Trump Hater Rosenstein Hires 100 Lawyers To Pry Into Judge Kavanaugh’s Private Life

In an Unusual Request, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Asks Federal Prosecutors to Help With Kavanaugh Paperwork …WTH?  This is yet another move by the Deep State run by the Bilderberg gang who are conspiring like crazy to somehow destroy Trump.  Having the totally hostile, nasty, snide jerk, Rosenstein, investigate a candidate for the Supreme Court is part of a conspiracy to prevent Trump from doing anything.


Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, has asked federal prosecutors to help review the government documents of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, according to a letter obtained by The New York Times on Wednesday.


Already, the mainstream fake news is screaming nonstop about every detail of Kavannaugh’s life, for example, he went into debt and then paid it off!  Oh, the humanity.  The DNC believes in never paying debts, it appears.  They are anti-family, too and this shows up in a hundred ways.


More broken families vote for the DNC than intact families, for example.


Mr. Rosenstein’s request was an unusual insertion of politics into federal law enforcement. While the Justice Department has helped work on previous Supreme Court nominations, department lawyers in Washington typically carry out that task, not prosecutors who pursue criminal investigations nationwide.


And 100 lawyers?  What the hell is going on here?  The DoJ still is infiltrated with an army of DNC staff who have been openly conspiring to undo the last election using hooks, crooks and total lies.  DOJ Attorney Lisa Page Refuses To Testify To Congress is a typical example of this.  She openly defies Congress.


According to Christopher Hunter, a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, “It’s flat-out wrong to have career federal prosecutors engaged in a political process like the vetting of a Supreme Court nominee. It takes them away from the mission they’re supposed to be fulfilling, which is effective criminal justice enforcement,” The New York Times reported.


Although federal prosecutors have been used in the past to help with judicial confirmations, this is the first time a Deputy Attorney General has sent out such a broad request to United States attorneys offices, says the New York Times.


Yes, this is all very fishy and very, very obvious.  This is yet another facet of the ongoing, extremely expensive witch hunt being engineered against Trump and anyone who associates with him.  These DoJ traitors hound anyone and everyone who Trump chooses and they are used as a tool by the Bilderberg gang to do this.


There is also the endless leaks from this army of DoJ lawyers who issue a torrent of ‘anonymous’ comments, 90% of which turn out to be false, claiming all sorts of things that are cooked up by these crooks in order to smear Trump and anyone associated with him.


These stories are published by the mainstream fake news because they are propaganda organs of the internationalist super rich, the gang that has destroyed Brexit this last week throwing England into a political crisis as the voters rise up in rage.  From the past, showing how Rosenstein clearly is a hostile entity towards Trump or anyone associated with or chosen by Trump:

(2) Full exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (C-SPAN) – YouTube


This man is an evil entity.  His open sneers aimed at Congress members questioning him last week clearly show his bias, his unprofessionalism and his open malice.  This man should be removed from office but Trump can’t do this or the entire US Bilderberg machine will then rage at him demanding he be removed, too.


So Trump has to play a waiting game, waiting for citizens to be motivated to stop the mainstream media and the DNC machine which this week has decided to eliminate all border controls in order to let in an army of illegal aliens so they can destroy our government via illegally voting in DNC-run cities and states.


Michael Moore Calls for ‘Non-Stop Aggressive Action Everywhere’ to Stop Kavanaugh: the leaders of the anti-American gangs that riot in DNC-run cities are now working overtime to incite riots against citizens and their properties.  The ‘nonstop actions’ Moore wants are riots.  Maxine Waters, a black California DNC Congresswoman, openly called for her voters to break laws and physically attack and harass anyone including all familiy members even children, if they are associated with Trump in any way, shape or form.


She should be impeached by Congress for this threat.  Instead, the DNC leaders have doubled down on this illicit and criminal activity demands.  They have no shame, they don’t care.  They think this massive tempertantrump (deliberate misspelling) is legal and sensible.  This shows how far off the cliff they are, in freefall.


Ivanka Trump’s neighbors hold protest outside their Washington DC home | Daily Mail Online. her rich neighbors want illegal aliens due to this being very super cheap labor.  By protesting this way, being openly obnoxious, they feel this invasion of privacy is OK.  Then, 100 protesters attacked Ivanka at an elementary school in Syracuse, NY.


This disgusting behavior is turning off people but the radical leftists now think they can do whatever pleases them and there will be no blowback or retribution.  This is insanity, of course. There is always blowback and retribution.  So far, the Trump supporters mainly do this at the ballot box.


I almost forgot this fine story today:  Trump Emerges from NATO Emergency Session Victorious claiming that the EU deadbeats will pay their legal NATO dues!


Despite journalists pressing the President on the responses of individual NATO members to his call for higher spending, Trump did not mention any specifics. France’s President Emmanuel Macron spoke out after the meeting, denying that nations had agreed to spend more than already agreed — stating “It confirms the goal of 2 percent by 2024. That’s all”, reports the Associated Press.

HAHAHA.  The Surrender Monkey French intend to NOT pay for past dues they owed and won’t pay up in the future but will sort of rise it to the legal minimum (England pays more than the minimum, for example, the only example maybe in seven or eight years or so!


Doubling down on those comments in his surprise press conference, President Trump said once the nations had hit the minimum, he would be pressing for more. He said: “They are spending at a much faster clip, they are heading to two per cent… they are going back [to their parliaments] to get approval, which they will get, to get to two per cent. After that, we’ll start talking about going higher. Ultimately in years, we should be at four per cent.”


How charming.  I bet all the EU leeches are freaking out now that Trump plans to make it 4% dues instead of them all paying half of what the US taxpayers pony up!   Pull out of NATO, Trump.  We are harnessed to a bevy of losers and ingrates.


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15 responses to “Trump Hater Rosenstein Hires 100 Lawyers To Pry Into Judge Kavanaugh’s Private Life

  1. Petruchio

    ” This man should be removed from office but Trump can’t do this or the entire US Bilderberg machine will then rage at him demanding he be removed, too.” He should fire Rosenstein anyway. Let the DNC/Bilderberg machine howl as much as they like. It’s time to fight them openly, at least in spots.

  2. ziff

    100 assholes , one is bad enough. ” all the kings men ” couldn’t put frumpty together again .

  3. zifff

    HOLY CRAP!! , u gotta hear this seth rich murder

  4. ziff

    The jist of the above ; rosenstein was ; running a hit team , gathering to info to coerse the results of trials , and independent people in public office [ like trump ] . Hillarys emails have long been monitored , altered [ purpose ?] .Just what we have always expected of course from people who make the law and are above it , a universal .of real politic

  5. ziff

    crickets ? its consistant with Rosenstein & 100 dogs

  6. Lou

    Jim Jordan is the target of some phony, gay,’ college guys sex scandal’?
    Something about a sports team doctor???

  7. Lou

    3–Zifff–I mentioned Arkancides here and EMS responded that I am stupid.

  8. ziff

    yup just some guy on the phone but wut else u gonna do ?

  9. Lou

    13 indicted on the 13th. Friday the 13th.

  10. Petruchio

    The same Rosenstein team that is investigating Trump are the very same people who cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing even before their (alleged) investigation started on her. Trump should just fire Rosenstein and let the chips fall where they may although Trump seems to be a pretty sophisticated player at this Game. I hope that’s what is happening.

  11. Moe

    FBI former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok gives testimony.

    Smug MF. With clowns like this, the public may eventually clue in.

  12. ziff

    @ moe ,even there, its just surface , see my link above , even if that is fake it still likely descibes how the system operates ie when you make the law you can operate outside it. Things we see in russia are just real politic seen form an outside perpective but they are universals. Truth would shock and create chaos.

  13. Good catch, Lou. 13 Russians/Friday 13th is black magic. I was busy dealing with thunderstorms that day and didn’t look at the news to figure out why Thor was so annoying.

  14. Also…today’s Tommy Robinson/pro-Trump demonstration in London the only full coverage of this on You Tube is…RUSSIAN NEWS! HAHAHA.

  15. Lou

    Post 13 [no pun intended], Thanks. Your praise means much to me.

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