French Prison Guards Have No Guns! Violent Criminals Easily Escape!

From just six months ago: ‘We are everything they hate’…French prison guards fearing for their safety go on strike – YouTube


One guard for 90 inmates, many are like the helicopter fugitive, are Muslims.  A woman is in charge of French prisons.  Europe decided, after allowing the Bilderberg gang to run riot there, to commit mass suicide.  Why?  I am so puzzled by all this.  The Global Warming Gang and the Zero Population Growth Gang both spooked Europe, Japan and North America into ceasing having children while third world socieites invaded and began wildly reproducing after forcing their way into dying first world/zero population growth/industry is evil countries.


The ideologues imposing this on us now run Hollywood, they used to run DC but are having their butts kicked there, they run sports (importing atheletes, for example).  They run many systems and are running these all off a cliff.


The multi-bankrobbing/cop killer in France has escaped easily before!  Sending him to a prison with near-zero guards made breaking out ridiculously easy.  Will the French demand Macaroon the Loon resign?  HAHAHA.  He told them during the election that the tough lady, Le Pen, was too tough and he would run France better, safer than she!


Well, no one rioted in the streets after that totally rigged election.  The election in the US was rigged, too.  The DNC-run cities voted totally at odds with the surrounding communities and voted for open borders, more welfare money and more crime.  This is why California, a totally DNC run state, it rapidly going bankrupt with NY, my state, competing to see who will collapse first after handing out freebies to illegal aliens who vote illegally.


France is being systematically destroyed.  So was Italy but voters there voted for the equivalent of Le Pen and voila!  The Muslim invasion vanished.  It moved to France but the ships bearing alien invaders was turned back in a panic by Le Pettit Penn, the little bad boy running Paris.


So the invaders were taken to Spain.  Alarmed Spanish people recall the previous Muslim invasion and enslavement and are now rising up, too, so the EU overlords want to park all these invaders in…POLAND.  HAHAHA.  Polish–Ottoman War (1672–76) -a little history here, my Meinel side of the family was on the front lines of this fight!


The causes of the Polish-Ottoman War of 1672–76 can be traced to 1666. Petro DoroshenkoHetman of Zaporizhian Host, aiming to gain control of Ukraine but facing defeats from other factions struggling over control of that region, in a final bid to preserve his power in Ukraine, signed a treaty with Sultan Mehmed IV in 1669 that recognized the Cossack Hetmanate as a vassal of the Ottoman Empire.[3]:273


In the meantime, Commonwealth forces were trying to put down unrest in Ukraine, but were weakened by decades long wars (Khmelnytsky Uprising, The Deluge and Russo-Polish War (1654–67)). Trying to capitalize on that weakness, Tatars, who commonly raided across the Commonwealth borders in search of loot and plunder, invaded, this time allying themselves with Cossacks under hetman Doroshenko. They were however stopped by Commonwealth forces under hetman John Sobieski, who stopped their first push (1666–67), defeating them several times, and finally gaining an armistice after the Battle of Podhajce.

Jan III Sobieski attacks the Turkish army at Vienna from the Kahlenberg – YouTube

This is so easy to understand.  This battle happened at the same time my Steele side of the family was forced to leave England after voting to kill the previous Stuart King and ended up with the Dutch in New Holland which became New York.


History is important and most people are blissfully unaware of history and how the blood of events flows through veins in time and things in the distant past has a huge impact on things happening today. You can bet, NO Muslim is unaware of all this, they are very highly aware and know they are literally invading and taking over which is why they build mosques immediately wherever they turn up.


This is an open invasion.  And Poland knows what this means, just like Germany’s history of invading and destroying Poland.

The Animated History of Poland | Part 1 – YouTube




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7 responses to “French Prison Guards Have No Guns! Violent Criminals Easily Escape!

  1. Petruchio

    France used the guillotine to impose a Death Penalty Criminal sentence. The last year it was used was 1936. The guillotine!! How times have changed. Now it’s a Gun Free Zone in French prisons .I don’t think France should bring back the guillotine–unless it’s Banksters like the Rothschilds–but things have gone too far today the other way.

  2. Melponeme_k

    They all went crazy voting socialist for years without end and believing anti-US propaganda, this is the result. They will be slaves to Sharia police soon enough. I for one will not support bailing them out nor any other European country again. I think 2x was quite enough.

  3. Case

    Most western EU leaders don’t have children. The here and now is all that exists for them.

    “Kings made tombs more splendid than the houses of the living and counted the names of their descent dearer than the names of their sons. Childless lords sat in aged halls musing on heraldry or in high, cold towers asking questions of the stars. And so the people of Gondor fell into ruin. The line of Kings failed, the White Tree withered, and the rule of Gondor was given over to lesser men.” – Tolkein

  4. Jim R

    taptap tap … is this thing on?

  5. Things were getting screwed up here due to WordPress problems.

  6. Jim R

    ❤ Happy 4th of July, Elaine!

    I hope y'all have a nice parade up there in the Hoosick valley. 🙂

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