Watergate/2000 Election Fraud/Trump Framed By FBI Are Interlocking Constitutional Crisis

Rep. Matt Gaetz on grilling Peter Strzok – YouTube


Three major epic events threatening the US Constitution have happened during my lifetime. The refusal to charge Nixon with crimes against the Constitution was the first crisis that was skirted. That really angered me.  Citizens were told that ‘healing’ would happen faster if Nixon was not hauled into court.  This was a lie.  Then, in 2000, due to state level corruption in voting systems, counting votes in a close election collapsed.  The Supreme Court ruled that it didn’t matter, counting votes was insignificant. I was pushing the Uniform Voting Act which I wrote at home and distributed in Congress, personally.  I could not sue for this because the Supremes ruled that for the first time, their ruling could not be used in any lawsuits about voting!  A coup!  Then came the attempt to frame Trump as a Russian agent due to voting problems caused by the Supreme Court in the first place…


Voting is key here.  The DNC has conspired with some GOP Bilderberg fellow members to undo US voting laws and regulations by not enforcing voting protections of citizens.  That is, DNC-run states recently decided to not check to see if voters are real citizens and really live in the districts they are voting in.


A tsunami of fake voters and open frauds flooded the systems.  In California, the DNC has a stranglehold on the voters in that state due to millions of illegal aliens being encouraged and enabled to vote.


I have yelled about this for quite a while.  Nothing is being fixed, now my state of New York is doing the same thing and note how New York City is being now systematically destroyed by illegal aliens voting illegally.  The recent election choosing a woman who is a recent entry to this country who is an open communist is a sign that the NYC ship will soon sink into the same chaos it fell into during the 1970’s when my neighbors literally looted and burned our entire community to the ground due to a summer storm black-out.


The fake charges against Trump are another crisis: due to losing an election where vote counting/ballot box stuffing failed the Real Rulers, they openly began a disinformation/lying campaign smearing Trump as much as possible and talking about eliminating him based on obvious lies.


The mainstream media owned by fellow Bilderberg gangsters pushed fake stories on the public, inflaming liberals and shoving them into committing crimes.  In DNC-run cities, mobs ran riot, attacking citizens who showed support of the Trump Presidency.  This mob terrorism was used as a tool to stop any political activities that are not in the control of the Bilderberg gang and Soros.


All this is connected to the overt destruction of all of Europe.  The far left has joined the Bilderberg gang in terrorizing citizens everywhere, threatening them with mobs of illegal, violent aliens who are mostly young military-aged males.  The expectation was, the citizens, being lied to about everything by Bilderberg co-conspirators who run many media systems, would run to the gang to be saved.


But the Internet destroyed this plot.  Many more people get real information via the internet now.  This is why, this last year, the gang using Google and Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on alternative news sources.  They are destroying the internet, censoring everyone severely in order to impose their fake new on everyone with no one able to figure out what is real and what is fake news.


Except they don’t control a number of alternative news outfits.  So far, the EU and US clowns have tried hard to eliminate Russian news so we can’t see them unless one has access to Russia like I have access, still.


Google degraded all searches so that alternative news now never shows up on the front page even if I put in the exact title of a story, it doesn’t show up first.  This scheme is degrading Google to the point that many citizens consider Google to be pure evil and the Enemy.


And they are the enemy!  They openly desire to overthrow the government and impose their goofy schemes on citizens especially open borders so the rich owners of Google can import cheap Asian labor and fire citizens.


We are now seeing hearings in Congress whereby employees of the Citizens tell us, we have no rights and they can keep whatever secrets they wish even from Congress and worse, from PRESIDENTS!!!  This is INSANE.


It is very unconstitutional and therefore, a crisis.  The heads of the FBI should all be arrested and charged with destroying the Constitution.  They are rebels.  They are workign on behalf of people who want to flood the US with illegal aliens and then give them the vote when these aliens hate the US and want to destroy it.]

The New York Times front page has nothing about the Strzok hearings:

Nope, it is all about how the trade war is hurting US exports which are tiny compared to our trade deficit which is huge.  It is all about how illegal aliens must come here and stopping them is cruel and mean and we should all be ashamed of stopping aliens from entering illegally.


And editorials all attacking Trump for being nasty.  This nasty, treasonous paper used to not be so utterly nakedly nasty in the past.  But they have grown unhinged.  And rely on foreign money to function including money from Mexico, thus the pro-illegal alien editorial positions.


The NYT is NY Treason.  It is a disgusting newspaper.  Worse than Pravda and I read Pravda back in the 1960’s when I was in Europe.


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13 responses to “Watergate/2000 Election Fraud/Trump Framed By FBI Are Interlocking Constitutional Crisis

  1. ziff

    Cdn news is full anti Trump smear and its not even about our country !

  2. Petruchio

    Ron Rosenstein. Gee is this Jewish guy AIPAC approved? LOL! Rosenstein’s manner testifying before Congress indicates a level of comfort at not being jailed. Haul Rosenstein into Jail for Contempt of Congress. Wipe that smug, arrogant smirk off Rosenstein’s face. Impeach Rosenstein. It’s the only way to restore credibility to the Justice process here in the USA.

  3. Melponeme_k


    Shoot and score! The father was an architect. Mason! Yorktown is one of the richest suburbs in NY. This article didn’t touch the name origin. Wee lass Ocasio is nothing but a liar.

  4. Lou

    3–Mel, who are you? Anything that you would like to share about yrself?
    Mason—what do you know about the father?
    Id guess Andrew Breitbart and his coroner were murdered.

  5. The communist in the Bronx is a brat whose daddy is rich. She is a classic Maoist. I hate these Maoists. They become Maoists at the elite UNIVERSITIES like…UC Berkeley! I know these creeps really really REALLY good.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 Elaine: Your home State, New York, is passing a law that will PUNISH companies that boycott Israel. I hope there is at least one company in New York with the will–and the money for legal fees–to test this law about Boycotting Israel.

  7. Lou

    6–dammit. And here in Kali-fornia, I think at UC campuses, criticism of Israel is illegal or punishable.

  8. Blissex

    «frame Trump as a Russian agent due to voting problems»

    While I don’t agree with much of EMS’es right-wing commentary (while In despise with her the “champagne leftoids” and the clintonite Bilderbergers), the “Russian connection” story looks to me totally ridiculous too, because:

    * It is based on the idea that “the Russians” have bribed with puny sums Trump, and have donated minuscule amounts to support his campaigns.

    * That idea is ridiculous because D Trump is a *NYC/NJ real estate developer*, that is someone who have probably bribed most of the NYC/NJ politicians, mobsters, officials, … The claim that a *NYC/NJ real estate developer* was bribed, instead of bribing someone, is thoroughly ridiculous.

    * D Trump has been for decades one of the biggest donors to political campaigns in the USA, as big or bigger than the Koch brothers. Hundred of millions (mostly to Republican candidates).

    The reason why the clintonites make up the fantasy of the “Russian connection” when D Trump probably has been instead a massive briber is that the people he likely bribed are the clintonite Democratic politicians of NYC and NJ…

  9. I put a number of top DNC politicians in prison (or dead) in NYC in the past. I had a sign in my home office saying ‘Who is going to bribe ME?’ as a joke. Bribes are common in New York City.

    I sided with Trump because the FAKE liberals hate him with a passion. Right now, in Manhattan, they are flipping out due to a top DNC politician tossed out of office in a primary due to a far leftist rich fascist racist female who hates white men.

    I find this all very funny indeed. The snake bites the snake charmer!

  10. Melponeme_k


    Who am I? I’m the first person who wrote that Ocasio was a rich woman. ME.

    They are holding real tight to the father’s information. But Wiki spilled the beans revealing that the family fought Probate for his property. There is no fight unless the property is hefty and the people fighting for it have the means to pay big lawyers to fight for them. Hmmm?

    All the elites are part of secret magic clubs. ALL. They think their blood is made of magical fairy dust. The Freemorons are the biggest culprits and have been for many centuries. Did you know America banned them once for malfeasance in politics? Too bad we lifted the ban.

    They are big as life flashing their gang signs all over the place. They even have gang signs telling you what they have in between their legs. Yep. Just watch. They’ll tell you outright that they have a vagina or a penis.

    Are you one of them? Why is gender so important to them? Hmmmm?

  11. Lou


  12. Absolutely, the nexus of black magic and power politics is total and I have tangled with this nexus ALL MY LIFE since they attacked me when I was only 5 years old.

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