Trump Threatens To Release ALL 9/11 Secret Information!

This is a cartoon from my news service 11 years ago.  The shadow of 9/11 stretches over our nation and keeps us in the dark even today.  Fake stories like ‘bombs in the buildings’ nonsense has driven most people away from this topic making it impossible to talk about how the US public was lured into several very illegal and illicit wars that destroyed several nations and keeps these in complete chaos even today…this open sore can’t even be mentioned anymore lest mindless people roar about fake stories planted by the CIA to keep citizens from examining 9/11 but today, the GOP is now leading the charge to expose all 9/11 Saudi information that was deliberately kept deeply secret even from CONGRESS by Bilderberg operatives who controlled our government all the way up until Trump won the election.


They are still trying to impeach Trump and the mainstream Bilderberg news still has daily headlines claiming that this thing or that person will finally prove Trump is a Russian agent even though the people recieving Russian money during the election were…the DNC and the Bilderberg politicians!  This insanity is entangled with the 9/11 lies about Saudi Arabia.


Trump Threatens to Release 9/11 Docs Implicating Clintons, Bushes


Trump has previously criticized former President George W. Bush for his actions prior to and during the 9/11 attack.  “I lost hundreds of friends, the World Trade Center went down during the reign of George Bush,” then-candidate Trump said during a debate in 2016. “He kept us safe? That is not safe.”


Both the DNC and GOP conspired to keep all important information about 9/11 secret.  Saudi Arabia attacked us.  I was very clear about this all the way back to Day One, on 9/11 itself.  Great efforts have been made to prevent US citizens from understanding that Saudi Arabia attacked us and the Saudi Royals, most of whom are now out of power in a coup, had openly attacked us on 9/11.


I was totally enraged that Bush Jr. and the CIA enabled all Saudi Royals and staff to flee the US after 9/11 even as all transportation via planes was grounded.  And the media and Bush Jr. tried to keep it all secret, I actually saw Saudi private jets fly over my mountain that day and reported it to the New York Times which refused the information and wouldn’t publish it.


“While in the United States, some of the September 11 hijackers were in contact with, and received support or assistance from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government,” the report reads. “There is information, primarily from FBI sources, that at least two of those individuals were alleged by some to be Saudi intelligence officers.”


Interestingly, the purge within Saudi Arabia during Trump’s first year in office removed many Saudi allies of the Bush and Clinton families.


The Deep State is attacking Trump every day in every way.  But he has many allies who are counteracting this which is why Trump is still alive even though many rich and famous people have threatened to kill him or openly beg their followers to kill him.  I am very amazed he is still alive.


At this point in time, these lunatics are now threatening to kill or rape his wife and children and grandchildren.  This is disgusting and so far, the people who are rich or famous doing this horrible threats are not in jail.  I want them all arrested.

The purge against “corrupt royalty” by King Salman targeted 10 princes and 38 senior cabinet members, and interestingly Saudi Arabia reportedly accounted for 20% of Clinton’s campaign funding in 2016.


The US mainstream fake liberal media won’t report this information, of course.


Additionally, an attorney for 9/11 victim’s families, Jim Kreindler, said the rush to war with Iraq necessitated the cover-up of the Saudi connection to 9/11, and Mueller was instrumental in making this happen.


Mueller is part of the Deep State and a co-conspirator in this blatant attempt by GOP and DNC Bilderberg operators to take down a President based on utterly false charges while ignoring much worse by Bilderberg Clinton.  Arrest these conspirators!  Put them all on trial.


The old cartoon at the top of this story is from 2006: Year by Year, Casualties Climb in Afghanistan


This has got to be the biggest fiasco in military history. A very lightly armed man with no navy, no army, no airforce, successfully attacks the world’s biggest empire, stabbing it right in the center of the heart, destroys part of the central command as well as a good slice of the finacial district of this empire, then bogs them down in a futile war they can’t win in a place made famous for the last 6,000+ years as a nearly impossible place to hold, militarily: Afghanistan.


Like the Euphrates Valley cul-de-sac, another famous graveyard of empires, this place is very easy to enter and very hard to leave.


I called everything right from day one.  For years, I continued to call everything right, one would think due to my ability to see into the future, the government and media would be all ears and listen to Cassandra…HAHAHA.  When I was very young and learned about Cassandra I got very depressed.  Telling people what will happen next pisses them off!  They double down!  And in my long life, this happens over and over again.  It is very sad to watch.


I remember the Tora Bora battle which we lost 100%. The Pentagon crowed that it was “the Perfect Victory” and I quipped, “For bin Laden!” And it wasn’t a joke. Bin Laden was quite proud of his generalship. Heck, his strategy and tactics are on the same level as Hannibal! And look how famous he is! 2200 year ago!


Bin Laden hasn’t brought any elephants over the Rockies to invade Kansas but he doesn’t have to since the bellowing elephant herd of GOPers are doing a perfectly splendid job, destroying America’s power.


And look at how the DNC is now the GOP!  In just ten years, roles reversed.  The warmongering lunatics screaming for blood are the liberals.  They also want to kill free speech!!!  I keep saying, the liberals are fake and are really McCarthyites.  Mindlessly, the radical left is aping the Nazis with the full blessings of the Bilderberg media and politicians.


2005: Culture of Life Breaking News: As Americans Tell China, Stop Killing Peasants, We Kill Peasants in Muslim Lands

The West Condemns the Crackdown – The New York Times 1989:

I was not in the news back then, all my activities, aside from CNN, were totally concealed by the mainstream news because what I was doing pissed off the Bilderberg gang.  The gang wanted to do business with China and I was forcing China and Bush Sr. to give Chinese students in the USA sanctuary.  We camped right next to the UN in a private park run by African nations.  Here is the New York Times reporting from back then:


In New York, where one of the biggest protests unfolded, 6,000 demonstrators marched across Manhattan from the Chinese Consulate on 42d Street and 12th Avenue to the United Nations. ”We don’t recognize the Government,” said Qiang Peng, a University of Rhode Island student from Beijing. Many protesters were from colleges across the Northeast.


Elsewhere in New York, there were other protests. At Columbia University, about 1,000 Chinese students heard a series of impassioned speeches condemning the Beijing Government. And 400 people rallied at Confucius Plaza in Chinatown; many signed postcards urging Mr. Bush to ”take immediate diplomatic and political measures” against China.


The students went to the UN and stopped there.  Then they milled around.  They voted to have some go on a hunger strike in front of the UN.  The police were called in and they had to leave so they moved one block away. I then explained to them, how we could engineer their desires for a hunger strike in front of the UN: I would ask diplomats to sponsor this by giving the students shelter.  I succeeded in this mission and the demonstration/hunger strike began.


The NYT story about the Chinese students and the UN ended with this one story. The NYT, learning that I was helping the students, decided to censor any news after that and openly refused to report anything even as we won our battle with Bush Sr.  Today, Trump is going to release all sorts of interesting CIA information to the US public and he will, I pray and hope, continue doing this!


Release all this historical information for the events in China and Saudi Arabia are still causing serious harm to the US voters!  We need to know what exactly is going on!!!  From nearly 30 long years ago: U.N. Panel Is Asked to Condemn China – The New York Times 1989.


A Chinese student leader, wanted by the authorities of his country, asked a United Nations human rights meeting here (in Paris) today to adopt a resolution condemning the killing of democracy demonstrators in June at Tiananmen Square.


The Chinese Government representative responded by calling the student a ”criminal” who was ”personally responsible” for the bloodshed.


This is a reminder about how nasty the Chinese communists (all communists are very nasty people!) back in 1989.


The exchange was the first time since the killings more than two months ago that a human rights meeting has begun discussing the subject. Diplomats say the outcome will be an important indication of future international attitudes toward China.


This exchange happened one month after I forced Bush Sr. to give sanctuary to all Chinese students in the US and not deport them.


”If a resolution is adopted here, the wording will have an influence on what happens at the General Assembly” this fall, a Western diplomat said. Resolution Seen as Precedent


HAHAHA.  Or rather, GRRR.


Officials say that a resolution against China would be a precedent, since neither China nor any of the other four permanent members of the Security Council have ever been criticized in a United Nations human rights resolution.


The UN conspired with Bush Jr. and Obama to enable NATO attacks on innocent Iraq, Libya and Syria and Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize which allowed him to be an open war criminal.  What lunacy this all is!  Here is how utterly insane the UN has become due to being controlled mainly by the Bilderberg gang and a bunch of dictators in Africa, South America and Asia:  UN Report Blames Trump for “Poverty in US” …Using Data From the Obama Years.



An uncritical Reuters headline says it all: “America’s poor becoming more destitute under Trump: U.N. expert”. The Hill’s equally biased headline: “UN poverty official: Trump exacerbating inequality.”


The UN is attacking the US again.  I am very angry about this.  And what is so funny is, the charges of being flung at Trump were Obama’s problems, not Trump’s fault at all.  The UN should be eliminated due to this sort of goofy fake stuff.


The report — really a first-person narrative — released earlier this month, ripped President Trump for his “contempt” and “hatred of the poor.” The report cited 18.5 million Americans who live in extreme poverty, and massive U.S. defense spending at the expense of social programs.


Most of these people who are suffering live in DNC-run cities and states.


Only one problem: As Chuck DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, points out, the data on which the study was based came from 2016.



Very funny news.  The UN should be terminated, it doesn’t have a function anymore.  I had a very limited function in the past but that is now long gone.  It can’t be reformed, it doesn’t prevent wars at all.  It is a waste of time and space.  And when I confronted the UN years ago in 1989, they shut down all discussion of the massacre of Chinese citizens when the military attacked several cities there.




DNC Chair Tom Perez: Socialist Ocasio-Cortez ‘The Future of Our Party’…The Castro camp inside the DNC has now made it official: the party is going to represent illegal aliens, not citizens.


In an interview on “The Bill Press Show” Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee head who replaced Debbie Wasserman Schultz – after a damning DNC email leak showed the party sabotaged Bernie Sanders – said his young daughters celebrated after news of Ocasio-Cortez’s primary victory in the 14th district of New York.


“I have three kids. Two of them are daughters — one just graduated college, one who is in college. And they were both texting me about their excitement over Alexandria because she really — she represents the future of our party,” said Perez.


The DNC has finally jumped the shark and is falling into the volcano.  
Make America Venezuela: Cortez Avoids “Socialist” Label – YouTube

This communist female claims she talked about issues, not communism.  But her plans are totally communist and thus, she is a communist and comes from a culture that wants communism over and over again every time it fails, they look for another country to drag down and loot.

How’s Socialism Doing in Venezuela? – YouTube



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47 responses to “Trump Threatens To Release ALL 9/11 Secret Information!

  1. Jim R

    I hope Trump and his supporters do release all the 911 information. It was obvious, after a little reflection, that Cheney and the Bushes were at the center of that plan. That bunch of Arab cavemen could never have evaded modern air defenses for more than an hour without help. It was obviously planned in its finest details, and far in advance of the event. Regardless of what you think of how the buildings collapsed (also part of the plan).

    And then came the anthrax attacks. They ended up blaming it on a scientist, but that too seemed to require multiple parties. None of those germ war scientists ever work alone…

    Finally, this is the only way America can begin to heal. The empire is going to collapse anyway, but if the truth comes out and these creeps are all prosecuted for their mass murder, maybe we can finally have a little peace for a while.

  2. Moe

    @ 1 Jim R

    Deaf ears, Jim, deaf ears on EMS’ part. She doesn’t contemplate your version of 9/11.

    I have no issue with EMS having a differing perspective. What does irritate me is unattributed sources. She comes from a family of spooks (i.e., limited insiders) and thus may have access to information that we do not. That’s OK (and rank speculation on my part), but should this be the case we are never exposed to the source, just her pronouncement of ‘fact’.

    Another potential alternative source of EMS’ info is via her purported supernal insight. This phenomena is real in my experience so I don’t question her ability, but no attribution is given for this source. (In EMS defense, it might not look good to claim insight derived from communication with the ‘Watchers’ or whomever. Could drive away a lot of readers).

    And finally (argumentatively, though in recognition off Elaine’s observation above that discussion of 9/11 has: “…driven most people away from this topic making it impossible to talk about….”), I don’t adhere to her interpretation of World Trade towers’ fragility from shoddy design and construction.

    EMS is right in her observation that release of ALL the facts in this case would be both revealing and healing. Holding my breath…

    And finally, (the Master is not always right), Elaine has been wrong about Trumps imminent demise at the hands of the Deep State since his ascent to the Presidency. Recall the Tarot Card reading (2016?). We seldom hear Mea Culpas from EMS but at least she acknowledges this fact in the article above.

  3. DM

    Bullshit, Elaine!

  4. Moe

    From Statistica via Zerohedge:The Institutions Americans Trust Most And Least

    The primary issue EMS deliberates on in this article is the lack of trust within the US public that all the facts about 9/11 have not been revealed. Linked is an article about public trust in US institutions.

    At the bottom of trust list is Congress, closely followed by MSM, Big Business and Big Labor. Sounds like the public is cluing in that these organizations do not represent their interests.

    But why the trust in the military and police? These represent respectively the external and internal elements of state force and control, the same state represented by Congress which is bribed/controlled by Big Business (i.e., the owners).

    The American public hasn’t yet squared the circle.

  5. ross

    No mention of Israel I see, very interesting.

  6. Jim R

    @2 Moe,

    As for the buildings, I never said there were any bombs. So, I’m in agreement with Elaine there. But only at the nitpicking level.

    As the guy in this video explains, thermite does not count as an ‘explosive’. And even the shaped-charge demolition pyrotechnics are not ‘bombs’, they are far more sophisticated than that.

    As for Trump not being killed last year, my suspicion is that he is very lucky to have survived this long. The parallels with JFK’s maverick attempts to fix the rot in DC are astonishing.

  7. Jim R

    … making it impossible to talk about how the US public was lured into several very illegal and illicit wars that destroyed several nations and keeps these in complete chaos even today…this open sore can’t even be mentioned anymore lest mindless people roar about fake stories planted …

    And Elaine, how is it that the WTC demolition does not demand further investigation? I would think it should be even more important to get to the bottom of that, than to simply blame some crazy Saudi terrorists.

  8. Petruchio

    “And look at how the DNC is now the GOP! In just ten years, roles reversed. The warmongering lunatics screaming for blood are the liberals.” Roles have reversed because seats in Congress have been ‘reversed’. The Party OUT of Power has to be the war cheerleaders because the Elites know that the American People are getting mighty tired of WAR. Of course this meme that there is any real differences between the GOP ad the Democrats has to be maintained. Give the Proles some hope that things might actually change. That Con Job has worked out so far.

  9. Moe

    @ 7 Jim

    Extract: “As for Trump not being killed last year, my suspicion is that he is very lucky to have survived this long.”

    I can think of several scenarios whereby Trump has managed to survive. My point was that Elaine’s interpretation of the Tarot Cards was definitive and her proclamation dire. Hasn’t happened, bad call.

  10. Duski

    To focus in why WTC towers fell down would get you mired in endless debate about physics and evidence that is long gone. That is exactly what deep state would want you to do, never being able to prove anything.

    Instead you should focus on why such thing could have happened in the first place, when intelligence agencies were warned and information about dangers was clearly all around AND how come saudi family is left off the hook IF they were the perpetrators?

    But focus in WTC theories really let the msm to brush off all real questions like who were the true masterminds behind all this. And most won’t start to think deeper about anything anyway.

  11. Jim R

    Duski, there’s still plenty of evidence just in the videos. And there are researchers with saved samples of the dust and etc. And there are thousands of individuals with architecture and engineering credentials ready to vouch for the analyses of this evidence.

    But it doesn’t matter what the nature of the question is — the MSM will brush it off and try to smear you with a name. So you might as well start with the obvious video evidence.

    Of course there are lots of other questions you can ask — like how many times did they announce that Binladen had died or they had killed him?

    The only thing that will make a real difference is when there is a sufficient number of congressmen willing and ready to open an investigation. You know, there was an investigation of the JFK shooting in the late ’70s, and it concluded that there were multiple shooters. But then the whole mess was swept under the carpet when Reagan came into office.

  12. Lou

    Jim–what happened? was the culprit Mossad? sauds? who?

  13. Case

    The DNC was never really anti war. Code Pink all but disbanded in 2009, and Cindy Sheehan after being media darling for 7 years suddenly disappeared from the air altogether.

  14. Petruchio

    Among other things re 9-11, Elaine can’t explain WHY Bldg 7 went down—controlled demolition style, btw–without being hit by a plane!! We all have our blind spots in terms beliefs we have a various subjects. I have ’em, Elaine has ’em. No big deal, imho. Too many people HEARD explosions on 9-11 for it to not be taken seriously. Elaine has a blind spot on the JFK assassination too.

  15. Lou

    16–Mossad? Cheny-Rumsfel? LBJ???

  16. Jim R

    Dulles. But the committee was careful to avoid that conclusion. Only thing it did was to conclude the official story was wrong.

  17. As I predicted, people have emotional responses to 9/11 that prevent sane thoughts. It was a terrible, terrible day and for me, enough to put me in the hospital except I left my house and ran off into the deep woods to avoid seeing all my stuff I warned Bush Jr.s administration about…good lord.

    But…there were no bombs in the buildings at all. I explain patiently, as a person who hung out with NYC demolition crews, who was always invited to see buildings blown up, that there is not proof nor any signs of bombs setting off and demolishing buildings on 9/11. But people set to fix in their heads that the stupid towers which were very fragile, were actually strong, they can’t believe that stupid architecture leads to stupid results.

    Most modern architecture is extremely fragile and in the future, will be an increasing danger to life and limb as the buildings deteriorate over the decades.

    The WTC was one of the very first mega-buildings!!!! And was FRAGILE!!!

  18. Jim R

    Well, you’re wrong on most of those “facts”. But it’s your blog, so you are welcome to express your religious beleifs, . .

  19. Petruchio

    Let’s go back to Bldg 7. Was NOT struck by a plane, but it was on fire for most of the day. Then it collapsed on itself EXACTLY as it would in a controlled demolition. I think Elaine is wrong here. Establishing that the WTC buildings were brought down by demolition charges–such as Thermite–is Step One in finding the culprits behind it. Elaine must think it is just a coincidence that Larry Silverstein (Shocker!!!! He’s Jewish!!!), owner of the WTC bldgs. 1 and 2 took out a huge Insurance policy against Terrorist attacks just months before 9-11. Or that the MSM knew almost IMMEDIATELY after the attacks that Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks. Destroying the Official story is critical imho.

  20. Lou

    20–Bush sat in a classroom reading a book. The book some say was symbolic.

  21. Jim R

    21 Petruchio — that should read Larry “We decided to pull it” Silverstein..

  22. Moe

    Big Bad Don

  23. Moe

    NY Fire Commissioners Demand New 9/11 Probe, Citing “Overwhelming Evidence of Pre-Planted Explosives”

    “The resolution, read aloud and passed during a July 24, 2019 meeting and calling for the investigation was drafted by Commissioner Christopher Gioia and was unanimously approved by the five commissioners. ”

    Not sure what “over-whelming” evidence the commissioners refer to. Interesting though that this undertaking occurs now. some 18 years later. EIGHTEEN FRIGGIN’ YEARS!

    I sense and undercurrent of revelation here, concurrently occurring with the Epstein allegations and arrest, the denouement of Mueller, collapse of the DNC narrative, etc.

  24. There is no evidence of bombs. None what so ever. Period. People can’t believe this happens so easily. To the naked eye, the WTC buildings looked solid and big. They were NOT. I used to go there a great deal and my ex husband worked there until I begged him to not work there due to the fact that even mere storms were doing to destroy these crummy buildings so he left and thus, is still alive today.

    I don’t live in a fantasy world, I live in harsh reality and one reality I understand very, very well is building stuff. I know how buildings work. And the WTC was revolutionary and TERRIBLE ARCHITECTURE.

  25. Moe

    @26 EMS

    The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District do not agree with your assessment. Since you adamantly disagree with their viewpoint, in fact your position is that the Fire Commissioners are definitively wrong, what do you propose is their agenda?

    And please, Elaine, you’re not the only one here who lives “ harsh reality”. Give your readers credit for attempting to ferret the truth out of the myriad lies postulated every day.

    Extract: “Whereas, the overwhelming evidence presented in said petition demonstrates beyond any doubt that pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries — not just airplanes and the ensuing fires — caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings, killing the vast majority of the victims who perished that day;”

  26. Unlike THEM, I actually watched the building of the Two Towers, my husband worked there, I visited the buildings a great number of times and I made my living building stuff, so THERE. Every lunatic on earth can claim they know something ridiculous like this and I will call them ‘fools’ and ‘FAKERS.’

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Virtually all the ‘bombs in the building’ fanatics are basing this on utter suppositions versus what we call ‘real evidence.’ Since the only ‘evidence’ is that the buildings disintegrated, why not claim a magic ray shot the buildings? It is just as ‘provable’.

  28. Lou

    back to reality, Elaine posted this topic over a year ago.
    Read the title and ask, ‘Did he?’

  29. Moe

    From: A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 (funded by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)

    Anyone who watched Building 7 collapse knows that it was demolition and nothing else that brought the building down, contrary to the findings of NIST and all official reports.

    The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.

  30. Gads, so few people understand how heavy cement dust is. It isn’t light, not at all.

  31. Jim R

    Ask Barry Jennings, the last guy to get out of WTC 7 alive.

  32. Most people never witness an actual demolition using dynamite. It is extremely loud. The other system, huge weights falling on buildings, can make quite a racket but this does not sound like cannon fire.

  33. Moe

    @32 EMS

    This report regards Bldg 7 not the towers. Your opposition to any adverse 9/11 interpretation contrary to your claim of “reality” based perspective strains credulity. And unlike Petruchio in @15 I am disinclined to merely brush it off as a foible and suspect an agenda.

  34. Explosions have a very sharp, distinct sound. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. There are recordings of the event and it has the lower, roaring sound of snapping steel columns, etc. Not explosive sounds. THAT is the point and I know what building demolition sounds like, in person.

  35. Jim R

    It _was_ extremely loud, and the sounds are evident on some recordings.
    Barry Jennings had to wait most of an hour on the 8th floor because the stairway had been blown out at the 6th floor. Firemen with ladders had to come help him get down. Several hours later, the normal-appearing top of the building smoothly slid down below the skyline, remaining nearly plumb and level as it fell.

    How does ‘falling debris’ comport with the exit stairs being in working order from the 23rd floor down to the 8th floor, and then completely blown out at the 6th? While the top of the building remains undamaged, with no broken windows?

    Barry Jennings was the building engineer, he was familiar with construction and demolition technologies.

  36. Jim R

    And not too long after, we have Silverstein in a video interview, saying “we decided to pull it”.

    It doesn’t get much more blatant than that.

  37. Jim R

    As for the sound recordings, an average consumer grade camera is not going to have the dynamic range to accurately record such an event. Nor will most professional setups. It’s why space shuttle launches, one of the loudest things you might hear, sound like Rice Krispies on the sound track. The microphone and electronics just can’t capture such a noise.

  38. You fail to understand me. There were many people nearby when the towers fell and the outside buildings began collapsing and none of them heard multiple loud demolition explosions. That fake story was cooked up MONTHS later, I watched it happen online. Talk about dumb.

  39. Moe

    @40 EMS

    So I’m supposed to believe NIST and EMS and not my lying eyes?

    Puleeze, one only has to view the Tower 7 collapse to know that it’s a controlled demolition, no other evidence required.

    And it’s not JimR or myself that’s ‘dumb’ over this issue.

  40. You saw a video, not in reality. The noise of a landslide and I have seen these, too, while living in mountains, is quite different from sounds on a video.

  41. Jim R

    You heard a fairytale, Elaine, not a news report. There are dozens of examples of first responders and survivors, as well as ‘on the scene’ news reporters that day, describing the collapses as ‘demolitions’. And Barry Jennings was a knowledgeable eyewitness.

    Apparently there were some demolition devices set to selectively cut the frames, a few of them occurring before the planes hit. And no plane hit building 7. Then at some later time “they decided to pull it”, and the rest of the demolition fireworks went off.

  42. Jim R

    And it was followed by years of sporadic “speeches” by “Osama bin Laden”, where his beard was a different shade of gray every time, he was taller, or shorter, and finally just audio tapes of “Osama” jabbering away in Arabic. The CIA would chime in and “certify” that it was really him. And the CIA would never lie to you, now would it? *cough* Russiagate *cough*.

    Later, the same pack of Muslim crazies would be rebranded as both “ISIS” and “Moderate Rebels” in Syria, and used in whatever way suited the warmongering news story of the day.

  43. And precious few had seen real demolitions to know the difference.

  44. Jim R

    Like I said, Barry Jennings was the building engineer. He was familiar with such technologies. Apparently Larry Silverstein was also familiar. He used the term “pull it”.

  45. I did building DEMOLITIONS which is why I was invited to sit with the experts when they pulled down buildings using real explosives.

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