Illegal Aliens Run Wild In DNC States, Bilderberg News Attacks Trump’s Russia Diplomacy Nonstop

Illegal aliens know they can run wild in DNC-liberal states run by the Bilderberg gang.  Keeping citizens terrified and forcing cops to handle violent invaders with kid gloves leads to the deaths of cops and citizens as aliens do as they please.  Also, the same clowns terrorizing citizens at home are continuously attacking Trump as he tries to prevent WWIII by using simple diplomacy.  They want us scared to death while they loot us, the gang doing this should be arrested and put in a very secure prison while Tommy Robinson should be set free.


But Tommy is a mere citizen of Britain, not a super rich, super powerful person who can do as he pleases!  And what pleases our Real Rulers is for us to be locked up at home behind iron doors, scared to answer the doorbell as criminals openly roam about, violently attacking us.  This enrages me no end for I fought crime in California, Arizona, New York and New Jersey for years and years and the only thing that has changed in these liberal places (Tucson is liberal) is…they made the arrests I did successfully…ILLEGAL.


So, we have headlines like this: Police Officer Attacked with Rock, Then Shot and Killed with His Own Gun | Breitbart


The officer, 42-year-old Michael Chesna, was trying to apprehend Emanuel Lopes after a car crash when the attack occurred.  Fox News reports that Lopes was fleeing on foot when Chesna drew his gun and ordered Lopes to stop. At that point, Chesna was struck in the head with a large rock and his firearm was taken from him.

Other responding officers opened fire on Lopes, who returned fire as he continued to flee. One of his shots allegedly entered a random home and killed an elderly woman.


Here are some choice comments, citizens aren’t being fooled by mainstream news that hides these events or lies about these events or don’t use the word ‘illegal alien’ instead, using ‘dreamers’ and ‘women and children’.  Well, these aliens sneaking in have a host of extremely dangerous men attached to the ‘women and children’!

So true!  Cops in liberal states are raked over the coals if they shoot violent criminals especially illegal aliens.  They are fired. They are defamed.  This pisses me off no end.  I have attended the funerals of dead cops in the past.  When a cop I knew in the 78th  Precinct was murdered right in front of me, I was very involved in the chase and very involved in the political fallout afterward.


That is, I went on Channel 2 TV to chastise the Mayor of NYC for letting violent criminals terrorize my neighborhood.  In violent, collapsing Chicago, run by Obama’s buddies, we have endless violent criminal activity with the hoodums rioting if the cops do shoot one of these cretians:

They may even burn down the city, no loss.  Ask any city destroyed by violent, criminal looters looking for any excuse to attack citizens and steal everything and burn cities to the ground!


On to Russian news where I can learn stuff hidden by our own decrepit media systems:

Syria has reasserted authority over regions that were turned into wrecked wastelands by NATO.  The cities destroyed by violent criminal gangs armed by NATO and the CIA are going to be rebuilt.  I suppose NATO’s goal is to make all Muslim liberal cities look like US liberal cities, that is, a smoking ruin.


Israel ceased blowing up Syria to focus on blowing up Gaza.  The US media approves of this.  Who cares anymore?  The whole situation is doomed to a very violent explosive end.  History is pretty clear about this.


On to Hillary’s diplomacy: she still wants to launch WWIII.  I was immensely alarmed when she boasted during the debates that she could launch WWIII with only four minutes warning, this caused Russia to up their defenses and they are still very pissed off about this and with good reason: the US media has pushed for WWIII for the last two years, nonstop.


So has the DNC in Congress: endless howling about Putin and Trump being pals and allied so they can destroy America which makes zero sense but is the only thing the DNC can cling to these days.  They have to have more power so they can up the ante in terrorizing citizens at home!  Import more illegal aliens and angery Muslim males: this is the DNC goal.


Team Hillary is made up of illegal aliens and angry blacks on welfare in DNC-run cities and states.  This, and angry women who want to destroy marriage and shove their sons and husbands under the bus! What a filthy combo.


Today, in foreign news (US news is nearly totally useless now) we learn that the Democrats, not Trump, should be blaming their own stupid selves for being hacked by Russians!  Duh!  I joked about this a year ago.  The password for the computers used by Team Hillary was ‘password’ it wasn’t hacked.  It was merely unsecured.


Former DNC Chair Brazile: DNC Allowed Russian Hackers to Steal Data


Rosenstein also planned his press conference at the same time President Trump was meeting with the Queen of England.


With the 12 Russians indicted Friday, the corrupt Mueller team has now indicted 31 individuals and 3 companies, with more than 80% of the indictments related to Russians who will never be prosecuted.  In June whistle-blower Michael Daniel testified before Congress that Susan Rice ordered him and his staffin the White House cybersecurity team to “stand down” in regard to Russian attempts to meddle with the 2016 election.


Rosenstein was pure evil when he decided on 13/13/2018 to use that magic number day to attack Trump for the stupid DNC ‘hacking’.  This clown should be shut down. He is putting American citizens in increased danger with his endless lunatic attacks on Trump. Why isn’t he arresting Hillary and Podesta for their crummy computer systems that allowed any and all hackers on this planet to poke around in their systems, uncovering CONSPIRACIES by Hillary and her gang to smear Trump?


Hello!  Who, pray tell, was breaking rules and laws?  Hillary and her buddies, not Trump!  One would never figure this out from mainstream news outside of Fox.


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11 responses to “Illegal Aliens Run Wild In DNC States, Bilderberg News Attacks Trump’s Russia Diplomacy Nonstop

  1. Petruchio

    News for what (if anything) it’s worth: Diane Feinstein of CA has lost a Senate Primary to her challenger Kevin de Leon. The bad news: de Leon is more of the same as ‘Feinstink’.

  2. ziff


  3. Lou

    Sad, what USa is turning or turned into.
    Mexifornia, with MS13.

  4. tio

    Just finished watching the Trump – Putin press conference. The deep state must have experienced a melt down/brown underwear moment … Bloody marvellous.

    Ziff I watched that video the first time 🙂 it really does makes you wonder how the hell you clean that mess up.

  5. KHS71


    It was my understanding that was an endorsement not a primary. From Powerline.

    Last night the California Democratic Party endorsed de Leon over Feinstein by a large margin:

    California Democratic Party leaders took a step to the left Saturday night, endorsing liberal state lawmaker Kevin de León for Senate over Democratic icon Sen. Dianne Feinstein. De León’s victory reflected the increasing strength of the state party’s liberal activist core, which was energized by the election of Republican President Trump.

  6. Lou

    SBPDL—–‘It was important for us to analyze this at the state level, because in the past we’ve found that a black person living in Wisconsin has a 22-fold higher risk of being fatally shot compared to a white person,
    but in New Mexico a black person has a 2-fold higher risk of being fatally shot compared to a white person,”
    Anita Knopov, the study’s lead author, said in a press release.!!!!!
    That structural ray cyms, again.

  7. ziff

    Tio , its the state of nature , or the nature of state

  8. Jim R

    2 ziff,

    The snake oil pitch at the end was kind of off-putting.

    I don’t know what to think of it. We keep hearing things like this, and then nothing comes of them. Even things that come up in public testimony. Hillary ran her own server … had secret information … was hacked into by every other country on the planet with an internet connection … ho-hum it was swept under the carpet.

    The in-your-face lawlessness of the elites these days is just mind boggling.

  9. ziff

    @ 8 i agree, it just sounded to detailed to be made up stuff , why bother ?

  10. ziff

    OMG ; watch @ 11:45 , so good !

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