New York Times Hysteria: Wants Taxpayers Pay NATO Costs Forever

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Health News: New UN Warning Sign Appropriate For New World Order


The New York Times believes its own warped, propagandistic view of the world and thus the editors (mostly Jewish) have decided to whine about NATO and Trump’s attempts at forcing a bunch of Bilderberg EU gangsters to pay their own way and protect themselves and since the Bilderberg gang itself is the entity destroying all EU systems, this is funny as all hell.  The Times editors also lie outright about Eastern Europe which did ‘fear Putin’ in the past in order to gain money from US taxpayers but now is scared of the Bilderberg Muslim male invasion and is looking more and more to Putin to save them from Bilderberg policies while the Bilderberg gang threatens Poland and Hungary for wanting no Muslim male invaders.


The Bilderberg gang encouraged the multi-million military-age Muslim invasion and now is pretending they want to ‘protect Europe’…FROM TRUMP!  HAHAHA.  Recent elections in Europe shows clearly that many voters are voting for Trump clones to save them from utter destruction, both economic (90% of the Muslim invaders live off of the host country like parasites) and military (the invaders attack regularly, terrorizing and mass murdering citizens).


The NYT absolutely refuses to report much real news this last two years.  Today is the first day in a year, the lead story isn’t about Trump being pure evil!  I am shocked.  It is about the boys in Thailand stuck in a cave due to their own and their teacher’s stupidity.   But their #1 editorial is in keeping with the ‘we hate Trump every day and every way’ tradition: Opinion | NATO Matters. This Is Why. – The New York Times


As Lord Ismay, NATO’s first secretary general, somewhat cheekily observed, the trans-Atlantic alliance was created to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in and the Germans down.” Seven decades later, those goals have largely been met (yes, the Germans have risen, but in the right ways), and many people — including, evidently, the president of the United States — wonder whether the alliance still has a purpose.


It is a FRAUD.  Has been since Russia ceased being communist.  It was kept going as ‘world police’ attacking people across the planet often based on false information such as the destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya, for prime examples.


Much of NATO’s actions have been outright war crimes.  It should definitely be ended.  It is a farce and has zero to do with protecting EU citizens who were prevented from stopping an obvious invasion from hostile sources.


That is, the NATO war crimes created a gigantic army of angry Muslim males who left the females mostly behind in the war zones and ran off to Europe where they are systematically destroying the welfare state systems, causing huge crime waves in EU cities and running frequent terror attacks on citizens.  NATO is destroying Europe!


It does. It remains the most successful military alliance in history, the anchor of an American-led and American-financed peace that fostered Western prosperity and prevented new world wars. No one has proposed anything credible to improve upon it. But as the allies gather in Brussels this week for their annual meeting, many are wondering whether the American president is intent on wrecking it.


It became a parasite state.  The EU made money via one way trade with the US just like Japan.  It is copying Japan, actually.  Tariffs and barriers to all US goods and open market for EU exporters to the US.  The EU destroyed my sheep business, for example.


American military protection gave the allies space to develop their economies and pluralistic societies. Despite compromises and occasional failures, the experiment was broadly successful.


Leeching off the US has been very successful for EU leaders. Not so nice for citizens.  The successful looting of US taxpayers is causing a revolt in the US and I pray that citizens finally figure out they have been played for as chumps thanks to the Bilderberg gang ‘free trade’ garbage.


During its existence, NATO has often been strained as the security and political environment evolved. After the Cold War, it found a new purpose, defending Muslims in the Balkans, and after 9/11, helping the United States fight terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and elsewhere.


HAHAHA…9/11 was an inside job.  It was hatched by our ‘allies’ in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, it was financed by the Saudi royals, it was enabled by US traitors which is why, when BUSH Jr. was told a plane crashed into the WTC, he laughed and continued reading a children’s story in a school.  Only when terrorists attacked the Pentagon, did he and Cheney suddenly FLEE to bunkers.


Former Communist countries swelled the alliance from 12 members to 29, with others knocking on the door even now, concerned about an aggrieved and aggressive Russia.


The Eastern European former Soviet states wanted the freebies the US was handing out.  Now, being told they all must take in a MILLION plus angry Muslim males, they are balking.  They better balk!  Committing suicide so one can have free handouts from our country is not a winning game.


Worse, the fed up taxpayers in the US don’t want to give money to Eastern Europe.  Rich Germany can hand out goodies but won’t even meet its NATO obligations.  So to hell with Europe. They thought they could mooch off of US taxpayers forever and ever.  Nope.  Not possible anymore.


And the New York Times is run by a bunch of evil traitors and should be shut down as a hostile propaganda system.



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11 responses to “New York Times Hysteria: Wants Taxpayers Pay NATO Costs Forever

  1. Ken

    The New York Times editorial quoted by Elaine mentions in passing a very important point regarding NATO and the “war” in the Balkans.

    Serbia was very anti-Muslim due to historical atrocities. They would have formed a perfect bulwark against invasion through Greece. Except Bill Clinton and NATO bombed them back into the stone age.

  2. Nani

    “(90% of the Muslim invaders live off of the host country like parasites)”

    This is unfortunately true. In my hometown the muslim invaders gets free housing, pocket money, free dental care, free medical care, free drivers license, free child care, a car, and free education.

    Just the thought of my hard earned money paying for this bullshit makes my blood boil. I voted for the most rightwing/anti immigrant party there is in this country, but unfortunately they only got 15% of the votes.

  3. Saint Mike

    The New York Times reporting or lack of reporting is so obviously slanted , you would have to be either a madman or a comedian to work there

    The left is so far down the rabbit hole of self deluded post Trump insanity that they can no longer understand that they lost.

    We need a Pinochet style purge of leftist leaning media and universities .

  4. Zeke

    We shouldn’t forget that as horrible as Hillary was, she did win the election by over 3 million votes. The presidency was awarded to the vote loser Trump by the Electoral College in a TKO type decision. A terrible blemish on the face of such a president and certainly no mandate but an entry in the win column nonetheless.


    ELAINE: and 100% of that excess voters came from DNC-run cities that allowed ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote.

  5. Zeke

    Hope Justice nominee is not Kavanaugh. I watched his hearing for D.C. Court of Appeals in 2005 or 6. Another privileged, out of touch pampered from birth scion of politically connected ‘elite.’ His mother is a Texas state judge.
    Over 200 law schools in US yet all of SCOTUS is from only the same 2: Harvard or Yale LS.
    If trend continues all Justices will be from those 2 law schools, all approved by Heritage Foundation, all members of the Federalist Society club/fraternity and all hand picked by same person: Leonard Leo.
    All will have the luxury of interpreting the law with a Borkian like abstract aloofness. But there is little or no shared life experiences with life as actually lived by ninety-nine percent of the country.

  6. Lou

    Nani, where are you?

  7. Lou

    ‘Stuck in cave’–well at least one of them is 11 years young, so I dont blame him or them.

  8. Floridasandy

    Look at Trump’s map. Hillary clearly did not win the popular vote. What did Hillary win? Do you really think she wouldn’t have challenged? She melted down because she lost BIG Shewon California but that’s a given since you don’t need any ID to vote there. It says something about California that a medical convention cancelled SF because of their squalid streets. Now. Of course, she won there – but that’s not mainstream America. SF residents are calling the police on the homeless all the time now 😍

  9. Floridasandy

    Who did Hillary blame when Obama beat her- the Democrats?

  10. Moe

    Trump’s whiplash NATO summit

    Classic Trump. “Officials have repeatedly complained that Trump shows absolutely no regard for diplomatic protocol.” Ha, Ha, Ha.

    Not sure what Trump’s ultimate goal here is: “He accused Germany of being “totally controlled” by Russia because of a controversial gas pipeline project called Nord Stream 2.” And this immediately ahead of his meeting with Putin!

    I doubt he can throw Putin off balance but he sure has with the Eurodopes. I envisage Trump and Putin sitting together laughing so hard they nearly pee themselves.

  11. Lou

    8–Nations will be n on White majority, that are White. Elaine thinks Chinese over lords will be nice to us. Guess again.

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