SJW Hollywood Creeps Freak Out Obscenely Over SC Kennedy Retirement

Hollywood Implodes over Justice Kennedy Retirement: ‘This Is How You Lose a Country’


I and my family are quite liberal in the old sense.  But the SJW nightmare has infected everything, for example, gays and transgender people have been told, Muslims love them and don’t throw them out of windows of tall buildings or stone them to death when they have power.  Nope.  This level of delusion has been quite clear during the Pussy Hat Parades: they celebrated women being forced to wear hijabs!  They cheered a radical Muslim fundamentalist female as she urged them to surrender to Islam!  Insane.  I warned liberals for some time, pushing for too much, too fast, and being arrogant about it will backfire very badly but no one listens to me.


I gave the same warnings way back in the 1960’s.  I was one of the very first teenagers to initiate going to court to sue for basic women’s rights, that is, the right to take ‘boy’s classes’ in high school.  The State of Arizona surrendered to. me quickly with no court case required.  It was political, I lobbied in Phoenix for this and got political support.


Now, it is endless demands and we see in neighboring Canada being run off the cliff by Trudeau, they will demand horrible stuff like putting people in prison or fining them if they use the wrong made-up/ever changing pronouns cooked up by mentally ill people.  Canada is a warning sign to all Americans and many have woken up to the severe dangers to life and limb which sex/race radicals plan to do to us, too.


In Europe, the destruction has been very great and growing but the backlash is huge, too.  Each election sees more and more Bilderberg/ANTIFA (they are allies) politicians thrown onto the junk heap of history.  This is a historic backlash and will not be brief but very long lasting because it is life and death now.


Hollywood, which has openly and repeatedly declared war on anyone who isn’t a pro-ANTIFA SJW fanatic, is frantic about the coming changes in the Supreme Court.  They use laws to force people into doing things like using endless variations on pronouns or be put in prison like in Canada, a country heading towards economic and political collapse.


“ok, dems. this is real. all y’all paying attention? this is how you lose a country,” actor Don Cheadle said on Twitter. “all of our rights are in the balance. urge your leadership to resist when trump attempts to appoint the next swamp thing out of the pez dispenser or kiss it bye bye.”


Their right to insult everyone, spew obscenities.  Note how the Hollywood operatives running Comedy Central are obscene.  These evil clowns believe that everyone around them must police their speech lest they offend these crazy lunatic SJW fanatics.  Meanwhile, they can be obnoxious, obscene and confrontational in their actions.  This glaring double standard is causing a whiplash reaction.


Other stars, like Will & Grace actress Debra Messing, Westworld star Jeffrey Wright, and actor John Leguizamo urged their followers to “fight” and push back against what director Rob Reiner called “tyranny.”


Rob Reiner and his gang of rapists and exploiters of young people rushing to Hollywood to become rich and famous has destroyed many lives and has produced junk that attacks fathers, the family structure, etc.


Actors join in this fracas because they want to do as they please.  This is the definition of evil: do as YOU please, not please others by doing good things.  Hollywood is rapidly rotting at the core.  Audiences are being actively driven away.


All forms of entertainments created in NYC and Hollywood are being rejected increasingly due to the political foghorn bellowing which infests all entertainment from these two places.

The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback is having fun with today’s headlines.  The Democrats in DC are still clinging desperately to Mueller who is a Titanic taking on water fast, hoping to undo an election via lying, stealing and colluding with aliens overseas.  What a winning proposition that is!


Accusing a patriot with being a tool of foriegn powers while being a tool of foreign powers is insanity but then, the Bilderberg gang still think they are cloaked in secrecy and can continue to conspire with US traitors to rule the citizens while herding them off the cliff so that foreigners can get rich.


Disgusting, as Trump would say.  Deplorable.  Meanwhile, in DC…Chairman Bob Goodlatte: “FBI Counsel in the Room Instructed Mr. Strzok Not to Answer Many, Many Questions” (VIDEO) while GOP Lawmakers Grill Peter Strzok in Closed-Door Deposition ‘He Kept Hiding Behind the Classified Information Excuse’.


Desperately, the Bilderberg gangsters in our government hide vital information from our own elected officials who are in charge of the FBI.  Hide information from the President who is in charge of the FBI.  Strzok should be charged with contempt of Congress and put in jail.  Then let him sing.


This just came in, a very good video by Black Pigeon Speaks: Germany in the CROSSHAIRS of AMERICAN EMPIRE – YouTube


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16 responses to “SJW Hollywood Creeps Freak Out Obscenely Over SC Kennedy Retirement

  1. Jim R

    Darth Vader Ginsberg must be about a hundred, as well.

    So Trump will have probably another SC pick before he leaves office or gets the JFK treatment..

  2. Petruchio

    ” Meanwhile, they can be obnoxious, obscene and confrontational in their actions.” This is a Classic symptom of a spoiled rotten (usually) rich kid who never had to accept negative consequences for their behavior. As for the Hollyweirdos running that Town, they obviously aren’t creative as you might assume. Check their movies of the past few years. EVERYTHING is either a remake or a sequel. If, in 10 years, these Clowns are still running the Movie Biz we are going to see in theaters such movies as “Fast and Furious 24: the Grandkids Take Over”. They are just a bunch of inbred, overindulged kids who grew into Adults, but never grew up.

  3. Melponeme_k


    All glamor type jobs are completely staffed by the elite family trogs. Almost no exception. If you see someone in the news from those sectors, it will be inbred trog.

    And let me tell you, they don’t work. They are only there to be a face. Behind them, especially in the media sector, is a complete team of CIA hacks. They are the ones doing the work NOT the trogs we are shown.

    The CIA knows it could be more creative. But they don’t allow that because they have created and instituted their mind control paradigms since the late 40s/early 50s. These paradigms are now our cultural hardware. They are soldered into the system and can not be taken out. Why? Because they have nothing else to replace them. Apparently the crazed Nazi brilliant mad scientists who created the original templates are now either all dead or senile and they lack the talent to create new narratives.

    This is why we get Batman, Superman, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Marilyn Monroe – Jackie Kennedy – Grace Kelly – Audrey Hepburn bios/fashion facsimilies over and over and over again. ALL of these cultural items are triggers that inspire very particular responses that excite our subconscious. They then slip their subliminals in for better mind control.

    But people are getting wise and this is all falling apart.

  4. Lou

    Canada has similar laws to UK. Deny the holocaust and be jailed. Yes?

  5. Jim R

    … who created the original templates are now either all dead or senile and they lack the talent to create new narratives.

    And there’s the problem, of course. The 911 show, going on 17 years ago, was quite a spectacle. How are they going to top that? Their current stories, even when they include war and violence, are BORING. And it doesn’t matter which TV network you watch them on, or what newspaper you read. They are all the same. Nothing ever happens in their show.

    And the little bored millenial puppies (along with Gen X, and everybody else) are starting to cast about for something more interesting and real. It’s why there is such a great effort going on to throttle the internet now.

  6. Petruchio

    Mel: Have you noticed how the folks in the Movie/TV biz are EXTREMELY focused on NOT hiring American Actors/Actresses? The hiring people in The Biz seem very driven to hire non American Actors–anybody but Americans. You would think that American Actors are THE rarest individuals on Earth!! If you look, you will see that the same American Actors are hired over and over and over.

  7. Melponeme_k


    Yes, they don’t like hiring Americans. Even though it was American actors who pushed the level of the art to a new place. This ties in to the cultural revolution/Frankfurt school dynamic. They leftists and their elite handlers didn’t want Americans to feel good about themselves, their country or collective accomplishments. That would get in the way of their narrative.

    Just as they destroyed art and music, they destroyed American theater. They pushed the idea that we had no talented dramatists, actors, directors etc.

    There is also a kind of metaphysical reason as well. It is believed that we each have our own resonance. We are like tuning forks that ring to our own particular sound. Collectively we, the US, share a collective mind sound/frequency that identifies us to this country. Just as people in other countries have their own frequency.

    By pushing foreign actors on us, this destroys the pattern. It makes us identify with an ALIEN mind frequency or it just outright confuses us. It was Disney that started this awful practice by pushing myriads of child actors from Great Britain on us. Even as a child, I always wondered why Disney films were so foreign and not set in the US. Even the US placed films seemed foreign (due to foreign actors).

    Being inundated with illegal aliens accomplishes the same thing but in an outright violent way.

  8. Cultures run in cycles. There is the creative rise which changes everything and overturns expectations, which is exciting. Then the middle cycle when the exciting is now the New Normal. This deteriorates into boredom, repetition getting more and more violent to get a raise in energy and then to utter destruction.

    Many systems this year are victims of this cycle. One major cycle was the post-Napoleonic wars Victorian cycle. We still feed off of that cycle’s intense energy.

    WWI killed it. Out of the ashes came the Modernism cycle. This was very destructive but then WWI and WWII and the possibility of WWIII was very destructive. Modernism destroys families, destroys cities, makes everything either ugly or suicidal or insane.


    Movies and games that have super humans destroying cities, bad guys smashing everything, everything blowing up, everyone flying through the air, etc. Star Wars messes that blow up everything including entire planets…all this is now officially boring.

    What can they now blow up that isn’t boring? Nothing.

    So a new turn may be coming and I hope it is sane and wants beautiful things again, etc. We can only hope.

  9. Petruchio

    @#7 Mel: great comments here, Mel. Apparently the Trend in the TV/Movie Biz is for a slow takeover of The Industry by the Chinese. Maybe we will get more creativity and variety in our Video Entertainment from them than the Jewish Cabal that currently owns the Movie/TV Biz.

  10. Lou


    Movies [series of Star Wars and other formularized films etc] –they work a formula. $$$ talks.

  11. Everything is boring now. B O R I N G. They are all so same, too. Soon, a new ‘break out’ movie will appear and be utterly different from all the tripe we see today. I can’t wait.

  12. Jim R

    Yeah, and the news is boring too. Mostly because it is being written by the same idiots.

    It’s why you have to read RT and others to get any real news.

  13. Petruchio

    I think it’s very revealing that war movies have to take place in WW2. “Band of Brothers”. “Saving Private Ryan”. “Dunkirk”. And others. I think the Jewish Cabal in Hollyweird know better than to do movies from later wars. As an aside, do you note how “Apocalypse Now” is, imho, a much better film than the WW2 films? It seems they have to go all the way back to WW2 to find a War the Public will accept.

  14. Petruchio

    @#14 Jim R: Good post. so true.

  15. Except you don’t have to consume shit. People can create something better if they want. Sheesh.

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