New York Times Wants Race Wars And Elimination Of Hardworking Middle Class

Very, very little real news makes the front page of the New York Times.  This slimey toad of a Bilderberg paper loves fake news or misdirection of news.  Every top story for the last two years has been open often fake attacks on Trump.  Never tired of the monotony of this, the attacks continue even as race riots, religious fanatics terrorize, Trump tries to stop the gigantic red ink trade deficit: everything Trump does to fix the messes created by the Bilderberg gang, they get more and more homicidal and push for more terror attacks, red ink floods, etc.  They will not stop unless the people of Europe and North America flush down all these clowns, down the toilet bowl of history.


‘A Huge Blind Spot’: Why New York Asians Feel Overlooked – The New York Times reports about the hard working, most law abiding immigrant community in the US.  Asians are remarkably well behaved and eager to work hard to get ahead and succeed and have their smart children go to good schools due to being diligent scholars.  And for this, they are being punished!


Why on earth are so many NY City middle class Asians supporting the DNC gang?  Will they figure out, they are the number one target for being suppressed and punished for being successful!  The other ‘minorities’ who are not minorities on the planet, just in North America, they want everything on a silver platter with zero effort to do well.


Asians, on the other hand, work hard in school and at jobs.  So they get ahead via hard sweat.  This is a no-no for liberals.  I hope Asians figure out who is going to scalp them! Their heads are definitely on the SJW/BLM platter.


There was no news about the Muslim riots in France this week at the NY Times except at some very distant, back page story.  But I found the real news on the front page of Russia’s media:

Here is the NY Times back page story:

No kidding, this is ‘regular’.  Like in the US, it is common for certain religious/race communities to riot over anything, everything, everywhere, as much as possible.  Hair trigger rage works great if one wishes to loot and burn entire cities.  Here is Google’s top search for Muslims riot in France:

Year after year this happens.  When we had Giuliani as mayor of NY City, my old pal, crime was very high and dropped like a rock when he forced violent people to stop.  As soon as the mainly immigrant and illegal alien community got to vote for their own leader, DeBlasio, we got another massive crime wave in NYC and I hope this wakes up all the stupid rich liberals…HAHAHA…they are too stupid to see that they are the main target for future looting!



So, as gang warfare murders its way through the slums, the liberals and their besotted fool of a mayor hope to stop the mayhem by begging criminals to cease being quite so openly violent.  The criminals listened to me when I told them to stop because they knew they would be put in prison or killed if they persisted!


But these fruitloop loonies want to chat with gangstas and feel like they are big shots, yup.  That will stop crime.  I hope the citizens of NYC figure out the painfully obvious.  I was once very poor due to my out of wedlock baby and my field of study eliminated suddenly and had to cope with harsh reality in NYC many years ago.


I began working on eliminating crime because I hated living in a very violent slum and it worked.  It worked perfectly!  It was a 100% success.  And I used to lecture other communities how to stop their neighbors from becoming crime families.  Today, poor people are told, crime is normal and the fault of mean white people (ahem…white LIBERALS) and that the slums don’t need to change at all, they are justified in being criminals.


There are criminal leaders like the military leftist clique that rules Venezuela so ruthlessly: Venezuela To Fund Housing For Homeless With National Cryptocurrency Petro | Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge is a silly online news service which sometimes has interesting news.  It is devoted to fake money which is funny to read.  Venezuela has no functional currency anymore so it may as well have some other fake currency.  Money is worth whatever a goverment wishes until it ceases being operational.


Border Patrol Separates Mother From Her Child After She’s Caught Smuggling $158k Of Meth: the Mexican drug lords are not stupid.  They love the liberal howls of rage about toddlers being separated from mothers who are criminals.  They are sending an army of female mother drug smugglers now that the US mainstream fake news is in full. howl about this topic.

The above picture’s comment about ‘travesty of justice’ is the reporter being sarcastic.

Dem Hikind Supporting GOP Until Schumer Restores ‘Sanity and Honesty’ to Democrats | Breitbart: the DNC rats are jumping off the sinking DNC Titanic.  This is so funny:


“You forgot to tell us about the economy. As good as it’s been, economists expect even more growth through the end of the year,” Hikind began. “You forgot to tell us about unemployment, which is lower than it has been in decades, while economic confidence is at a 17-year high. It’s also at a record low for minorities.”


The NYT and other mainstream Bilderberg news hides all the good economic news.  There is also dangerous economic news.  The fight over trade deficits is life and death so of course, the DNC wants death via going bankrupt over fighting with ‘allies’ (WE HAVE NONE) about ‘trade’ which is mainly one-way.


“You forgot to tell us about the most remarkable relationship between the United States and our ally Israel ever. Or about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which you yourself applauded.


They are ALL Zionists in DC.  And the media is mainly Zionist.  It is close to 100%.  And they are schizoid, too.  Importing angry Muslim males who hate Jews…and then crushing Muslims in Palestine with pure brutality and blessing of the US political power machine.  This is crazy as all creation and it continues to amaze me.


“You forgot to tell us about the successful dismantling of the Iran Deal—a deal which you yourself opposed and knew threatened the rest of the world by making it easier for Iran, the leading supporter of world terrorism, to develop nuclear weapons,” Hikind continued.


The DNC leadership flips on every issue when Trump embraces that issue.  Since Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem, all the Jews who run the DNC flipped out and became angry that he did this even though they all demanded this for many years, themselves.


There is an amusing video about this which I lost.  It shows all the DNC leaders demanding the embassy be moved just a mere two years ago including old Hillary.

Elizabeth Warren: EPA Administrator Must Believe in Climate Change:

we just had a five day heat wave, the first of the entire year so far.  It was so hot, I turned on airconditioners!  Today, it is 45 degrees F at sunrise.  That is ‘fall’ weather, not July weather.  The climate changes sometimes very violently, we call these changes ‘Ice Ages’.


The name for ‘global warming’ was changed with malice and pure evil when the climate ended its 30 year warm cycle and began its 30 year cold cycle.  None of the DNC clowns screeching about roasting to death have made even the slightest effort to stop using fossil fuels, etc.


During the entire global warming fiasco, they merrily ran around the planet earth, creating epic amounts of CO2 while howling that the rest of us should live like classic peasants with zero energy use.  A bunch of young kids fell for this propaganda but now are giving up on it.  About time.


NEVER follow someone who doesn’t practice what they preach!  This is a life lesson for all Chicken Littles.


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8 responses to “New York Times Wants Race Wars And Elimination Of Hardworking Middle Class

  1. Saint Mike

    Death-by-diversity coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    If we built a civilization in Antarctica or Mars parasites would flood in for free shit or claim it was always theirs. It’s what parasites do to the host.
    That’s why your body has self defense mechanisms that fight parasites and disease.

    Sooner or later Saxon you will have to stand and fight or your body will die.

  2. lyrac

    Thanks again to Elaine for her great posts–both passionate and informative.
    Just thought I would note here Nikolai Levashov’s observations concerning the difference between biological and social parasites. Biological parasites prey on weaker members of a species and thus help to keep a group in good working order. Social parasites, on the other hand, destroy what is strong and best in a society: assassination of true leaders; deterioration of educational system; and fostering promiscuity and sexual degeneracy,.
    Our society shows all telltale signs of being controlled by these “dark” agents or social parasitism.

  3. ziff

    everyone screaming about 45 degree , not seeing it ?,42.685,-74.691,9

  4. Pete

    Talk about crazy!

    Israel is arming violent Neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine.

  5. Petruchio

    @#4 Pete: I’m surprised at this report of Israel arming elements in Ukraine. The news items I have read on the subject say that Russia has warned Israel about selling/supplying arms to Ukraine. The warning is that IF Russia catches Israel selling arms to Ukraine, Russia will bomb Israel into the Stone Ages. The Russians might be bluffing, but I doubt it.

  6. Israel is a Nazi country. National socialism…they have the socialist state running the economy and they have racial rules that are extremely harsh and anyone who isn’t ‘genetically Jewish’ is ruthlessly removed from all systems and chased out. I was Mrs. Levy for many years, saw this first hand.

  7. Pete

    @ 5, 6

    The US and Israel will help any group that attacks
    ethnic Russians in Ukraine me thinks.

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