen by the Bilderberg gang in Europe to attack with a 35% tariff.  They hope the bikers will be very stupid and turn against Trump due to our ‘allies’ stabbing the bikers in the back…HAHAHA.


I know the biker community extremely well!  They will be royally pissed off at…the Real Rulers and not Trump!  They know he wants to bring jobs home and the announcement by the executives of Harley Davidson that they are exporting more US jobs…will infuriate bikers, not make them attack Trump.


The is all down the line: the DNC hopes that by wrecking cities, destroying schools, turning women into hags, hectoring men, putting them down, putting them in the back of the line, discriminating against men…is a winning scheme.  They can’t figure out, many women stand by their sons, fathers and husbands.

Note that Cave-In Mike is the chairman and Troy Instead of US is the CEO and is a STARBUCKS creep.  AKA: an ANTIFA backer who hates white males and is destroying Starbucks by having them host drug addicts and criminals in their stores which black rioters and insane ANTIFA lunatics attack and loot all the time.


Does Harley-Davidson Need a New CEO and Board? — The Motley Fool from last December:


 As Harley-Davidson’s (NYSE:HOG) sales enter their fourth year of decline, investors should ask whether the motorcycle maker needs a shakeup. The problem may not just be the soft industry in which it operates, but rather also the front office in Milwaukee. Maybe instead of 100 new models in 10 years, Harley-Davidson needs a new CEO and board of directors.


For investors, Harley-Davidson’s stock trades at the same price it did 17 years ago. It’s had ups and downs over that time, rising and falling beyond that threshold, but the fact remains there has been no value creation over nearly two decades.


While Polaris CEO Scott Wine agrees with Levatich that there are significant challenges facing the motorcycle industry today, he’s still managed to keep Indian sales growing at a double-digit rate. To get Harley-Davidson to start growing again, too, maybe it’s time the company had new leadership at the top.


These clowns are driving their business off a cliff.  They are killing it.  So attacking patriotic bikers is just another suicide pact by a bunch of spoiled brats who have zero idea how to run a business.  Indian bikes are thriving!  Hooray, I like Indian bikes.

Easy Rider (8/8) Movie CLIP – The End of the Road (1969) HD – YouTube




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4 responses to “DNC Goons Continue Pysically Attacking WOMEN Who Work For Trump

  1. Petruchio

    “I was listening to NPR this morning while driving. It was pure propaganda. The only people who talked about the trade war blamed only Trump…” The DNC crud and the Repubs–and the people who own them–rely very heavily on the ignorance of the average American. The Good News is that more Americans are waking up! They are ignoring the MSM and getting info off the Internet. The US of A needs a strong, viable 3rd Political Party. DIRECTLY threatening the Bilderberg/Bankster/ MIC power base is the only non violent solution, imho.

  2. Zeke

    Fox (Faux) can’t be trusted. Mouthpiece of the Republican Party. Owned by oligarch foreign born Rupert Murdock. News used to be run by Roger Ailes, former RNC chair later ousted for pervy behavior. Not many dots to connect.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Oh Come on Everyone!

    We don’t have news. WE have never seen real news. If there happened to be real news at some point, you can bet it was covered with so many lies that it stopped being real news.

    All we have is whatever group of elites want to tell us. It so happens now there is a schism in their ranks and each faction are airing their leaky adult diapers. We are left with the diaper scraps to piece together something close to the truth.

    I’m almost positive that our world is extremely different than what the elite tell us it is.

  4. Petruchio

    Mel: You should watch a Ronald Reagan press conference sometime. There WAS a time when there were real journalists. That lying fraudster Reagan would get peppered with REAL questions. Of course, what’s important is to view what kind of “news” is broadcast. And then of course, in Reagan’s time, there were only the Major Networks.

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