EU Leader Donald Tusk Attacks Trump Who Slaps Him Down Smartly

Our EU ‘allies’ show their true colors: once Trump warned them their trade surpluses with the US, their refusal to pay even half of their share of NATO costs, their anti-Trump games will end with the US walking away from the Bilderberg gang’s home base in Europe.  I agree.  The EU has been an enemy of America for years now and we should toss them.  Also California plays more insane games that destroy society, the latest is to see if giving everyone $500 a month for free to see if they spend it on food and other necessities instead of drugs!  Also, England’s socialist medicine has a doctor shortage and so they fired a doctor for saying there are only men and women, biologically speaking.


Trump says U.S. ‘spending many times more than’ fair on Europe | Daily Mail Online features today.  Immediately, our fake allies roared with infantile rage.  I love this, it shows us who our real enemies are.  Enemies scream when you ask them to pay a fair share of the bill for dining in a fine restaraunt.


He was met with an immediate brush-back from European Council President Donald Tusk.


Tusk said at a signing of a joint declaration between the Brussels-based security alliance and the body of EU nations that Trump should be more careful with his taunts.


HAHAHA.  These midgets think they can kick a 5 ton elephant.  Soon, they will learn what pancakes feel.


‘America does not have and will not have a better ally than Europe. Today Europeans spend on defense many times more than Russia and as much as China,’ he said in remarks that were directed at the U.S. president. ‘And I think you can have no doubt, Mr. President, that this is an investment in common American and European defense and security.’


HAHAHA.  I will finally die laughing.  This stupid EU clown screamed, in utter rage, that Europe spends more than RUSSIA on military!  Last propaganda I heard from these clowns was, Russia is menacing them because it is making its military so super strong, the US taxpayers must spend even more to protect these EU slackers!


Now, they have the biggest military already!  So…time to pull our our forces and let this gang of idiots fight their own stupid wars.


Then, in the toughest challenge yet to Trump, he said: ‘America: appreciate your allies. After all you don’t have that many.’


This is typical Bilderberg arrogance.  Europe’s rulers are not our friends nor allies.  They are LEECHES.  They suck our taxpayer blood and run around making deals behind our backs and do everything in their power to make US voters weaker and poorer.  They hate us and we should hate them.  They are evil.


Trump fired back minutes later as he left the White House en route to NATO.


‘We do have a lot of allies. But we cannot be taken advantage of. We’re being taken advantage of by the European Union,’ he told ‘We lost $151 billion last year on trade, and on top of that we spend at least 70 per cent for NATO, and frankly it helps them a lot more than it helps us. So we’ll see what happens.’


BRAVO, Trump.  Do you read my blog?  I love this.

Look at that snearing, obviously evil Bilderberg EU mug.  This is the idiot ordering us to do one way business with EU rich corporations.  I wish Trump could pop him one on the snoot but of course, telling these jerks to jerk their own D…cks is fun enough for this week.

The richer the EU leech country, the less they pay up.  Germany is the worst.  At least the UK, so far, pays slightly more than the minimum.  Now on to the lunatics destroying California.  Residents of Stockton are set to get $500 a month with no strings attached in bid to boost economy  | Daily Mail Online


Stockton, California will become the first city in the country to participate in a test of Universal Basic Income, in which 100 residents will be given $500-dollars-a-month, with no strings attached.


Welcome even more inflation.  Soon, that will buy a roll of toilet paper if we are run by ‘liberals’ or worse, communists.


The program aims to create a level of income that no one will fall beneath.


Obviously these clowns don’t understand economics.


By providing impoverished residents a regular sum of money that they can use on anything they wish, be it food, clothes, gas, or starting a new venture, those behind the program believe it could go a long way to give people enough support to try out new ideas.


It creates more dependency and demands for more funny money.


The program in Stockton, which was once known as America’s foreclosure capital, will see the program launched by 2019, and the payments will continue to the individuals chosen for the program for a full 18-months.


Stockton is dying.  What is killing it?  Well…who wants to live where there is high crime and high welfare and lazy people who look for easy money via crime?


The Stockton UBI program has heavy backing from one of the wealthiest areas of the country- Silicon Valley, according to CNN Money.The city’s inhabitants are also largely minorities with 70 per cent identifying themselves as such. ‘We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas,’ Zuckerberg said at a Harvard commencement address in May 2017.


Zuckerberg continues his madcap game of being evil.  Evil has taken over California which is one of the richest states in the Union and is going bankrupt!

Surge In Shocking Youth Crimes Has Stockton Residents Concerned – YouTube

Giving criminals CASH to not commit crimes!  Isn’t that funny?  So, before the $5oo scheme, they wanted to pay criminals to stop being criminals.  Dumb, extremely dumb.  Then there is my insane former home I fled decades ago, telling them all to go to hell:

Berkeley Police Quitting in Mass After City Routinely Sides with Antifa – YouTube


The radical lunatics who now run Europe are having sex problems from hell: Christian Doctor Fired in UK for Suggesting Gender Is Biological.  


Dr. David Mackereth, 55, began training in May to become a health and disability assessor for the government but ran into trouble when his Christian and scientific convictions ran afoul of department protocols.


In his new job, Dr. Mackereth was to compile independent reports about the health of persons who were claiming disability benefits. His instructor told him that regardless of a patient or client’s biological sex, he must only refer to them by their self-identified gender.


Mackereth’s instructor passed on his comments to superiors, after which received an email from Advanced Personnel Management (APM), the agency employing him and would have hired him out, stating that the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) was adamant that any report or contact with clients should refer to people according to their chosen sex or it “could be considered harassment as defined by the 2010 Equality Act.”


The Act specifies 12 “protected characteristics,” one of which is “gender reassignment.” The Act further states that a “reference to a transsexual person is a reference to a person who has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment.” There is nothing in the act, however, relating to a duty to refer to biological males as females (or vice-versa) because of a given gender self-identification.


All this will be ending very badly.  First off, the Muslims won’t let this happen once they gain full power.  The schizo world of leftists has yawning gaps the size of the Grand Canyon between competing belief systems that will see the full leftists being utterly destroyed by their temporary allies who hate them with greatest passion and pray to their God to annihilate all leftists.  Sheesh, talk about insane and stupid and ridiculous all at the same time.


And in the US where we have some freedoms still despite SJW attempts at destroying this, the left is going nuts over the fairly moderate Supreme Court choice of Trump and this is actually rather funny.  Hysterical tantrumps (yes, I am keeping this typo my fingers chose while I was speed typing!) is all the left can do now.  Howl away, babies!


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6 responses to “EU Leader Donald Tusk Attacks Trump Who Slaps Him Down Smartly

  1. Mewswithaview

    Is this the same Stockton that file for bankruptcy a few years ago? The same one with the mayor that majored in gender studies?

    Finland is not extending their experiment with UBI beyond the end of this year.

  2. Yup. Isn’t it sad?

  3. Lou

    3– Stockton is a low grade place. The city wants to give everyone free money. Seriously.

  4. Floridasandy

    Stockton, the bankruptcy capital, is only giving the stipend to 100 people and they won’t identify how ythey decided which 100 would get it.
    Good luck with that Stockton

  5. Lou

    Universal Basic Income, which the city of Compton, California is going to implement next year:…

    I burst out laughing from the last sentences in the article there:

    “Trena Turner, a pastor and executive director of community organization Faith in the Valley, who deals with economically disadvantaged people, hopes the experiment will change the way people see Stockton, which declared bankruptcy in 2012 and has high rates of crime and homelessness.
    “I think it will begin to shift the narrative about Stockton,” she said. “Instead of being the miserable city, we’ll be the city that people are waiting to come to for all of the right reasons.””

    I wonder if Stockton will become the fastest growing city in California before 2019 🙂

  6. Neep Hazarika

    As Trump says: “Low IQ people….”

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