Communist Bronx DNC Candidate Is Rich Lady From Rich Westchester

I learned more about the very rich, very spoiled young lady in the Bronx who is really from one of the richest suburbs in America, a typical fake revolutionary talking the Castro talk while living like the Romanovs before WWI.  Fact Check: ‘Girl from the Bronx’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Raised in Wealthy Suburb.


After high school, Ocasio-Cortez studied international relations and economics at Boston University and worked for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA). Only after college did Ocasio-Cortez return to the Parkchester complex, where she launched Brook Avenue Press, a publishing group aimed at improving the public image of the Bronx.


Westchester County – which the Washington Post, in a glowing profile on Ocasio-Cortez, describes as only “middle class” – ranks #8 in the nation for the counties with the “highest average incomes among the wealthiest one percent of residents.” According to the Economic Policy Institute, the county’s average annual income of the top one percent is a staggering $4,326,049.


Yorktown Heights, specifically, offers a sharp contrast from Bronx living. According to, the town’s population is 81 percent white, and median household income is $96,413 – nearly double the average for both New York state and the nation, according to data from 2010-2014.


The 28-year-old’s far-left platform includes abolishing ICE, universal guaranteed employment, and Medicare for all. In an interview with CNN, Ocasio-Cortez said she supports impeaching President Trump, despite warnings from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to avoid the issue.


NBC, Amazon Writer Openly Promotes White Genocide – She Hopes It “Happens Faster”: yes, this is the new DNC platform: eliminate citizens and replace them with third world people on welfare.  A number of former manufacturing cities have been turned into welfare hell holes holding populations that vote passively for the DNC without question.  The DNC is in hysteria now about the Supreme Court.  They don’t want a conservative court but the pendulum is swinging hard against DNC systems.  Only the cities with the most welfare/illegal alien populations now supports the DNC, all the rest of the country has changed utterly and for the long run.


The NBC reporter wasn’t kicked to the curb, none of the people destroying civilization are booted by Bilderberg gangsters who run many systems still.  They want atomized, fearful, uncertain and weak populations so they can be exploited or controlled.  And this loss of control and the open revolt against the Bilderberg systems is roaring along because the Bilderberg gang stupidly decided to wreck sports, entertainment systems and all personal, fun stuff people use to force them into compliance with far leftist ‘hate’ ideology especially, hating white males.


WaPo’s Rubin: Threaten Maine’s LL Bean If Susan Collins Doesn’t Vote Against Trump’s SCOTUS Pick | Breitbart


According to Rubin (one of the army of Zionists at the Washington Pest), it would be better to apply economic pressure to Maine’s LL Bean and Alaska’s Alaskan Cruises to convince Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to oppose Trump’s picks.


Rubin is a huge believer in walls to keep out ‘aliens’ and even ‘troublesome natives’.  This week, the Palestinians are fighting at the Israeli walls and being killed steadily every day by heavily armed guards.  Israel is one of the most noxious terror states on earth at this point.


Even half-Jews are not ‘Echt Juden’ and can’t be part of the systems because they have ‘bad blood.’  My children and grandchildren can’t go to Israel even though their father/grandfather is a 100% Jew.


“Instead of circling the capitol with a million people, take the million people to Maine and go to LL Bean and tell them in Maine, ‘You need to leave Maine,’ unless Susan Collins votes the right way,” she said. “That’s how you play hardball. You do it smart. You go to Alaska, you say, ‘You know what, we’re going to start boycotting Alaskan Cruises until your senator votes Trump’s way.’”


This paragraph is insane, the NYT editorialist says that Collins is being told, if she votes FOR Trump, they will attack her.  Then he says, ‘we’re going to start boycotting…until your senator votes TRUMP’S way.’  That is an error because the writer was confused and angry and didn’t notice a Freudian slip moment, I am presuming.


What an awful paper this is.  Once upon a time, the Times had ‘editors’ and I knew some of them, we hung out in Manhattan long ago.  Now, there seems to be none and so what, that paper it a ratchet mess that is now nearly useless and hates itself since it hates white males and it is owned by white males…perhaps the Jews think they are no longer whites?  What?  HAHAHA.

And in the news is the silly monster, a white woman who works for NBC and Cartoon Network wishing for a Holocaust.  I wonder if she, too, is Jewish?  If these Jews imagine blacks and Catholic Hispanics and above all, Muslims of any sort are going to allow the Jews to survive in Europe or North America after taking over, that is utterly insane.

Shithole Liberal Cities Full 2018 Documentary ~ SJW Hell on Earth – YouTube

I fled California many years ago and my last speech was a warning that if they continued being stupid, the state would collapse.  I moved to Tucson which went full stupid and is now in the lower 5% of all cities as a ‘very bad city’ due to crime (I ran an anticrime group there before we were forced to move).  Then I moved to insane NYC which was burning down and blowing up and carved out a sane, safe corner only to be driven out due to bad schools.


Nearly everyone, it seems, wants to end the sanctuary cities in California in 2015!  A year before the election! And it voted heavily for pro-illegal aliens the following year, screamed about Trump and now is demanding we end ICE and allow aliens to flood in and take over by force.


I want the Governor and the legislators of California arrested for treason!  They are all Democrats and I want many of these arrested for treason. They want to surplant citizens with illegal aliens which is…treason.

Trump Blames Democrats For Immigration Problems – YouTube

And he is right.  Now our trade partner in the north thinks he will win a trade war with the US.  We import more than export with Canada.


Now on to other news: the spooks at the CIA and other DC bolt holes are anonymously yelling at Trump about stuff.  I say, whatever these creeps say, Trump should do the opposite.  And he is:


HAHAHA.  Makes zero sense.  Russia and China were quite alarmed with North Korea shooting off rockets and talking nuclear war and they shut him down to the point, he decided to do diplomacy.  Remember, these ‘experts’ who are spooks and crooks LIED about nearly every war we have fought starting with the Vietnam War all the way until today!

Bikers for Trump founder supporting Trump against Harley – YouTube

Last of all and with great humor, I called things correctly, I know a number of bikers: they are turning on the Harley Davidson Board of Directors and telling them to go to hell.  And talked about buying Indian bikes (I am partial to Indian bikes!) which is very amusing.


Harley just shot themselves in the foot, the back and the face this week.  I am so glad, I can figure out the obvious.


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4 responses to “Communist Bronx DNC Candidate Is Rich Lady From Rich Westchester

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine: Well, well, well. You mean to tell me that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez isn’t REALLY from the Bronx, but is from a wealthy Suburb??!! Are you telling me Ocasio-Cortez is a……overpampered, overindulged, SPOILED ROTTEN RICH KID?? Who woulda thunk it?!! I wasn’t gonna post a “I told you so” post at first, then I decided, “Ah what the heck. Do it.” . You have to be Wealthy enough where you don’t have to worry about paying Bills to think like these people. I’ve been saying this all along. The Ultimate Goal for the “Liberals” (they aren’t Liberals; they’re actually Elitists) is the destruction of the American Middle Class and in particular the WHITE American Middle Class. It’s about Class Warfare, with the wealthy folks–like Ocasio-Cortez–on one side and everybody else on the other.

  2. Moe

    Democratic Socialist Candidate’s Primary Win Revoked After All Her Votes Forcibly Redistributed (Humor)

  3. Melponeme_k

    This person is exactly the reason why Mexico and every other Central/South American country is a SH**HOLE!

    They think it is so funny to take advantage of poorer, less educated people. But it just shows off their own low IQ and ignorance as well. Only an inbred, low IQ trog would think it was grand living in an armed, rich as midas complex surrounded by sewage soaked, rat invested favelas.

  4. Moe

    Democratic Socialists (actually, all Socialists)

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