Red Hen Can’t Run No More/ Bronx Illegal Aliens Vote Communist



The Red Maoist Hen Restaraunt is closed until July 5 due to high levels of unpopularity with the people living in the town. There is seething anger against the SJW staff. One man was arrested yesterday after he dumped some chicken feces in front of the business, for example.  The left always thinks they can do and say as they please while everyone else must be super-careful.  Well, that one way street is being detoured into the Reality Street To Hell.  Liberals in NYC used illegal aliens to boost Hillary votes last election and now these same illicit voters just voted out the DNC Congressman and replaced him with a 27 year old communist foreign lady!

Meanwhile, in the Bronx in NY City, a Hispanic very young lady running as a Democrat but who is an actual real bonafide communist, ousted the corrupt DNC politician who was one of the big shots inside Congress and who was expecting to be basically running the DNC side of the House of Representatives…tossed aside for a woman promising a socialist paradise with free money and endless immigration to the Golden Land.  NY: 10-Term White Dem Ousted By 28yo Latina Socialist In Racially Charged Race.


Crowley is Irish.  The Bronx side of his district is very much immigrants and since our governor and the mayor of NYC have conspired to enable illegal aliens to vote illegally…in hopes of boosting Hillary, this is backfiring very badly on these clowns!


THEY are getting voted out of office and out of power!  Duh!  There is this old Chinese curse, may your wishes come true and this is a fine example.

New York has some of the worst Gerrymandered districts in America.  The concept and word ‘Gerrymander’ came from a 1812, Massachusetts newspaper cartoon.

The neighborhoods in the district where yesterday’s election happened is very Gerrymandered.  There is no connection, physical nor economic, between both.  The ‘get out the vote’ push that encouraged illegal aliens to vote brought thousands of people out of the teeming slums in the Bronx and now the well-off on the other side of the East River now have to live with a communist taxing them all heavily and making their lives very miserable.

The 10th District is even more Gerrymandered: HAHAHA.  The East Side of Manhattan is connected via a long corridor and over the water, too, to Midwood.  Italians dominate, there.  All of NY is like this mess.  This is why our politics stink, our people in Congress stink.


The stupid liberals brought this down upon their stupid heads, using illegal aliens to elect Hillary.  The alligator carried the donkey across the river but now will eat it.




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22 responses to “Red Hen Can’t Run No More/ Bronx Illegal Aliens Vote Communist

  1. Melponeme_k

    This “hispanic” who just “won” is nothing but a crisis actor.

    The name Ocasio is IRISH and it hails from Ulster. No Ocasio names in but its related name Cassidy is listed (84 names). How much you want to bet this person is related to one of them? And how many Alexs from the Block do you know who experienced a probate court case in the family? They totally wiped out her father’s information in Wiki but the hint is that he died without a will. Must have been some hefty property if there was fight to the court. Hmmmmm?

    They state she is just from the Bronx. But she attended Yorktown HS which is Yorktown Heights. Which is in tony Westchester NOT THE BRONX.

    According to Wiki, Yorktown Heights is 90.49%WHITE with a median family income of $137,580. Zillow lists the cheapest houses in Yorktown as about $350,000 and up. Property taxes start about $7000 and up.

    This person just happened to get an asteroid named after her and attended Boston U.

    Am I making myself clear here? Do y’all get my point?

    This person is FAKE. They try to sell her as a down home nobody from nowhere. That is how they slip their little inbred trogs into our midst.

    This is elite family ALL THE WAY.

    Yeah, and it is also a Transgender. Again, HUGE Skull, Brow Ridge, Huge mandible bones. Shoulders are three head widths across. The neck is thick with large trachea and a shaved down adam’s apple. In one picture, you can see him hiding his neck with his own hand. But that reveals how HUGE the hand is and can cover his WHOLE face. That is a man feature.
    It wears very long and baggy clothing so that you can see the hip to shoulder ratio.

    There is no news people. It is just made up pageants with made up people to make you think you have a working society. It’s inbreds from the same few families over and over and over and over again.

  2. Jim R


    Thanks for the laugh. A well-deserved vacation for the Red Hen’s owners!

  3. Jim R

    @1 Mel,
    She looks like that um, person, who shot up Youtube headquarters a while back … with those crazy eyes.

  4. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    You are noticing the Male Energy coming from “her” eyes. Women have softer gazes along with smaller eyes. It is men who have that thousand yard stare because it was developed to intimidate other males and other animal predators.

    Also wide eyes seem to be some magical ritual thing. You can see a lot of pictures of Aleister Crowley with that wide eyed look. Dali did it all the time in every picture.

  5. Moe

    @ 4 Mel

    Walks like a man too.

  6. Melponeme_k


    Check out the bogus footage on CNN. They are trying to pretend this person is on the street giving an impromptu interview. It is green screen! This person is standing in front of a green screen of a street scene. I’m mean at one point a little kid walks past. What kid do you know who would walk past a camera crew and not react? HAHAHAHAHA! Fakers. They all can’t get through the day without telling a few lies. Just on principle.

  7. Melponeme_k

    Oh and other shenanigans.

    On the CBS Morning segment they make a big deal about her “humble” background. They show an old photo of an hispanic man with a baby. Just a random photo.

    Come on People! This man supposedly died in 2008 and with enough property that they fought in probate court for it. Are you going to tell me that there were no significant recent photos of wee lass O’Casio with her father?


  8. Petruchio

    Great work, Mel. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Melponeme_k

    HERE is MORE Folks!

    But the Ocasio name is listed as mainly from Puerto Rico. Which was founded by Spain. How could Ocasio be Irish?

    CHECK it out! From the Powers that Be.

    Notice how they don’t list Ocasio as an Irish name. Might give away their latest Crisis Actor.


  10. ziff

    just look at her 5 magical things platform , free jobs, education , no borders , cheap meds [lol] and 100 % renewable energy !!

  11. ziff

    notice also w/ Crowder its standard operating to accuse others of what u do. Learned from hillary i think. those leftos are nuts for sure .

  12. Christian W

    It’s the beginning of the Communist Takeover… the Old Corrupt Borgeois Capitalist Pigsdogs have had their day. Crowley was a very high ranking Democrat, whose campaign was supported by Google, Facebook and other usual suspects, and supposedly in line to replace Pelosi,

    The future is Communist! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!!!!!!

  13. ziff

    those who don’t learn from history”’ ,,, post on message boards .

  14. Christian W

    The way things are going the US looks more fertile ground for Communism than other places 🙂

  15. Melponeme_k


    Communist Revolution in the US is just another little doll house presentation from the elite. They are throwing anything that sticks to the wall now as they watch their little Potemkin villages wash away.

    They are simultaneously stating that we are becoming right wing Nazis too.

    Oh and we are going to all become AI computers too.

    Don’t forget to throw some outer space alien stories into the mix.

    You want a story to believe in? The elite have it for you and you can build your whole world around it.

  16. The stupid Bilderberg gang sided totally and completely with ANTIFA and BLM. These gangs, in turn, terrorized DNC-run cities since they couldn’t operate illegally in RNC run cities! HAHAHA.

    So…even in DNC run states, people are turning against the DNC. I noted that in the Trump/Clinton election maps. The DNC carried only minority dominated cities, virtually not one suburban place EXCEPT DC’s suburbs!

  17. Christian W

    ANTIFA and BLM are manufactured opposition built up by the MSM, way too narrow and fringe issue to be of a broader appeal and a challenge to the PTB. Mostly they are there to stir up emotions and antipathy to feed the Kabuki while the elites loot the treasury.

    The DNC as it currently stands is a completely pointless “party”, nobody needs a fake GOP Lite party. The DNC needs to go to the real left or go home. It’s funny as hell to see the old gatekeepers like Pelosi having meltdowns over Crowley’s loss. If the US does not find domestic anti-Zionist political power soon it’s game over. The Zionists will use Trump to take the US to a war from which there is no turning back.

  18. Yes, Trump trying to do diplomacy with Putin will…WAIT! OOPS.

    The DNC is at war with the citizens of the USA. The party officially wants illegal aliens and criminals to be its official base of support. So the DNC is now being taken over by…illegal aliens and criminals! HAHAHA. Too funny.

  19. Christian W

    The GOP is also criminal and at war with the citizens of the USA.

    US political discourse is insane.

  20. Jim R

    At least the GOP has been honest about it, at least since Nixon. You just know that if they’re running as GOP candidates, they will be in favor of tax relief for the 0.01%, and against any help for the less privileged, and against women’s health care in particular.

    The DNC always lies about it. They hate the voters (with Hillary it was obvious) and don’t care about anything but their own preening narcissistic selves.

  21. Zeke

    @ Jim R.


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