Communism & Catholic Church Both Rob & Enslave The Masses

From 2 years ago…it is ten times worse now: You Won’t Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela – YouTube.


The Catholic Church and Communism/Socialism share the exact same roots: to save the downtrodden, the very poor, the people who are suffering under the heel of authority.  Both belief systems have the exact same results: crushing the lower classes and enslaving them, killing them, stealing the very bread out of the children’s mouths and amassing all wealth at the top of the hierarchy.  The utter enslavement of the minds and possessions and lives of the People by the communistic Catholic Church and outright modern Communists is amazing to me.  And this fraud is sold to the lower classes over and over again.


The obvious question is, why does no one learn any lessons from over a thousand years of glaring examples how all attempts at helping the poor via ‘share the wealth’ ends up invariably with all the wealth in the hands of the people distributing this ‘wealth’ and they hoard it all for themselves leaving the poor even poorer and worse, utterly enslaved?


Here is an older video made before the total collapse of Venezuela showing how desperate people took over a building for the ‘rich’ and turned it into a giant slum which is now full of starving people.  There are identical super buildings in Africa and Asia that are now towering slums due to being taken over, too.

From 2013, just 5 years ago: The world’s tallest slum: Caracas’ notorious Tower of David – YouTube


The socialists in the DNC think they can create a communist world that is more perfect than every single communist hell hole so far and of course, this is all a lie.


It should be obvious now that human nature can’t be changed.  Give ‘do gooders’ the bank account, the keys to the car and you will end up bankrupt and in a major car crash killing quite a few people.


Now on to other news: the elimination of females in ‘women only’ spheres continues relentlessly.  Already, men who are still in possession of their penises and hormones giving them physical advantages over women have now totally infiltrated all women’s sports and are systematically annihilating their competition.


So kiss women’s sports goodbye.  This is now entering ballet and beauty contests.  The cultural ideal since WWI has been a woman who is as masculine as possible.  Small hips, pumped up tits, tall, at least six feet tall, the adolescent boy is the fashion icon and most fashion designers are gay men who lust for lanky, no hair on the face young males.


So this week, all the leftists are celebrating the fact that the Miss Universe (I mistyped ‘Mixx Universe’) is really a young man, not a female at all. So much for ‘girl power’ here.  Just like females celebrating Muslim power during anti-Trump demonstrations, these females on the far left are suicidal.

Miss Universe Spain “Angela Ponce” going to Miss Universe 2018 – YouTube


And last of all this Sunday is this news which interests me since I have violently stopped criminals including killers, in the past and believe in citizens using force to stop criminals: NPR, Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group: Self-Defense Gun Usage a ‘Myth’ | Breitbart


Breitbart put up a video of a woman saving the life of another woman in a restaurant when a huge black man, angry about something, broke into the kitchen area and walked up to a woman working there and from behind, being a coward, he clobbered her with tremendous force, sending her to the hospital with brain damage:

Man goes into kitchen, punches worker at George Webb – YouTube


And what interests me the most is, this is NOT NEWS for all, ALL Bilderberg media which is SJW/DNC/BLM clowns.  This really pisses me off.  They hide real news.  The only major paper to carry this story is the London Daily Mail!

Google now lists ‘mainstream media’ first when any story is searched and the fact that not one item on the first page is from any American major media giant shows how insanely nasty they are, hiding real news from citizens.


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22 responses to “Communism & Catholic Church Both Rob & Enslave The Masses

  1. Saint Mike

    I’m confused , does this mean that a man is better at being a woman than a woman?

  2. timothy carroll

    The plan is and has been to eliminate the goyum via the promotion of homosexuality and transvestism. Ergo, fewer goy babies. It’s a pretty neat trick, picking up speed in the ’60s with that sickly, ultra-thin, no boobies, no ass, “Twiggy”, as the biggest thing since sliced bread in modeling. You got to hand it to the Jews, promoting everything that destroys a cohesive, Christian society. They play their cards very close to their chests and almost never tip their hands.

    That’s why their latest escapades promoting race war, class warfare, sexual degeneracy, etc. is so mystifying. For whatever reason, their promotion of these things has picked up at warp speed. You can rest assured, something big is about to happen. They will not be satisfied until every last goyum is eradicated and or enslaved on the face of the earth. If that includes nuclear annihilation, than so be it, as far as they’re concerned. Their greatest hope is that the Anglo Saxon male does not awaken from his slumber. If that ever happens, it will make Nazi Germany look like an English garden party.

  3. Lou

    Thanks, Tim.
    The Church [or the CC variety] opposes abortion and Gay ‘marriage’ so the media-jews really hate it.
    The (((media))0 had a field day with the so called pedo scandal, that was a pederasty scandal, in reality.

    Israel impoverishes the goys.
    Holocaust survivor benefits, right of return to Spain [1500s persecution]. hate crime laws.
    USA has given billions to Israel, trillions? if adjusted for inflation.

    Elaine,is the Kosher Tax real or a myth?

  4. timothy carroll

    And the dems continue to build their sand castle during high tide:

  5. Melponeme_k

    The Miss Universe psy-op and the Scarlett JOE HANSON movie mess is all staged. They are gearing up to reveal that they have ALWAYS been giving us changelings in the mass media. All of the “females” you think you know as big move stars, models, etc…. all of them are men. They may let a few real ones pass every now and then. But not often.

  6. Melponeme_k

    The elites have been pushing their sexless “god/ess” on us for a long time. Its amazing we never realized it. No wonder why they laugh.

  7. Petruchio

    Mel: What’s your opinion of Michelle Obama? To me, she looks obviously very, very MALE.

  8. Ken

    Mel & Pet,

    If all of these women are supposedly really men, then how do you explain their children?

  9. Melponeme_k


    Many claim Michelle is a male. There is video of Barack calling Michelle his MIchael. Also there is also video where people claim an extra part shows through clothing.

    What you have to notice is how these famous people dress, how they stand. Notice in film and tv that you never really see ALL of them in a frame.

    Then you must track outer part of the knee which lines up to the hip. Once you find the hip joint trace it to the shoulders. If the difference of the hip is significantly smaller than the shoulder joints…you have yourself a man. Ignore fat, this can be influenced by hormones and fat injections via cosmetic surgery. Ignore clothing, this can be padded.


    Who knows where the children come from? Men can’t get pregnant. These “women” wear moonbumps and then after they “give birth”, they are at the same weight they always were before the “pregnancy”. They wear HEELS during and up to birth. Do you know how hard it is for a woman to walk near end term much less where heels?

    The babies could be surrogate, adopted or stolen. Some think it is the “HUSBANDS” who really give birth. A lot of them get “sympathy” weight.

  10. Moe

    This transgender issue is frequently aggrandized. I watched one video where the ‘transvestigator’ concluded that Tom Brady was a transgender. If so, that ‘woman’ is the world’s best ‘female’ athlete by an inconceivable factor, possibly the best that ever lived. Give me break.

  11. Melponeme_k


    Yes, people who critique this in videos can be wrong. I always point out when I think they are wrong. And I always back up my argument with the skeletal traits that show them to be truly male or female.

    So did you look at photos of Tom Brady? Are his hips smaller than his shoulders? What I notice is that there are pictures of him in bulky sports clothing (which hides the body) or baggy shirts and jeans (again hiding the body). However it looks to me as if his hips are smaller than his shoulders. The arms are long and the hands hang past the genitals. The hands appear large and they do cover the length of his skull.

    Where things get wonky is his face and neck. And this could be due to the hormones in the food supply or possibly what he is taking for sports injuries.

    There is a pronounced slope to his shoulders that is more female than male. The neck is shorter than average for a man his size. The facial features are rather small and pulled together in the fashion of a female not a male. His jawline is soft and triangular lending a more oval shape to his head. Men typically have very broad and large mandible bones. If you look at enough pictures you’ll see his jawline growing and shrinking noticeably. This is due to photoshopping because the powers that be KNOW what should look right.

    As of now, I would lean toward him being male even though there are conspicuous anomalies.

    He is married to an MTF (MALE to FEMALE), so that makes him a gay man. Notice how Bundchen’s skull is as large or larger than his skull even though she is a significantly shorter “female”. Notice that her jawline is bigger than his and stronger looking. Her head has the broad,square look in contrast to his oval shape. Her neck is longer than his. Notice how her back is straighter and her shoulders are broader. She tries to approximate the S curve of the female back by leaning backward. Her hips are smaller than her shoulders and she has a pronounced adonis belt.

    There is a nude photo that shows a male profile to her body (no s curve to the back, no female buttocks, large lung capacity).

    The possible smoking gun is that her features are enlarging as she grows older. This is due to the second puberty that man experience in their late 20s/early 30s. This burst of testosterone strengths muscles and bones. It makes the bones thicker and more pronounced. This leads to men becoming more attractive to women because it indicates maturity.

  12. Moe

    @ 11 Mel

    Thanks for a detailed analysis, much more sophisticated and informed than mine. Mine is straightforward: the physical capabilities off Brady probably negate any possibility that he is transgendered.

  13. Look, all my sisters are over six feet tall. They don’t have the curves I have. They all ended up in movies or other sex stuff while I made money when young doing stripping because men back then loved curvy females, not super skinny, super tall females. All the body enhancements/operations lead to men and women looking more and more the same…worse, it is done by doctors who deliberately make them all look like CLONES.

    It is horrible to watch. Character is in the face and most if not all rich people and Hollywood/TV people have fake faces created by a handful of rich doctors in LA and NYC.

    This is causing a collapse in humans enjoying movies and TV seeing all these blank emotionless faces that can’t reveal any emotions. Movies have to have tremendous levels of violence because face to face feelings is boring due to the army of faces that look the same and can’t even smile or show any subtle emotions.

  14. The thing here is, my sisters are all very female all had children. And all are high strung. In and out of hospitals…women that look and act like men have serious problems, I have serious problems due to this factor, myself.

  15. Moe

    Proceeding with this issue of ‘transvestigation’, I find many of them implausible. For example, check out transvestigation of Donald Trump and his wife. Applying the investigative biological/physical/skeletal yardsticks some have found ‘The Donald’ and Melania to be transgendered.

    No-one is safe from these evaluations. (Caveat: nor should they be if this practice is as widespread as Mel portrays),

  16. Moe

    A couple of issues here: this purportedly widespread transgenerization has some resonance. Using the example above of Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen, she LOOKS like a tranny! Everything about screams tranny.

    Elaine’s reticence in acknowledging this is understandable: I share her skepticism. Human physiology is extremely variable.

    And there is the possibly of a dual psy-op. One, that ‘some’ transgenderisms are performed on the famous or elites, but not nearly in the numbers that Mel proposes. And second, that we are proffered inflated numbers of these gender changes specifically to confuse us.

    The mind boggles (which would be the designed intent).

  17. Petruchio

    Just kind of as an aside, I recall that in the 50’s and 60’s Hollywood would arrange phony Marriages for Actors/Actresses because either the Actor or the Actress were Gay–or both. You can pay someone to have your baby. They will be artificially inseminated. Maybe by the “husband’s” sperm, maybe by a sperm donor. And of course, with enough money, you can also pay the “mommy” to keep quiet.

  18. Melponeme_k


    I have a niece who is 5’8″ closer to 5’9″, she still has noticeable hips. Nothing like Giselle Bundchen.

    I work with women who are even taller, scandinavian heritage, broad…they still have hips that match the shoulders.

    I’ve never seen women who look like famous models and actors even in NYC! I auditioned all over, met the same people and new people… NEVER saw anything like the people in film or tv. NEVER.

    And we aren’t talking about a large cross section of people. We are talking A List stars which number 50 at most, maybe 100.

    Yes, they can find at least 50 transgenders or even individuals with severe chromosonal disorders. Not out of the question. And the botched cosmetic surgery is because they get older and their real sex features start to show. So they have to snip off and botox what can’t be snipped.

    The “females” in movies don’t show emotions because it isn’t part of the male psychology. Imagine letting ALL your emotions HANG OUT in front of rival. That just isn’t done! A man would never, could never do that.

    You want to see emotion in film? Look at the FtM “males”, who are all short, curvy with big, pleading eyes.


    I focus mostly on entertainment people. Trump and Melania are in another category. I never looked into him, but Melania looked female from a young age. She got considerably more alien looking as she got older and tried to emulate movie stars.

  19. Hello! I did MEN’S work all my long life, generally was the only female in my profession I nearly never met any other women in my areas who did what I was doing nonstop. This includes taking down criminals: virtually no women were doing citizens arrests nor hardly any males arrested as many as I did (I lived in target-rich neighborhoods so it was surprisingly easy).

    I am very ‘masculine’ while still a female totally. This is different from my sisters: they were all very, very skinny and therefore easily picked up in Hollywood, I am normal weight and heft so I was always ignored (though I also hobnobbed in the entertainment field a great deal).

    Not one producer even when I appeared on stage, showed the slightest interest in hiring me but all hired my sisters the minute they showed up and didn’t even have to audition!

    It was obvious: they were all over six feet tall and used to call me a ‘dwarf’ when I was young being of normal height.

  20. Melponeme_k


    I’m not discussing women doing men’s work. I’m discussing skeletal structure which is vastly different between male and female.

    You weren’t chosen in the entertainment industry because you didn’t look like a male. Your sisters never achieved any amount of fame because they still looked female. And this isn’t because most of the executives in Hollywood are gay.

    This is directly due to their black magic belief system. They believe their god is intersex and they are trying to push that on the rest of us. Because of this, they consistently choose intersex individuals with chromosome abnormalities OR they get Transgenders. The joke about this “Miss” Universe contestant isn’t that she is the first transgender, it is because she is the first OUT transgender.

    In regards to magic, the transgendered person causes enough psychological confusion that the elite can slip in TRUCK LOADS of subliminal mind control ideas on the public.

  21. shawntoh


    “I feel so happy, I feel like shopping….”
    “I’m so thirsty….”
    “Charge it, you’ll just pay later….”
    “That’s my favorite color….”
    “Buy deodorant ’cause you smell…”

    Right again, and as a result of hearing this “background music” in the 1960s for YEARS, I’m warped FOREVER– ever since I was a child [of the Sixties]. Oh well…

    So dig this, baby….


  22. shawntoh

    Giselle Bundchen?

    Her cover of “Heart of Glass” by Blondie has so traumatized me tonight that I was only able to get through about THREE seconds!!! That’s correct, er–

    That’s right, only 3 SECONDS of her “scary” cover of that song, and it’s only weeks away from Halloween!

    Oh dear…

    In retaliation, I must cite the original but in the more decadent disco tv party tonite version of the ’70s– disco still sucks and someone needs to do a punk rock arrangement to redeem it in the eyes of Saraswasti [सरस्वती]


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