Hispanic Killer Ramos Was Angry With TV Station For Story About Him Stalking A Lady


A Hispanic stalker breaks into a TV station to massacre staff.  Hispanic crime is still lower than black crime per capita but it is steadily rising.  Hispanics used to be more conservative years ago but now the divorce/out-of-wedlock birth rates of Hispanics is climbing rapidly.  It used to be the same as Caucasian rates but is now rising to the dreadful rate of family collapse we see in the black community today which is over 70%.  This religious/cultural/social collapse breeds crime.  Meanwhile, too many young women who are mostly white demand more social chaos and the end of marriage, etc.  They want a revolution which is deadly for themselves, like the women in Europe who are far left, they will be annihilated eventually by foreign invaders who hate women’s rights.

Yes, stalkers exist.  I had a stalker go after me, once upon a time.  Once he figured out I would use my hunting skills to deter him permanently, he buzzed off quickly.  Hispanic men: hot temper/big on the macho business.  I once worked with a hot Spanish dancer who was marvelous and very attractive on stage and in the studio.  Coca-Cola executive in NY City saw him on stage and asked him to make a commercial with them.


He was so freaking happy!  He told me, they wanted to show his flamenco machine-gun-fire fast action.  So he spent hours with the film crew, dancing his heart out.  When the commercial came out on TV, he was told when it would air.  I was with him in his living room when we saw it.


They showed only his feet!  He blew up.  He yelled, he was going to kill them.  He raged a bit while his wife and I tried to calm him down.  The next day, he left the country, never to return.  I was very pissed off at the Coke gang for screwing up things.


Alfredo was gone but he left because if he stayed, he would have to kill someone at Coke headquarters to get his manhood back.  This was his culture!  He was a Spanish gypsy.


Mexico: Obama passively allowed many Hispanics into the USA.  Mexico Registers Its Highest Number Of Homicides On Record this year.  This NPR (a crazy liberal bolt hole operation) story accidentally tells us that Hispanic countries are very violent, especially the men fighting each other:


 Mexico recorded 29,168 homicides last year, according to preliminary government data published this week. While the tally won’t be finalized for several months, security experts are already certain the 2017 figure will mark the country’s highest murder rate at least since official statistics began in 1997 — and potentially the highest in the nation’s modern history.


Around 50% or more of the homicides are NOT reported in Mexico.  I have been to Mexico many times in the past.  Collecting such statistics is low on the agenda of the government there.  Indeed, they have little reason to track crime at all!


 High as they may be, however, the new figures don’t square with President Trump’s tweet on Jan. 18 about the extreme state of violence in Mexico.


Yup, because…other neighboring countries are ten time worse!  But don’t worry, Mexico is rapidly catching up with them all.


There is no metric by which Mexico could be considered the “most dangerous country in the world.”


Outside of war zones, El Salvador recorded the highest homicide rate of any country — 109 per 100,000 inhabitants — in 2015, the last year for which the United Nations provides global data. The U.N. still lacks totals for certain countries in that data set. That year, Mexico registered 16 homicides per 100,000 people, behind other Latin American countries like Honduras, Venezuela and Brazil. With the new statistics from 2017, analysts estimate Mexico’s rate climbed to roughly 24 per 100,000 inhabitants.


Here is a jaw-dropping comment in the article clearly showing how insane things can get:


While hundreds of U.S. citizens have been killed in Mexico in the past decade, it remains a popular travel destination, and number crunchers have questioned how accurately the advisories reflect the risks for visitors.


Um, the violence this year is invading the ‘safe resorts’.  It is increasingly dangerous to go visit Mexico.  It is increasingly more dangerous to visit NYC, too.  Or LA or San Franciso.  Or any DNC-run city, for that matter.


This map shows generally, where the murder rates are high in the world.  Russia had chaos for quite a while which has died down greatly under Putin so the organge ‘higher rate’ is fading whereas Mexico, it is steeply climbing.  Most of the dangerous states are Hispanic.  Then there is South Africa which is having a massive ethnic/race cleansing horror show.

Black teens started the ‘knock out game’ whereby they would come from behind and sucker-punch mostly white people but also Hispanic people.  The victim in the above story is a white male.  Now, the Hispanic men are doing this, too.  He did it to another Hispanic man, it appears.


This is a clear sign of social/cultural collapse which is destroying the Hispanic community in the big DNC-run cities.  When I was growing up in the Southwest and going into Mexico a lot, Hispanic men had ‘brio’…if they fought you, they did it face to face.  Now, they are aping the black community which has the most cowardly fighting tactics that is, mobbing people and stomping on them when they lay on the ground, ambushing little old ladies, etc.  Coward-style fighting.


This is all rather alarming.  The new style of fighting is spreading like a toxin.  Running riot is dangerous.  It can lead to social collapse.  The Chinese still fear social collapse after Madame Mao encouraged thugs attacking citizens.  The DNC is openly calling on thugs especially illegal aliens from Hispanic countries, to openly attack citizens!  This is war.


Note the white ladies with the Hispanic ladies: they are demanding more Hispanic violence, more family collapse, the white young ladies are mostly burdened with steep school debts where they went to be indoctrinated by communist teachers into how to ape Madame Mao.


These creepy creatures want open borders, not thinking carefully how this will turn the US into a violent hell hole.

Another Hispanic teen in NY City stabbed to death.  Having some experience with people being stabbed to death on my own doorstep in NYC in the past, people die very fast when the strike hits a major artery in say, the neck.  People who are hysterical watching this happen often blame police, etc. for not saving the victim.


On the other hand, the cops now are like they were in the past when we had DNC mayors attacking the cops: they just don’t care anymore.  Crime is rising, murders are definitely shooting literally upwards.  And the mayor is perfectly fine with this.  So is the entire left wing DNC machine which has invited in communists who actively want to destroy our government one way or another.


Importing violent cultures and telling them it is OK to run riot here, too, is a tool being used by the left to destroy America and gain power so we can be like Venezuela.  On the above map, that is one of the most violent countries on the planet earth.  Good grief.




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11 responses to “Hispanic Killer Ramos Was Angry With TV Station For Story About Him Stalking A Lady

  1. Saint Mike

    Ramos is a perfect example of Gamma rage this all started with a rejection from a woman on Facebook.

    But still I’m confused , Maryland has really tight gun control laws for law abiding citizens…. Doesn’t the shooter know that it is illegal to shoot people with a gun?

  2. KHS71

    I was probably a “gun free” zone also. Does anyone know for sure?

  3. Lou

    I am confused.
    The terms Latino [now, genderless term, Latinx], Hispanic, and the now out of vogue Chicano. What do they mean? Latin is a language.

    Hispanic Killer–He looks White. His features may be toward mexican [brown natives]…I dunno. I am confused as how to rank races and cultures.

  4. Melponeme_k

    It is horrible to say but I don’t believe this “event” for one minute. Ditto for the “attack” at Youtube.

    The gunman is 38. Gotta get that 11 master number in their somehow!

    5 victims. Another favorite of the Freemorons. It is the number of Heiros Gamos.

    Ages of the “victims”
    59 = 14 = 5
    65 = 11
    61 = 7
    56 = 11 inverse number of another victim
    34 = 7

    Are you starting to see the pattern?

    The numbers represent the Freemoron Winding Stair. The 14 number before the break into 5 is no mistake. 14 represents the body pieces of Osiris that Isis had to hunt down (she never could find his genitals though. hAHAHAHAHA).

    Killer Jerrod W. Ramos = 11 in many Gematria ciphers.
    Victim Rob Hiaasen = 11
    Victim Wendy Winters = 1 but if you use her initials it is number 55. Some sights this represents the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary is inverted by the Satanists to equal her to their many faced goddess, Isis, Ishtar, Inaana etc.

    Two of the victims names = 3. Freemorons equal this to the senses, seeing, hearing and feeling. Which is really mocking the public because they are outright stating we don’t see, hear or feel. Otherwise we would all know this is a staged incident.

    The youngest victim Rebecca Smith, her name equals 7.

    I’ve seen on some websites that 7 can equal the square and the compass.

    Whatever this is, it is clearly a ritual meant to INFLUENCE our behavior. Either it was staged with fake killer and fake deaths of fake people. Or it is much worse a real ritual sacrifice on a 7 day in an 11 year.

    711. They like the 11 codes. Yes they do.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Oh and one more thing.

    The name of the paper that was attacked.

    Capital Gazette = 7 and 11 in many gematria ciphers.

    It shares a number equivalent to the phrase “Tropic of Cancer”. This is where the Summer Solstice occurs. It is said that what opens in the summer solstice is the Gate of Man. The winter solstice opens the Gate of the Gods.

    This was a ritual sacrifice to the solstice.

  6. Nani

    It is interesting to see the stark contrasts in homicide statistics among different cultures. East-Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China have some of the lowest homicide rates in the world. Japan only has 0,31 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

    Europe also has a very low homicide rate. Germany has 0,85 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. France has 1,58. The US is considerably higher at 4,88 (probably because of blacks and hispanics).

    Latin-America is home to some of the most violent and crime-ridden countries in the world. It is a paradox to me, because some of the sweetest and friendliest people i know comes from Latin-America. It is a genuine warmth and friendliness that has touched my heart. I have seen the same thing in some Southeast-Asian countries aswell. Lots of warm and friendly people despite all the poverty.

  7. Some of the sweetest people I have known lived in Newark’s ruins and were very black indeed. They even were anti-crime and worked with me!

  8. Moe

    Liberals continue to advocate violence: Leftist Documentary Maker Michael Moore Calls for Civil War

    ‘Meal Team Six’ LOL


  9. Ken

    Lou @3,

    I saw a picture of the killer with his parents. The father was Hispanic but his mother was white.

  10. Zeke

    Other videos on Internet show ‘knock out punch game’ culprits walking away on adjacent street high fiving and celebrating their accomplishment.
    Another video shows a different group of vultures descending on the carcass of the unconscious victim to steal whatever picking were left.
    All that in broad daylight. Sad state of affairs.
    Without surveillance videos their song would be to police: ‘what did I do, what did I do. I didn’t do anything.’

  11. Pete

    Joel Davis (pedo) with links to Hillary, UN, Angelina Jolie

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