UK Prime Minister May May Fall And Germany, China Declare Trade War On US Customers

The Absolute State of #Brexit – YouTube

Looks like May is going to fall from power, many powerful allies are quiting her cabinet and government due to her betrayal of the UK voters.  The fight against the Bilderberg gang continues to heat up and about time!  Trump is smashing EU leaders who want to mooch off of the US taxpayers forever and ever and they are whining like crazy and to hell with such evil ‘allies’!  Also, Bulgaria closes borders to illegal alien invaders, too.

European Summit Fallout: Now Bulgaria Wants Borders Closed!!! – YouTube


There isn’t much to say here except ‘I predicted all this’ and ‘I told you so’.  HAHAHA.  The entire Bilderberg structure is falling like the WTC buildings.  It must fall for it is destroying our nation, the USA.  The clowns conspiring in utter secrecy should be flushed out into daylight.


All Bilderberg meeting information should be made public and the co-conspirators should all be examined by lawyers and charged with crimes against humanity since this gang loves to launch illicit wars.


Trump’s gloves came off this week.  He is now in Europe, savagely telling our fake allies to pony up or else.  So, the Germans in particular, got really nasty in return so I say, dump Germany totally.  Withdraw all US troops and close all US bases there.  Trump calls Germany ‘a captive of Russia’ at NATO summit | Daily Mail Online


Donald Trump unleashed his fury on NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday for defending Germany’s energy partnership with Russia and threatened Berlin with U.S. action over the deal that he said is wholly inappropriate.


He knows that Germany has been screaming for the US to increase our protection of German traitors (they are traitors to us) because Putin is attacking Germany.  This stupid story has now totally collapsed.  Germany is playing footsie with Pootie and think this is OK while pretending they are menaced by Russia.


Trump fumed that ‘Germany is a captive of Russia’ and said the U.S. would ‘have to do something’ in light of the pipeline deal that’s funneling billions into Moscow’s economy.


Putin is playing an amazing game here.  He is quite cynical about all this.  SO IS TRUMP.  Both men know the Bilderberg gang has been pushing the fake Putin/Trump story for nearly two years.


‘Germany is totally controlled by Russia,’ he charged. ‘I think its a very bad thing for NATO,’ Trump said.


HAHAHA.  Trump just kicked Merkel in the crotch here.


Trump gave Stoltenberg an earful with media present, telling the visibly startled NATO chief, ‘We’re protecting Germany. We’re protecting France. We’re protecting everybody, and yet, we’re paying a lot of money to protect.’


The creep, Stoltenberg, thought Trump would act like Obama when visiting overseas.  Instead, he met a real leader who knows how to kick ass.


Trump said that past presidents did not confront America’s allies because they did not want to meddle in their affairs or they were blind to the problem.


‘I think that these countries have to step it up — not over a 10-year-period — they have to step it up immediately,’ Trump demanded. ‘Germany is a rich country. They talk about they’re gonna increase it a tiny bit by 2030. Well, they could increase it immediately tomorrow and have no problem.’


Here is the NY Times front page today which is total rubbish, pro-illegal alien/foreign power control of US economy/Bilderberg rule of EU relations:

The US has been losing the trade wars nonstop for the last 40 years.  Now, when our new leader fights back, all the traitors who run Bilderberg news systems, are having a hissy fit from hell.


The NYT has a stupid editorial ‘What America Gets Out of Nato’ which has a very easy answer: we get a huge bill for taxpayers to pay which has increased the budget deficit for all my long life.  Good lord.


I love how Trump, when China’s communist ruler foolishly decided to put tariffs of US goods to China, doubled down so the stupid Chinese ruler aped this as Trump expected.


Now, China’s economy will be fatally crippled!  China just hacked off their own dick here.  Our fake EU ‘allies’ did the exact same thing.  Instead of fixing their rigged trade system, they punished US exporters.


Guess what?  They have a lot more to lose!  Duh!  And they know this but hope US voters won’t understand this obvious fact especially since Bilderberg mainstream fake news lies about trade, about politics, about wars and nearly everything else right now.


Trump Falsely Claims It’s ‘Impossible’ for American Farmers to Do Business in Europe – The New York Times: this story really pisses me off!


Yes, we export grains and such to Europe but all the ‘higher’ food exports are virtually one way, from the EU to the US.  I know this first hand!  When Clinton opened the doors to this EU invasion of US markets, the value of my sheep herd fell from $250 a head to below $50 a head as EU sheep products poured into US markets.


I belonged to this huge US Sheep Co-op that had many thousands head of sheep and many members.  This vanished, utterly.  I see no more sheep anywhere in my region in New York which used to be a major sheep market.


The EU has been hostile to US in trade much of my life and I am flabbergasted that it has taken so long to finally see something done about all this.


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20 responses to “UK Prime Minister May May Fall And Germany, China Declare Trade War On US Customers

  1. Moe

    To describe May’s actions as a ‘sellout’, though true, is too mild a term. Elaine states it best with ‘traitor’.

  2. Zeke

    BrExit and election of ‘disrupters’ are cries for help from populace saying this economy is not working for us. It’s working for the one percent elite but not us. The heavy hand of Russia may have been involved in both but that might not be so terrible when domestic media is so corporate distorted.
    Eurocrats in Brussels and swamp creatures in DC were deaf to their cries.
    Although I disagree with Trump on most issues and methods, he is the only one to acknowledge the dire consequences of uncontrolled immigration.
    Uncontrolled immigration = An invasion.
    Why not ask citizenship status on census? It’s not new. During periods of heavy immigration in the past – it was a question on the 1910 census – with no adverse effect on respondents.
    Economics professors at Econ schools, especially those occupying corporate sponsored / funded “chairs” at the Econ schools try to tell us that trade deficits are good for us. We get their ‘goods’ for cheap and they agree to accept our increasingly worthless fiat script (Federal Reserve Notes).
    Bologna for a number of reasons.

  3. Melponeme_k


    Meanwhile NYC Mayor DiBlasio uses spy planes for vacation travel.

  4. Lisa

    The fuss over the census question of “are you a citizen” is ridiculous. It is media ginned up outrage over something stupid, as always.

    The federal census has been asking where a person was born (including country) since the 1850 census and if someone was naturalized or alien since 1900. Here are the census questions since it was started in 1790:

  5. Neep Hazarika

    Lisa, what is wrong with that question? Its either Yes or No.

  6. ziff

    China needs to get its house in order , products for the china domestic market are poor , [ two i know of ,cars and some sort of crappy shoes i bought @ banggood ] , the cars can’t pass crash tests and the electrics burn up. Also the mad ghost city projects must be eating a lot of resources.

  7. Lisa

    Neep, Zeke mentioned the census question temper tantrum the Democrats are having. It’s a question that has been asked on the census for a long time. The number of citizens in a state is determined by the census and that number determines the number of House of Representatives they get in DC. If illegal invaders aren’t counted as citizens of a state, the number of representatives for places like CA goes down and they lose power in DC.

    It is very similar to slave holders demanding their nonvoting non-citizen slaves be counted as 3/5ths of a person for political power.

    It should be a simple question but isn’t because of politics.

  8. Petruchio

    I heard a bit of interesting trivia about that Hag Theresa May. Apparently she and Angela Merkel were buddies in College. The Elites pick their puppets from a very small “talent” pool.

  9. OC

    Should be ‘US declare war on its main banker’.

    For China, it’s just time to move on to replace US with the rest of the world:

    Best to set aside money for the upcoming trade war as parts will be very expensive to replace in US:

  10. Christian W

    Harley Davidson is moving production to the EU and Thailand. Trump’s (fake) trade war will not go without significant losses on the home turf too.

    @ ziff 7 & everyone

    The Chinese are setting their house in order, which is why the US are throwing as many spammers in the Chinese wheels as they can. For example, supporting Islamist extremism (Islamist extremism is a favorite US foreign policy tool) in Eastern China and now trade wars to disrupt the Chinese economic growth and ambitious domestic plans.

    It’s funny as hell to see America play the victim when it is employing the 100% fake FED money printing system to crush foreign nations. The “trade wars” are essentially economic sanctions. The US (Trump) has now put the rest of the world (China, the EU, Russia, Iran, NK, Venezuela etc etc) under economic sanctions, or threat of economic sanctions, by the power of the FED Printing Press.

    Eventually the worm will turn and the rest of the world will put the US under economic sanctions. Then, of course, the US will claim victimhood even louder.

    @ OC 10

    Easier said than done. The US is acting now while the Chinese + allies are only in the early stages of setting up non-USD systems that serve them, not the US.

  11. Floridasandy

    China has lots of people to feed and there will be lots of angry people if their economy deteriorates. Trump said he will stop our tariffs if they stop all their tariffs.
    Smart move. Balls in their court now, just like NATO, which is stepping up-albeit sullenly.
    It will be interesting to see how the rag NYT covers these new developments. They can’t be happy – winning!!!!

  12. Floridasandy

    Christian, Leftist threats mean nothing. If Harley leaves some smart company will take their place. They sold overpriced bikes to patriots. They lose that image, they are done here. maybe OC Choppers production bikes will fill that void. If not them, then someone else. That’s the beauty of capitalism, something Europeans clearly don’t understand-as they continue to give away their autonomy. Things are changing for the better.

  13. Floridasandy

    The US isn’t claiming victimhood😳
    European leaders were, while doing secret deals. Maybe Hillary’s corrupt uranium deall will finally be exposed. One can hope, although I have never seen a weaker attorney general than Sessions

  14. Christian W

    Of course the US is claiming victimhood. Simply the claim that foreign exporters are somehow fooling the US when the US PRINTS $Trillions of dollars for imports, while forcing exporting nations to invest large amounts of those earned dollars back into the $USD economy, is risible.

    Europe has not had any significant autonomy since the creation of NATO. Look at the Trump regime (Trump, Pompeo etc) dictating to Europe who they can and cannot make deals with, on the penalty of economic punishment if Europe does not Obey.

    For decades Europe simply pretended the US was a good guy looking out for Europe’s best interests. Now that the mask is off the European leaders look like the useful idiots they are. It is extremely telling Europe does not even have any back up plans in place.

    This is not a game, Sandy. No modern nation ever has been as deep in debt as the US, while simultaneously pretending it does not matter AND printing more and more money, AND forcing vassal states and foreign nations to Obey to keep the scam going.

    The truth is the US is incapable of domestic reform, so under Trump it does the only thing it can. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. Unfortunately the TORPEDO of REALITY cannot be avoided.

    This is what the vast part of Americans refuse to see. Instead we see all kinds of jingoism, mental gymnastics, flag waving and political kabuki of various kinds.

  15. Christian confuses ‘the USA’ with the BILDERBERG GANG. That gang sets our foreign policies, our trade deals, etc. and they hate the citizens and want to exploit workers and treat us like crap. So they have tricked the US public into voting for Bilderberg co-conspirators like the Bushes and Clintons.

    These people, in turn, betray the nation and sell us out to foreign powers!!!


    ‘Jingoism’ is SURVIVALISM. Internationalist deals help mainly the elites who hate us. My family has been ‘jingoist’ about the USA going all the way back to the beginning.

  16. Christian W

    Yeah, and the arch Zionist Trump is not a tool of special interests either….

    The problem is that Americans take NO responsibility for their actions. As we can see Trump is changing NOTHING. It is still the same corruption, but this time on STEROIDS.

    if anything, Trump is bigger warmonger and bully than his predecessors Bush and Obama. Trump has increased the military budget like no other, while bombing foreign nations at a far higher pace than Bush or Obama. All this to feed the CORRUPT MIC system.

    The truth is the corruption in the US is far greater than the BILDERBERG GANG. It’s the whole enchillada. The WHITE HOSUE is corrupt, so is the PENTAGON, CONGRESS, intelligence services, JUDICIARY, FED and Wall Street etc etc etc.

    Stop picking and chosing which parts of reality you want so it can fit into your narrative.

  17. Christian W

    And moaning about the Bilderberg gang, a mere subsidiary of the CFR, while ignoring AIPAC and the other Jewish lobbies, must be the biggest joke of our age. The BIldergerg gang is far down the totem pole of corruption.

  18. Lou

    18–EMS has warned people about AIPAC. I have been reading her blog for year. Years ago, she mentioned that, ‘NYT has 2 references in its index, and thats over 50 years.’

  19. Christian, you are beyond delusional. Making false claims about what I obviously write is STUPID. If, according to your twisted views, Trump has done NOTHING, why are all the Bilderberg gangsters going nuts this week as he sweeps through Europe, on to Russia, forcing everyone to follow his rules or else??? Eh? Sheesh.

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