Communist School Little Red Schoolhouse In Manhattan Segregates Black Children

Anti-ICE Protest – YouTube


Democratic Party Protesters Take to the Streets to Call for Abolishing Our Borders.  The entire DNC has doubled down on courting the illegal alien illegal voters.  They want to eliminate all systems used to control our borders.  This is pure treason.  It is also very infuriating.  Also, an infamous Communist commune school on the West Side of Manhattan founded over 50 years ago, now is the exclusive home of super rich celebrities and their various pets.  It costs $45,000 a year for indoctrination lessons.  And the parents voted 87% to SEGREGATE the bulk of the day there by race, removing the black children from white children!  Oroboros is the snake tht eats its own tail here.

West Village school under fire after parents learn of policy where students were segregated | Daily Mail Online reports.  The school is called ‘the Little Red School House’ and I knew people who went to school there, back 40 years ago.  It is a communist operation for the elites, not for workingclass brats who these people hate with red fury.  The New York Times which sends its brats to this school, refused to report this story, of course but their competition in NY City, the NY Post, did: NYC private school’s plan to segregate students by race draws parents’ ire.

Black Lives Don’t Matter demonstrators on campuses (who, after collecting several million from Soros and other fools have disappeared) have been demanding segregation for the last three years.  The BLM movement is now pretty much a scam.  Looking at pictures this week of students hysterically marching for illegal aliens, one doesn’t see even one black person.


They have vanished.  It is a sea of white faces now.  Well, the anti-segregation minority at the Little Red Mao School in Manhattan have gone to the press to demand this segregation stop.  From July 2016, the NY Post had this story: Elite K-8 school teaches white students they’re born racist.


 An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from “white privilege,” while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers.


Administrators at the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side claim it’s a novel approach to fighting discrimination, and that several other private New York schools are doing it, but even liberal parents aren’t buying it.


They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they’re made to feel awful about their “whiteness,” and all the “kids of color” in other rooms where they’re taught to feel proud about their race and are rewarded with treats and other privileges.


“Ever since Ferguson, the school has been increasing anti-white propaganda in its curriculum,” said a parent who requested anonymity because he has children currently enrolled in the school.


Why do parents pay through the nose for this nonsense?  This is insanity.  And worse, these poor, uneducated children are then herded into SJW higher education to be hammered even harder about the sins of being white.  I suppose someone in this mess will wake up and shake themselves and figure out, they are suicidal.


Talking about suicidal, the most suicidal nation in Europe continues to double down on the destruction:  Swedish law equating sex without explicit consent to rape comes into force — RT World News


Sweden is trying to further cement the need for consent, hoping that the legislation will see more sexual assault cases being prosecuted. The authorities have introduced two more offences – ‘negligent rape’ and ‘negligent sexual abuse’, which will be punishable by a maximum four years in jail. “A person should be aware of the risk that the other person is not participating voluntarily but still engages in a sexual act with that person,” the law states.


After inviting into the country a million Muslims who teach themselves that raping a non-Muslim is legal, the women who are destroying Sweden have decided to totally destroy their own men who will be prosecuted as rapists if the women don’t sign consent forms.  Many are joking about what the consent forms should look like.  I would suggest the men film all their encounters and have the woman explain her consent at each step which will kill the sex but be very funny if posted on You Tube.


These crazy women destroying Sweden allow Muslims to rape while attacking their own men for normal sex like they are tormenting Julian Assange but then decided to drop the fake rape investigation.  Assange remains a prisoner since England wants to deport him so he can be tortured by the CIA.


In France, a few minutes ago, Redoine Faid: Paris helicopter prison break for gangster – BBC News:


 A notorious gangster has escaped by helicopter from a prison in the Paris region, the French authorities say.


Redoine Faid was helped by several heavily armed men who created a diversion at the prison entrance while the helicopter landed in the courtyard.


The helicopter flew to the nearby Gonesse area, where it was found by local police.

Faid, 46, has been serving a 25-year sentence for a failed robbery during which a police officer was killed.


This is his second prison break: in 2013, he escaped after seizing four guards as human shields and blowing several doors off with dynamite.


He staged that escape less than half an hour after arriving at a prison in northern France.


He is also a Muslim invader.  Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson remains in prison for doing nothing except cover the news that the British elites want under the cover of darkness, news about Muslim criminals raping British girls, no less.  Talk about utterly insane!


From Shawn in the comments here: Shocking moment flash-bang grenade is thrown into right-wing Patriot Prayer rally in Portland | Daily Mail Online. This didn’t make the NY Times front page, as per usual.  Antifa clashes with Patriot Prayer group in Portland, Oregon – YouTube

The Daily Mail has a much longer video, click on it to see how vile the far left has grown, allowed to wear masks in public while rioting…that normally is illegal but not in DNC-run cities, of course.


Watching this is very interesting: the conservative men are literally fighting back, ANTIFA runs forwards to attack and then are beaten up by the conservatives.  I will note in the Mail Online video, the communist rioters throw a BOMB and rocks and bottles when they attacked.


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19 responses to “Communist School Little Red Schoolhouse In Manhattan Segregates Black Children

  1. Jim R

    The left has been noshing on its own tail for quite some time now. Doing things like saying you can’t use the word ‘nigger’ and then using it themselves, all the time.

    Problem with that is, once it gets up to its own asshole, there’s no escape. It isn’t going to disappear, it is going to die. And it will do as much damage as it can while it dies. Ugly.

  2. Saint Mike

    Patriot Prayer /Proud Boys/Joey Gibson for Senate group starting to sing “We Will Rock You” by Queen

  3. Melponeme_k

    “Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson remains in prison for doing nothing except cover the news that the British elites want under the cover of darkness, news about Muslim criminals raping British girls, no less. Talk about utterly insane!”

    The Muslim and the mainly Jewish Red Mafiya human trafficking networks mainly sell children to the royals and elites. This is where they get their sacrifices. Anyone who interferes with this will be hounded to the ends of the earth.

  4. Zeke

    Reminiscent of Weimar Republic militant group street clashes culminating in the election of a ‘strong man’ to restore order.

  5. Melponeme_k


    This set up is no mistake and it is all by design. The elites stage events in the same way, over and over again. And it is no mistake that they are restaging the Weimar and the Nazi/Communist war again. After all we did let in thousands of former Nazis and let them roam free.

    They are doing all this now because they are hoping the heavens will listen to their cries. They never thought that the people would rise up and open their eyes.

    This month and August, all the planets will be on one side of the sun opposite the earth. I’m not sure what the significance is but they seem to deem it important. Hence igniting all these staged events.

    How do we fight them? By not fighting them at all.

    As simplistic as it sounds, love more. Love your family, friends and be kind to random people that you meet. Just one action of real love puts the nails on the intent of even one of their big rituals probably even more. Remember they think the world is made of wave frequencies…The Harmony of the Spheres. If they are spreading dissonance, our job is to spread harmony.

  6. Saint Mike


    Sooner or later, the United States is either going to be a third word country with millions of Illegals, or a glistening first world country without any. There are no other options.

    Some people are ready for Trump to abolish the Supreme Court, arrest all the lawyers, Judges, schoolteachers and public officials, etc. and declare himself God-Emperor.

    I say let’s go. Why wait.

  7. Lou

    The Jews of Manhattan want their spawn away from Blacks.
    Yet they created our planned destruction.

  8. Melponeme_k

    @Saint Mike

    You are talking about the 4th Reich. Conspiracy sites claim that the Nazis we brought into the country NEVER gave up their hope for their ideology. So they set about to create the 4th Reich in America. In fact Hitler had hopes that there would be a kind of close association, a Free Trade-No Borders deal with America. Plus, since he was Occult minded, he was curious about US Indians which were said to be part of the original Root Races (Aryans were the first and foremost).

    Since Hitler was aided by the Fords, Rockefellers, Bushes and other prominent US families, you can see how he thought that idea was an almost done deal.

    Believe me, you don’t want the Nazi remnants in charge of the US.

  9. timothy carroll


    Yeah, and then there’s this:

  10. Saint Mike

    Hmmm, Nazis sound more preferable to me than Wakanda.

  11. Petruchio

    @#7 Lou: Notice how you NEVER hear the chant, “Too many Jewish people??”. Tells you who is behind all this hatred.

  12. Melponeme_k

    @Saint Mike

    Yeah, sure, until they tell you your blood isn’t pure root race enough and they seek to prevent you from breathing.

    However, remember, behind each narrative is the same face. It is always the elites behind it. If people choose the Nazi door, they will be that. If they choose the Communist door, they will be that. The trick is to not play the game they have set up. That means not accepting extreme views of the situation or extreme solutions.

  13. All ethnic groups believe they are The One And Only True People. This is nearly universal with humans. We also call this ‘tribalism’ and Africa teems with rank tribalism.

  14. Lou

    11-Yes, Jews attack with the theme of ‘White Privilege’ but where is
    mention of Jewish crime, nepotism, power, etc?

  15. Lou

    “Rep. Joe Crowley, one of the top Democrats in the House of Representatives, lost his New York primary in a shocking upset on Tuesday night to community organizer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Crowley….. fell easily to a first-time candidate with a Democratic Socialists of America membership card and a proudly leftist agenda. She ran on Medicare-for-all, a federal jobs guarantee, and getting tough on Wall Street.”

    Why would I celebrate the victory of an open-borders female Hispanic ‘community organiser’ (where have we heard that before?) over a straight White Irish-American male with a platform like hers? Well let me say it’s impossible to avoid a pang of sympathy seeing the stricken expression on Crowley’s face when the full horror of the result became apparent. But such sympathy would be misplaced. Because he’s been a strident and unrelenting critic of President Trump and especially his efforts to control immigration.

    And now Crowley’s brown pets have turned on him and selected one of their own despite all his efforts on their behalf. The gods of karma surely permitted themselves a grim smile. Crowley would have understood this and possibly avoided his fate had he listened to the wise words of legendary Singaporean leader Lee Kwan Yew. “In multicultural societies you don’t vote according to your economic interests. You vote in accordance with race and religion”. (In another interview he warned that ‘multiculturalism will destroy America’.) But why is this a good thing apart?

    It’s good because it accelerates White awakening to the reality of what’s happening to them. Such developments – and they’re occurring everywhere – will polarise politics to the point where Republicans become (implicitly, not explicitly) the White party, with Democrats, like the “British” Labour Party, an unsavoury and fissiparous rabble of browns, blacks, welfare parasites (but I repeat myself), various shades of sexual freaks and a residue of self-hating Whites. Patriotic Whites will take over the Republican party and oust the RINOs. If that happens before Whites reach minority status then Whites will recover their country.

    Gratifyingly should such developments come to pass Jews are likely to feel the chill. Despite their treachery towards White Americans in the form of open borders, anti-White ‘hate’ and affirmative active legislation, blacks and Hispanics will still see them as White and will be utterly unmoved by the Holocau$t™ guilt-tripping which worked so well against altruistic and trusting Whites. Despite their legendary ability to flee dying hosts onto healthy ones I believe that Whites will no longer be so altruistic and trusting as the scale of (((their))) treachery becomes more apparent every day. “Greeting fellow White people” might well be met with jeers rather than cheers

  16. Lou

    An open border Israeli,

  17. Japan just announced they will take in their ‘share’ of illegal alien MUSLIMS! HAHAHA. The Japanese people are extremely phobic about foreigners and are totally freaked out about this news today.

  18. Melponeme_k


    “Why would I celebrate the victory of an open-borders female Hispanic ‘community organiser’ (where have we heard that before?) over a straight White Irish-American male with a platform like hers? ”

    The joke is that they traded one Irish man for an Irish woman.

    The label Hispanic is completely made up BS. The bulk of Spanish speaking citizens are white. What the Racists in charge like to call Hispanic are really Central or South American Indians. The remnants of the Aztec nations, Incans and Mayans.

    Another irony is that these cultures had a form of proto-communist way of life. But what people don’t say is that these nations made their communism work via sacrifice (getting rid of extra mouths), warfare and looting expeditions.

    In fact, almost all Indians (my own tribe included) made their “sharing” culture work via war and looting. It all has to come from somewhere and if you don’t make it or earn it…you steal it. This is the reason why the Vikings couldn’t get a foothold in North America. The Tribes who were friendly to them fell to a more aggressive tribe that was conquering land (what became the Inuit).

  19. Lou



    Atlanta NAACP Declares War on Stone Mountain and White America, Demanding Carving of Confederate Leaders Destroyed Al-Qaeda Style

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