Muslim Mayor Fails To Stop Massive Pro-Trump/Tommy Robinson Demonstration

England disarmed itself many years ago and has been increasingly disarming itself, now it is illegal to carry a kitchen knife in public, for example. Crime continues to climb as the rulers of the British people are disarmed because crime is imported from abroad in huge numbers.  Foreigners commit violent crimes!  Duh!  Sweden became the rape capital of Europe thanks to foreign invaders, for example.  The DNC wants to disarm the US citizens just like in Europe and like in Europe, they also want illegal aliens to continue invading so they can be used to terrorize citizens and drive them out of dying industrial cities that have been rendered useless thanks to…free trade, imposed on us by our Real Rulers, the Bilderberg gang.


The gif above I found at Breitbart’s comment section.  Today, in London, there was yet another massive ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ demonstration which the mayor tried desperately to prevent…too many citizens of England showed up!


Finally, back to Trump and the Free World and our lunatic ‘allies’ who really hate us: ‘Free Speech Is Dead’ – Khan’s London BANS Pro-Trump U.S. Embassy Rally’


“I was planning to go to the American embassy to meet with a group of demonstrators who are planning to welcome Trump into the country… it’s really good to see him in this country, and speaking truth to the people in power in this country,” explained David Kurten, an elected member of the London Assembly for the Brexit-supporting UK Independence Party.


But this is not allowed in Pakistan England.  The Pakis have taken over the Capitol and are now systematically destroying the place.  Well, the Brits allowed this, they went along with all the Bilderberg gang’s orders and only two years ago, began to finally revolt which is why they are being abused very hard now by the New Rulers who were invited into England by the Bilderberg gang.


“But as I came out of the police station I was handed this piece of paper by a couple of friendly police officers — who were just doing their job — but they’ve imposed Section 12 Public Order Act conditions on the assembly outside the American embassy, which means that people are not allowed to proceed or have a march or any kind of demonstration,” he claimed.


The pathetic anti-Trump demonstration was poorly attended and the Trump balloon was very small.  And yet no police stopped them.  Today, the Free Tommy Robinson march will take place and if the cops are told to stop this march, there will be fighting in the streets.  GOOD.


Mayor Khan actively encouraged the anti-Trump protests, and was active in the media defending his decision to authorise an “obscene” balloon caricaturing the U.S. President on ground of freedom of speech and the right to protest.


The Bilderberg gang’s allies and tools get to demonstrate but everyone else is stopped by these gangsters.  And…here is today’s news about the march: Donald Trump London march LIVE and Tommy Robinson protest: Latest news as protesters clash with police | London Evening Standard


Yes, the cops attacked the marchers who were not Muslims or ANTIFA.

(1) LIVE: ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ rally takes place in London – YouTube

Meanwhile, in our own country being invaded by violent criminals: 11-Time Deportee Attacked Wife with Chainsaw in Front of Children, Says ICE is a news story that would never, ever be on the front page of any Bilderberg-owned mainstream media systems.  This is why so many ‘liberals’ can sail merrily downstream utterly clueless about what is really going on.


This evil man killed this poor woman in California.  Crime in California is utterly out of control now.  From petty crimes to mass murder: all is OK in California.  The government there is so malfunctional, the streets are littered literally with millions of used HIV-infested needles now that the government forced taxpayers to pay for needles for drug addicts.


So they use them once and toss them onto the streets!  This insane program enabling drug addicts to make the streets filthier and more dangerous is a government program which is united with the refusal to remove pests from camping out anywhere they choose while also seeking illegal drugs and littering the needles all over the place.


This collapse of civil society is 100% the fault of California’s DNC gang.  They want more illegal aliens and drug addicts so these will vote for DNC multi-millionaires who go to Congress on this looting expedition.  The entire California/NY DNC gang is also a bunch of very rich internationalists who make money exporting US jobs.

As per usual, the NYT only has ‘attack Trump’ stories as the top news.   This nearly never changes.  It is boring, stupid and treasonous all at the same time, an odd thing indeed.  The NYT is, along with the Washington Post, trying desperately to start WWIII.  This lunacy is most dangerous.  Whenever Trump tries any diplomacy with Russia, the mainstream fake news goes berzerk.


Trump knows if he pulls out yet another Rabbit from his very big hat, the media lunatics will ignore this and roll out a new ‘Trump is pure evil’ trope and hammer away.  Trump is playing this game with these lunatics: the more he is successful and he is so far, amazingly successful in foreign policies, the more he forces our ‘allies’ to pay up and behave and gets our ‘enemies’ to negotiate deals, the stronger he is.


Howling with rage every time he succeeds destroys the power of the Bilderberg media systems!  CNN, for example, is now in total collapse due to all this.’s president, Bezos, is unconcerned, like Google’s owners, that people on the internet now call both ‘evil’ due to them manipulating everything in order to push the DNC politics.  Over time, this rising ill will the public increasingly feels will backfire on these Bilderberg co-conspirators.


Profs: Stop saying ‘girls are as good as boys at math’:  This story amuses me.  Like with everything today, with movies pretending slender, weak females are as powerful and muscular as bigger, heftier, stronger males, the fiction of women being exactly like men is pushed very hard by the SJW/Bilderberg gang lunatics.


I am a female who pressed in court way back in the 1960’s to be able to take boys only classes in high school and who did sports with boys and men all my long life and I worked in a field with near zero females, construction, all my long life and even this week, was working with my associate tearing off and rebuilding the roof of my home which is dangerous, hard work and I am nearing seventy years old now…the pretense that women are the same as men is insane.


I can’t do stuff my co-workers can do much easier and I always acknowlege this fact and the men and I nearly always was working with men due to nearly no women ever doing this work all that much, they appreciate me when I ask for help and I show sincere appreciation for their help.  So they like working with me due to this!  Young women today are being propagandized to do the opposite: rub men’s faces in the ground, boasting about how superior women are.


A new Stanford University study warns against claiming that “girls are as good as boys at math,” saying this may “unintentionally perpetuate bias.”


And it looks stupid!  Anyone proclaiming that girls do math as good as boys…at the top levels…is pure insanity.  Instead of examining why males excel greatly at the top and women at the top are virtually one in a million…the SJW gang wants to push the story that boys and girls are the same when there is obviously a major, major differential at work here.


One that I noticed by age 13 way back in 1963.


“Some well-meaning statements can spread stereotypes,” proclaims the headline of a university press release touting the study, highlighting the study’s conclusion that such sentences “frame one gender as the standard for the other.”


The study, titled “Girls Are as Good as Boys at Math” Implies That Boys Are Probably Better: A Study of Expressions of Gender Equality,” was conducted by Stanford psychology professor and Associate Dean for the Social Sciences Ellen Markman and researcher Eleanor Chestnut, a postdoctoral scholar at New York University.


The two coddled biddies who rise into intellectual power in our universities which are run by SJW fascists, they have a surprising claim that girls are not as good as boys in math contests due to these being CONTESTS!!!  As a very, very competitive young lady way back in 1960’s, I highly resent this!



So…according to these two rattled females, girls are lousy competitors.  They faint dead away when asked to do heavy math calculations!  Oh, the mercy.  I would suggest smelling salts at all math competitions so girls don’t litter the room with inert bodies due to confronting numbers.


ARRRGH.  I can’t express here in mere words my rage at this lunacy!  If girls can’t compete in math due to fainting at competitions, perchance girls can’t compete in any systems in public due to this mysterious fainting spells.


We do know that fainting spells in Victorian days was due nearly entirely to wearing very tight corsets.  Girls today tend towards being fat and fatter and wear nothing restraining anything so there is no excuse for fainting when competing with boys to do math calculations.


These two ‘eductator’ females are ideologues who hate men and are finding every possible excuse to explain away men’s strengths and men are on many levels, much stronger than women.  It is due to Mother Nature and Evolution.


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8 responses to “Muslim Mayor Fails To Stop Massive Pro-Trump/Tommy Robinson Demonstration

  1. Ken

    Free speech for me, but not for thee.

  2. Lou

    11-Time Deportee Attacked Wife with Chainsaw in Front of Children, Says ICE is a news story that would never, ever be on the front page of any Bilderberg-owned mainstream media system–

    I saw that on Drudge.Yes, Black and Brown crime is ‘outta control.’

  3. Tom W Harris

    Don’t expect any genius breakthroughs with Putin, The whole point of Drumpf’s visit is the opportunity to suck him off.

  4. timothy carroll


    Yeah. Enough of your sick, porn fantasies. Let two businessmen get in the same room and figure out how we all can make so $$$. That’s what it’s all about, baby. There ain’t no countries, no mo, just companies doin’ biz-nuz. Your homo fantasies are intriguing but not necessarily helpful for the discussion. Thanks, anyway.

  5. Tom W Harris

    Hey little Timmy, II’ll just reply in terms yer lieder would use: “No homo, ho homo! You’re the homo!”

  6. timothy carroll

    @#5 Okay….and thanks for playing. what a douche!

  7. Childish chatter is stupid.

  8. Tom W Harris

    But he did suck him off. On worldwide television

    Gotta love that “normal diplomacy.”

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