Trump Gives Ulimatum To Brits: Join Us Or Join EU, Can’t Do Both

Theresa May presses Trump for a post-Brexit trade deal | Daily Mail Online


The British government is in a major crisis and May is about to fall off her throne.  London and a few other places want to be part of the EU which is systematically destroying all the rest of England as industries vanish and trade with Germany and France overwhelms British industries, for example.  A flood of aliens is changing England and the EU is demanding England take in millions of Muslims which the Bilderberg gang is demanding Eastern Europe do this, too.  This push is destroying the EU.  Meanwhile, mainstream media in Europe run by the gang is attacking Trump nonstop, all the time over everything especially his demands the EU stop mooching off the US in trade and military matters.


In an interview with the British newspaper, Mr Trump said he thought Boris Johnson would make a ‘great prime minister’ and that he was ‘saddened’ the former foreign secretary was out of the government.


Trump is correct here.  The crisis hitting England is hitting all of Europe.  Just this week, a Muslim in the Netherlands who was elected into office by Muslim voters told the citizens of that country, they should leave because he and his buddies are taking over and have zero intention of cooperating with citizens who were tricked into inviting hundreds of thousands of angry Muslim males into their little country.


The president also renewed his war of words with Sadiq Khan, saying the London mayor has ‘done a very bad job on terrorism’.


This is 100% correct. Muslim crimes against British subjects is much, much higher than the reverse.  Every day sees various Muslim crimes of various sorts which happens in the US, too.  These are punctuated by gross mass terror events.  Pointing this fact out is verboten in Germany and can land a citizen there in prison, for example.


He said he thought that allowing ‘millions and millions’ of people into Europe was ‘very sad’ and pointed to crime being ‘brought in’ to London, criticising the Labour mayor for failing to deal with it.


100% correct analysis and even discussing this fact is forbidden in nearly the entire EU.  This omerta silence is imposed by a gang of elitists who meet twice a year to plot how to rule us via tricks and lies.


Europe, he added, is ‘losing its culture’ because of mass migration and warned it will never be the same again unless leaders act quickly.


I wonder if the Daily Mail understands the hidden messages here.  The Mail attacks Trump nonstop.  Yet secretly, their staff agrees with him.  Thus, the mixed messages.


‘Look around,’ he said. ‘You go through certain areas that didn’t exist ten or 15 years ago.’ He added: ‘Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame.’


It is an invasion.  Period.  The US is being openly invaded by people south of our borders, for example.  They come here demanding to use their own language and do as they please including breaking laws openly.  This is rapidly causing social chaos and deterioration even in the richest of our states like California which is now going bankrupt.

I am so very amused that the Daily Mail has a headline no mainstream paper dares post here in the US: runs the Washington Post and therefore, has reason to fight US citizens and destroy our sovereignty because it benefits’s business.


Now on to the ongoing hearings about criminal FBI meddling in the last election which should see many heads roll and people put in prison:

Peter Strzok Rolls His Eyes, Smirks During Trey Gowdy Opening Statement – YouTube


Strzok is a very arrogant man and can’t be bothered to hide this.  He thinks his political meddling in criminal affairs including trying to frame Trump on false charges, is funny.  I hope he is sent to prison eventually.  Remember: it took several years for Watergate to run through the legal and political systems!

And last of all: Assad is winning in Syria and the entire mess created by NATO in order to remove one of the more liberal Muslim leaders, has failed.  There is this iron rule here: the more liberal and the more civil rights women have from Muslim leaders, the more likely the CIA and NATO will destroy that country and cause it to reverse and become more like Saudi Arabia.


For example, that hideous dictatorship in Saudi Arabia recently allowed some women to drive cars there.  But they have to pay a huge price for the license unlike men!  So only very rich women get this boon there.  In Syria, women have been driving cars all my long life!  NATO has been responsible for eliminating women’s rights all over the Muslim world.  Far from bringing modern society to these slave states, it is the exact opposite.


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18 responses to “Trump Gives Ulimatum To Brits: Join Us Or Join EU, Can’t Do Both

  1. Moe

    Excerpt: “…Trump said he thought Boris Johnson would make a ‘great prime minister’”

    Boris is a buffoon, May is a despicable quisling.

    But better a buffoon than a braying, backstabbing, betraying, Benedict Arnold.

  2. Paul Joseph Watson would be better. 🙂

  3. tio

    Meanwhile in West Karachi …

  4. tio

    About an hour ago in a local supermarket I came across a new Indian motorcycle and its owner. Zero reliability issues, came fully loaded (engraved crank, handle bar stops etc) & remote locking panniers! Sweet ride.

    I must admit I am enjoying the trigger fest over here right now 😀

  5. Petruchio

    Latest news item: Rosenstein has apparently handed down 12 indictments in his Russia “probe”.

  6. Christian W

    Muslim crimes against British subjects is much, much higher than the reverse.

    Just wow. The UK (and US) is literally leading and arming it’s Wahhabi puppet state Saudi Arabia in it’s illegal wars against Yemen and Syria etc. And you talk about the British being victims? The British have trampled the ME under it’s boot for over a century and do so to this day.

  7. Christian W

    @ 1 Moe

    Boris is a buffoon, May is a despicable quisling.

    Correct. Boris is a sick joke as a politician. He would at most make a great puppet for the US. A British version of Yeltsin.

    The UK is in serious trouble. The elites can’t allow Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister because the UK Jewish Lobby can’t stand him. Corbyn is pro-Palestinian rights plus he is not a Neoliberal, which Blair and his so called New Labour (ie Neo-Labour) were from the start. Blair was a plant, just like Merkel and Macron etc etc are plants, to control the opposition to the Elites. Corbyn is old style, genuine Labour, what Blair was designed to stop. But the UK is so far down the path to destruction after 40 years of Thatcherism/Neoliberalism only a shell remains.

    The US has started to cannibalize Europe too now.

  8. tio

    “The UK is in serious trouble.”, no shit Sherlock.

    The current political apparatus is very similar in nature to the education system in so far as it is difficult to conceive of any change that could possibly make it worse. And yet. So on one hand we have the Scarecrow from 0z with his hoards of bovine social justice warriors promising an economic road to hell; and on the other Cruella DeVille, the flower of Public Choice Theory with her band of chinless backstabbing lickspittles for whom no depravity is beyond the pale.

    Brexit is/was only the start, it is the attempt to remove the cover of the EU from this band of contemptuous clowns, it is the demand for actual accountability. I know, fat chance. But a fat chance is better than none which is the future otherwise. I feel a rant coming on but I need to find some tummy settlers as, you know.

  9. Jim R

    My friend Ilargi has some remarks about the goings-on in England this past day or two. A bit of advice for the Brits ..

    Baby Trump Blimp
    – The Automatic Earth

    Your present government is turning your immediate future into a nightmare, twisting the Brexit vote into something that you never intended, not even on purpose, but on sheer incompetence. Come March 29 2019, you’ll fall off a steep cliff in Dover as a country, and it won’t be due to Trump. It’ll be your own doing.

    Clean up your own home first before you start criticizing other people’s abodes. The entire British empire was always built on rape and pillage and murder. It still is, actively, as we speak. So sh*t the f*ck up about Trump. The hypocrisy exhibited by the Baby Trump Blimp is blinding and deafening.

    Your country is a moral pig sty. It’s time you yourselves get in there and do the nasty work of cleaning it up, and get your hands very dirty in the process. Don’t try and point out that other countries, too, are full of dirt and shi*t and stink from here to Sunday.

    None of your business, or at least not till you have your own house in order. You, too, stink up the entire neighborhood. I don’t really understand why nobody has come up with a very very insulting giant balloon portraying the Queen and her very very wrinkled 92 year-old ass, and flown it on the same day as the Baby Trump Blimp.

    It’s times like these that make me despair for mankind more than any others, because they show how easily and how readily people can be manipulated, while convinced they’re expressing their own emotions and opinions. Yeah, sure, blame your feelings of discomfort and unhappiness on somebody else. Today it’s Trump, tomorrow it’s Putin’s turn again. Novichok. Yada yada

  10. tio

    Yup Jim, I read the Automatic Earth. One note I would like to sound out however was that when the ‘media’ went trolling the metropolis for opinions about the blimp, hoping to record furious virtue signalling, the responses they actually got from Josephine Q. Public were that of embarrassment, uniformly, even though Joe was clearly a devotee of the Kool Aid. Not what they wanted nor expected. I hope that everyone can make the distinction between the observable characteristics of the executive with those of a rather more circumspect populous. In other words, that febrile little paki does not represent anything English other than the office he holds.

  11. Good comments. England’s natives are finally revolting and the internationalists who want no nations is freaking out and becoming quite violent.

  12. Neep Hazarika

    Note how I ALWAYS say Pakistani instead of Paki, which is an “offensive” term here in the UK, which George W. Bush used in a speech 🙂

  13. Jim R

    Note how, after that ‘welcome’ extended to Mr. Trump, we DON’T CARE abput the feelings of your little greaser mayor there in London-town..

  14. Note how recent immigrants demand we treat them all with kid gloves while they insult us, use dirty terms about us and sneer at us and then kill us, for example.

  15. Lou

    16–Indeed. From The Israeli Playbook. Do as we say, not as we do.

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