EU Bilderberg Gang And US Traitors Scream With Rage As Trump Does Normal Diplomacy WIth Putin


Pelosi Freaks Over Trump-Putin Summit – Orders Speaker Paul Ryan to ‘Stop Protecting President Trump’:  All across the mainstream Bilderberg-conspirator media systems, they are going insane because Trump is doing normal diplomacy with Putin.  Brain damaged McCain is screaming that Trump is a traitor for stopping WWIII.  Pelosi has lost her wig, literally, as has all the ancient crones of the DNC.  How dare our President stop WWIII by negotiations?  Oh, the humanity!  Well, Trump knows that the more these clowns scream, the better it is for him, they are blowing up themselves.

Not content with drawing some of the most racist, homophobic cartoons and featuring this at the deranged New York Times, the NYT has decided to repeat these filthy pornographic cartoons. Oh, how very clever of them!  The artwork is junior high quality and the topic is too dirty for Playboy magazine.  The NYT should be raided by the police for peddling porn.


BUSTED: FAKE NEWS Media Mocks Trump for His Comments to Finnish President — Then Photos FROM LAST WEEK Prove Trump Right: 

the non-mainstream media is having fun mocking the hysteria and pornographic bloodlust of the NY/California gang.  These lunatics have members in Congress who are aping this hysteria and it is just amazing to watch.  This childish behavior is DANGEROUS.  Unlike toddlers, these clowns have power to launch a world war for no reasons at all.  This is why I want them arrested and put in a secure insane asylum.  They have lost their marbles and their toys were all tossed from the pram and their undies are soiled.

Most Brits Say Police Have Lost Control, Blame Political Correctness | Breitbart:

the liberals want more Muslim invaders.  I suppose they secretly want to have rough sex with deranged religious fanatics.  I see only dirty pictures and squalling babies in the anti-Trump Bilderberg gang camp.  The psychology behind all this is obvious: Trump is screwing up their business which is to export jobs and drive up the debt on US taxpayers, thus making us all poorer and enslaving us with debt payments.


It also showed that 51 percent of people questioned who had been a victim of crime in the past two years claim officers did not bother visiting their home and 30 percent were told to find evidence themselves.


I lived in that world once upon a time.  In New York City in the 1970’s the fix for black riots was…to let them riot all the time!  So they looted and burned entire communities completely to the ground!!!  I was in the middle of this.  I demanded the mayor and others give me more police and have police enforce laws.  The mayor refused outright.


So…I formed my own police force and we began to make many arrests, some quite spectacular some of which were VERY violent.  We kept on crushing crime and forced the city to begin to enforce the laws again.  I retired and live far away on a mountain and once again, NYC, like London, is falling into crime and depravity, the two main features of liberalism.


Furthermore, 57 percent of respondents felt officers now do not treat crimes such as burglary with the seriousness they deserve and more than three quarters want to see more officers on the streets.


I say, revolt, citizens!  TAKE TO THE STREETS.  Begin to organize civilian patrols.  TAKE DOGS ALONG.  Dogs are great in intimidating criminals.  Carry flashlights, the most important patrols and the ones I loved the most were the night watch.  If criminals scream they will attack, tell them you are ready and willing to fight.


And a majority of people – 54 percent – said political correctness was contributing to the sharply rising murder rate in large towns and cities.


Last month, Breitbart London reported new data showing that police solved just one in ten London knife robberies last year, with the proportion of those solved falling as the number of attacks surged.


This was exactly like NYC in 1978.  Crime continued out of control in most of the city but where my patrols lived, it was super safe after we fought gangs of violent criminals and crushed them.  Everyone has to understand: you. have to stand and fight at some point.  Retreat never works forever.  London has been handed over to violent, foreign criminals and now is openly run by violent criminals who hate the natives and hope to enslave and kill them!




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9 responses to “EU Bilderberg Gang And US Traitors Scream With Rage As Trump Does Normal Diplomacy WIth Putin

  1. Saint Mike

    It is funny that everyone is freaking out that Trump doesn’t trust or support the Intelligence Community. The same IC that has been caught running an illegal campaign to deny him the election and once elected use that campaign to conduct a coup. There is more evidence of crimes against Trump from the US IC than anything they have on Putin.

    But the best part is Putin name-drops Soros and says Hillary took $400 million of illegally gained money, filtered through agents. No wonder the Deep State is apoplectic.

  2. Putin just punched the Beast on the snout.

  3. Seraphim

    Putin name-dropped Browder and US intelligence officers:

    “According to our investigative officers, a group of people – Mr Browder’s business partners – who illegally made over $1.5 billion in Russia did not pay taxes either in Russia or the United States but transferred this money to the United States. They contributed $400 million to Ms Clinton’s election campaign. This is official information included in their reports – $400 million. Well, it was up to them, they might have done this legally, but the gains were ill-gotten.
    We have grounds to suspect that US intelligence officers supported these illegal transactions. This is only one step forward. We can talk about expanding our cooperation. You’re welcome, there might be options that are provided for in the appropriate intergovernmental treaty”.

    The Deep State is no only apoplectic. It looks that it is in Deep Shit as well. Putin certainly has not only ‘grounds to suspect’, he has hard data.

  4. Moe

    Trump left waiting for Putin, but he’s not alone, Merkel was really stiffed…

  5. Rob


    likely just his security team vetting the place as well as keeping any plans off-guard. The pope had to wait longer; probably because the venue had more security holes. And Germany probably even set it up on purpose. Notice the Queen – living in in a germ-free bubble, not so long.

  6. Jim R

    Trump needs to finish JFK’s task of splintering it into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind. But he needs to do it suddenly and without warning so they won’t sic a “deranged gunman” on him.

  7. They have been trying desperately to get him assassinated since November 6, 2016. It is nonstop. Trump is still alive. They nailed Reagan early on in his Presidency (thank the Bush clan for that assassination attempt!).

    Kennedy couldn’t believe they would kill him! He was a sitting duck. Trump isn’t stupid, he knows he is in continuous danger and it almost caused him to not occupy the White House physically.

    The place was riddled with spy junk as the CIA and FBI DNC agents were all busy spying on him and I am still angry that Obama’s gang rigged the White House with spy devices before exiting.

  8. Lou

    7–BUT RR allowed Cheney and Rumsfeld in his administration, yes?

  9. Yup. And paid dearly for it.

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